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BOOK LAUNCHES Be the first to know about freshly published works by attending our free book launch program. Whether poetry or fiction, magazine or memoir, you’ll share the excitement of releasing these future best-sellers into the world. Olivera Simic’ Surviving Peace: A Political Memoir

Fri 22 Aug, 5.30pm

Verge 2014: Everything and Nothing

Sat 30 Aug, 11.30am

Small Press Network Publishing Now

Sat 23 Aug, 5.30pm

Catherine Harris The Family Men

Sat 30 Aug, 1pm

Verandah Journal: Edition 29

Sat 23 Aug, 5.30pm

Australian Book Review Fiction Edition & Elizabeth Jolley Prize

Sat 30 Aug, 5.30pm

Howard Goldenberg Carrots and Jaffas

Sun 24 Aug, 11.30am

Linda Godfrey and Bronwyn Mehan Flashing the Square

Sat 30 Aug, 7pm

Susan Hawthorne Lupa and Lambda

Sun 24 Aug, 2.30pm

Pablo Brown and Jennifer Dawson The Empty Jar

Sun 31 Aug, 11.30am

The Big Issue Fiction Edition: Take Me Away

Fri 29 Aug, 4pm

Dr Martin Cole The Code of the Apocalypse

Sun 31 Aug, 1pm

Favel Parrett When the Night Comes

Fri 29 Aug, 5.30pm

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THE AGENDA The Festival sets the agenda for discussion in this series of potentially confronting, controversial and certainly thoughtprovoking events. Great minds will explore topical issues in society, history and politics through the prism of one of the central tenets of modern civilisation, freedom. Leading international thinkers will challenge our perceptions of personal freedom, freedom of expression and freedom of information while exploring the global realities of Russian politics, the Asian century, the history and legacy of World War One, the diminished power of the fourth estate, and the growing influence of the rebellious fifth. AIDS IS DEAD! LONG LIVE HIV!


Epidemiologist Elizabeth Pisani and VICAIDS’ Colin Batrouney analyse the current state of HIV/AIDS. Who is contracting HIV and how; and what is the role of support agencies and activists in fighting the defining epidemic of our age?

In light of the current obsession with selfies, it’s timely to ask if ego really is a dirty word. Ronnie Scott, a writer with an interest in the selfie talks with Anne Manne, whose new book The Life of I: the new culture of narcissism explores narcissism in contemporary society.

Fri 22 Aug, 11.30am. ACMI Studio 1 Price: $22/$19 Code: 4202

IN CONVERSATION MALCOLM FRASER & BOB CARR Former Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser (Dangerous Allies) and former Foreign Minister Bob Carr (Diary of a Foreign Minister) look beyond Australia’s borders to explore the risks, opportunities and dynamics of our relationships with China and the United States. Is Australia ever to waver between two superpowers, or can we truly find our voice in the region? Supported by MUP’s Sessions with Spine Fri 22 Aug, 1pm. Deakin Edge, Fed Square. Price: $22/$19 Code: 1203

Fri 22 Aug, 1pm. ACMI Studio 1. Price: $22/$19 Code: 4203

FAMELAB REMIXED FameLab Remixed brings into the

spotlight six of Victoria’s brightest young researchers, who will showcase their real world research in a series of short, sharp and accessible talks. Supported by the British Council, The Times Cheltenham Science Festival and Fresh Science

eyewitness account from the Nauru Regional Processing Centre, alongside asylum seeker Baqir Khan and Kon Karapanagiotidis of Asylum Seeker Resource Centre. Fri 22 Aug, 4pm. Deakin Edge, Fed Square. Price: $22/$19 Code: 1205

THE ALAN MISSEN ORATION MICHAEL KIRBY As Chair of the UN Commission of Inquiry into human rights abuses in North Korea, eminent Australian Michael Kirby was determined to present a readable and effective report. Delivering the 2014 Alan Missen Oration, Kirby outlines the challenges, shares some techniques and assesses the success of the Commission’s novel approach. Presented in partnership with Liberty Victoria and supported by the Alan Missen Foundation Fri 22 Aug, 5.30pm. Deakin Edge, Fed Square. Price: $22/$19 Code: 1206

FIGHTING FOR THE FUTURE BOB BROWN To mark the 60th anniversary of Overland magazine, former Greens leader Bob Brown speaks with Overland editor Jeff Sparrow about the future of the green movement, the role of protest and demonstration and how Brown maintains faith in the future. Supported by Overland

Fri 22 Aug, 4pm. ACMI The Cube. FREE

Fri 22 Aug, 7pm. Deakin Edge, Fed Square. Price: $22/$19 Code: 1207



Uncover the questionable priorities and human consequences of Australia’s refugee policies with Salvation Army worker Mark Isaacs’

Tasmania’s little known Black War was our nation’s most intense frontier conflict, resulting in the death of close to 200 Britons and

1,000 Aboriginals. Nicholas Clements offers contrasting perspectives from both sides of this dark chapter in Australia’s history. Sat 23 Aug, 2.30pm. ACMI Cinema 1. Price: $22/$19 Code: 3304

THE JOHN BUTTON ORATION FRED CHANEY A former federal politician who sits on the board of Reconciliation Australia and is the 2014 Senior Australian of the Year, Fred Chaney will explore the future for Indigenous reconciliation and the need for translating ideas into effective action. Supported by The Monthly and The John Button Foundation Sat 23 Aug, 4pm. ACMI Cinema 1. Price: $22/$19 Code: 3305

WA EXCEPTIONALISM Despite its reliance on the mining boom Perth still produces brilliant artists and writers. David WhishWilson, Geraldine Doogue and Shaun Tan discuss how WA’s combination of wealth and isolation influences arts and society. Sun 24 Aug, 10am. Deakin Edge, Fed Square. Price: $22/$19 Code: 1401

PACIFIC HIGHWAYS Griffith Review’s Pacific Highways

edition showcases all things New Zealand, with poet and social commentator Leilani Tamu, and author and satirist Steve Braunias, looking beyond the myths. Plus thrilling performances by soprano Joanna Heslop and New Zealand’s finest classical guitarist Matthew Marshall. Supported by the New Zealand High Commission

Sun 24 Aug, 1pm. Deakin Edge, Fed Square. Price: $22/$19 Code: 1403

COLLECTED WORKS: INSIDE MUSEUMS & LIBRARIES Tim Fisher (State Library of Victoria), Molly Oldfield (The Secret Museum) and Michael Shirrefs (Radio National)

reveal what they have found in public and private collections. Presented as part of the world-first exhibition Victor Hugo: Les Misérables – From Page to Stage at the State Library. Chaired by Jo Ritale.

THE RISE AND FALL OF LABOR Greg Combet, former ACTU leader and Julia Gillard’s Minister for Climate Change and Energy Efficiency and Paul Kelly, a pillar of the Canberra Press gallery take us inside Labor governments between 2007 and 2013. Can Labor find a way back after these turbulent years? Supported by MUP’s Sessions with Spine Wed 27 Aug, 7.30pm. Deakin Edge, Fed Square. Price: $22/$19 Code: 1706

Supported by the State Library of Victoria and Deakin University


Sun 24 Aug, 2.30pm. State Library of Victoria. Price: $22/$19 Code: 5405

Founder of 826 Valencia, Dave Eggers and the man behind Footscray’s 100 Story Building, Lachlann Carter discuss the power of literacy to change young people’s lives and how their organisations are inspiring a generation of young people to develop a love of reading and writing.

WOMEN OF INFLUENCE GERALDINE DOOGUE Geraldine Doogue and Louise Adler discuss Women of Influence, Doogue’s

inquiry into how the beliefs and values of Australian women are changing, informed by candid and personal conversations with 14 of Australia’s most powerful women.

Supported by the Hart Line Fund and the U.S. Consulate General

Sun 24 Aug, 2.30pm. Deakin Edge, Fed Square. Price: $22/$19 Code: 1404


CROSSING CULTURES Cross-cultural communication is becoming increasingly important in today’s globalised world. Translator, writer and social commentator Linda Jaivin joins leading Chinese culture journalist Zhang Tian Pan and Doug Henrie (Amalgmations) to discuss culture in the context of Asia and the West.

Fri 29 Aug, 10am. Deakin Edge, Fed Square. Price: $22/$19 Code: 1901

Matthew Ricketson, author of Telling Trues Stories, a guide to writing

narrative non-fiction joins true-crime writer Michaela McGuire (Last Bets) to unpack a form that represents either an evolution in feature writing or a new mode of storytelling within an ever-changing landscape. Fri 29 Aug, 10am. ACMI Studio 1. Price: $22/$19 Code: 4901

Sun 24 Aug, 4pm. ACMI The Cube. FREE


2014 MWF Festival Guide  
2014 MWF Festival Guide