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SID HARTA PUBLISHERS proudly announces the release of the following titles:

21st December 2012 came and went. Apparently, the world had survived the foretold Apocalypse. But what really happened on that fateful day? Join an epic adventure to exotic places to learn the secret of the ancient prophecy hidden within Mayan hieroglyphic inscriptions, that powerful forces with alien technology planned to exploit during the foretold worldwide catastrophe. Then discover the ongoing repercussions that will introduce the next book in this epic trilogy. Well known to readers of The CODE of the PHARAOH, Joanne, Sofia, Alan and Charles bring their wide range of skills and strengths to bear in solving ancient riddles, secretly encoded within obscure texts and carvings. The CODE of the APOCALYPSE is an illustrated mystery adventure thriller inspired by scientific and historical facts.

An inventive and exciting storyline keeps you on your toes — John Morrow A rattling good and highly entertaining yarn — Dr Chris McLeod Exciting story with mysterious overtones — Doug Jones Loved the book, couldn’t put in down — Robert Osborne

Dual CarriagewayJohn Considine

The Code of the PharaohDr Martin Cole

Shane Willing has an identical twin brother, Barry. Why is it that Barry’s life is not dogged by the same crippling misfortune as his twin’s? But then, perhaps it is… Dual Carriageway is a study of the unique relationships between twins – the implicit awareness, the shared chemistry and… the peculiar differences. But it is also a story of self-discovery; a tale of struggle against the mystical forces which would, seemingly, intervene to promote chaos and hazard. Poor Shane. Is his future to be determined by the Agents of Fortune? Or by his duplicate DNA? Is the life of one clone mirrored by its effigy? Or can a pathway of self-determination be found – even for the hapless and the hopeless?

Archaeologists stumble upon an Egyptian hieroglyphic code that leads them around the world in a race to decipher many obscure clues, on their quest to find the lost secret of an ancient machine that could grant immortality. A wealthy inventor is determined to keep the secret for himself and will stop at nothing to force their cooperation, to help re-create a fully working machine. Find out what happens when this ancient design is finally re-energised! The CODE of the PHARAOH is a mystery adventure inspired by scientific and historical facts, set in present day with flashbacks to ancient times. ‘A very exciting read.’ — EmProf Murray Gillin ‘Captivating – a fine piece of literature.’ — Dr Brian Lloyd

When Tears Ran DryVivian Waring

My Innermost ThoughtsLorna Ramirez

In the mid-sixties Therrie receives a letter from an unknown soldier serving overseas. Falling hopelessly in love, she is catapulted on a course of love and adventure, unprepared for heartache and pain long after the Vietnam War is over. Plagued by heartbreaking memories, Therrie travels to South-East Asia where she is confronted with the past she is trying to flee. Accompanied by Veterans who are battling their own demons, Therrie ventures into the steamy jungles of Vietnam that hold dark secrets of battle in the aftermath of war. When Therrie learns of the heartbreaking betrayal that altered her life, she flees into war-torn Cambodia where she finds peace amongst the young survivors and learns to love again.

Lorna Ramirez wrote this book so she could share her wisdoms with others. She has been an observer of human behaviour and emotions and has built up her own personal philosophies throughout her life. This book is a collection of her strong beliefs and convictions and offers encouragement and enlightenment to others who may be lost and confused or be looking for some positive advice and assistance. Lorna Ramirez is a woman of strong beliefs in her faith and advocates believing in oneself, perseverance when times are difficult and living in the present. These original poems and wise sayings will be enjoyed by readers young and old, from any walks of life, for their simplicity and beauty.

Golden Raub: William’s StoryVictor Bibby

A Commissioning in AmmoniaR.B. Ward

Unmarked and forgotten graves, an old pickle jar, a stamp shoe worn to a slipper, abandoned mines in Victoria and remotest Queensland, floods and rebellion. All are stops and clues along the way as Victor Bibby treads in the footsteps of a gold mining pioneer to discover long-lost relatives and the truths about his own family. Bringing alive an historical account of life on the goldfields and events that made colonial history. A fascinating tale of a toolmaker from industrial England who created a new life in Australia as an engineer, innovator and gold miner before struggling against the odds to find fame and fortune as a mining pioneer in the Malayan jungle.

Continues the adventure… Which began as getting a project approved. And then building an ammonia-based fertilizer factory. There’s keeping the Head Office satisfied. And controlling a group of smart people at several levels. Plus covering what government regulations require. Then getting the factory built is not the end of the job. After that there’s commissioning, making it work. And all the odds and ends of left-over details to be completed, including making the contractor finishes what he’s paid to do. And then there’s company accounts to be signed off. After all that we hope we have a reasonably happy “working family”. Because people are an essential part of running a business. So although this is about engineering and management, it’s a story about people.

The Black SheepRay Burt

The Great TrialEstelle Harris

From childhood to the present, the author of The Black Sheep — the autobiography of a paraplegic details the events leading towards his motorbike accident that resulted in his becoming a paraplegic, how his life dramatically changed and how he has dealt with it ever since. Being the Black Sheep in his family the author is always fighting his father for the right to live his life his own way. He also encounters the same battle when admitted to various hospitals to help him recover from his accident and deal with the new situation he finds himself in.

Life-changing experiences are not new to Estelle Harris. Born in England, she would come to Australia out of obligation to her family, and spend years struggling to carve out a life of her own. All the while her parents would discredit her very existence – referring to her as nothing more than a ‘Great Trial’. Told in raw and honest language, The Great Trial is Estelle’s story, and her attempt to come to terms with the great trials of her own life. But most importantly it’s a story about the realisation of hope, after a lifetime of pursuit. This memoir reflects the sins of the parents which are unfortunately passed on to their luckless children. However, Estelle’s life reflects her bravery, determination and hopefulness to encourage all of us to strive to enjoy the positive things in life. — Chris McGuigan, Kensington Review

Andromeda CallingRaymond J. Burt An in-depth study into the mind of an alien crewmember. A look at time and space of several aliens and how they react to human beings; their idea or hypothesis about our lives, our everyday thoughts and modern society. An expose into the life of these beings, tragically cut short and misrepresented by their fears of us doing away with ourselves. We have a choice to make!



Riveting stuff from a gifted writer – Wendy O’Hanlon

he Melbourne-based Sid Harta Team appreciates that it is a brave step to hand over one’s precious work to a stranger. Our editors bear this in mind with an assessment that is sensitive while critical, encouraging, and realistic.

Looking for a publisher?

Call for Manuscripts Sid Harta Publishers is offering writers the opportunity to receive specialised editorial advice on their manuscripts with a view to having their stories published.

The Rainbow Snail Robyn Neil The story of an ordinary snail who finds out he’s not so ordinary after all. This sparkling story will give all young children the confidence to believe that they can be clever and special in their own unique way. A perfect first book and a delightful gift from grandparents to grandchildren.

Have you written a novel, a biography, a family history, poetry, an instruction manual or a selection of short stories? The first step towards achieving your dream is to obtain an objective opinion of your work.

What are our submission requirements? • The manuscript must be your own personal and original work.

• We would need to know the word length.

• Submission of your manuscript preferably by email, or printed on one side in hard copy, with a 12-point font and double-line spacing, with a brief synopsis.

• Enclosure of an SSAE (Stamped Self Addressed Envelope) for us to return your manuscript and assessment.

• A brief covering letter with details about yourself relevant to your work.

Contact SHP at: Phone: (03) 9560 9920 Fax: (03) 9545 1742 Web: SID HARTA PUBLISHERS Pty Ltd: Suite 99, No 66 Kingsway, Glen Waverley, Victoria 3150.

• Enclosure of payment for the editor’s report. Assessment fees may be viewed at

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