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FAMILY LINKS Michael Linnette – Hello, I see there is a Michael Linnette who works for your council, I know the surname Linnette is very uncommon, i wonder if we are related, and if there are any more Michael Linnettes in the country? Peter Smith – I believe some of my wife’s relations through her great uncle came from Cambridgeshire I have a William Worland 1844, from Melbourn. Father Joseph, 1817, from Meldreth. William moved to London and married in 1870 Duncan Wood – I’m trying to trace the Wood family. The family story was that they used to own the village, but lost it playing cards! William Wood was born in 1768 in Melbourne, and moved to Great Chishill, where he died on April 24th. 1863. He would have been my great great grandfather. All help greatly appreciated! Many thanks Duncan (Wood) M Vandepeer – I am looking for information about the following families- Greenhill, Stockbridge & King who all hail from Melbourn. I have traced back to Ellis King born 1805 who was married to Eliza?, John Greenhill (1811) married to Elizabeth Stockbridge (1809). David Beech – My Grandparents (Whitby) lived at 7 Meeting Lane. Grandfather was a LNER Platelayer working the line between Shepbreth and Royston.My Grandmother’s maiden name was Mulberry. Her father was a Master Butcher (also the village ratcatcher) who had a shop down by the turning to the Moor. It then became a Bakery. I was born in Cambridge but lived in Melbourn until the end of the second world war when my Mother returned to Portsmouth. We used to visit at Holiday times each year until the late 1950’s.

Link Murang’a Just over 10 years ago Bishop Julius Gachuche, from the Diocese of Mount Kenya Central, visited Meldreth. This resulted in the two parishes of Meldreth and Melbourn forming a group called Link Murang’a and they have been fund-raising and supporting community and development work in the Diocese ever since. Members of the two parishes have visited Kenya on four different occasions over the years, the last one being 2007. I was fortunate to be involved in this visit and it was a great experience; but not all rest and play! We had a tight timetable for the two weeks, visiting schools, churches and farms. Brick (stone) laying, planting trees and much more. Even singing in Mount Kenya’s Cathedral, which knocked the reserved English nature sideways! The people appreciated our visit and did everything possible to make us comfortable and well-fed, putting a great strain on their own resources. Now we have a chance to return some of the hospitality; as we are delighted to announce that the new Bishop, Bishop Isaac Nurang’a and his wife Annie are to visit the two parishes in April, during Holy Week. Please watch out for future fund-raising events in Meldreth and Melbourn. We are sometimes at the Saturday morning Coffee Stop in Melbourn. If you would like to help the charity or find out more, please phone either Karen Cook (01763 261144), David Hollamby (01763 261082) or Rev. Andrew O’Brien (01763 260295)

Tim Negus – I am looking to find out more information about Charles Negus (Born 1870) married to Susan Chapman. I would love to find out anything about him/them, which farm they work on etc. Craig B – Interested in sharing notes with anyone researching the following: James Harper (b.1841 Melbourn) and his wife Maria Adams Harper, James Harper (1811-1885 in Melbourn) and his wife Ann Baker (1809-1876 in Melbourn), or John Adams (d.1888 Melbourn) and his wife Ann Clark Adams (d.1879 Melbourn). Please send me an email. Thanks!



57 Spring 2009  
57 Spring 2009  

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