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Describe a routine day in your life.

First, I wake up at 6:30 am. After that, I take a shower and have breakfast. Then I brush my teeth and get dressed. Afterwards, I take the bus to Aguacatala Metro Station and take the Metro to go to work. I arrive at work and make outstanding transactions in accounting. Later, at 12:00 pm I have lunch and take a break from my activities. Then, at 1:00 pm, I update the information on the website and I do the activities of the catechism. After that, I go to university to study from 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm. Later, I return home, I have dinner and do homework. Finally, I go to bed at 11:30 pm.


What do you do? (Talk about your job, how is your job environment? are you happy with your position? Why?)

I study international business at UAM, currently in ninth semester. At the moment, I’m working as an accountant and computer assistant in a church. In this work I am responsible for maintaining the accounting information at day and update the website. I'm not happy in my job because it not relationated with foreign trade but I'm looking for another job related with international business.

On the other hand, I did my internship at Ruta N Medellín Corporation. This is the center of business and innovation of Medellín. It was an excellent experience, because I learned so much. I worked as a financial and administrative assistant, responsible for financial and administrative operations and collaborate on projects that were assigned to me.


Talk about your family. (What do they do?, where do they live?, physical description of your family member, personality description, Are you very close to your family?, who is the person that you miss the most in your family?, who is the most difficult person in your family? Why?)

My mom is a Social Worker in a rubber company; my dad is a math and physics teacher at Sucre University and Cecar University; I don’t have brothers, I am the only son. My parents are divorced. I live with my mom in Medellín; she has average height, she has green eyes and blonde hair. My dad lives in Sincelejo, he is tall, he has dark hair and brown eyes. I am not close to my father but I miss him so much, although I live very happy with my mom. My dad is the most difficult person in my family due to his bad temper.


What do you usually do on Saturdays night? (What’s your favorite day of the week? Why? What do you usually do on Fridays?)

Usually, On Saturday night, I go out with my friends to drink beers and we talk about what happened during the week. At other times I eat out, go dancing or go to the movies. My favorite day of the week is Friday because the workday and academic day is over. On Fridays, I share a good meal with my family, a good conversation and time.



Talk about the most important event in your life in the past. (What happened, when was it?, what did you feel?, who did you stay with?

In my life there are several important events. I was born in Sincelejo in 1988. There, I grew up and I lived until I was 10 years old. When my parents got divorced, I moved to MedellĂ­n with my mom. In this city I lived with my grandmother for one year. Next, we bought an apartment in La Mota and I finished the high school at Octavio Harry School. In 2009, I began to study International Business at UAM. I'm currently in the ninth semester.


What did you do last vacation? (Where did you go? who did you go with? what activities did you do? what did you eat? did you drink liquor?

On my last vacation I traveled to Sincelejo and I enjoyed the january 20 festivities. I went with my cousins and old friends to Corralejas. I visited to my paternal family. I ate my favorite food: fish, coconut rice, salad, fried plantains and suero.


What did you do last weekend? (supply complete information)

Last weekend, from Saturday to Sunday, I studied with my classmates, we come together to do a work about formulation and evaluation of financial project. At night, as I was so tired, I went to bed early.


What did you do last Friday night?

Last Friday, I went out with my girlfriend to eat and drink some shots.


What did you eat for breakfast this morning?

This morning for breakfast, I ate bread with cheese and a chocolate mug.


What did you do before coming to this test?

Before coming to this test, I accompanied my mother to a medical examination.



Have you ever flown?

Yes, I have. I flew on an airplane when I went to San Andres.


Have you ever been abroad? Where? How long did you stay there?

No, I haven’t. 3.

Have you ever been to another city? Where? How long did you stay there? Who did you go with?

Yes. I have. I have been in several cities, including Cartagena. I stayed there for 4 days. I visited to seaports. I went with my classmates.


Have you ever made a cake? When? Who with? No, I have never made a cake.


Have you ever ridden a horse? When? Who with?

Yes, I have. I rode a horse when I was a child and lived in Planeta Rica, with my parents.


Have you ever worked for a company? When? How long have you worked in that company?

Yes, I have. I have worked for three companies. First I worked at Import Company of Korean goods, for two years. Then, I worked at lithographic company for one year. Next, I did my internship at Ruta N MedellĂ­n for 6 months.


What has been the best work experience for you? Why?

The best work experience for me has been working at Ruta N, because there I have learned so much on financial and administrative processes and met many people from the Mayor of MedellĂ­n.


What has been the best moment of your life?

The best moment of my life has been the entrance to the university in 2009, because I am studying to be an international negotiator.


What has been the worst moment of your life?

The worst moment of my life has been living with my grandmother when my parents divorced. FUTURO 1.

What are your goals for future?

I am going to graduate as a professional in international business; I am going to learn English; I am going to work in a multinational company.


What are you going to do after this test?

After the test, I am going to go home to sleep and rest.


What are you doing next weekend?

Next weekend, I am going to work every day; because it's a busy week in the church.


What are your objectives for this semester?

This semester I am going to finish all subjects successfully; I am going to pass the PICLE test; I am going to get a job as I wish.


What would you like to do when you finish your studies? When I finish my studies, I would travel to Boston in USA to study English.

NOTA: El presente cuestionario es una gu铆a, las preguntas pueden variar un poco. De acuerdo a la conversaci贸n se pueden suscitar preguntas diferentes.


1. Describe a routine day in your life. 2. What do you do? (Talk about your job, how is your job environment? are you happy with your positi...