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Are you planning an outdoor project but don’t know where to start? As one of Australia’s largest suppliers of bricks, pavers, lawn turf, synthetic grass, retaining walls, stone and landscaping products, Melbourne Brick can help transform your outdoor dream into a dream outdoors. Melbourne Brick stocks a huge variety of major brands including Adbri Masonry, Austral, Boral, Selkirk and PGH, along with premium products from the likes of Daniel Robertson, Krause, Glen Thompson and Advance. Whether your next project requires pressed, wirecut, shaped, clay or concrete bricks, Melbourne Brick has it all. We also stock a range of synthetic and real grasses for your lawn or sports ground including Supernatural and Life Like synthetic grass. Our lawn turf range comprises Palmetto, Sapphire and Empire brands (amongst others). Now more than ever, Melbourne Brick is becoming the leading retailer of products for your outdoor room. Our expertise, range of products and dedicated specialists ensure your home extensions, paving and landscaping projects complete your outdoor dream. With comprehensive product displays, experienced staff and an ideas lounge in each superstore, it is simple to find the products and services needed to create the look you want.

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Brick Pavers and How to Properly Substitute Them Brick pavers are an eco-friendly alternative when compared to other pavers due to the fact that these are made from bricks. The fact that bricks are made from clay discovered in soil makes it easy to make because soil can be easily gathered. In addition to that, these are utilized in various commercial and private properties that have landscapes. Since these do not need to have any added color to it, it retains its strength therefore making them a wise choice due to the fact that these are sturdy, and can last for a very long time. You will also be able to get some benefits when you opt for this simply because these can be easily replaced in case your current one gets damaged or chipped. Although you have the assurance that these can last for a lifetime, you can never tell if an outside variable might cause some damages to it. In the event that you need to have the damages fixed or have the entire thing replaced, you

need to keep in mind of a few things first. First of all, you should mark the damaged brick if you want to have it replaced. Having a mark on it will ensure you that you replace the correct one and have the appropriate replacement in hand. This will come in very useful especially if you have an intricate and confusing pattern. It is important that you replace the right bricks because making a mistake can ruin the entire look. Be sure that you get rid of any debris once you have removed it from its slot. Doing so will ensure that the slot is clean and it will be properly filled. Before you fill it in with the right replacement, make sure that it is even with the use of sand. Once you have accomplished this, you may now put in the new brick and pour sand on it again so that all gaps will be evenly filled. Furthermore, you can utilize lawn turf in order to add more dĂŠcor to it. This can help in the upkeep of your lawn due to the fact that these can absorb any excess water in case it rains. In addition to that, these are also an environmentally friendly

Visit our stunning display superstores, or call 1300 722 102 for on-the-spot assistance.

choice. This will also be one of the places where your friends and family will enjoy hanging out. In the event that you want to have something else done yet you do not know how or where to start, you should hire some professional help.

Construct Properly Designed Retaining Walls for Your Garden If you are someone who loves to plant and fetch various types of beautiful flowers every day, then most likely you own a garden. Developing and designing a garden is a great challenge for those who are fond of making beautifications in their backyard. It’s not enough to just cultivate the soil where plants and flowers are planted. You should also consider doing beautiful landscape so that it will look more attractive and adds more value to your residence. In landscaping, if there’s a portion of land that slopes that needs to set straight or needs to make a modification, then you probably need to build retaining walls on it.

Building formidable and welldesigned structure such as walls need to be managed by professional structural engineers or architect in order to make the project successful. Since there are numerous critical factors that must be considered, it is advisable to ask for help to someone who is knowledgeable and experienced. You will surely save time, money, and effort if you rely with someone who is very particular in this kind of project. You can hire an expert contractor to the job for you. Doing this will give you a peace of mind and knowing that there’s an expert builder working for you, you will be confident to see desirable result once the job is done. To avoid wasting your time doing unsuccessful construction of retaining walls, you should do a research first before you start taking actions. It’s important to have a good plan and you know how to carry it out throughout the development phase. If you don’t have enough knowledge about it, then don’t force yourself to do it alone because it will certainly pose a lot of problems later on.

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Building retaining barriers in your garden or in any area where you are planning to a landscape is necessary because they do not only serve as decorations but they also protect and restrain the soil to unnatural slopes. These walls are very useful in keeping the different elevations in place. You need to put retaining walls in the place that you want to modify its shape or to titivate the unwanted slopes. Overall, this is a great solution to use as a support of the soil which at a higher level to prevent from erosion due to heavy rains or blustery weather. In addition to this, these kinds of walls were built for the purpose of adding more attraction in one’s garden or any place where there are slopes. You can also install patio or brick pavers to make it look better than the usual.

Making Outdoor Spaces Special with Expert Brick Pavers A lot of people enjoy staying at their residences more than going out. In

order to make your home stays more memorable, the key is to make your indoor and outdoor areas appealing. This post talks about how choosing the right brick pavers can make your outdoors special. Why hire the pros? a. Hiring experts is a wiser choice since doing a project on your own without background on construction can make you end up with sloppy and unsecure finished products. b. The pros are equipped with the knowledge, training, and experience to get the tasks done properly. c. All you have to do is to find the right ones to cater to your personal needs and expectations. What are the things to assess in making a choice? a. For experience, following:



1. the number of years that they have been in business 2. the number of paver installations and exterior projects that they have completed

Visit our stunning display superstores, or call 1300 722 102 for on-the-spot assistance.

3. how long have they been installing projects that are similar to what you want

5. the credibility of the subcontractors they usually work with

b. For credibility, variables:


d. For professionalism, take note of the following:

1. a list of customer references

1. the way they listen to your concerns and answer your inquiries


2. client testimonials and reviews from external sources like web forums and blog posts

2. their willingness to get you involved in the planning phase

3. options for warranty and money-back guarantees

3. the manner in which they openly present you with all options

4. provision of workers’ compensation and liability insurance

4. the provision of a legal contract that specifies all agreed details regarding the construction

5. presence of a reputable office and website c. For expertise, ask about: 1. how they handle base preparations for projects 2. how they plan to handle the drainage in the landscaping task 3. how they incorporate the design and aesthetic aspects to the technical plan 4. what kind of training did their staff members undergo before the actual hiring

5. their proposed timeline for the project completion What are other tips to keep in mind? a. Take time to do a background check on the company that you are planning to hire. Call their references and check whether their business is recognized by your state’s business bureau. b. When asking for an estimate, see to it that you get all things in writing to avoid extra charges in the end.

Visit our stunning display superstores, or call 1300 722 102 for on-the-spot assistance.

c. Always review cost breakdowns carefully, especially when it comes to the materials used. d. Do not be afraid to ask questions. Pavers are your partners in making your exterior area a more promising space. Look for the ones that put your needs above everything else. Use this post to serve as your guide in making the right choices.

Visit our stunning display superstores, or call 1300 722 102 for on-the-spot assistance.

Brick Pavers Are you planning an outdoor project but don’t know where to start? As one of Australia’s largest supplier...

Brick Pavers Are you planning an outdoor project but don’t know where to start? As one of Australia’s largest supplier...