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tors that they persevered and managed to raise such an impressive amount of money. It certainly gave us all an insight into the business world of corporate entertaining, the pitfalls of fund-raising and the importance of contingency planning!

Village College Spring Fair Sunday 29th March 11a.m. - 3 p.m. We are the Melbourn Village College PTFA and we need participants for our upcoming Spring Fair! Can you help us? We’re looking for local craftspeople and specialty food producers who would like to sell their wares and maybe even demonstrate their particular skills. In addition we would like to invite local clubs and charities to have stalls in order to raise awareness of the many different activities and good causes that exist in our local area. During the fair we are aiming to hold displays and demonstrations of a variety of art, dance and music activities, many of which we hope will be connected with the students at the college. In summary we would like to make it a celebration of activities and skills in the local villages and beyond, not to mention the beginning of spring and an improvement in the weather (well we can hope!?) All profits made by the fair will support projects that benefit the students and environment of Melbourn Village College. There will therefore be a charge for stalls booked for

the purpose of selling items. Private/Commercial stalls @ £20 per pitch Stalls in aid of charitable causes @ 10% of sales made Informational stalls - no charge To take part in the fair in any way, or simply for more information, please contact Alwyn Whitaker by phone 01223 871162, or by email:

Notre Ecole During the second half of the autumn term children at our Wednesday after school club learnt the French words for fruit. We tasted the fruit while practising the words and played games around a fruit theme. Then, towards the end of term we learned a range of Christmas vocabulary and worked on some Christmas craft while eating chocolate Yule log.On Thursdays the children learnt the French words for different parts of the body. We practised the plural and played lots of games. On returning after the Christmas break both groups celebrated Epiphany with a ‘Galette des Rois’. Our beginner’s adult group have been practising the French needed at a railway station and to make a train journey. We have also been concentrating on the present tense. Our more advanced group have meanwhile been talking about city beaches in France, Marrakech, the American elections and Obama and they have been working on the difference between the two past tenses. On several occasions we have continued on page 30



57 Spring 2009  
57 Spring 2009  

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