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With the publication of his diaries from 1984-1986, former Foreign Minister and Attorney General Gareth Evans unveils the secrets of the highly successful Hawke-Keating government: the personalities, conflicts and crisis.

At age 30, Brooke Hemphill had sex with a woman for the first time, a one-night stand that sparked a year-long adventure of sexual selfdiscovery. Brooke shares her hilarious insights into the contemporary dating scene and the story behind her new book Lesbian for a Year.

Supported by MUP’s Sessions with Spine Sat 30 Aug, 1pm. ACMI Cinema 1. Price: $22/$19 Code: 3103

THE STELLA LECTURE CLARE WRIGHT This year’s Stella Prize winner Clare Wright (The Forgotten Rebels of Eureka)

reflects on the nature of historical memory: how we remember, what we choose to forget and who pays the civic and psychic costs of our national forgetfulness. Sat 30 Aug, 7.30pm. Deakin Edge, Fed Square. Price: $22/$19 Code: 1107

Sun 31 Aug, 10am. ACMI The Cube. FREE

UNDERSTANDING ADDICTION To mark International Overdose Awareness Day our distinguished panel will discuss the complex issue of drug and alcohol abuse and how we need to diminish the guilt and shame associated with these activities if we are to address the serious issues of health and prevention. With SJ Finn, Christine Nixon and Kate Holden.

THE FICTIONAL WOMAN TARA MOSS Tara Moss has worn numerous

labels including author, gold-digger, human rights activist, model, dumb blonde and feminist. In her new book The Fictional Woman, Tara reveals the facts behind her personal journey and challenges common fictions about contemporary women. Sun 31 Aug, 2.30pm. Deakin Edge, Fed Square. Price: $22/$19 Code: 1114


Supported by the Salvation Army Crisis Services

Edward Snowden blew the cover on America’s intelligence networks when he revealed the mass of personal data gathering by the National Security Agency. The Guardian correspondent Luke Harding shares the inside account of Snowden’s real-life spy thriller and what it means to the future of personal privacy.

Sun 31 Aug, 10am. Deakin Edge, Fed Square. Price: $22/$19 Code: 1111

Sun 31 Aug, 4pm. Deakin Edge, Fed Square. Price: $22/$19 Code: 1115

ART, DESIGN & INNOVATION Whether it’s fashion or furniture, a font or a frame, art and design are as ubiquitous as smart phones and headphones, bloggers and beards. MWF explores a new modality of stories from creation to sharing, and the gamut of visual expression from pop culture to fine art. Bleddyn Butcher unveils a stunning photographic history of Nick Cave; we investigate the true origins of early 20th century fashion; and Sasha Grishin takes us inside his monumental Australian Art: A History. Illustrator and writer Leigh Hobbs, design maven Debbie Millman and Melbourne’s own Oslo Davis host Illustrated Talks, The New Yorker’s television critic Emily Nussbaum wonders if TV is the new novel, while radio host and podcaster Benjamen Walker examines the power of aural storytelling in a digital age.

ILLUSTRATOR IN RESIDENCE Daily three-hour sessions where some of the world’s leading illustrators work live from 12pm in the Fed Square Atrium. Elise Hurst, Fri 22 Aug

Mirranda Burton, Fri 29 Aug

Mandy Ord, Sat 23 Aug

Squishface Studios, Sat 30 Aug

Anna Walker, Sun 24 Aug

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Writer and researcher for Stephen Fry’s QI, Molly Oldfield reveals the hidden secrets of the museums and galleries, archives and private collections that hold the answers to the obscure, the intriguing and the quite interesting questions asked on the show.

Iconic cartoonist for The Age, Oslo Davis invites you to share in the joke – drawn live in front of the audience and inspired by your input. Gain an insight into the man behind Melbhattan, Libraryland and your favourite newspaper cartoons and illustrations.

Supported by Deakin University

Sat 23 Aug, 11.30am. NGV Australia. Price: $22/$19 Code: 9304

Fri 22 Aug, 11.30am. Deakin Edge, Fed Square. Price: $22/$19 Code: 1202

CASTAWAY WITH EMILY NUSSBAUM Emily Nussbaum is the television critic for The New Yorker and is known

globally as one of the preeminent pop culture observers writing today. Join her as she reveals the personal stories behind her five all time favourite episodes of television. Presented by ACMI and Melbourne Writers Festival Fri 22 Aug, 7pm. ACMI Studio 1. Price: $15/$12 Code: 2401

AUSTRALIAN ART: A HISTORY Based on a passionate lifetime commitment, art historian, critic and curator Sasha Grishin’s new book Australian Art: A History chronicles the journey from ancient Aboriginal rock art and early colonial landscapes, through to modernism, the notorious Heide circle, modern Indigenous art and contemporary visual expression. Sat 23 Aug, 2.30pm. NGV Australia. Price: $22/$19 Code: 9306

SOUND IS THE NEW STORY Aural storytelling via blogs and podcasts has become one of the dominant forms of reportage and storytelling in the digital age. Broadcasters and podcasters Benjamen Walker (USA), Jessica Borrelle and Miyuki Jokiranta discuss the growing reach and powerful impact of ‘sound stories’.

READING FASHION Fakes and forgeries, poisonous dyes, concealed clues, mysterious marks and missing persons, NGV exhibition Fashion Detective looks to the collection as a body of ‘material’ evidence and examines how forensics and fictions can tell us something about the object and what might have been. Sat 23 Aug, 4pm. NGV Australia. Price: $22/$19 Code: 9307

A LITTLE HISTORY PHOTOGRAPHING NICK CAVE Photographer Bleddyn Butcher has documented the career of legendary musician Nick Cave for more than 35 years. In a Festival exclusive, Butcher will unveil his book of photographs of Cave and offer an intimate insight into the creative world of an incomparable Australian icon.




American brand strategist and leading podcaster Debbie Millman (Design Matters) and Stuart Harrison (3RRR’s The Architects) discuss the prevalence of design in our daily lives, and how and why we share our experiences of design with each other.

The names and addresses of all Melbourne’s residents in one fat book, published annually. Sands & McDougall’s famous Melbourne Directory (1857-1974) is explored by writer Andrew Stephens and illustrator Oslo Davis in Page Not Found, an exhibition revealing how these volumes record Melbourne’s lost past, people and social geography.

What happens when the first and last sentences of favourite books are explored through an installation of text, drawing, printmaking and animation?

Sat 30 Aug, 2.30pm. Deakin Edge, Fed Square. Price: $22/$19 Code: 1104

Daily. City Gallery. FREE

Supported by 3RRR 102.7FM Sat 23 Aug, 7.30pm. Deakin Edge, Fed Square. Price: $22/$19 Code: 1307

BENJAMEN WALKER'S THEORY OF EVERYTHING Part of PRX’s Radiotopia, Benjamen Walker’s Theory of Everything

combines drama, essay and interview to create a new kind of audio experience. Meet the man behind the podcast that has covered everything from meditation to Guantanamo Bay. Sun 24 Aug, 1pm. ACMI Cinema 1. Price: $22/$19 Code: 3403


Debbie Millman

Helen Kocis Edwards, Andrej Kocis and Rebecca Young invite you to the

No Vacancy Gallery during to create another chapter in the journey of your much-loved books. Thu 21 - Sun 31 Aug. No Vacancy Gallery. FREE




Writer and illustrator Leigh Hobbs is best known as the creator of memorable characters Old Tom, Fiona the Pig and Mr Chicken. He traces his journey from Old Tom’s debut in 1994 to his latest book, Mr Chicken Lands

A craftsman with an artist’s eye, Paul Bangay does his writing in the earth

A cinephile, pulp scholar and lover of all things noir, Andrew Nette will take audiences on a tour of Australia’s lost world of pulp paperback publishing and reveal the highlights from his extensive collection from the 50s, 60s and 70s.

on London. Sat 30 Aug, 10am. NGV Australia. Price: $22/$19 Code: 9103


Sat 23 Aug, 2.30pm. Deakin Edge, Fed Square. Price: $22/$19 Code: 1304

Emily Nussbaum


and in the air, using water and soil for his ink and paper. He discusses Stonefield – the extraordinary home and gardens he created near Daylesford – with ABC breakfast announcer Hilary Harper. Sat 30 Aug, 1pm. NGV Australia. Price: $22/$19 Code: 9105

Artist Debbie Millman (USA) shares her magnificent new collection of handlettered poems and illustrated essays captured in Self-Portrait as your Traitor. The multi-talented writer and host of radio show Design Matters, Debbie’s beautiful works are part philosophy, part art, part deeply personal memoir.


Sat 30 Aug, 11.30am. NGV Australia. Price: $22/$19 Code: 9104

Sat 30 Aug, 2.30pm. NGV Australia. Price: $22/$19 Code: 9106

Inspired by her charming coming of age memoir Dress, Memory, Lorelei Vashti takes us on an illustrated walk down memory lane, through a decade of growing up, collecting dresses, and trying things on until you find the perfect fit.

Sat 30 Aug, 4pm. NGV Australia. Price: $22/$19 Code: 9107

2014 MWF Festival Guide  
2014 MWF Festival Guide