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Digital Photography for Dummies- 3 Simple DIY Tips to Use DSLR Camera to Take Pictures Like a Pro Are you trying to figure out how to get into photography and take great pictures with your digital camera? Digital cameras are very simple to use and easy to operate. However for these cameras also you need to be a little savvy- you should know how to take pictures with a digital camera and more importantly what to take pictures of.

In this presentation I am going to share with you 3 simple tips which I learnt during my quest to figure out basics of digital photography for dummies. First off let me briefly explain a little about the digital camera and what is so unique about it. A digital single-lens reflex camera (also referred to as a digital SLR or DSLR) is a digital camera that combines the optics and the mechanisms of a single-lens reflex camera with a digital imaging sensor, as opposed to photographic film. The reflex design scheme is the main difference between a DSLR and other digital camera varieties. In the reflex design, light travels through the lens, then to a mirror that alternates to send the image to either the viewfinder or the image sensor. In case of DSLR camera the photographer can see the motive before taking an image by the mirror. When taking an image the mirror will swing up and light will to the sensor instead.

For capturing amazing pictures with your digital camera, here are 3 simple tips

ď ś Shoot from different angles You will be surprised to know that taking pictures from unexpected, not so obvious angles can change the overall look of a picture. Before clicking photos spend a couple of minutes evaluating various angles from which you can shoot.

For example you can shoot from above instead of from below. You can tilt the camera slightly to give the picture a different look.

ď ś Get pictures from close quarters Have you looked at the flowers in your garden really close? Have you ever seen how a rain drop or dew drop look on the petals of a flower- small detail like this can enhance the presentation and make a picture look simply stunning. Hence I recommend that rather than clicking from a distance, consider using camera real close to the subject as and when the situation allows. Laugh lines on people’s faces similarly will be clearly visible when you take pictures from a close distance.

ď ś Check out the background Often the background elements can enhance the face value of a picture or destroy it completely. Always ensure to check out the background to leave out unflattering elements.

When I visited San Diego last year, my friend gifted me a DSLR camera. Being completely new to photography I started looking out for photography classes San Diego based ones to get me started on how to use my camera and click good quality photos. However my full time job and time constraints did not leave me with much time to enroll for a full time photography classes San Diego based ones. I did the next best thing available. I scouted the internet for online courses on digital photography to get me started as a photographer. I was able to learn simple techniques for using my DSLR Camera. I started taking gorgeous, attention grabbing photos by following a step by step video tutorial which was available for instant download on the internet. This online video course – Photography Masterclass taught me how to get into photography. It served as the perfect guide for digital photography for dummies!

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Digital Photography for Dummies 3 Simple DIY Tips to Use DSLR Camera to Take Pictures Like a Pro