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#CamperVanSuite Competition   Sol  Beach  House  social  networks     1.   The   promoter   Meliá   Hotels   International   S.A.   (“Meliá”),   Calle   Gremio   Toneleros   24,  07009   Palma   de  Mallorca,  Spain.  Spanish  tax  number:  A-­‐78304516.   2.   This  promotion  is  in  no  way  sponsored,  endorsed,  administered  by,  or  associated  with  Facebook,   Twitter   or   Instagram.   By   entering   the   prize   draw,   entrants   release   Facebook,   Twitter   and/or   Instagram  in  full  from  any  action  or  claim  arising  out  of  the  prize  draw.     3.   The   competition   is   open   to   any   visitors   at   Feria   Internacional   de   Turismo   Madrid   (“FITUR”)   between  18.01.2017  and  22.01.2017.  The  promotion  offers  visitors  the  opportunity  to  win  a  2-­‐ night  stay  for  2  people  at  Sol  Beach  House  Ibiza  with  a  campervan  experience:  1x  night  in  standard   room  +  1x  night  in  the  Campervan  Suite.  The  prize  can  be  enjoyed  anytime  between  01.06.17  and   30.09.17.   4.   This  prize  is  non-­‐transferable  and  holds  no  cash  value.  The  prize  is  subject  to  availability.  In  the   event  of  the  prize  being  unavailable,  the  promoter  reserves  the  right  to  offer  an  alternative  price   of  equal  or  greater  value.   5.   The   entrant(s)   must   be   aged   18   or   over,   and   use   of   a   false   name   or   address   will   result   in   disqualification.   Proof   of   identity   and   age   must   be   presented   if   requested.   All   entries   must   be   made  directly  by  the  person  entering  the  competition.   6.   Employees   and   shareholders   of   Meliá   or  of   any   associated   groups   or   companies,   their   respective   families,   agencies   and   suppliers   and   anyone   connected   with   this   prize   draw   are   not   permitted   to   enter  this  promotion.     7.   Entries   will   be   accepted   via   posts   made   on   Facebook,   Twitter   or   Instagram.   Posts   must   both   include  the  hashtag  #campervansuite  and  tag  Sol  Beach  House.  Posts  received  outside  of  the  time   period   indicated   in   point   3   above,   or   which   do   not   include   the   hashtag  #campervansuite   and   the   handle   for   Sol   Beach   House,   will   not   be   accepted.   Entry   is   free.   Only   one   valid   entry   per   social   media   account   will   be   considered.   Meliá   reserves   the   right   to   exclude   from   the   promotion   those   entries  suspected  to  be  dubious  or  fraudulent.     8.   Meliá   accepts   no   responsibility   and   will   not   be   liable   for   the   content   (including   any   imagery   or   video)   of   any   entry   post/status/tweet.   Meliá   reserves   the   right   to   immediately   remove   any   unsuitable,   obscene   or   otherwise   offensive   comments,   posts,   imagery   or   videos   posted   on   Sol   Beach  House’s  Facebook  page.  Anyone  posting  such  materials  will  automatically  be  disqualified   from  the  promotion  and  may  be  blocked  from  Sol  Beach  House’s  social  media  pages  at  Meliá’s   discretion.   9.   Meliá  will  not  be  responsible  for  any  incomplete,  lost  or  delayed  requests  or  any  requests  that   have  not  been  validly  submitted  due  to  computer  error  or  any  reason  which  is  beyond  Meliá’s   control.   10.   By   entering   the   competition,   the   entrants   agree   to   participate   in   publicity   relating   to   the   prize   draw.   Such   publicity   is   likely   to   include   the   guest   names,   images   and   comments   being   used   on   social   media   (but   not   exclusively).  Participants   agree   that   Meliá   can   use   their   names,   any   images   taken  of  them  and  any  comments  made  by  the  guest  for  the  purpose  of  publicising  the  Campervan   Suite    offering  without  paying  any  fees  to  the  guest  (and  the  guest  confirms  that  it  has  the  right  to   allow  Meliá  to  use  these  in  this  way).   11.   The   winner   will   be   selected   at   random   by   an   internal   jury   at   Meliá,   and   will   be   contacted   via   the   same  social  media  platform  used  to  enter  the  competition.  Reasonable  efforts  will  be  made  to   contact  the  winner.  If  the  winner  cannot  be  contacted,  or  is  unable  to  comply  with  these  terms   and  conditions,  the  promoter  reserves  the  right  to  offer  the  prize  to  the  next  eligible  entrant  drawn   at  random.     12.   Failure   to   respond   and   provide   with   the   required   information   for   delivery,   or   failure   to   meet   the   eligibility  requirements,  may  result  in  forfeiture  of  the  prize.   13.   The   winner   is   responsible   for   their   own   travel   expenses   and/or   any   other   expenses   and   arrangements  not  specifically  included  in  the  prize.    

14. Meliá   will   not   be   liable   for   any   losses   which   result   from   the   winner’s   negligence   during   the   enjoyment  of  their  prize.     15.   By  entering  into  this  competition,  entrants  are  deemed  to  accept  these  terms  and  conditions.     16.   If  any  term  in  these  terms  and  conditions  is  found  by  a  court  of  law  or  other  competent  authority   to   be   invalid,   unlawful   or   unenforceable   then   this   shall   not   affect   the   validity,   lawfulness   or   enforceability  of  the  remaining  terms.     17.   The   promotion   is   governed   by   Spanish   law   and   is   subjected   to   the   exclusive   jurisdiction   of   the   courts  of  Palma  de  Mallorca  (Spain).   18.   We  reserve  the  right  to  change  the  terms  and  conditions  at  any  time.    

Campervan Suite Fitur Competition T&Cs  
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