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I don't like this advertisement because of the poor logo placement. There is not enough space between the Hollywood sign and the Dior logo. The Hollywood sign being in such close proximity to the Dior logo is distracting. If there was more distance between the wordage I believe the advertisement would appear cleaner and more sophisticated.

I really love what they did with the gold foil. It works beautifully with the sheen of the dress the model is wearing. If the model was wearing her own hair, I think the shot would be totally different. The gold foil gives it a bit of edge, while still remaining soft.

I don't like this advertisement because of the lack of creativity and the angle the model is on. All I see is a model among tropical leaves on a funny angle. I don't look at this ad and get inspired.

I really love this shot. The overall fairytale/whimsical theme really works with this model. Her facial features are very unique and although she is a model, she somehow appears very small in the shotwhich works. The vibrant red hue of her hair and the blue background look beautiful next to each other.

I find this advertisement to look inexpensive and cheesy. I think they could have evoked a holiday theme without the predictable snow. I also find the backdrop to be too similar to the iconic Tiffany blue.

I love this advertisement because of the backdrop's vibrancy, the fashion styling, the hair and makeup styling and the logo placement. The amber color works great as a backdrop and creates beautiful contrast with the model's all black ensemble.

Nicole Kidman just looks old in this. The hairstyling really dates her and I believe the color palette washes out her skin tone.

I love this Gucci advertisement. The heavy shadows look beautiful against her pattern heavy ensemble. The deep pops of red/pink tones give the shot the extra oomph it needs. I also love the posing here and how she is looking off into the distance.

I didn't know how to feel about this editorial. Half of me liked it, but the other half of me was really bored by it. The colors are too drab in my opinion, but I guess that makes sense with the old-timey beach theme of the photos.

I absolutely loved this editorial. All of the images were very sharp. I think they might be heavily saturated. This shot alone is very strong. I love the cat around her neck and how their eyes were retouched to look of the same color.

This is probably one of the strangest advertisements I have seen in a while. The model is inside some beautiful mansion, but it's flooded with giant stepping stones scattered about? I just don't understand. It's very puzzling. They shouldn't try to make these boots look fashionable because it's not working.

I was instantly drawn to this photo due to the use of color blocking and its vintage inspired look. The stark white background works beautifully against the model's milky white skin and the vivid hued styles she's wearing.

I wish they styled this shoot true to the Calvin Klein look. I think it's way off and if it wasn't for it telling me this is Calvin Klein, I would have never known. This model looks like an everyday girl they pulled right off the street. When I think of Calvin Klein I think of modern, simple and very sharp. This is none of that. The weird brown curtains and backdrop just don't make sense with Calvin Klein.

I love the styling in this photo. Every piece the model is wearing is bold in its own way. The brim of the hat is extremely long, the structured jacket has lots of volume, the dress has volume and a loud graphic motif, and the heels are strange (half sandal, half bootie).

I don't like this advertisement because there is too much going on. The advertisement is very text heavy and the model's pose is strange to me.

I love the wardrobe styling, hair, makeup and the location in this photo. The clean lines of the Calvin Klein tie-front plunge-neck silk-crepe dress paired with her disheveled, somewhat dirty looking, hair and the desert location just makes sense.

There is too much going on here: the leopard print, lots of text, fringe everywhere and the model's hair blowing in the wind. Her facial expression is a bit odd as well. Taking the majority of the text away or making it a smaller less showy font style would make this advertisement a little bit better.

I really enjoy this Chanel ad. I like that the wardrobe styling is a bit funky as well as the model, with her messy pixie cut. I think the pose is interesting and I like that her feet are pointed. I like the logo placement as well.

This is a very strange perfume advertisement. The model truly does look like an alien. I know that might have been what they were going for, but I think they should have taken a less literal approach to that idea maybe by incorporating other-worldly styling elements and makeup that had a hint of alien inspiration.

I love these Fendi advertisements. I love the model's skin tone, styling and hair. It's funky yet regal with the statue and her pose. I also like the lighting they used that resulted in that blob of a shadow.

I think the styling of this makes the model look a little big. The dress has a high waistline, but appears to give her a bit of a stomach. I also dislike the hair in her face.

I just absolutely adore this model. The styling is supposed to look nautical, which it does, but it's not what I typically think of when I imagine nautical styling. I really love the use of mixing patterns and I like the lighting as well because of the darkness it created in the hollows of her cheeks.

I think there is too much going on in this ad, like the comic book effect and all the pink and blue glares everywhere. I also hate the logo size and placement. I think they should have made “Alexander” just as wide as “McQueen.”

I find this shot strange, but fun. I like the awkwardness of this with one model smiling and the other not. I also like how they are standing next to each other. The whole thing is strange, but works. I also love how bright the flowers look behind them.

I really dislike this cover of Vogue featuring Meryl Streep. The wardrobe styling makes her look older than she really is and I don't like that they got her dress wet. I think it makes it look sloppy.

I love the styling of this, with the shoes and dress matching exactly. Most of all, I love her pose. I like how her arms are crossing at her purse and the positioning of her legs and feet.

I hate the positioning of the logo and the two angels here. I think they should have been placed in the empty space in the right corner. I also dislike the styling with the fur hood. “Magic Circus� kind of gets lost because the text is so small.

I love this perfume advertisement because of the similarity between the perfume bottle's top and the wardrobe styling. The chiffon flowing in the wind is beautiful and works well with the bottle.

I don't like this photo simply because it just isn't my style. There is far too much white and the use of flowers reminds me of a grandmother's cross stitched pillow. I find it kind of boring, probably due to all the white used in the photo.

I like the way they are advertising the bag in this Valentino ad. I like that it's subtle and not in your face. I also enjoy the lighting they used.

Another Sorel advertisement trying to look fashionable. The indoor/outdoor theme they are going for in these advertisements doesn't work for me. I think everything just looks dirty and dark.

The contrast between this elegant dress and raw nature works beautifully here. I love how dreary the photo looks and the coloration of it. I also enjoy the lighting because of how dark the models skin tone looks.

I don't think this ad would be so bad if it wasn't for how strange her body is positioned. Her body looks very contorted. It almost looks like they took her lower body from one shot and her upper body from another and put them together.

This Calvin Klein ad is one of my favorites because of the wardrobe styling, hair, makeup and lighting. It's very minimal, but the lighting gives the ad some drama. I love how deep the blacks are on the hollows of her face. I also love how crisp the whites are in this.

I think the model's pose is really weird. Her facial expression looks dead and the way her head is turned makes it look kind of detached from her body. I also don't like the styling here. The suit with the sporty looking ankle boots seems a bit strange to me. I do enjoy the lighting though.

I love this shot! I really enjoy the styling here. It's very clean and simple. The lines are beautiful and I adore the shoes. The hair is magnificent. What I love most though is the fact that the styling is very clean, but the model's surrounding are a bit messy, dirty and in disarray. It works.

I think this advertisement is a bit drab. I don't think the ombre hair works well with the styling. I would have liked to see them retouch her hair all to one color and incorporate at least one color.

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