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Samsung ES20 and ES60 - Two new simple digital camera Samsung Electronics Company for a number of markets, particularly in Germany, and also provided two new simple models of compact digital cameras - ES20 and ES60, having with a small price. Samsung ES60:

States the manufacturer, these new buyers to get their hands on easy-to-camera control, ensuring satisfaction with the result obtained images at a good price and quality.

For newcomers to digital photography, ES20 and ES60 offer them a wide range of embedded smart features, such as identification of individuals in the picture, image stabilization, and shooting on a smile. Samsung ES20:

Both models apparently have a general similarity, except for small details in design and functional facilities, where the older model (ES60) is 12 MP CCD (CCD) sensor to 10.2 MP - at ES20, also a junior - is less than the size of the display (2.5 "to 2.7" - at ES60) and used the usual "finger" (AA) batteries instead of Li-Ion battery included with ES60. But at ES20 lens is 4-fold increase in the optical, while the ES60, it is 3. How will the company, Samsung ES60 and ES20 will go on sale in September at a price of 149 and 129 euro respectively.

Samsung ES20 and ES60 - Two new simple digital camera