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Melika’s Message IN THIS ISSUE 1.Divisional Dance Wrap-Up 2. Fundraising Goal/ Ideas 3.Key Club Lingo 4.Summer Calendar 5.District Contacts

Lieutenant Governor Report Hello Division 15, HAPPY SUMMER! Thank you for all of your support towards the end of the school year. Our last two divisional events couldn’t have been completed without you! I was so happy to see so many of you at our divisional dance. I cannot wait until our next divisional event. While you take a break from school however, remember that Key Club does not go on vacation. Report forms are due over the summer months! But aside from the forms, I hope our division, or at least our officers can plan a get together, so we can all get to know each other better and share our ideas. So keep in touch! Sincerely,

UCHS Key Club President, Damaris and me at the divisional dance.

Melika Behrooz

Dance to Eliminate WRAP-UP On June 22nd, 2012, the Key Clubs of Division 15 joined together to host a spectacular event: Dance to Eliminate. Upwards of one-hundred Key Club members and their friends showed up to Michael Anthony’s Waterfront Restaurant for a great night. The venue was surrounded with magnificent yachts, and had a spectacular view of New York City. Dinner was served buffet style, and the chef did not disappoint. With different types of pasta, chicken parmesan, salad, and even fish, guests were almost too full to dance. Almost. With a disco ball and lights, everyone crowded on the dance floor. Some even bid on officers and won a slow dance! In the back, guests had the opportunity to take photos with our own little photo booth. Towards the end of the night we had even more food. This time it included cheesecake, brownies, and other great treats. I hope everyone that attended had as much fun as I did planning it. I did, however have all of you to help. Thank you for making it possible! -Melika B

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Divisional Project Fundraising Goal 2012-2013 Service Year

The Thermometer




Halfway There ! Congrats Division 15! We are now at our halfway mark for our fundraising goal. With our cupcake fundraiser, and the divisional dance, we raised $730 for The Eliminate Project. The $1500 goal is completely attainable. With some planning and dedication, we can reach it with ease!

Key Club Lingo By LTG Leslie Castillo As the leaders of our division, you should stay informed on the latest key club terms. Here are some acronyms and what they stand for‌



Presidents Council Meeting: Club presidents will attend meetings with me in order to discuss club and divisional events, and also information from the district and international levels.

Officers Training Conference: Mandatory sessions, most likely held at your home club, that will serve to train officers and outline their duties for the service year.



Regional Training Conferences: conferences held for all of you to learn more about your positions, district projects/events, and Key Club International through workshops.

Lieutenant Governor: ME! As well as 22 other members of the district board. Our jobs are to serve as liaisons between the clubs in our division and the New Jersey District Board.



Club Monthly Report Form: This form is to be filled out by each club secretary by the 10th of each month and should contain their clubs’ monthly activities.

Key Club International: a student-led organization consisting of clubs in high schools all over the world, with students who aim to lead and serve their communities.



International Convention: An annual event for members and non members from all over the world to meet and elect the new international board.

District Convention: An annual event where hundreds of NJ key clubber gather, win awards, and elect the new district board members.

Summer To Do List Over the summer give Key Club some thought! 

REPORT FORMS ! Club Monthly Report Forms are still

due on the tenth of each month. [July 10, August 10]  If you know your club won’t be active, send in your blank report form, just fill in your heading. 

OTC ! If your club hasn’t had an officer training confer-

ence yet, be on the look out! Your president may plan one over the summer. 

Officer Get Together ! [OGT?] To get to know each

other better, and to just have some fun, we will be planning on having lunch or dinner together very soon! If you don’t want it to be at Chili’s, I suggest you go on the group Facebook page and voice your opinion on where it should be. I promise it’ll be fun :)

Feel free to reach me anytime, anywhere. Just for a phone call, or if you have a spark of genius for an upcoming event! I would like to speak with each president at least once every month.

Governor Nicole Ventrone

Secretary Celina Baquiran

District Contacts

Treasurer Joseph Toumanios

Editor Zachariah DeGiulio

Webmaster Lucas Dos Santos

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