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glad to be able to live up to our name again. Our membership continues to increase and new members are always welcome. Our spring meetings are a mixture – Pot Lids, Dorothy Pepper talking about her long and varied life, and the annual Garden Party. At our meetings the business part is kept to a minimum so that we can enjoy our speaker. This is followed by a cup of tea or coffee and the opportunity to chat to friends, old and new. Our meetings normally end at around 9.30pm. Jane Stevens

Melbourn, Meldreth & District Royal British Legion The Poppy Appeal and Armistice Parades are over, and we go into 2009 with the hope that we shall be able to carry on doing the things that the Royal British Legion are noted for, that is, looking after those who gave and those who continue to give service to our country. The money we raise goes towards looking after our old and not so old comrades and maintaining the homes they live in, much more work goes on behind the scenes that we never get to hear about. Both age and infirmity take their toll on our membership. The bugler who can no longer blow The Last Post, the standard bearer who is no longer able to carry the standard and the parade marshall who can no longer take the parade, these three and other post holders are cherished by branches up and down the country. Sadly as time goes by these posts as well as others become vacant and filling them is a difficult job. My branch in Melbourn like others branches around the country, is always looking for new members to swell the ranks. Many people believe you need to be an ex or serving member of the armed forces to join us, but the only qualification you need is an interest in the Royal British Legion and the work we do. My own branch has a meeting the first Wednesday of every month at 7:30pm at the Community Centre in Vicarage Close, Melbourn. I am still waiting with anticipation to find out the final total raised by our area for the 2008 Poppy Appeal, 1 will let you know as soon as 1 hear. Last year, a decorated Christmas tree was exhibited at the Meldreth church Christmas Tree Festival, the theme being that of the women’s section of the Legion. Some of the decorations were made from items relating to the Poppy Appeal. Whilst at the church I noticed several laurel wreaths had been placed around The War Memorial, a kind and thoughtful gesture of respect. I’ll finish by wishing you all you would wish for yourselves in 2009, and don’t forget please our request for new members. Many thanks, Patrick Parkinson. Chairman & Secretary Melbourn, Meldreth & District Royal British Legion.

Royal British Legion Women’s Section

Dog Fouling in the village We have noticed that there has been an increase in dog fouling over recent months, both on the pavements and in the new Stockbridge Meadows Riverside Park. There is no excuse for this as the parish council has provided bins where bags of ‘dog poo’ may be safely deposited. Perhaps not everyone is aware that dog faeces carry disease, especially dangerous for small children who can be blinded if in contact with excrement containing Toxocaria canis. Apart from the danger of disease it is extremely unpleasant for everyone. The majority of dog owners are responsible people who clean up after their pets; so please be a responsible resident. If you find that the problem persists please contact the parish council.

Melbourn & District Childminders

No diet will remove all the fat from your body because the brain is entirely fat. Without a brain, you might look good, but all you could do is run for public office.

As childminders we aim to offer a good learning environment for the

George Bernard Shaw

Members are looking forward to another year as the entertainment diary is being arranged at present. Anyone wishing to join us at our monthly meetings (4th Wed, monthly except Dec), please contact either Mrs Neaves, Chairman (260110) or Mrs Murphy, Secretary (220841)



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