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IFA consumer electronics show 2009: Digital cameras at IFA 2009 Samsung digital cameras

Samsung has a whole host of its latest digital cameras (pictured above) on display at the IFA show, including the Samsung WB1000, Samsung WB500, Samsung WB5000, Samsung ST1000 and the Samsung ST550.

The ST digital cameras in particular have been drawing a lot of attention at the show, thanks to Samsung showcasing a range of innovative features. Check out our video look at the ST550 and the ST1000, below.

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The Samsung ST550 digital camera has a front-facing LCD screen, allowing the camera’s subject to see how he or she will appear in the frame. We found that the secondary screen is great for composing self portraits, and the Samsung ST550 digital camera has smile detection so it can take a picture without the need to depress the shutter release. The Samsung ST1000 is all about connectivity, however. It features DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance), which allows pictures to be wirelessly shown on DLNA-compatible TVs and laptops. It tags each picture with the town or city’s name where it was taken using the in-built GPS. This is a particularly fun feature when pictures are added to a Picasa account, when they can then be viewed in galleries on Google Maps. The Samsung ST1000 includes Wi-Fi access, so photos can be uploaded to Picasa or Facebook. The camera is also Bluetooth-enabled, so pictures can be transferred to mobile phones. More in-depth first look reviews of these models can be found in our digital camera report and see also our report on choosing and buying the best digital camera.

IFA consumer electronics show 2009: Digital cameras at IFA 2009