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Samsung DualView TL220 Review – The camera With 2 Screens By admin, December 3, 2009 Sum and Substance: Thumbs Up: The presence of second LCD for mirror imaging, countdown timer, etc. Great touch screen, Thumbs Down: microSD card, expensive. Inside the Trunk: Software – Drivers & Utilities, USB cable, The Whiz Kid Speaks: The camera is of 12.2 megapixels, The Light Sensitivity is ISO 80, ISO 100 , ISO 200 , ISO 400 , ISO 800 , ISO 1600 , ISO 3200 , ISO auto. The camera has 5x digital zoom and it has Frame movie mode shooting. Shooting Programs on the Samsung DualView TL220 are dawn, beach, tripod, macro, macro text, blue sky, night mode, beauty shot, natural green, portrait mode, white, macro portrait, back light, sunset, night portrait, children, natural portrait, landscape, action, backlight portrait, Fireworks , Perfect self-portrait, Snow. The camera is capable of capturing in special effects like cool, calm, vivid, retro, noise, classic, forest, color, filter, elegant, negative, soft There is built-in flash and optical image stabilizer, Max Shutter Speed is 1/2000 sec and Min Shutter Speed 8 sec, Exposure Metering Spot, Center-weighted, Multi-segment There are two Exposure Modes – Automatic, Program, Exposure Compensation v±EV range, in 1/3 EV steps, White Balance – Presets, Custom, Automatic White Balance Presets are Cloudy, Fluorescent light (daylight), Tungsten light, Fluorescent light (warm white), Daylight Digital Video Formats are H.264, Still Image Format – JPEG Video Capture H.264 resolutions are 320 x 240, H.264 – 640 x 480, H.264 – 1280 x 720 Integrated Memory is 55 MB and is expandable up to 8 GB Image Storage resolutions are JPEG 4000

x 3000, JPEG 2560 x 1920, JPEG 3840 x 2160, JPEG 1920 x 1080

, JPEG 3264 x 2448, JPEG

3984 x 2656 JPEG 1024 x 768, JPEG 2048 x 1536 Flash Modes are Auto mode, Slow synchro, Flash OFF mode, Red-eye reduction, Fill-in mode Red Eye Reduction Lens Type – Zoom lens – 4.9 mm – 22.5 mm – F/3.5-5.9, Focal Length – 4.9 mm – 22.5 mm, Focal Length Equivalent to 35mm Camera 27 – 124.2 mm, Focus Adjustment Automatic, Min Focus Range – 31.5 in, Macro Focus Range 3cm, Lens Aperture F/3.5-5.9, Optical Zoom – 4.6 x, Zoom Adjustment – Motorized drive, Lens Manufacturer Schneider-Kreuznach Additional features on the camera include – DPOF support, Dual image stabilization, Exif Print support, Audio recording, Built-in speaker, Cropping an image, Saturation control, Blink Detection technology, Face detection, Brightness control, Date/time stamp, Camera orientation detection, Auto Contrast Balance (ACB), Sharpness control, 720p HD movie recording, Smile Detection technology, In-camera red-eye fix, Digital image rotation, PictBridge support, Contrast control, Direct print, Touchscreen control, Resizing an image, In-camera movie editing, Face retouch, USB 2.0 compatibility, Gesture User Interface, Dual LCD screens, Tap control Connectors on the camera are 1 x Composite video/audio output, 1 x DC power input, 1 x USB.

Razzle Dazzle:

The sleekest thing about the Samsung DualView TL220 according to us is that it has very few buttons on the body like power, shutter release, zoom rocker and the playback button. Rest all is controlled through the touch screen LCD on the back of the camera. There is also an LCD in the front and it is up to you whether it is just a show off or it is really needed. Inside Dope: We were wondering about what Samsung could possibly mean when they said Dualview on the camera name. We gave up, after thinking for a lot of time and we finally opened the product to find out for ourselves. What followed really blew us of our feet. Yes! It has a screen right next to the lens of the camera. The screen is used for self portrait and a few other functions that we will discuss later. But a presence of a dual screen would add to the cost and it does take up the price of the product a little. The screen of the Samsung DualView TL220 is about three inches and it is a touch screen interface. Most of the physical buttons have been sacrificed for the LCD interface. The LCD has lots of functions you may get confused with the features of the camera if you are a newbie. This camera has a lot of expert features and has been made for shutter bug freaks. It will get a while for you to get used to this camera if you have never handled one before. The LCD display of the touch screen has haptic feedback which means it will vibrate to show you that it has registered a click. This LCD screen is one of the best that we have ever seen looks wise and performance wise. It was responsive and quickly registered our touches. The LCD touch screen also lets you roll your finger through the options and then click the ones that you want. The number of options for some functions are so big that they won’t fit all at a single time and hence you will have to roll your finger on them to access more. The LCD screen also features a motion detection feature where in you can hold your finger on the icon on the screen and then rock the camera around and the camera will do the job for you. We were disappointed to see a microSD card in the Samsung DualView TL220 but Samsung told us that the presence of a small card is the reason behind the thin and small camera and you can use this card to put in mobile phones to upload the photos to a website. Mobile phones use the microSD card and you can also share a photo through Bluetooth with other phones. But we were unhappy because if you want to put the picture to a computer you will have to get a card reader. The camera supports expansion of up to eight GB. The best part of the camera, after the big LCD is the small LCD which is at the front of the camera. All you have to do is tap the space and the screen will wake up. You can smile check yourself out in the camera and then snap the photographs. This is a great feature if you think you are the most beautiful person in the world or if you can’t get enough of your beautiful face.

The front screen also has the count down timer so you know when the picture is going to be clicked. There is also a mode where in the screen shows animation and we thought this was a great way to make kids look at the camera and then click them. Photo and video quality was among the best that cameras offer and after you have clicked the photos you can flick them just like you do in the iPhone. A lot of times we thought we were going through a touch screen of a mobile phone. We would say that this screen is better than the ones in most touch screen mobile phones. The camera takes about 1.5 seconds to start, which is very fast according to us and then there is a gap of two seconds between each shots that you take. If you turn on the flash the wait time will go up to 2.6 seconds. It needs about 0.5 seconds to focus, again very fast, and it needs 0.7 seconds in low light conditions. The burst mode of the camera will reduce the photo resolution to 640X480 pixels. This camera is almost the same as Samsung DualView TL225. Slight differences include a plastic body on the 220 and metal chassis on the 225. And the 220 doesn’t have support for output to an HDTV or monitor through HDMI. Nitty Gritty: Samsung DualView TL225 is great and has excellent quality for photos and videos. Buy it for the 2 LCDs that it has. The drawbacks of the camera is the presence of microSD card slot and the presence of 2 screens which make the camera a bit expensive.

Samsung DualView TL220 Review – The camera with 2 screens.  
Samsung DualView TL220 Review – The camera with 2 screens.  

The sleekest thing about the Samsung DualView TL220 according to us is that it has very few buttons on the body like power, shutter release,...