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News from NOAH Hallo, there, it is Noah, the Melbourn donkey!  Did you see me at the Crib Service on Christmas Eve?   I was very nervous - I know I had been in church before but I had never seen so many people – it was packed! And wasn’t the baby lovely?   I was on my best behaviour and I am very proud of the fact that I didn’t have an accident on the carpet.   When you are a little donkey that can happen. And I didn’t bite anyone. I thought only animals did biting, but Andrew the Vicar says that the credit crunch is biting.  I don’t understand, but apparently it means that the stables where I live cannot afford to keep me and Andrew the Vicar has to pay for my food and vet bills.  That is why he asked everyone at the Crib Service if they would think about sponsoring me.  I like the idea of lots of boys and girls helping to keep me as the Melbourn Donkey. About 20 kind people took sponsorship forms, but only about 8 have been returned.   Andrew the Vicar says that if you took a form but have mislaid it with all the Christmas cards and wrapping paper, he will be happy to give you another one.   Perhaps two or three children could get together to sponsor me.    We could get Andrew the Vicar to put up a list of all the people who are helping to feed me and they would all own a little bit of me. I am hoping to come to Church again on Palm Sunday but this time it will be to MELDRETH church.  The plan is for us to start at Meldreth Village Hall at 9.45 a.m and walk along the High Street to the Church. Another new experience for me as I have not been in that Church but I do  know that people in Meldreth have also sponsored me so they must all like donkeys too.  Did you know that  Jesus rode on a donkey when he went in to Jerusalem.  The Bible doesn’t  talk about Jesus having a hamster or a stick insect, but it does say he had a donkey and ever since that time donkeys have had a cross marked on their backs.   You have a look at mine, it is really dark. So, children, please do think about sponsoring me so that I can stay with all the nice girls and boys in Melbourn – I don’t want to be sent away.    If lots of people pay a bit  it will all mount up to a lot of food for me for the year. Lots of donkey love, Noah The Word of God from David Burbridge These words spake Jesus; Father, the hour is come, glorify Thy Son, that Thy Son may glorify Thee. Now, O Father, glorify Thou Me with Thine own self, with the glory which I had with Thee before the world was. No more in the world, I come to Thee. John 17 verses 1, 5 and 11

maintenance of the All Saints Church building and its furniture, and following the church’s quinquennial report we are painfully aware of the demands which will shortly be made of our funds. Your support is appreciated.

Safari Supper After the success of the Safari Supper which I organised last year in aid of the new Community Hall,   I am planning to hold  another this summer  on Saturday 20th June. It will be slightly different this time in that we shall not be meeting in the Hall first but will plunge straight in to the starter course in someone’s home. Just to remind you of the format -  those who have volunteered to cook starter OR main course OR dessert will already know that they are catering for 6 or 8 people, but will not know the identity of their guests.   You will open your envelope at 6 o’clock and the slip of paper inside will tell you where you are to go for your hors d’oeuvre.   At the end of that course, your host will produce another envelope which will tell you where you are going for your main course and again after that you will all be told where to go for pudding.   Then, if you still have the stamina, everyone back to the Community Hall for coffee and cheese.  Sounds simple, doesn’t it?   Well, it worked like a dream last year so let’s hope it works again this year! So I am once more appealing  for both  hosts and for guests.   People who do the hosting may apply for a contribution towards costs if they wish - £4 to the starter and pudding hosts and £10 to the main course hosts.   I will supply the wine but all the hosts will choose their own menus.  This event was greatly enjoyed last year and is for everyone who likes good food and good company.  You do not have to be in pairs – singletons are welcome and if your spouse does not want to join in, leave him/ her at home with a take-away and you come along and join in the fun. Please note that this event is not being organised by SOAS as all their fund raising has to be in aid of the fabric of the church – and I am aiming to raise money for the Community Hall.  Entrance forms may be obtained from my trusty aide Jane Brett or from me.  Do please call either of us if you have any queries or want to know more about the evening. Tickets will be £12 each and only payment will secure a place – a 90% refund will be given if you have to  cancel up to 48 hours beforehand. I am certain it will be a most enjoyable evening Mavis Howard   01763 260686 Jane Brett 01763 260306



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