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Programmes in Dec 2011

Sunday Service Mar Thoma Church, Melbourne

(149,Royal Parade, Parkville, Mel.Ref.2BB3)

Sunday 4th Dec 2011 at 9:00 am Holy Communion Service in Malayalam: Rev. V. Thomas

Sunday 11th Dec 2011 at 9:00 am Holy Communion Service in English: Rev. V. Thomas

Sunday 18th Dec 2011 at 9:00 am Holy Communion Service in Malayalam: Rev. Mothy Varkey

Sunday 25th Dec 2011 at 7:00 am Holy Communion Service in English: Bishop Philip Huggins

Sunday Service South Frankston Congregation (Holy Trinity Anglican Church Cnr of Fair way & Somerville , Hampton Park Mel.ref. 96 D 7)

No Sunday Services this month

Special Thanks Special thanks to the officiating Vicar Rev. Blysu Varghese, Rev. V. Thomas, Rev. Mothy Varkey and Bishop Philip Huggins of the Anglican Church for their unconditional support, guidance and leadership to the Melbourne Parish in the time of our need.

For the Attention of all Parishioners As Chrisans it is our spiritual responsibility and duty to aend Sunday services regularly. Following are certain guidelines to remember while we are aending our Church Service. • • • •

• •

• •

Try to join the service from the beginning with reverence (9:00 am) Take and use a copy of the Order of Service and Bible during the service. Try to occupy front seats. Switch off Mobile Phones. Don’t use mobile for sending any kind of messages while you are aending the service Don’t distract your fellow worshippers by talking, murmuring, gossiping, chewing etc. While coming for thanksgiving prayer or for receiving Holy Communion leave your shoes/sandals under your seats. Don’t enter inside the railings with shoes/sandals. The service will end only by singing the Doxology. So don’t rush out of the church immediately a2er receiving the communion. Leave the Cry area for children below three years of age. Keep our church neat and dy. (Don’t give food to children inside the church)

“My house will be called a house of prayer” (Mahew: 12:13a) “God’s temple is sacred” (1Cori:3:17)

Youth Camp Date:

Fri 9th Dec to Mon 12th Dec

Venue: Alexandra Park Conference Centre, 13 Mari Street, Alexandra Headland, Queensland.

Carol Service Choir Practice 3/12/2011 Sat: 12:30pm -3:30pm 4/12/2011 Sun: 11:45 am - 4 pm 10/12/2011 Sat: 10:00 am - 1pm 16/12/2011 Fri: 6:30pm-8:30pm 17/12/2011 Sat: 2:00pm onwards

Sunday School Every Sunday after service Special Malayalam classes will be conducted during Sunday school me

Sevika Sangam Meeng Choir Pracce

First Sunday after service

Every Sunday a3er service

Sevika Sangam Fasng Prayer Friday 9th Dec 2011

Karunya Programme Ashburton Nursing Home Visit Venue:

Samarinda Lodge, 286 High Street Rd, Ashburton


Sat 3rd Dec 2011


11: 00 am

For further details, please contact Mrs. Bindhu George.

Prayer Meeng No prayer meengs for the month of Dec 2011

Carol Service South Frankston Congregation

Sunday 11th Dec 5:00 pm

Carol Service Melbourne Mar Thoma Church

Saturday 17th Dec 5:00 pm Chief Guest: Rev. Mothy Varkey

Caroling Rounds 1. North Zone B: 2nd Dec 2011 2. North Zone A: 3rd Dec & 9th Dec 2011 3. Central Zone A & B : 10th Dec 2011 For details, please contact Mr. Renjith Mathews

Christmas Day Sunday 25th Dec 7:00 am Holy Communion Service in English Bishop Philip Huggins

Watch Night Service Saturday 31st Dec 10:30 pm Holy Communion in Malayalam Rev. V. Thomas

Lectionary– Dec 2011 SUNDAY- THEME 04/12/2011 (Malayalam





2 Cor. 1:3-11

Visitation of Mary to Elizabeth ‘Bearers of Good News’ Bible Sunday T S Abraham (Shaji)

Ciny Mathew


Acts. 11:19-26

(2nd Sunday before Christmas)

Thomas K Verghese (Reni)

Annie Cheriyan (Anju)

18/12/2011 (Malayalam



Abraham C Abrham(Rajan)

Julie John

Isa. 9:1-8

Gal. 4:1-7

11/12/2011 (English Service) Birth of John the Baptist


Annunciation to Joseph (Sunday before Christmas) 25/12/2011 (English Service)

Yaldo - Birth of Our Saviour (Feast of Nativity) (End of 25 Days Fast) Winson George

Dr Mary Alex

31/12/2011 (Malayalam Service)


Heb. 13:7-21

Year Ending - (Watch Night Ser vice) “God who is always with us”

Tom George

Leela Thomas

Birthday December Week I Lilly Mammen (Biby & Lilly) Athul Eapen Mammen (Saji&Reenu Alisha Anil Fred(Anil&Mili) Elizabeth Mathew (Shaji & Beena) Marrissa Rachel Varughese (Subash & Connie) Ajitha Roy (Roy & Ajitha) Mathew C. Mathew (Babu & Sumitha) David T. John (John & Reeba) Vijoy Mathew Varghese(Vijoy&Kiran) Alex Cherian (Shaji & Anju) Rhea Mary Kurian (Biji & Saju) Mariamma Chandy ( Sunny&Mariamma)

Week 3 Mary John (Mathew & Mary) Mathew Mammen (Kunjumon & Ciny) Jessy Jacob (Rajan & Jessy) Thaju Mathew (Thaju & Teena) Garry George (Babu & Kunjumol) Regi Eapen (Eapen & Lizy) Ninan Mathew (Ninan& Susan)

Week 2 Jacob Thomas (Vijayan & Josephine) Abin Varghese (Binu & Anni Tinu Thomas (Santhosh & Annie) Susan Philip (Anian & Sherly) Stani Tom Varghese Linda Thomas (Aji &Linda) Anita Rachel Mathew (Biju&Abeena) Anu Susan Thomas (Biji & Anita) Sharine Mathew (Shaji & Sharine) Liju Philip (Liju&Anu) Siji Abraham (Siji & Mini) Lejo Thomas (Lejo & Sneha) Thomas Verghese (Prem&Rena)

Week 4 Roy Mathew (Roy & Reena) Diya Elizabeth Surgie (Surgie & Geeta) Pameela Ittiyerah Varkey (Johny& Pamela) Deepa Mathews (Ranjith & Deepa) Christin Elsa Shibu ( Shibu & Sheena) Victor Mathews (Renjith & Deepa) Timothy Jacob (Ashok & Shyla) Daniel P. John (John & Reeba) Alexander Jacob Alex (Tony & Anushya) George Jacob Alex (Tony & Anushya) Jose Chacko (Jose & Priya) Serene George (Satish & Serene) Susan Alexander (Shibu & Susan) Binu Jacob (Binu & Niji)

Wedding Anniversary Ist Week Shiril Eapen Varughese & Remya Varughese Achankunju George & Aleyamma George( Kochumol)

IInd Week Siji Abraham & Vincey Jacob Cherian & Sarah Cherian Shaji Vilaparampil & Sharine Ninan Mathew &Susan Thomas Sunil Varghese & Shalini

IIIrd Week Abraham George (Gigi) & Mimy Ashok John Varkey& Rinju Mary Abraham Biju Philip & Jalaja Tony Varghese Kurian & Ashley Rajesh .C. John & Julie

IVth Week Jacob Alex (Tony) & Anushya Jitin Oommen John& Silvy John George Koshy & Lila Doney Chacko & Deepa Philip Mathew (Bonnie) & Meera Steve Mathew Varghese& Sindhu Varghese M.G.Mathew &Mariamma Justine&Graceline Abu Prasad &Priya Rajan Jiso Abraham Philipose &Ani Thomas (Jiso&Ani) Dr. Pratap & Dr.Leela John. Winson George & Betty Binu Varghese & Annie Abu Prasad & Priya Rajan (Abu & Priya) (If your name is not in the above lists, please inform the Vice president or Secretary your details to be included in the list)

The monthly Newsletter is usually published by the Vicar of our church. Due to the special circumstances at present, this edition of the newsletter is published merely to inform the congregation of the programmes planned for the month of December. Please bear with any omissions, errors, or oversights as the material is compiled from the available information at the time of publication. Also bear in mind that these programmes may be subject to change if the need arises, considering the arrangements being made in the absence of our Achen. We shall endeavour to keep you informed of any such changes. For the Executive Committee, Dr. V.K. Varughese, Vice President.

News Letter December 2011  

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