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Meldrum the Mover Released Their Latest Moving Tips for All

Meldrum the Mover is a family owned Canadian moving company, based in Montreal, and managed by the same family for over 75 years has released their latest "Tips for Moving", which is available on their official website for everyone.

Meldrum the Mover, one of the largest moving companies in Canada, having the resources, staff and experience to handle your most valued possessions has released their latest "Moving Tips", on their official website accessible for everyone.

Meldrum the mover USA has the experience, resources and knowledge for any storage or moving need whether you move around the corner, to the U.S or anywhere in the world.

Company's marketing head said, "At Meldrum the Mover, we are always available to answer any questions or concerns you may have prior, during and after your move and this time we have come up with the complete "Moving Tips" for everyone. People can visit our website to check out the latest "moving tips".

At the launch of these moving tips, company's marketing executive said, "An initial consultation with a Meldrum the Mover Consultant will provide their clients with a professional estimate and answers to any questions they may have regarding their move. However, these moving tips are for everyone; those who are our existing clients and also for those seeking great tips for moving."

Some brief points of "Moving tips" released by Meldrum the mover are as follows:

Any time you visit your new residence take something with you. Any items we do not move or pack decreases your cost of the move.

Pack your cartons with the top upright.

Make sure that you are able to accept your goods when our movers arrive at the destination by ensuring that your new residence will be ready.

Do not mark every carton as fragile (something must be on the bottom).

Visit your mover's office and warehouse.

Do not use newspaper to package items that cannot be easily cleaned. The ink can transfer from the paper to the item.

On overseas moves, your car must be run dry before the container is closed. Do not gas up before turning over your car to us.

Keys and prescription drugs are items that you should store in a safe place where they cannot be packed or moved.

Cartons, when filled, should not weight more than 23 kgs or 50 lbs. Cartons should not be overfilled. The tops should close flat and nothing should stick out of them.

Keep a list of the contents of each carton through a numbering system and a notebook. It will make finding individual items easier.

Place "Not to be Moved" tags on any items that are not to be moved. Show these to the movers.

Plan the placement of your furniture in your new home. Make a floor plan, tape signs on rooms doors (e.g., Bedroom No. 2) so that the movers can place the furniture and cartons in the designated areas.

Leave all furniture in place, rugs on the floors, cartons and bundles in the rooms in which they were packed or stored. Do not dismantle furniture, even beds. Bedding can be put in cartons and replaced on the beds in your new home.

Put hardware from beds etc. in a "SET-UP" carton.

Do a final tour with the driver to ensure everything is loaded.

About Meldrum the Mover:

Meldrum the Mover is one of the oldest moving companies in Canada. Meldrum's has the experience, resources and knowledge for any storage or moving need whether you move around the corner, to the U.S or anywhere in the world. At Meldrum the Mover, they attempt to fulfil all your moving and storage requirements with the highest standards and professionalism to make sure your move goes as smoothly as possible.

For over three quarters of a century, Meldrum the Mover has always been able to meet any and all business relocation needs, as well as offering you peace of mind when moving your family cross border, they always try to give you the Perfect Move every time.

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Moving Tips for Everyone Released By Meldrum the Mover