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(Presented by I Ling, Elaine,Cheng, Phaik Nie, Seok Binn, Mary & Melinda,)

Background Time: Ancient time. Place: In a small village deep inside a forest located itn he middle of Black lake, named Dragonville. Main: According to the legend in Dragonville, the guardian of Drakon has to sing to the Drakon everyday to keep him asleep in order to prevent the village from disaster.

Characters Tanya The first born of the seventh generation of white witch ancestors, Dhalia. She inherits the role as the Gurardian of Drakon. Marshila Red crossed eye witch, bad tempered, hideous, who uses Drakon to do her bidding, destroying and bringing great harm to the village.

Harri Penari Marshila in disguise to deceive Tanya in order to stop her from performing her singing ritual. God of Tata World God of Protection, protecting the mountain and Dragonville while keeping an eye on the charm cast on Drakon from being broken. DRAKON The black dragon residing in the lake of Dragonville under the spell of Marshila – bend on destruction and later under the sleeping charm of Dhalia, was put to sleep and kept from awakening by the singing ritual. Datus Sri Ibris Head man of Dragonville. Ibris Waris Son of Datus Sri Ibris Dhailia Great great grandmother of Tanya, the white witch who casts the sleeping charm overriding Marshila’s spell on Drakon. UNICORN The messenger with the pass to enter the Elves world. Queen Elves The source of wisdom Sana The servant of the Queen of Elves World. Situ The servant of the Queen of Elves World. NOKRAD Transformation from Drakon upon the removal of Marshila's spell, to do healing and to keep peace in Dragonville.

SCENE 1 (DEPARTURE) (Top of the Frobidden Mountain , Marshila is preparing a portion to regain her power. 9 Candles around her, stirring cauldron with a big spoon. (Harmonious mountain under the protection of God Tata. At a serene, quiet & peaceful lakeside, Tanya dresses in white gazing at the lake and singing. Then, confused & talk to herself).

TANYA (Singing) Why must I be the first born? Why am I chosen to be the guardian? Why can’t I be free and enjoy life like the other girls? (Sigh..sigh…) Is there really a horrific dragon in there? Will it really wake up and destroy the village if I stop singing? I hate this job!! (Fall asleep) MARSHILA (Mumbling and looking at the recipe sheet, putting each item into the pot) 9 pieces of Willow leaves A sprinkle of Oak Bark

A fistful of Hawthorn leaves 9 pieces of Cat’s whiskers A black volcano stone (Taking up the magical stone stolen from Elves World, stirring anti-clock wise for nine times) HA…HA….HA….HA…..HA...HA…..with these, I shall regain my POWER!!! HA…HA….HA….HA… (Thinking of something and pause, walking towards the centre of the stage) How can I stop Tanya from her singing ritual, what can I use to distract her? AH HA, change myself into a handsome prince?? ?? Luring her to dance with me? YES!! Page 9!! ARULABIAKA!! Change! Change! Change me into a handsome prince! (Tanya is sleeping and Marshila creeps into her dream.) TANYA Who are you? HARRI PENARI (Putting his pointer onto her mouth) Shhhhhh…..let’s dance! (Tanya dances with the prince in the dream. Cha Cha Bo….. Awaken from her dream) TANYA I wonder who he is. The handsome prince. SCENE 2 (On the way to the lake side, Harri Penari stands waiting for Tanya at the edge of the forest.)

TANYA (Enter from right walking towards the lake) What’s that? Where does it come from? (Moving toward the white light) HARRI PENARI My beautiful maiden Tanya, why are you still singing here? It is so boring and useless, come be my dancing partner, let me teach you how to dance. (The prince starts to dance) Look, look at me, see so easy. Come, try on. You have all the power within you. TANYA OH! NO! The dream is TRUE! You are the handsome prince in my dream!!

(Jump with joy) Can I really dance with you? HARRI PENARI Yes, Of Course! (Harri Penari taught Tanya a few dance steps and instantly, Tanya feels a tremendous joy.) GOD TATA (Echo effect) Tanya! Tanya! Drakon is rousing! Drakon is rousing! TANYA Oops, sorry! I need to go…but I promise I will be back tomorrow. (Tanya departing) (Dimming and changing the level of lighting to give day and evening effect) (Next evening, Tanya retraces her steps back to the same place, hoping to meet the prince again) I can’t believe you are still here. (Harri Penari pulls Tanya into his arms, holds her closed in his embrace and continues to dance) GOD TATA (Echo effect) Tanya! Tanya! Drakon is rousing! Drakon is rousing! TANYA Wow…I wish this is never ending… SCENE 3 (The earth trembles violently, thunder flashes across the sky and a deafening sound come from the lake. Strong wind is spiraling around them uprooting trees and breaking branches and water from the lake gushes up into the sky from its depth. )

HARRI PENARI/MARSHILA (Harri Penari changes to Marshila) Ha..ha..ha.., you are such a stupid girl! Now you will be the one whom your villagers will blame. Drakon is awakening. WHOOAAAAHHHHH…… (Fly away) TANYA (Stop in the midst of her dance, stunned beyond word) NO!!!

(Run back to the village) MARSHILA (Sitting on the back of Drakon) Now we have the power, let’s destroy them all! I am going to pay you back, pay you back for what you have done to me...hahahaha.. Drakon, fire here, fire there…quick, move there….yes..yes…over there….more ….more… (The village is in total chaos, all standing there watching helplessly.) You have not seen the last of me! I will be back! (After the rampage, Marshila and Drakon fly back to their lair leaving the chaos behind.) TANYA (crying & sobbing) Sorry..sorry…sorry..sorry…so sorry…What have I done? SCENE 4 (Initiation) (At the courtyard, Tanya is brought before Datus Sri Ibris and his people)

DATUS SRI IBRIS (Looking at Tanya angrily) "This is all your fault, you have failed me and my people. You must be punished! (The villagers take up stones and throw at Tanya) IBRIS WARIS (Shout at his father) Father, wait, there is no point to hurt her DATUS SRI IBRIS (Confused and turn to his young son) Have you something better to offer? (Puff of smoke suddenly appears in front of the crowd. In the middle, stand Dhalia) DHALIA There’s a way! Remember the legacy? DATUS SRI IBRIS What do you mean…….


We can break Marshila’s spell over Drakon with the magical mirror and Blossom of Fate from Queen of Elves together. (The puzzled crowd is whispering to each other) DATUS SRI IBRIS But no human being has ever travelled to Elves world before! Who will to do that? DHALIA Only the chosen one with the dove on her palm can do it. (The crowd turns to Tanya) DHALIA You will need the messenger from Great Mountain to bring you into Elves World. Tanya can only connect to the messenger through singing the Seeking Song. TANYA I will! Please..give me a chance to clear up this mess. IBRIS WARIS Father, Let me and my warriors go together with Tanya. DATUS SRI IBRIS We have no time to lose. You must be back before Marshila returns. (The crowd roars with approval) Yea..yea…yea….yea… (SCENE 5) (At Poppy Field, on the way to the Great Mountain. Tanya is tired and scent of the wild flowers captivated them. ) TANYA (Smell the flower) What lovely flowers! (Tanya is floating and as she starts the Dance of the Seven Veils, she moves seductively towards Ibris Waris)

IBRIS WARIS Tanya, what are you doing? (He turns around and finds out that most of his warriors are dancing like Tanya too.) This is not right! Something smells fishy..… (Looking around) Oh...No........ we are at the "Poppy Fields" What should I do? There must be something I can do to stop this.

(Hearing the sounds of waterfall) Man, pull them to the waterfall (With the coldness and freshness from the waterfall, all wake up.) TANYA (Look at Ibris Waris) Thank you! If not for you, I could have ended up with another disaster. IBRIS WARIS We are in this together, we need to work hand in hand.

(SCENE 6) (In Elves World, the Queen in her garden.) (At Great Mountain, Tanya is singing the Seeking Song and the messenger appears, it’s a UNICORN.)

TANYA Unicorn, we need to get into the Elves World, to meet the Queen. Please help us! UNICORN What do you want from the Queen? TANYA (Show her dove birthmark to UNICORN) I am the guardian of Dragonville. Our village is being destroyed, Drakon has awaken and doing Marshila’s bidding. We need the Queen’s help. UNICORN Only you can come in with me! (The Unicorn then leads Tanya to the Queen of the Elves World.) TANYA Your Majesty, I am the guardian of Dragonville. Our village is in big disaster now. Drakon has awakened. Only you can help us… THE QUEEN (Full of compassion and all knowing) I have been waiting for you, Tanya….I know what’s happening. Sana, bring me the magical mirror from the east wing. Situ, pluck me one blossom of fate from the garden.

(Pass these two things to Tanya) TANYA What shall I do with these? THE QUEEN Shine Mirror Shine Light blinds the eyes Then serpent dive Blossom of Fate Taming the Lake Shine Golden Shine Rainbow arise SCENE 7 (The Return) (At the lake, Ibris is waiting with the Blossom of Fate.) (Tanya runs up the roof top.)

(Marshila and Drakon attack the village.)

TANYA Marshila, here I am! I am the one you need to destroy. Do not harm the villagers anymore, come you coward, come to me, attack me instead of the innocent, me I am here! MARSHILA (Turn her DRAKON to Tanya’s direction and shouted) There my precious pet, there.... to Tanya, let’s kill her now, once and for all!

TANYA (Getting ready the magical mirror from her back and waiting to shine on to Drakon when they get nearer) Shine Mirror Shine Light blinds the eyes (True to the words from the Queen, the Light blinded DRAKON and it turns and seeks sanctuary from the lake.) MARSHILA Stop! Drakon, Stop! Turn back!

(SPLASH!!) IBRIS WARIS Blossom of Fate Taming the Lake (Throw the Blossom of Fate into the lake) MARSHILA This is not the end! You have not seen the last of me! I will be back! SCENE 8 (Closure, Sing & Dance) (At Village, all villagers come out from their huts and danced with joy, celebrating their victory.) (At lakeside, Nokrad emerges and Tanya sings to him.)

DATUS SRI IBRIS Come my son, (pet his back) you have done a good job! (Walk toward to Tanya and hold her hand) Thank you for saving the village! TANYA Thank you everyone for believing in me! Your trust has given me the strength to go through this journey. IBRIS WARIS Tanya, you are brave and you have your power within you. Together with NOKRAD, we will keep peace in Dragonville. TANYA Now I can sing freely, whenever it pleases me………… (Start singing) (NOKRAD will pop his head out of the lake showering blessing on those who come to Dragonville. Everyone dances happily. Marshila is watching from a distance!!!......)


This is the color of energy and enthusiasm. This is also the color with the longest wavelength. Red symbolizes passion, energy, vibrancy and success.


The color, orange is a combination of red and yellow. This is not as fiery as red and but symbolizes a lot of energy and wisdom as well. Although dynamic, the color orange is more thoughtful and controlled. This color can increase the creativity of the person and bring about equilibrium in life.


The color yellow is vibrant in itself being close to the color of the sun. This is known to be full of energy. Yellow also means something bright and happy and the usage of this color is known to bring about a proper clarity of thought in a person mind and also improve the decision making skills. The color green is formed with the merging of yellow and blue. Therefore, this is located in the center of the spectrum. The color green, symbolizes harmony, balance, growth and good health. Blue is known as the color of divinity. This is the color of the open skies and the oceans. Using the color blue in our daily lives is said to bring about a peace and understanding. This color also helps to soothe and relax. Violet is a combination of the colors red and blue. This is the highest and the subtlest specialization of light. This is because it is at the opposite end of the red color. This color is viewed as the completion as well as the beginning of the energy vibration. Different shades of violet have varied meanings. A deep purple symbolizes high spiritual attainment and a pale shade symbolizes love for humanity. The shade violet brings about a stabilizing factor to the frenzied shades of red. The color indigo means infinity. It also symbolizes wisdom and self-mastery. The indigo color is known to be the bridge between the finite and the infinite.





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