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How to Plan a Vintage Wedding by Bec Price

You can Teach an Old Hen New Tricks by Mandy DelVecchio

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Steve & Sarah By Figtree Pictures

Damian & Leah By Kelly Adams

Ben & Tara By Tamara Cadd Mat & Alisha By Sarkodie Photography

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Tom & Susi By Sara Taylor Photography

Richard & Alison By Christine Lim

Mick & Holly By The Sweet Society

Ben & Meegan By David Moore

Steve & Marina By Alan Khan

Alex & Andrea By Gabriela Colebrook

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Damian & Katie By Jennifer McCue

Sanel & Joanna By Elska Studios

Chris & Kristina By T-One Image

Aaron & Nadia Tealily Photography

Stuart & Melanie By Hilary Cam Photography

Taj & Jenna By I Heart Weddings

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editor’s note

Falling in love

What makes you first fall in love with someone? Is it their smile, the way their eyes sparkle when you talk to them or their quirky sense of humour? Love is a funny thing sometimes. I remember my first love, my soul mate. He looked like Matt Dillon so it was love at first sight for me. Before I had even spoken to him I knew he was the man I would love forever. Staying in love can sometimes be the hard part - there are so many outside influences that can put a strain on your relationship: money, work, children (even though we are blessed to have them). But you must never lose focus as to why you married your partner in the first place.


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Marriage is a verb, not a noun - you need to work at it. Sometimes it will be hard, sometimes it will be a walk in the park.. My grandparents were married for just over fifty years before my Papa passed away and what a love they had for each other. So what’s the secret? Is there one? Or is it just a matter of compromise, understanding, trust and laughter? My Grandma (a very wise woman) said to me, ‘The most important thing is to make sure he is your best friend”. And he was.

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something old

Wear a gorgeous replicate headpiece on your day from a bygone era - {Olive Farm} Years ago, stationery was produced by letterpress beautifully crafted invitations handmade for you. It is making a comeback - {Letterpress Parlour} Re-use mason jars for your drink stands or have them supplied and set up for you {The Soda Stand} Complete your drink stand with some good old fashioned wax straws - {Confetti + Cake}

If your loved ones are no longer with you but you still want them there on your day then have their photo added to a pair of cufflinks - {Photo Jule}

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something new

The contemporary Luna ring features a luminous button-shaped, Australian South Sea pearl set with star-like diamonds and polished yellow gold - {Kailis Jewellery} Vintage slimline gown of ornate corded lace and silk georgette with elaborate appliqued shoulder strap and satin buckle belt - {Marianna Hardwick}


Chalkboard seems to be the latest look for invitations, decor and now cutlery. Have yours custom made to add that little bit extra to the table - {Bespoke Party Products} If you haven’t had the chance to taste one of these little pieces of heaven then you seriously need to. Macarons are the latest sweets to be seen on the dessert table {Macarahrah}

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something borrowed

Hire a whole heap of odd wooden chairs for a great outdoor wedding - makes it look so much more interesting - {All Propped Up} Perfect pieces for your vintage inspired wedding, from suitcases to china - {Vintage Tea Table} Borrow the old songs of yesteryear and use old music sheets. Great for making heartshaped confetti for the table - {ddeforest} Add a bit of glamour to your drink and make it look pretty by using one of these gorgeous drink dispensers - {Tiny Tot Toy Hire}

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something blue

Sit your wedding cake or pretty cupcakes on this glass stand - {96 Styles} Quillaree's shimmering full-skirted lace frock does the trick - {}

Amalfi heels in brilliant turquoise leather and bound up in white trim - {} Gorgeous custom designed stationery sets the scene for your wedding day - {Emma Smith Event Stationery}

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Kelly’s Cake Creations

0402 219 060 |

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Do it yourself

The question every bridesmaid wants to know is what will they be wearing? Put together this helpful little card that shows the gown, the shoes and a snippet of the fabric the dress is made from. Great to use for matching up flowers too ~ {} Every bridal party should have one of these - a survival kit for the day. You can add whatever you like to it ~ {} If you want something a little unique for your dessert table then how about this gorgeous owl cake stand ~ {}

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Do it yourself

It’s always polite to send out thankyou cards for the gifts you received from your guests. You could make them more interesting by sending them a postcard with a picture of you both with the guest from the big day ~ {} Add a personal seal to your envelopes ~ {} A gift made with love is always nice to receive and is even more special if it is a little bit yummy too. Decorate with these cute labels to suit your wedding theme ~ {}

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How to plan a Vintage Wedding Congratulations, you are getting married and you just can’t wait to start designing your own vintage wedding. Vintage nostalgia brings with it comfort and familiarity in an ever-changing world and the world of weddings is no different. To you, the word ‘vintage’ describes not only your wedding design but also sums up the ambience that you want for your wedding day. Your dream is to create an intimate and personal vibe to bring the warm and familiar feel of home and family to your special day. But how will you do this, in a way that makes sense of all the vintage wedding loveliness that is currently whirling around in your head? Organising a wedding can be daunting when you have never done one before, but you can pull off the vintage look yourself. All you need is to know where to begin and what to look for. There’s no need to feel daunted by vintage décor design once you know some basic rules. Ask yourself what element of your wedding means the most to you. Is it the ceremony or the tablescapes? By pinpointing your wants and needs you’ll be better able to set and control your budget. Remember it’s not about having everything matching and symmetrical so arrange your décor items in odd numbers rather than evens. Add depth and interest to your décor by pairing cool neutrals and understated pastels with the deeper tones of matured woods and antique finishes. So where do you look for these vintage treasures? Markets, garage sales and auctions are a treasure trove of long-forgotten gems and curious finds. The earlier in the morning you can climb out of bed, the more goodies you will have to choose from. It’s well worth prying your eyes open while it’s still dark but be sure to take along essential supplies like a torch and lots of strong coffee! Cash is king here so be prepared as few vendors accept credit cards. A tape measure, a pen and notebook are also an essential part of your vintage-hunting kit. Don’t be afraid to haggle but be fair. Very often, vendors will set a price knowing buyers will want to negotiate them down. Lastly, compare prices even though you are dying to secure your amazing find and be sure about a piece before you part with your cash as you can’t return it later. Be flexible and open minded when hunting for vintage décor as clever DIY treatments can transform the everyday item into a special piece. Try garage sales for tracking down leftover craft materials and you’ll find much better value for money than at a regular store.

27 kiss the bride | Vol. 5

If you’re more of an online treasure hunter, try the evergreen favorites like eBay and Etsy to score a bargain. We’ve also seen stylish and quirky online stores like Lark and Handmade Highstreet become popular on the décor scene and I tend to save them for sourcing one or two higher priced gems to finish the final design. Family, friends and neighbors may be harboring that perfect vintage piece to complete your look and what better way to introduce something personal and intimate into your wedding design? Don’t be tempted to dismiss vintage gems if at

28 kiss the bride | Vol. 5

first glance you’re not sure how they’ll fit in to your overall idea. Think old board games, books, records, tins, vases and vessels. They’re full of character and you’ll be doing your bit for the environment too. Vintage and antique shops are a fabulous resource for décor but they can be overwhelming if you feel out of your depth and don’t to know what to look for. Keep control of your budget by combing these Aladdin’s Caves for your smaller, accent items. Not a place to be buying in bulk but you can have a ball hunting down fun, off-beat details

to dress your guest book table or as gifts for your wedding party. Just be sure to keep a keen eye on your budget and take a friend to inspire ideas. Do you see your wedding infused with cool, quirky details and unique furniture? Do you long for a lounge area adorned with a velvet sofa and weathered trunks for end tables? Then a vintage hire company is for you. You can hire everything to bring your vision to life from fine china to chaise lounges and have them take care of everything from styling to ‘day of’ setup. These professionals have already done the hard

work by scouting for the perfect treasures. They have been up at the crack of dawn, knee deep in jumble sales and markets and scouring local outlets for the best buys. There is no doubt a vintage hire company or stylist will save you time and headspace. Be clear about your budget and if you’re not sure what look or pieces you want, telling your stylist what you don’t want is a good place to start. You can turn your dream into reality by designing your own wedding; it’s simply a matter of following a few steps and working out what you

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love and what you don’t. Remember to keep it simple as the more details you add, the more over-dressed your wedding will become and you will be in danger of being overwhelmed by the design. So whether you want to have a professional design experience by hiring a vintage stylist or you love the idea of hunting down some treasures or curious finds at your local markets, the most important thing to remember is to enjoy the journey as it’s a wild, vintage ride!

Written by Bec Price CREDITS {Photography} Organic Photography {Hair + Makeup} Minx Cosmetics {Catering, head dress, bow tie + pin} CD Weddings {Props + Clothing} Organic Photography {Location} Organic Photography outdoor studio

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you can teach an old hen new tricks The very first Hen’s Party I organised I was 22 years old, it was the year 2000, one of my best girlfriends was marrying her sweetheart, and the wedding was set to be a fairytale. What an honour it felt, to be in charge of the illustrious event. In a strange twist of fate, however, of the group of girls appointed to help me organise the ‘event’, including the three bridesmaids, only one had ever attended a hen’s party, and that one was not I. I was in over my head, a Hen’s Night virgin. To say I had no idea was an understatement. But seriously, I thought, how hard could it be? Etched in bold at the top of my list was to find a stripper. At the bequest of our feminist bride, however, we were not to go there…‘stripper’ was at the top of her ‘not in a million years’ list. Perhaps our bride was of another time (…a time in the future where hen’s parties were about the ladies, not the men or presence of men). Needless to say, we rebelled against her wishes and booked a male stripper to visit the small, suburban get-together. C’mon we’re ‘girls’ in our early 20s, single and far from being betrothed hence not one of us interested in attending a party of all female guests. Quelle bore! Booking the stripper was about as far as the organisation lent itself. The rest was left ‘up in the air’, supposedly to come together on the night. So there we were; a bakers dozen of giggly girls, sitting around the small living room belonging to one of the bridesmaid’s parents, mixing and pouring bottle after bottle of Midori and Schnapps based shooters. Pink-cheeked girls, adorned in adult-shop paraphernalia, walls distastefully decorated with torn-out pages of a GQ magazine, the only thing to eat was chips and nuts (until some of the girls started picking at the pink-iced, phallus-shaped cake). The living room smelt like an alcoholic, butterscotch bathing house. Clearly, style was not invited to this shindig. After a very short game of ‘pin the penis on the model’, the doorbell rang… it was the police! *wink wink* We shrieked with excitement and sent the reluctant Hen to answer the door. In came sexy-cop, who enthusiastically gyrated and pulsated around the coffee table, bumping into girls and furniture and trying his hardest (no pun intended) to be professional. Most of the guests were uncomfortable, the

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bride was embarrassed and awkward, and clearly this was not her idea of fun. The only girl in the room with Hen’s Night experience lapped up the lark like a thirsty puppy dog that had not been walked for days.

Cut to ten years later, another of my best galpals was planning her nuptials. I had been given another shot at being bridesmaid and more pointedly, another chance to resuscitate my prior Hen’s Night blooper.

It was crude and cramped and clumsy. It was a shambles. Memorable? Yes, but not entirely lady-like.

This time however, not only was I blessed with experience and a little more style, I was also blessed with an equally experienced team of ladies with me at the helm, involved in the planning. A lot of work went into making our best Hen’s day as flawless and lady-like as she deserved, and without a drop of Schnapps or a hint of lewdness, I’d say it was a complete success.

Thus marked the beginning of my long career as a hencoop scout. Many parties followed, filled with more notso-swanky stories and scenarios involving feather boas and phallic straws; maxi-taxis and McDonald’s blowouts; lap-dance classes and looselipped larrikinism. After a decade of this behaviour, the Hen’s Night was no longer a mystery to me. I was becoming a professional clucker. But I was also becoming a lady. Surely there was another way to approach this phenomenon?

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Now I don’t expect that all, or even any of you ladies should have to experience the kind of nightmares I have to reach the point where you can indulge in a true lady-like Hen’s Party. Guest or bride, there is no reason for a shambles in the current day. There are people and places that can help you. They exist! Stylish and in the know,

these business names don’t begin with “dial a…”. They have done the hard work for you; fought the current of washed-up, pervy, party planning, and risen to the surface with the nouveau Hen’s Party. High Teas are probably the most popular nouveau Hen’s Party option. Who doesn’t love a high tea? You could take it as far as you like, you could introduce a theme or just wear your best vintage glamour and a pair of falsies. Honestly, how could you not feel like a lady eating finger sandwiches in false eyelashes? There are so many options in your state. Almost every high-end hotel offers High Tea. There are also many places that specialise in High Tea, particularly Hens Parties. If you are in Sydney, there is a little pink, vintage caravan that will actually come to your house, set-up and serve a delicious High Tea party for you and your guests. Complete with vintage crockery, pretty bunting and all the trimmings.

What’s a Hen’s Party without a cocktail or two? In Melbourne there is a bar that will take you and your besties through a cocktail making course. For a reasonable price you can learn the art of a Caprioska and three other cocktails, and the best bit, you can drink your yummy concoction. They also provide light canapés throughout the course so you shouldn’t get too wobbly. There are a myriad things for you and your girls to try, catering for any kind of Hen. Is Henny into Bollywood? Or belly dance? Or burlesque? Maybe a group dance class is what you are wanting. Experienced dance instructors will spend time teaching the girls a specially choreographed dance to your choice of music. Then, after a little practice (and perhaps a little sparkling) you get to perform your piece of dance magic and they will video it for your Hen to keep as a memento. What a laugh! And if you really can’t go without the presence

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of your classic Hen’s Night favourite, the ‘nudey hunk’, fear not! Ever heard of Life-Drawing? Imagine you and your ladies, champagne in one hand, charcoal in the other, sketching away like primadonna Picasso’s, while a gorgeous male model stands, naked, in front of you all. There are life-drawing studios in each capital city that open their doors specifically for Hen’s Parties. With professional artists to guide you through and enhance your artistic skills, you can enjoy a cultural afternoon of eye-candy indulgence. Guilt free and totally classy, the Hen’s Night LifeDrawing classes are a clever option for those ladies who love to appreciate the human body in all its splendor! So ladies, if your tender heart desires a High Tea, a cocktail-making course, a burlesque party, a cupcake-master class, or a massage party, it’s out there. Don’t settle for the shambles. Don’t play Bachelorette Bingo, for most of us brides and bridesmaids these special moments only come once in a lifetime. Make sure you remember it, and for all the right reasons.

{High Teas} Sweet Jane’s Travelling Teahouse {Burlesque & Cocktails} My Ultimate Hens {Life Drawing} The Artful Hen {Cupcake Class} Cupcake City {Pamper Time} Pretty in Pink Pamper Parties

Written by Mandy DelVecchio

36 kiss the bride | Vol. 5

CREDITS {Styling} Sweet Jane’s Travelling Teahouse {Photography} JR Interactive {Flowers} Merci Bouquet {Catering} One Sweet Chick & Buddy Bear Events {Hair & Makeup} Michelle Sheehan at Eye Candy Makeup Artistry

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Celebrate in Style 38 kiss the bride | Vol. 5

0425 353 556




02 December, Byron Bay, New South Wales {How we met} Steve and I went to primary school together and his mother used to teach me piano but we went to different high schools so didn’t see each other for ten years. We met again at my best friend’s dress up 21st birthday party - he was Popeye and I was Strawberry Shortcake. We chatted for ages and that night he added me on Facebook and our daily chats began. We had reached over 30,000 messages back and forth before we even got engaged, and just as many text messages, phone calls and dates. Surprisingly, we have not run out of things to say to each other yet! {First date} We went on a sunrise Mount Warning climb together with some friends which was fantastic. Steve was a total gentleman and stayed with me and gave me his gloves to use on the chains. After the climb, Steve drove down to Byron Bay to meet me to hang out all day. We went in Lennox Lake which was icy cold being winter, then had a beach walk, and watched a movie (a chick flick of course). {Proposal} Steve had baked the night before and packed a picnic lunch for us, then he picked me up and drove us down to Angourie where we walked on a beautiful secluded beach and stopped to sit at a big rockface area overlooking the ocean. Here we cuddled and chatted and he eventually got the courage to ask. I said ‘of course’ and he burst into tears. We carved our initials in the rock where it happened so we can go back there one day and reminisce.

{Ring} It has three diamonds in it - to me it symbolizes both of us by the smaller side stones and God being the larger middle stone bringing us together and being the centre of our marriage. {Hen’s & Buck’s} I had three to suit all the different people in my life. A fun girls’ night in with cocktails, games and a burlesque dance lesson. The next day was a High Tea for the more ‘sensible’ ladies in my life and then the night before the wedding for those who had lived some distance away. I had some of my closest friends sleep over with me at the wedding venue and we had a girly night. They were a huge support helping me get ready and decorating the venue. The boys went camping for two nights at Flat Rock near Ballina. It stormed one of the nights but I think this added to their time there together. {Planning} It was a combination of Steve, my mum, my sister Renae and my best friend Dana. I mainly planned late at nights online as it was fun doing DIY jobs. Steve was working more than me at the time but on the important things like the venue, meals, vows and music it was a joint effort. It was exciting getting the dress and doing DIY! But stressful doing the seating arrangements for the reception. {Inspiration} The range of DIY ideas and also the photographic possibilities inspired and excited me. {Style} It was like a cottage garden vintage theme I guess. I didn’t really plan around a theme, however, that is probably what best describes it.

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Photography by figtree pictures

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Gown Anna Campbell Groom Man to Man Bridesmaids Simoda Groomsmen Man to Man Rings Wallace Bishop and Diamontime Hair Alex Ouston Flowers Murwillumbah Flower Shed Photographer Figtree Pictures Decor Etsy and Ebay Stationery Zazzle and Lincraft Celebrant Ken Legg Reception Fig Tree Ewingsdale Music Owen Hogan

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“Enjoy every moment, some things may not go to plan but that’s life, just focus on what the day is about. Don’t get too carried away about the wedding day, rather prepare for and get excited about the marriage as it will last a lot longer.”

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{Decor} I had purchased silk and lace bunting off Etsy and Ebay, more bunting that said things such as ‘faith, hope, love’ and ‘love is sweet’ and we also had hanging lanterns outside around the pool patio area, and fairy lights inside on the ceiling. We also had an area set up for photobooth with a big lounge chair, different props and funny signs to hold up and somewhere to dangle the Polaroid pictures which made it fun. Everything together just looked beautiful. {Flowers} We had a range of orchids and cottage style flowers. I basically told the florist the colours in the wedding and asked for a cottage garden kind of style and left it all up to her. For the tables and shepherds hooks we used bunches of flowers from Coles and mixed them in with some florist flowers to save money. They looked beautiful! {Gown} My dress was a soft, romantic gown by Anna Cambell with lace and silk that looked very feminine and vintage. {First dance} I’ll be by Edwin McCain. {Honeymoon} We had a couple of nights in La Vista just down the road from our wedding venue and then another couple of nights at the Mouses House in Springbrook. We could not take long off due to Steve’s work roster getting busy around Christmas, however, we are busy saving for a postponed Europe honeymoon in late June. {Guests} 80 {Cost} $18,000

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31 August, Marcoola Beach, Queensland {How we met} We met through mutual friends and have known each other for about ten years. {First date} Mt Column Beach, under the full moon and the stars. Having a few quiet, sneaky drinks and chatting the night away on the beach. {Proposal} We were on holidays in the Bahamas when we decided to take a day trip to an island called Hope Town where there is a lighthouse which is still manually lit (one of three in the world.) Damian and I snuck up to the lighthouse as it was closed The lighthouse was like a sauna as the little door up the top was closed. I was ready go down and get some air when Damian called me back for a minute, told me to sit down and cover my eyes. So I did exactly that with my heart pounding and only one thought in my mind. Damian told me to open my eyes… There he was on one knee and a box in his hand with a beautiful engagement ring in it. {Rings} Damian beautifully designed my ring. It’s an 18k white gold diamond ring with an A Cut Above Hearts and Arrows diamond in a four prong setting. The prong and shaft is paved in A Cut Above Melee diamonds. The halo under the head has three stones set on each side, a sapphire (my birth stone) in the middle and a diamond either side. These three stones represent the past, the present and the future. My wedding ring is 18k white gold and is designed to follow the contours of the engagement ring and is paved in Melee diamonds as well.

{Hens & Bucks} My Hen’s do started on Friday night and was an interesting, art class with a nude model and very creative sketches. Saturday night was a girls’ night out down the Gold Coast at Love nightclub. The boys spent two nights at Q1 on the Gold Coast drinking and that’s all they would share. {Planning} Damian stepped up to the job - he helped me with planning, making the invitations and also helping me make most of the decorations, and all the bits and pieces to make it our own. {Style} Rustic using purples, beige and white. {Decor} On the guests’ tables we had three lace doilies on a natural runner, with two small bowls with mauve and ivory roses, and Baby’s Breath. The centre pieces were larger, round glass bowls filled with spiralling Baby’s Breath and a candle in the middle. {Flowers} All bouquets had deep purple Calla lilies, ivory and mauve roses and Baby’s Breath. {Gown} Ivory lace dress with buttons up the back and a train. It had a key hole back and was slim fitting. {First dance} The Wedding Song by Angus and Julia Stone. {Honeymoon} Bali for ten nights. {Guests} 75 {Wedding cost} $18,000

Photography by kelly adams

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“Give yourself plenty of time to get ready.�

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{ Menu

Entree Homemade spinach, Danish fetta and pine nut ravioli with creamy red bell pepper sauce Asian braised crispy skin pork belly with fried noodles and chilli caramel, micro herb garnish

Main Slow roasted rib eye (medium), roasted potatoes, broccolini and a herbed jus Grilled chicken supreme with steamed chat potatoes, local greens

On the Day


Bridesmaids Rings Whiteflash + Tungsten World Photographer Kelly Adams Ceremony Surfair Functions Celebrant Helen Read at All Occasion Ceremonies Reception Surfair Functions Music DJ Dave

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with cream and berry coulis


Hair + MAKEUP Ann-Marie Baguio Flowers Aphrodite’s Garden

Wedding cake served as dessert

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25 February, Moama, Victoria {How we met} We first met in year nine cooking and after being friends for ages, ten years later, we finally figured out we were in love and had to be together forever. {Proposal} It was at the 20 week ultrasound of our baby girl Lila. I sat through the whole scan wondering why he was clutching onto my hand so tightly. We got to the end of the scan and as the ultrasonographer said your baby looks perfect, he slipped the ring onto my finger without a word. The room was dark, I burst into tears and the poor lady doing the ultrasound wondered what had happened! The appointment ended with everyone who worked at the place excited and crying with happiness. On the way out he finally said “so is that a yes you’ll marry me?” I was totally blown away. {Ring} Ben designed my ring himself - it’s a thick band of white gold, with a single Princess cut diamond in a Bezel setting. {Hen’s & Buck’s} The ladies did lunch and wine tasting at T’Gallant Winery in Main Ridge followed by an old fashioned hen’s games night complete with male nude life drawing session. The men went to the Caulfield Races for the day and a pub/club crawl that ended 24 hours later. {Planning} Ben, my mum and sister were my nods of approval on all ideas I had. I’m a perfectionist, I knew exactly what I wanted and Ben was happy to just give the nod of approval or disapproval. I planned the whole wedding around my dress. Right from the beginning I knew what kind of dress I wanted and the rest of the wedding

flowed on from that. I very much love Etsy so gained a lot of inspiration from there. The most exciting part was as the wedding got closer and things started to arrive, I could see all of my visions and dreams about the day coming true. It was stressful planning a wedding 350km away from home though, sourcing everything from Echuca and managing it all over email. {Style} A mixture of rustic and vintage elements with the use of pastel and ivory colours. {Decor} The pathway that lead to the ceremony was dotted with little chalkboards hanging from the trees that had all different love thoughts and quotes on them for people to ponder as they made their way to the wedding. At the reception, each table had large vintage, mason jars filled with mixed flowers and scattered down each table were personalised large confetti. On each person’s napkin was a wishing stone (a little rock for each person to write us a message on - we have all of the rocks in a big vase at home to keep forever). {Flowers} Roses, fresh limes, Hypericum berries and moss for my bouquet. Roses, lilies, Hydrangea and Hypericum berries for the centrepieces and the corsages were roses. {Gown} An ivory silk, strapless dress with a beaded lace overlay that I took off for the reception, finished with a charcoal sash. {First dance} Harmony to My Heartbeat by Sally Seltmann. {Guests} 140 {Cost} $30,000

Photography by Tamara Cadd

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On the Day Gown Martina Liana Groom Tarocash Bridesmaids Mimosa Groomsmen Tarocash Rings Michael Albrecht Hair + Makeup Sally Williams Bridal Hair and Makeup Flowers Wallingford Designer Flowers Photographer Tamara Cadd Photography Stationery Zazzle and Etsy DĂŠcor Etsy Ceremony + Reception: Morrisons Riverview Winery Celebrant Jennafer Whelan Music JAG entertainment Cake Coriander Cakes

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“Make sure you think of every detail and how you can make it personal to you. We look back on our wedding and all of the effort we put in to tiny details which seemed annoying at the time, but was so worth it. People are still talking about our wedding! Make it all about the two of you and the things that you love the most.� 81 kiss the bride | Vol. 5

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10 November, Sydney, New South Wales {How we met} We met over seven years ago at a friend’s BBQ. {First date} Our first date was at a local Indian restaurant which was a hilarious disaster compliments of the restaurant. We still laugh today about how bad it was. {Proposal} Mat proposed over a quiet lunch in Woolloomooloo. {Engagement party} We always knew we would have a small wedding so we had a very big engagement party in Mat’s parent’s backyard. It was a perfect sunny day, we ate, drank and celebrated long into the night. The back yard was decorated with fairy lights, candles, paper lanterns, flowers and vintage lace tablecloths. It looked amazing once the sun had gone down. {Ring} My engagement ring is a beautiful, wide, vintage inspired band encrusted with diamonds. {Hen’s & Buck’s} I had an amazing day that consisted of a long lunch at Opera Bar in Circular Quay, followed by blow-dries and champagne, then we headed to Cockle Bay to board a hens’ cruise and partied till the wee hours out on the town. The whole day was a surprise, that I was only informed of on the day. The boys all went away for the weekend to a holiday house down at Woonona (North Wollongong) for the weekend. {Planning} I did pretty much all of it, Mat tried to help where ever he could. We wanted to keep it simple, relaxed and intimate with only our nearest and dearest. The most exciting part was the planning of decorations, and of course finding

my amazing dress. The most stressful part was culling numbers on the invite list. We both have large families and a lot of friends, so cutting numbers was definitely the hard part. {Style} Elegant and relaxed with a touch of vintage charm using ivory and golds. {Decor} Eclectic vintage birds, cages, tea light candles, and our favors doubled as decorations on the table; little baby herb plants wrapped in hessian cloth and ivory ribbon. {Flowers} Arum lilies and white orchids for the parents and boys corsages, and bridesmaid’s bouquets. My bouquet was made of vintage lace and brooches sourced at local markets, made by my mum. {Gown} My dress was an amazing piece hand made by Lilli Marcs, It was made of Italian silk in ivory, finished with gold Italian lace that had hand stitched detailing and beading. My head piece was also Italian silk with the same hand stitched lace that was on my dress. {First dance} As we had an intimate dinner, we did not have a first dance, I did, however, walk down the aisle to Boy and Bear’s acoustic version of Crowded House’s Fall At Your Feet. Such a beautiful song. {Honeymoon} We travelled around Vietnam for three weeks. It was an amazing experience. {Guests} 50 for the ceremony and 28 for the reception dinner. {Cost} $11,000

Photography by Sarkodie photography

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On the Day Gown Lilli Marcs Bridesmaids Sheik Rings Midas Hair + Makeup VH Hair Flowers Sarah Hide, Cronulla Florist Photographer Sarkodie Photography Ceremony Under the Harbour Bridge, Dawes Point Park Celebrant Anita Oates Hand in Hand Celebrant Reception Baroque Bistro Cake Sugary Creations

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“Take people’s advice with a grain of salt, everyone will have their opinions on what you should do and how you should do it. At the end of the day it’s about you and your partner, and you should do what makes you both happy!”

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Vintage or Contemporary event styling the snow fell, by the fountain of Bethesda he dropped on bended knee with the promise of forever

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17 November, Queenscliff, Victoria {How we met} We met at a local pub in Geelong called Lamby’s. {First date} I cooked a meal for Tom at my house. I kicked out my room-mates for the evening and wined and dined him. {Proposal} Tom proposed on Christmas Eve 2011. He had put my engagement ring in the branches at the back of the Christmas tree- apparently it had been there for days! {Ring} A round diamond with a white gold band. {Hen’s & Buck’s} We had a bus load of girls heading down the coast for lunch in Wye River and the guys did a pub crawl. {Planning} I think we both helped each other in the planning, I do shift work so Tom was amazing with calling people and confirming bookings etc. so it was very much a combined effort. I took care of the ‘look’ of the wedding and Tom took care of the business side of things. We made sure Tom and I did what we wanted, not what other people wanted us to do. After all, it’s our day. We went for a simple and natural look. The bridesmaids’ dresses allowed for splashes of colour at the reception, but I tried to keep everything simple with ivory and green foliage.

{Inspiration} I think once I found my dress I had a better picture of what my ‘theme’ would be. I wasn’t one of those girls who has been collecting magazine clippings since she was little, so I was guided by what was suggested to me and I also went with what I know I like. {Decor} A photo board of photos from the beginning of our relationship to the present day, a lolly buffet - different sized jars of our favorite treats for our guests. Lots of vases decorating the venue with different flowers. {Gown} My dress was by Ivy & Aster, an ivory, slim column skirt that leads into a soft mini train, a ruffle v-neck drapes over the shoulder and continues down a low v-back. I also had a diamond belt around my waist. {First dance} I Won’t Let You Go by James Morrison. {Honeymoon} We went to Port Douglas for a week, just a little get away to relax and reflect together. {Guests} 120 {Cost} $20,000 to $25,000

Photography by sara taylor photography

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“Play to each other’s strengths and on the day make sure you take a moment to enjoy the moment together; it all goes by very quickly!”

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Gown Ivy & Aster Groom Eddy Elias Menswear Bridesmaids Bec & Bridge Groomsmen Eddy Elias Menswear Rings Charles Rose Hair Grace Dunne Makeup Mascara Makeup Artistry Flowers Thistle Photographer Sara Taylor Ceremony The Bluff, Queenscliff Celebrant Father Peter Foley Reception 360Q Music Good Faces For Radio Cake Sip CafĂŠ

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16 September, Swan Valley, Western Australia {How we met} Richard, who lived in Queensland, was visiting his family in Perth. He came to our church and we got chatting after the service. We were friends for a couple of years and when he finally moved to finish his studies, we started dating. {Proposal} I’d just finished exams and Richard told me that he had to fly over to the east coast for work. Meanwhile, my best friend Lauren organised to take me out for breakfast at Kings Park. When we arrived, we went for a little walk and as I walked around the corner, I saw Richard standing at the bottom of the hill with a picnic champagne breakfast set up, and a big bunch of roses. He got down on one knee and asked me to spend the rest of my life with him. {Ring} Thin, tapering platinum band with a round diamond in the centre, and two smaller pearshaped diamonds on either side. {Hen’s & Buck’s} I had a 1950’s housewives themed dinner party with themed cocktails and my closest friends. Richard had a massive day of paintball, sports, pranks and pubs. {Planning} My mum and my Maid of Honour, Lauren, helped with the planning. Richard and I made most of the decisions together but I did most of the legwork because I enjoyed it a lot more. The most exciting part was shopping for a wedding dress and picking out accessories for my bridesmaids and I, but the hardest part was deciding on a venue where we could have our own pastor conduct the ceremony. {Inspiration} We wanted a fairly traditional day with lots of little personal touches that reflected

our personalities. I got some ideas from magazines and looking online but once the theme started to unfold, the ideas seemed to come effortlessly. {Style} Classic, elegant look, incorporating lots of lace and soft pinks, white and gold. {Decor} Half the tables had a large candelabra in the centre and the others had vases of white silk Cherry blossom. Tealights, covered in cream lace, were placed around the tables. Table numbers were in little, gold photo frames and guests’ name-tags were written in gold calligraphy on white doilies. For a gift, each guest was given an icecream sundae glass full of sundae condiments, with a little tag that said “just add icecream”. {Flowers} The bouquets were made up of Ranunculus and Spray roses; the bridesmaids had white bouquets, and mine was pink. The buttonholes were little, white Spray roses. In the centre of each table, we had big sprays of white, silk Cherry blossom {Gown} A-line, sweetheart neckline gown with a small train. The dress had wide straps made of beaded lace looking like little cap sleeves. There was lots of lace on the bodice, and lace details scattered throughout the skirt. The dress came right in at the waist with a little tulle flower on one side. There were covered buttons down the back of the dress. I wore a long, very sheer veil with the dress, which I ordered from an Etsy store. {First dance} Moonshadow by Cat Stevens. .{Honeymoon} Kota Kinabalu (Malaysia) and Kuala Lumpur for 12 days. {Guests} 88 {Cost} $20,000

Photography by christine lim

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“Don’t ever let everything become about the day itself. Always keep in mind that the wedding is a celebration of something much longer lasting, and much more special than a pretty dress and a big party. When you remember that, you can relax, enjoy the planning process, and know that you’ve got a lifetime with your best friend to look forward to!”

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Gown Bride’s Selection Groom Penguin’s Bridesmaids Weddington Way Groomsmen Penguin’s Rings Blue Nile Hair Unveiled Hair and Makeup Makeup Sara Christie Flowers DIY from Everbloom and Petite Floral Photographer Christine Lim Videographer Andrew Field Cars Europcar Décor The Vintage Table Ceremony Wesley Uniting Church Celebrant Pastor Graham Mabury Reception Sandalford Winery, Swan Valley Music David Sanzone (ceremony) Cake Jaylea’s Pattiserie Gift Registry Myer

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18 November, Melbourne, Victoria {How we met} We were introduced at the opening of a tequila bar. A month or so later, we bumped into each other at Golden Monkey. I was looking for my phone and thought I might have left it there. Mick was hosting some interstate guests for work. We got chatting and I joined the bar crawl. Slowly the other guests dropped off and at 4am in the morning, it was just the two of us at Sigilo drinking champagne and eating oysters. {First date} A John Brack exhibition followed by a couple of pints down at Riverland. It was actually Mick’s birthday, unbeknownst to me! {Proposal} We had had a beautiful lunch in our garden with close friends and family. After lunch Mick was doing the dishes and I, overwhelmed with love, walked into the kitchen, got down on one knee and asked “will you marry me?” I didn’t have a ring prepared so I used a slice of lemon that had been cut for my gin and tonic. {Ring} A platinum band with a Princess cut diamond. {Hen’s & Buck’s} We had cocktails at Golden Monkey, Korean BBQ at Guhng, and then for the younger ones, a magnum of Moet and a booth at nightspot Baroque. Mick didn’t have a buck’s night, instead he had dinner with our M.C, one of Mick’s oldest friends. {Planning} I was a wedding planner so had most of it covered. Where we struggled for ideas, the Vogue forum was great! That’s where we got inspiration for many parts of the wedding, including our readings. For the most part it was

a combined effort of planning. I had more time so put together the checklists and run sheets. As Mick works for a champagne company, he looked after the beverage side of things. He also did the technical stuff like music and slideshows. {Inspiration} We really wanted to throw a reception where the highlight was beautiful food and quality drinks. That was the most important part of the reception for us. We also wanted it to be casual and really social, which is why we had a stand up wedding with lots of points of interest. We used a colour combination of navy blue with hints of cream, green and brown. {Decor} On all tables, brown butchers paper over white linen. Lots of flowers, including centerpieces and two large pedestals for the ceremony. The food stations were also styled and very decorative. {Flowers} Blue Hydrangea, Sea-holly, succulents, silver suede foliage and in the larger arrangements, lilies. {Gown} A 1930’s inspired halter dress made from white silk and French ivory lace. It had incredible beading on and around the scallop which gave it a great kick. {First dance} We didn’t have a dance floor or wedding dance (neither of us are very good at, or even like ballroom dancing.) We did have other songs though - for the processional we had Over the Rainbow by Israel Kamakawiwo’ole. {Honeymoon} Italy, Croatia, Montenegro and Malta {Guests} 120 {Cost} $30,000

Photography organised by THE sweet society

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Gown Ivan Holmes Groom Saba & Paul Smith Rings Zachery Frankel Hair Suzi Di Maggio at The Eighth Floor Makeup Suzannah Tillotson Flowers Velvet Lily Florist Photographer Provided by The Sweet Society Cars Kaz Limo Stationery Trout Creations; invitation, Lillian Kate Wedding Designs; signage DĂŠcor Vintage Sew and So; buffet tablecloths, Penny Lane Studio; candy bags, lace spoons and bunting Ceremony Rooftop garden at Sarti Celebrant Roselin Merifield Reception Sarti Music Sergio Ercole Cake Calendar Cheese Styling + Candy Buffet The Sweet Society Gift Registry

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{ Menu

Antipasto Salami Prosciutto San Daniele Green olive filled bocconcini Marinated octopus

Cheese tower & Buffet Onetik Ossau Iraty - AOC Cropwell Bishop Silton Sevre et belle chevrot Delice de bourgogne Healys Pyengana cheddar Will Studd’s selected brillat savarin


“Grab each other for one solitary minute during the reception. It may be the only moment you have together alone. Look around the room and observe everyone; they all love you and are there to celebrate your love. It’s an amazing feeling.”

Canapés Taleggio, red wine & radicchio suppli Risotto with porcini with green peas Zucchini flowers filled with mud crab & black rice Curvi shaped pasta filled with prawns, crema di zucchini Braised goat, cous cous of green olives, artichokes, smoked mozzarella & puffed barley Duck polpette, lemon myrtle & pistachio Vanilla and chocolate cannoli

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8 December, Bonville, New South Wales {How we met} We met on a night out with friends at the Exchange Hotel, Brisbane. I arrived with a group of girlfriends after being at a formal dinner and Ben arrived with a group of mates. We were introduced to each other by mutual friends at the bar and we pretty much remained in that same spot chatting until 4.30am when we were kicked out of the bar because it was closing. {First date} Oh, it was all class! Being the sports fans that we are and trying to keep it relaxed, Ben organised to have a group date with his friends and mine at the Adrenaline Sports Bar to watch the Rugby World Cup Opening Ceremony. The night started out with a lot of sport and chatter and soon turned into dancing and laughs and before we knew it, our friends had disappeared and Ben and I were left to party the night away together, and the rest is history. {Proposal} Both being teachers, it was the last school week of the year for me, while Ben was already on school holidays. In his business of surfing and completing a few jobs in this week, Ben shared one night over dinner that he thought we could do with a bigger Christmas tree. So I gave him the challenge to go and get one and set it up the next day. I went to work and finished at 4pm with six missed calls on my phone from Ben, which was very unusual, so I called back worried. He then abruptly asked “are you on your way home?’ I replied that I would be leaving soon. He then told me to text him when I left because he had to set something up. Me thinking nothing of it shared my excitement that ‘you have bought a new Christmas tree haven’t

you!’ He had no reply. I arrived home to find all the curtains drawn, and walked up the stairs of our unit block to find a sign saying ‘close your eyes’ (I was thinking he had really gone to town on this tree!) He opened the door for me, pulled me inside and told me to open my eyes. He had the whole room covered in over 150 tea-light candles and a small love heart of them on the floor in front of me. He walked over to me after giving me a small chance to take in what was actually happening and popped the big question. {Ring} 1.3ct round brilliant cut diamond set in a four claw, white gold band. {Hen’s & Buck’s} I had a weekend in Broadbeach with my bridesmaids, family and friends, filled with pampering, games, dinners and drinks and frivolities out on the town. Ben had a day and night with the boys completing a pub crawl of Brisbane. {Planning} I was helped by my bridesmaids, Mum and Ben. I did the majority of the research, planning and design of the day, bouncing everything off Ben as we went along to ensure it was within our theme and he liked everything too. I really enjoyed the whole process especially deciding on the venue with Ben, choosing my dress and creating all the little finishing touches for the day. The most stressful was probably the last minute jobs in the final week leading up to the day. I thought that I was very organised but because I chose to create a lot of the decorations myself, this meant a lot of last minute jobs and running around. There was way more to do and checking up on things than I’d anticipated. cont... page 153

Photography by david moore photography

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{Style} An elegant wedding that would be timeless, fun and classically elegant, while still having a modern, relaxed, summery feel to it. We wanted it to feel like a real celebration and to ensure it would be fun for all our guests also. We used white and navy shades of blues and purples. {Decor} White, blue and purple Hydrangea in glass vases as centre pieces on tables with tea light candles surrounding, Hydrangea arrangements scattered around the venue. White ottomans, umbrellas and seating inside and outside. Strings of fairy lights and lanterns above outdoor dance floor. Photos of parents cutting their wedding cake on their wedding either side of our wedding cake. ‘I spy’ cards at tables. Homemade jam (made by Mum and sister in law Lisa) and chocolate coated blueberries in jars as wedding favors. {Flowers} Hydrangeas in white, blue and purple, Peonies and roses. {Gown} A strapless ball gown with a sweet heart neckline. It was made from white silk and silk chiffon and was hand beaded with Swarovski crystals covering the whole bodice. It was finished with a silk ribbon belt around the waist and a double pleated bow in the centre of the waist. {First song} Our musician for the night, Kane Cahill, sung I’ll Always Be Right There by Bryan Adams. {Honeymoon} Hawaii for 16 nights. {Guests} 102 {Cost} $35,000

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“Really take the time to enjoy being engaged first of all. It’s a great time in your life. Also, enjoy the planning process, it’s a once in a lifetime experience. Tick off little jobs early on so that the last few weeks are enjoyable.”

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Gown Brad Webb at Darb Bridal Couture Groom + Groomsmen Oxford and Witchery Man Bridesmaids Langhem Designs from Swish Boutique Rings Phenix Jewellery Makeup Blush Makeup + Beauty Studio Flowers Freelance Flowers Photographer David Moore Photography Stationery Aerialist Press Décor Special Occasions Ceremony Mary Immaculate Mother of God Celebrant Frt. Shelwyn Fernandez Reception Flooded Gums Restaurant and Greens, Bonville International Golf Resort Music Kane Cahill Cake Krista I’ Anson at Love Thy Cake

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18 November, New Lambton, New South Wales {How we met} Steven and I had the same circle of friends from the age of 16. {First date} Our first date was a total fluke - all our friends cancelled on the night’s plans but Steven was still keen to get something for dinner, so I thought I’d keep him company thinking it would be a fast food place since everyone cancelled, but I was wrong. Steven booked dinner at a wonderful restaurant and we pretty much talked the whole night while he made his friend wait outside as we finished dinner off. {Proposal} It was every girl’s fairytale. Steven proposed on the first night of our holiday in New York at the top of the Empire State building. When I asked him why he chose this place, he said he wanted to take me to the highest place he knew so I could feel how he feels every day on top of the world. {Ring} My engagement ring was designed and sourced by my husband. It’s a gorgeous pear set in a vintage inspired scroll setting surrounded by diamonds. {Hen’s & Buck’s) The bridesmaids organised a wonderful weekend in Sydney, surrounded by my closest friends. We had a games night with waiters and the following night; dinner, drinks and clubbing at Marquee. The buck’s was a surprise holiday to Queensland which included a lot of drinking, theme parks, Brisbane and not a lot of sleep. {Planning} My wonderful husband and my amazing sister helped with the planning. She came to most of my appointments, listened to my dilemmas and agreed with most of what I

wanted. As most males don’t like wasting time, I did most of the research and then gave Steven the options. Our love and friendship inspired our wedding. We wanted something fun but elegant, our relationship is fun but we still know how to grow up and face the world. {Style} We had a winter wonderland wedding with colours of white, ivory and aqua. {Decor} For the centrepieces I had three different types which all included white Hydrangeas, while the bridal table had mirror boxes filled with pink Hydrangeas. Crystal back drop and crystal drops over the dance floor reflecting the aqua colored filled room to create a relaxed and amazing atmosphere. {Flowers} My wedding bouquet featured beautiful white Peonies and white Hydrangeas. My beautiful bridesmaids held white Peonies and lilac roses which complimented their amazing gowns. {Gown} It was a couture gown from Liade Couture, I always wanted the best of both worlds - a puffy wedding dress and a fitted gown. My ceremony gown consisted of beaded, embellished straps and a lace beaded sweetheart neckline with an under the bust belt and a layered tulle skirt with a crinoline end. During our first dance, my husband removed the top tulle layer to reveal a beaded lace mermaid gown. {First dance} I Wanna Grow Old with You by West Life. {Honeymoon} Six Sense Laamu, Maldives for seven nights {Guests} 350 {Cost} $100,000

Photography by alan khan photography

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“Plan your wedding together, this just makes the day even more enjoyable for the both of you. Things do go wrong but on the day nothing matters. Just remember this day is to celebrate the endless love you two have for each other and if your guests get to see the love in both your faces that day, they will love and enjoy your wedding even more.” On the Day

Gown Liade Couture Groom Gucci Bridesmaids Liade Couture Hair Grace Kelly at Shag Hair Makeup Stevi Hopkins Makeup at Shag Hair Flowers Peter Herd Flowers Photographer + Videographer Alan Khan Photography Cars Mercedes Luxury Wedding Cars Décor Scion and Cinderinas Ceremony Macedonian Orthodox Church Reception Starlight Room, West Leagues New Lambton Music Bezime Cake I Do Wedding Cakes

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4 May, Bellbird Hill, New South Wales {How we met} We met at high school, dated for a little while and then went our separate ways. We ran into each other five years later by accident, rekindled our friendship and the rest is history. {First date} We went to my favourite restaurant in Katoomba for dinner and then off to a lookout to check out the stars. {Proposal} Alex had an elaborate plan one evening at the same lookout where he took me on our first date but sadly his plans were dashed by rainy weather and I went out to cheer up a sick friend. The next day when I arrived home he was just waiting for me in the lounge room, we said hello then he just got on one knee and asked me to marry him… he just wanted to get it over and done with! {Ring} Half a large pearl set in a chunky silver band; very simple, cool and modern. {Hen’s & Buck’s} My maid of honour organised a pancake dinner then a sailor themed scavenger hunt around The Rocks in Sydney followed by a few drinks and some dancing. Alex and four close mates went out to Mudgee for a weekend. {Planning} I was helped hugely by my mother, my sisters (also my bridal party) and Alex of course. The most exciting part was seeing all the little design details come together to create a memorable day for us and our guests. The most

stressful part was getting those pesky RSVPs back in time! {Style} A mixture of vintage, nature, birds and the country, using pale pink, beige, ivory and dusty mint. Inspiration was taken from wedding blogs, magazines and Pinterest. {Decor} The highlight was a huge “love” sign we made together out of an old pallet to prop up against the registry table for the ceremony. Alex made a gorgeous cake tower from some slabs of wood. We also had silver lanterns, more wooden slabs and glass jars filled with either flowers or candles. {Flowers} Our floral designer used a mixture of cream and pale pink roses, Lysianthas, flannel flowers and berries. Our bouquets and corsages were tied together with twine. {Gown} A strapless ivory taffeta gown with a full skirt and train. The bodice had a sweetheart neckline and a deep back with little covered buttons. My favourite part was the inseam pockets in the skirt; I kept some breath mints and my lip gloss in there. {First dance} You Make My Dreams by Hall & Oates. {Honeymoon}: A week in beautiful Byron Bay. {Guests} 82 {Cost} $20,000

Photography by gabriela colebrook photography

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“Go to a marriage preparation course, it really helps you prepare not only for the big day but also for married life ahead.” On the Day

Gown Vision in White Groom + Groomsmen Calabro Formal Hire, Roger David and Adidas Bridesmaids Forever New and Ebay Rings Brevilles Hair + Makeup Rebecca Jayne Flowers Sweet William Floral Creations Photographer Gabriela Colebrook Photography Stationery Gabriela Colebrook Design & Photography and Elite Creative Décor Mi Bride & Groom Ceremony + Reception Loxley on Bellbird Hill Celebrant Pastor Adrian Russell Music Carly Andrews & Ryan Gannon; ceremony and SoulArte; reception Cake Sweet Cheeks Cake Design

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3 December, Sutton Grange, Victoria {How we met} My sister’s and my recruitment company was recruiting positions for the NCCMA. We first met when we sat on a panel interview together to recruit a role for his department at the time. {First date} Damian took me to the Wine Bank for dinner and wine. We clicked straight away and spent the night drinking wine and laughing! {Proposal} Damian and I were camping at Memory Cove in South Australia. Memory Cove is a secluded beach which only allows a couple of sites to be occupied at any one time so it is very private and extremely beautiful. We were sitting on the beach at sunset when he pulled out the ring and proposed. {Rings} The Tiffany Setting engagement ring and matching Tiffany Metro wedding ring with diamonds. {Hen’s & Buck’s} My twin sister Michelle organised a winery tour in Heathcote. We had a mini bus and spent the day eating delicious food and drinking lovely wine. We returned to my house in the late afternoon and had a swim and spa and then I got the shock of my life when two firefighter strippers knocked on the door! It was a fantastic day. Damian’s day was a little more low key. He and his friends met at our house, went to a local pub for lunch and then returned for a swim and spa and spent the night relaxing and drinking.

{Planning} I did most of the work myself because I love organising events, Damian was happy for me to take the lead and plan it. I wanted a relaxed evening where everyone could just have fun and let their hair down. On the actual morning of the wedding, I was very excited but very nervous too because I had to stand up and speak in front of 160 guests. {Style} Cherry blossom decorations with colours of light pinks and silver. {Decor} Cherry blossom flowers, tea light candles, blossom petals scattered on tables and vintage lamps and mirrors. {Flowers} Cherry blossoms for the tables and Peony blossoms for the bouquet and corsage. {Gown} Contemporary slim line gown with softly tiered ruffled silk georgette skirt and a dropped waist, moulded silk georgette bodice. {Honeymoon} We went to America for two weeks with our young son Jack. We travelled to Boston and New York. It was an amazing trip. {Guests} 160 {Cost} $35,000

Photography by Jennifer McCue photographY

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“Plan ahead and don’t leave everything until the last few weeks. I started nine months beforehand and had so much fun planning it without any stress. In the week leading up to the big day I had very little left to organise so I could relax and just enjoy the anticipation.”

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Gown Marianna Hardwick Groom Versace Rings Tiffany & Co and Blue Nile Hair Genna at Flora Hill Hair Retreat Makeup Melinda Keighran Flowers Poppies Bridal & Flowers Photographer Jennifer McCue Photography Stationery The Eternal Vase Ceremony + RECEPTION Sutton Grange Winery Celebrant Sue Cook Music Like This Cake Country Cakes Gift Registry Donations to St Luke’s Anglicare, Bendigo

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9 November, Mt Barker, South Australia {How we met} We were both working in the Adelaide CBD in late 2010. Sanel managed a shoe store and I worked for a grain trader. Of course I love my shoes and visited the shoe store quite frequently and Sanel eventually asked me out on a date. {First date} A very nervous (and hot and humid) evening at Esca on the Glenelg Wharf, overlooking the beach. It was getting late so I offered to drive Sanel home so that he wouldn’t have to take the tram. As they arrived at Sanel’s residence, he asked me if he could kiss me. {Proposal} It was a very early Sunday morning and I was a little grumpy as I wasn’t feeling my best. Sanel suggested we go visit the Mt Barker Summit up the road for a nice and fresh morning walk. I was a little reluctant but eventually agreed. We made it to the summit and chose a lovely spot along the cliff face, overlooking the farmlands below. Sanel started talking about marriage and how he had asked my father how he would feel if he proposed. My father said he would be very happy but that it was my decision. Sanel then asked… “so now I’m asking you, will you marry me?” I burst into tears and said yes, while almost losing the ring in between the rocks as I went to embrace him. {Rings} 1 Carat white-gold pavé bridal set with ½ carat of diamonds. {Hen’s & Buck’s} I had a High Tea bridal shower on the decking in my parent’s garden. And the Bucks was a gentleman’s dinner at the Belgian

Beer Café and a night at the Marksman’s Indoor Firing Range on Franklin Street, Adelaide. {Planning} It was a combined effort of myself, Sanel and my parents. The wedding day was both the most exciting and the most stressful day. As the wedding ceremony and reception were held on private property, we were still setting things up at the last minute. But DIY was all worth it! {Style} Country vintage using colours of peach, light pinks and ivory. {Decor} Lace doilies, peach and ivory coloured tulle on the walls and ceiling. The wishing tree was a dead Lilac brought back to life with spray paint and lace butterflies. White paper lanterns in other parts of the garden. A game of bocce on the pebbles and a DIY photo booth out of white frames with props. Vintage-looking birdcages through the garden and three DIY lace doily lanterns hanging above the decking. {Flowers} My bouquet consisted of David Austin Roses and Peonies. The decorative table and wine barrels had vases filled with Baby’s Breath and Peonies sitting on them. {Gown} Scalloped lace and silk cut-out mermaid dress. {First dance} Give In To Me by Garret Hedlund and Leighton Meester from the movie Country Strong. {Honeymoon} Ubud and Lembongan Island in Bali for one week. {Guests} 80 {Cost} $15,000

Photography by elska studios

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“Start planning at least a year in advance. Also, don’t stress over the little things, whatever happens, happens. At the end of the day, you’re marrying the love of your life!”


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Gown Red Pearl Couture Groom Joseph Uzumcu Rings Michael Hill Hair, MAKEUP + FLOWERS Elska Studios

Photographer Elska Studios Stationery Zazzle Ceremony + Reception Private property, Mount Barker Celebrant Sylvan Bonnett Caterer HQ Cuisine Music Ceremony; Aloysius Leeson Cake How Sweet It Is

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events by tinat ons Sweet Crea ie Zakhem by Natal

for a unique dessert table that is the highlight of any occasion. W w w w . e v e n t s b y n a t . b l o g s p o t . c o m . a u

m 0 4 0 5 3 5 8 3 2 9

e n a t a l i e z a k h e m @ y 7 m a i l . c o m

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15 September, Melbourne, Victoria {How we met} At a bar in Melbourne CBD. He bought me a drink and I told him I was going to the ladies room and would be right back. I got side-tracked and ended up coming back an hour later and he was busy chatting to someone so I didn’t interrupt. At the end of the evening, he found me and asked me for my number but I was very hesitant to give it to him. My girlfriend convinced me to give it to him. He called the next day and we hit it off right away. {First date} We had drinks in the Docklands funny that we ended up getting married in that area too. It was like we were old friends from the beginning; no silent or awkward moments. We spoke on the phone every night after we met so when we had our first date we already felt as though we knew each other. {Proposal} Chris proposed on Christmas day 2010. He had promised me a wake board but when I opened the ‘wake board’ in front of my family I found that it was a body board with the words “Will you marry me?” written on it and the box with the engagement ring embedded in the board. {Rings} My engagement ring is a 1.1 carat D color emerald cut set as a high solitaire. My wedding band is platinum, as is the engagement ring, and is half filled with pavé set diamonds. {Hen’s & Buck’s} I had a Princes of the Night theme and the boys did a weekend away in Sydney. {Planning} I did most of the planning myself and my parents and sister helped a lot as well. I presented three alternatives for each task or item then Chris helped me decide which one we should settle on. Most of my ideas came from

Pinterest - I created a wedding board and pinned everything I liked. I found some amazing ideas for photos and designs. I don’t think there were any highlights or lowlights that stood out for me – everything was a highlight. I loved every minute of the planning process. I loved researching all the details, creating the stationery, putting together the bridesmaids’ outfits. I think I must have been a wedding planner in a previous life because I just truly enjoyed every minute of it. {Style} Black and white baroque with a hint of pink. {Decor} The reception decorations were all fresh flowers. Each table centerpiece was a high top vase filled with fuchsia orchids. Each table also had a bright spotlight on it which lit up the flowers and gave the illusion of them glowing. The bridal table was filled with flower arrangements which included white roses, pink lilies and various other sorts of flowers. {Flowers} I used roses and Freesias in the bouquets, the centerpieces were fuchsia orchids and the bridal centerpiece included various kinds of roses, pink lilies, Freesias and orchids. {Gown} It was a one-piece, strapless, fitted A-line gown with a sweetheart neckline and corset closure. It was embellished corded lace throughout the bodice which gently trailed from the dropped waist onto the gathered tulle skirt. {First dance} I Won’t Let You Go by James Morrison. {Honeymoon} Singapore for one week and spent a few days at the Formula One also. {Guests} 128 {Cost} $30,000

Photography by t- one image

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“Know what you want, be organised, don’t let other people’s opinions sway you and most importantly enjoy every minute of it. This is something you only get to do once in your life so enjoy!” On the Day

Gown Maggie Sottero Groom Hugo Boss Bridesmaids Forever New Groomsmen Glenroy Formal Hire Rings Xristo Jeweller Makeup Phoebe Taylor Makeup Artist FlowerS Irene Flowers Balaclava Photographer + Videographer T-One Image Ceremony St Catherine’s East Malvern Celebrant Rev. Andreas Papadimitropoulos Reception Sumac Docklands Music DJ Nick Missailidis Cake Joe Musso

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11 August, Botany, New South Wales {How we met} We met playing golf through a mutual friend. {First date} First dates are always private and romantic. Ours was nothing like that! Our first official night out as a couple was spent at a friend’s dress up birthday party. He was a priest and I was a country bumpkin. {Proposal} Aaron took me to a lighthouse while we were away on holidays and proposed while we were looking out to the ocean. There were so many people around but no one noticed that it was happening. It was so special. We then went back to the beach house we were staying at and Aaron gave me a manicure to go with my shiny new rock. {Hen’s & Buck’s} I had a High Tea in the park followed by dinner and drinks in Darling Harbour and Aaron had a weekend away with a few friends in Byron Bay. {Planning} My business partner at Noah and Willow; Francesca de Leon, helped with most of the planning. We used neutral tones such as white, cream, peach, latte and brown. We wanted our wedding to reflect our love so tried to focus on that, as opposed to the ‘production’ of the wedding. Our goal was to keep everything

understated, yet still beautiful. The invitations, bonbonnieres, order of service booklets, menus and memory board (guest book) were all handmade, so there was definitely a lot of love put into it. Being a stylist, the most exciting part was definitely the planning of all of the flowers and decorations. The most stressful part was organising the guest list. The numbers kept going up and down so it was hard having to keep changing the seating plan. {Flowers} The table centerpieces had a handpicked look and were arranged in over 100 glass jars and bottles. We used Ranunculus, Peonies, Billy Buttons, Kale, stock, Geraldton Wax, Hypericum berries, poppies and Disbuds. My bouquet was predominantly made up of cream and peach antique roses. {Gown} It was a simple off-white fitted semibackless dress with a ruffle detail on the train {First dance} The accoustic version of I Won’t Let You Go by James Morrison. {Honeymoon} Ten days in Fiji. {Guests} 75 {Cost} $25,000

Photography by Tealily Photography

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“Definitely to do what makes you happy. People have their input and it’s often hard to say no. Of course there may be conflict, but that will pass. You’ll want to look back on your wedding day and know that everything was exactly the way you wanted it to be.” On the Day

Gown Ella Bridal, modified by Idora Bridal Groom Rembrandt Rings Moi Moi Fine Jewellery Hair Inch Hair Designs Bondi Beach Flowers Noah + Willow Event Styling and Flowers To Be Floral Design Photographer Tealily Photography Videographer Leon Nicotra Stationery Noah + Willow Event Styling Wedding Co-ordinator Noah + Willow Event Styling Décor Noah + Willow Event Styling Ceremony Little Bay Chapel Celebrant Pastor Leo Nicotra Reception Agape Restaurant & Bar

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22 September, Elizabeth Beach, New South Wales {How we met} Stu and I both did a ski season in Whistler, Canada between 2001 – 2002. We dated briefly before going our separate ways for university. {First date} We went for a beer at a pub in Whistler Village. I had butterflies and all I remember is there was lots of giggling. I pretended I was an arty photographer which Stu thinks is hilarious given he is the creative one. {Proposal} We spent 14 months apart after I had lived in the UK for two years and had to come home. Stu took a job in Holland while we tried to figure it all out. Ten months later we met in New York City for a week. On the Thursday, Stu woke me up with breakfast and the New York Times. He would have proposed over breakfast but I kept telling him to shush while I read the paper. We then went to Central Park where I rowed him around the lake in front of the Boathouse. He told me a story about two people who met and fell in love. The story ended with him on one knee in the boat, ring in hand. {Ring} My engagement ring is an oval sapphire set in a platinum band with 24 pavé set diamonds on the shoulder of the band. {Hen’s & Buck’s} My bridesmaids threw me an afternoon tea which started with champagne and a manicure, some fun games over lots of punch, and ended with a meal and dancing at a Cuban bar in Sydney. Stu’s groomsmen hired Winnebagos and drove from Sydney to Byron via a go-kart track. All I know is that he spent much of the time in a grass skirt with a coconut shell bikini top. It’s probably safe I don’t know anymore. {Planning} We both did this and our mothers and

my sister, who was my Maid of Honour, fielded angsty phonecalls about too many small details. I took care of most of the logistics and budgeting and Stu was the Creative Director. Having Stu’s parents and groomsmen come out from England was very exciting although having the in-laws and five guys stay in our small apartment for two weeks was stressful. {Inspiration} Our setting; I grew up on the beaches of the Pacific Palms and still holiday there regularly at my family’s apartment. {Style} The beach setting and our mutual love for the colours set the theme of turquoise and teal. {Decor} My mum, Stu and I grew succulent plants for the centrepieces. There were three different types of lanterns strung on the roof and my mother-in-law made flag bunting in the same colours. {Flowers} David Austin roses and Baby’s Breath. {Gown} Ivory dupion silk, v-neck fish tail with asymmetrical ruching down to the waist and pearl detailing. Very flattering yet remarkably comfortable. {First dance} At Last by Etta James which is the song I played pulling out of the airport on the day I picked Stu up when he moved to Sydney. We decided to get dance lessons which was a great idea - not only did we have some steps then but it was also one hour a week just concentrating on each other and not a computer screen or stressing over entrée menus! {Honeymoon} One week in the Amalfi Coast, Italy. Just enough time to undo all the bridal dieting with wine and food! {Guests} 110 {Cost} $30,000

Photography by hilary cam photography

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Gown Designs by Melanie Ford Groom Ted Baker Bridesmaids Alannah Hill Rings Bill Hicks and Julian Stephens Flowers Blooms at Taree Photographer Hilary Cam Ceremony Green Cathedral, Tiona Celebrant Sarah Julian Reception Pacific Palms Surf Club Caterer Food Sense Music DJ Trav

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“Keep communicating openly and honestly. You might not realise you have an idea of how you assume something will be done until it comes time to organise it and you realise you are on a different page to your partner, mother, vendor!� 275 kiss the bride | Vol. 5

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A Sweet Addition to your Event Jacqui Anderson 0435 608 734 m a r i e lo u i s e eve nt s @ l i ve . co m . a u w w w. m a r i e lo u i s e eve nt s . co m . a u

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20 October, West Perth, Western Australia {How we met} High school; we knew each other for about ten years before we started dating. {Proposal} Taj danced in front of me at home with his leather jacket done up then unzipped the jacket and low and behold, he was wearing a t-shirt with the proposal written on it. He then bent down on one knee and gave me a gorgeous engagement ring. {Hen’s & Buck’s} For my Hen’s we had drinks in the city followed by dinner, more drinks and dancing, and the boys spent a weekend in Moore River. {Planning} It was a combined effort between the both of us although most of the grunt work was done by me. It was great getting to the final week when everything was done and all our friends started flying into Perth to celebrate with us. {Style} Vintage glamour using a colour combination of whites, pinks and beiges; soft pretty colours. {Decor} Gorgeous chandelier candelabras, an abundance of flowers in crystal vases and sparkly scatter stars everywhere. {Flowers} A mixture of all sorts of gorgeous soft flowers including Poppies and roses. {Gown} One shoulder ruffle with traditional skirt and mushroom pink sash. {First dance} As Time Goes By by Bryan Ferry. {Honeymoon} Four nights in Sydney followed by two weeks in Hamilton Island. {Guests} 85

Photography by i heart weddings

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“Be organised. If everything is done then there is nothing to stress about.” On the Day

Gown Tuscany Bridal Groom Ferrari Menswear Bridesmaids Alannah Hill Groomsmen Ferrari Menswear Rings Domani Jewellers Hair Lee Taylor-Rennie Makeup Holly Grady Flowers Natural Art by Rebecca Grace Photographer I Heart Weddings Cars Vintage Wedding Kombi’s Stationery Melissa Radman Décor Natural Art by Rebecca Grace Ceremony Harold Boas Gardens, West Perth Celebrant Emma Tomkinson Reception The Brown Fox Music Oats Supply band and DJ KL Cake Littlesweet Baking

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Dewi Kurniadi - Cake Artist

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