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...editorial What a relief that the snow is now over; the spring flowers seem even more beautiful this year and we can now enjoy the pleasant rural surroundings in which we are privileged to live. Do read the article on the River Mel, and consider joining one of the clean-up days. We must all thank the people who have given their time to remove the masses of rubbish from the river. See p.37. And as you see, we do have water voles in Melbourn, a sign of clean water. The cover photo reminds us of the fete, which was so successful last year, and from what we hear, will be even more exciting this year. If you have time please consider helping out with the many jobs which have to be done to make the day fun for everyone. The Primary School is going from strength to strength; and Melbourn Village College is having an exciting and rewarding time; read all about their accomplishments on p.23. There is also a very interesting essay p.35, which will make you think! We are very proud of our young people. The many and varied clubs and societies are all thriving; we are fortunate in having so many people willing to give up their time for the benefit of us all. The Thursday Luncheon Club is attended by over thirty of our older residents but now Mary Daynes, the cook for many years, is leaving, and at the time of writing there is no-one to replace her. If you know of anyone who would be willing to help. Then please contact Jayne White (220250). We had planned to profile members of the Parish Council in this issue, but have decided to postpone this to the next issue, when we have more information. Finally, after being a part of the Magazine Production Team from its beginning in January 1995, Mary Woodcock, proof reader, and Peter Dekkers, advertising manager, have decided that it is time to step down. Many thanks to them both for all the time and effort they have put in over the past fourteen years. Their places will be taken by Brenda Meliniotis as proof reader, and Roger Mellor as advertising manager. Village fete - Molly Dancers Photo supplied by Ian Baker

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