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Melbourne Accommodation: what's on offer Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Melbourne Next Entry » Advertisement

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Published: February 10th 2014

Melbourne - a plethora of places to stay Thinking of spending your next vacation in Melbourne? Well, it goes without saying that you will definitely need accommodation, and something great! At times it might prove daunting to choose accommodation in Melbourne . With such a huge choice, how can you find the perfect one? To make the task of choosing the best accommodation in Melbourne easy, you should first take into account all factors which might in one way or another affect your decision. You must also weigh all your interests and find an accommodation which perfectly suits your situation. Location? Standard? Price? What’s important to you? Whatever happens, you should definitely research further on the Melbourne accommodation you Backpackers in Melbourne. have chosen before making a commitment. Take your time looking at the kind of images and atmosphere a particular accommodation facility has. You can do this by reading website reviews about different accommodations which are situated in Melbourne. You can then do your comparison and go for the best deal. Below are some of the many kinds of Accommodation in Melbourne Hotels Melbourne has always been known for its world class award winning hotels. It has been recognized for the various elegant services offered and enjoyed by tourists, visitors and backpackers. The place is surrounded by different hotels which offer luxurious and elegant accommodations. Bond with friends, family and business partners in this wonderful city. In any part of Melbourne, whether on the inner or outer suburbs, hotels are always open and ready for accommodations. Some of them offer promos from time to time like free meals or price discounts. Serviced Apartments These are famous among businessmen and families who want to have time for recreation. Although they are not as elegant as luxurious hotels are, if you plan to have a longer stay this accommodation is ideal. Most of the units have kitchen areas, so the cost can be a bit better since guests can prepare their own food. Apartments are also ideal for business delegates who will have ample time to finish their tasks. Bed & Breakfasts B&Bs are ubiquitous amongst the inner and outer suburbs. Generally, they are run by the owners and offer (as the name suggests) a room that is turned over each day, a cooked or continental breakfast served in a communal dining area and, typically, the option of an evening meal. The amenities on offer vary greatly from establishment to establishment with some having a guest swimming pool, a gym and a movie room. The key thing is to shop around and find the right balance between location (closer to the city, the more expensive) and services. Backpacker/Hostels Backpackers and Hostels are all over Melbourne City and are typically reserved for younger travelers, those in groups or the budget backpacker. Unlike many cities however, the backpackers aren't all that cheap! Most offer dormitory-style rooms (from 4 beds upwards) and individual single/double rooms. Typically, there is a communal kitchen area and sometimes a bar (although not so often the case in the central city hostels).

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Melissa Raine

Melbourneaccommodation I'm an ardent business traveler so I stay in loads of Hotels and Apartments throughout Australia.... full info

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