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INTERESTING & USEFUL SLEEP APNEA DOUBLES RISK OF STROKE, DEATH. A study released on Nov 10, shows that the risk of stroke and death at least doubles due to common sleep apnea in which the throat closes off throughout the night. > Approximately 4% of Americans suffer from severe daytime fatigue because their sleep is disrupted by sleep apnea, forcing them to frequently wake up if only for a second. > Another 16% of Americans have apnea without fatigue. A seven-year study at the Yale University School of Medicine, found that people with apnea were twice as likely to die or have a stroke. The risk more than tripled among volunteers with the worst apnea. The study also showed that the risk continued even with treatment to keep the throat open during sleep,mostly through a continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) machine. Other study volunteers lost weight or had surgery to ease their symptoms.

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By Annie Ghazi

“Crunnnch!” “Sssslurrp!” “Mmmmm.” “Yummm!” Ahh, the sounds of chocolate lovers. So diverse and tempting for onlookers. Whether it has a creamy filling or a nutty punch, the sweet addiction is quite an attention seeker. And it surely gets lots of attention. Whether it’s in the middle of a hot summer day or during a howling winter night, chocolate is a genuine companion. Licked as ice cream and brewed in hot cocoa, the taste and scent of sweetness satisfies any taste bud. But chocolate isn’t all its made out to be… it’s even better! Although Suburbia Family Published by Faruki & Company P.O. Box 6472 Lynnwood, WA 98036-0472 TIME DATED MATERIAL - DO NOT DELAY

it comes in all shapes and flavors, there’s more to chocolate than meets the eye. The present day chocolate makers are swiveling their spatulas and creating items from decadent truffles to sleek and creamy chocolate bars. Get an inside look and be prepared… your mouth will water… uncontrollably… Some say winter brings out the best moods for chocolate; others are appealed by the melting sensation left by a chocolate during hot summer days.What’s your pick? Well if you’re a manic, chocolate is for every season. But if you’re like most other people you’re probably thinking… the manic is right! Devouring chocolate is a holiday of its own and there is no wrong time to have one… or two. >>> Continued on page 09 HERE US Postage





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Noteworthy Most men occasionally stumble over the truth, but most of them pick themselves up and hurry off as if nothing happened. -WINSTON CHURCHILL All the world’s ills stem from the fact that a man cannot sit in a room alone. -BLAISE PASCAL An honest man is one who knows that he can’t consume more than he has produced. -AYN RAND The only thing one never regrets are one’s mistakes. -OSCAR WILDE

Suburbia Family November 15, 2005


(REPORTED NOVEMBER 6, 2005) Israeli archaeologist may have uncovered a site believed to be the oldest church in the Holy Land. According to reports, a third or fourth century church in northern Israel was found at an excavation site in the compound of Megiddo prison.The site is also called in the NewTestament as Armageddon, the site of the final apocalyptic war marking the end of the world. This comes as a good news for the Israeli tourism industry. Christian pilgrims visiting Bethlehem, Jerusalem, and Galilee can add another stop this new church. .....................................................................................................................................................................................


A United Nation’s report written by the former U.S. Federal Reserve chairman, Paul Volcker charged India’s Foreign Minister Natwar Singh from benefiting from the Iraq-UN-Oil For Food Program. The report was published on November 3, 2005. Mr. Natwar Singh denies any involvement and said that he will not resign from his post as the country’s foreign minister. Congress, the main ruling party in the coalition was also named in the scandal. Prime Minsiter Manmohan Singh’s spokesman said that a former Indian envoy to the U.N.,Virendar Dayal will spend next three months looking into the claims.The UN report said that more than 2,000 firms made illegal payments to Saddam Hussein’s government. .....................................................................................................................................................................................


(REPORTED NOVEMBER 7, 2005) The parents of a 12-year old Palestinian boy mistakenly shot by Israeli soldiers have donated his organs to save the lives of six Israelis including three, two Jewish and one Druze. The girls 14 years, 12 years and 7 month old recieved boy’s lungs, liver, and heart respectively. Ismail Katib, the boy’s father said his decision to donate his son Ahmad's organs was rooted in his memories of his own brother, who died at 24 waiting for a liver transplant, and in his family's desire to help others, regardless of their nationality."I don't mind seeing the organs in the body of an Israeli or a Palestinian. In our religion, God allows us to give organs to another person and it doesn't matter who the person is," said Katib, who added that he hoped the donation would send a message of peace to Israelis and Palestinians .......................................................................................................................................................................................


A recent study suggested that a simple check of cells from the inside of the cheek may provide early warning of lung cancer. Perceptronix, a Canadian research firm accurately predicted early stage-one lung cancer in two-thirds of cases.The findings were presented at the American College of Chest Physicians conference in Montreal. British experts believe that more work is needed to ensure the accuracy of such tests. According to the researchers, the test could be targeted at high risk groups and is so simple that it can be performed at GP surgeries and dental practices. .....................................................................................................................................................................................


(REPORTED NOVEMBER 4, 2005) A team of US and Polish researches said that eating sauerkraut and raw cabbage may protect women from breast cancer. High levels of glucosinolates, compounds already demonstrated to have anti-cancer activity in the lab, are responsible for the association between cabbage and sauerkraut consumption, and a lower risk of breast cancer observed in Polish immigrants living in the US.Women who ate at least three servings of short cooked or raw cabbage and sauerkraut had a significantly reduced risk of breast cancer compared with those who ate less per week. Researchers have also recently reported that glucosinolates could help reduce the risk of lung cancer for some people with a particular genetic make-up. ......................................................................................................................................................................................


Netherland-based team from Wageningen University conducted a study that shows that fruit and vegetable compounds that protect against cancers may be lost during processing. It is a well-known fact that levels of vitamins decline when produce is processed. Studies show similar damage to glucosinolates, phytochemicals that have been shown in the laboratory to fight cancer and may also protect the memory. The simulations predict an approximate 45 per cent reduction in the risk of colon cancer if the entire food production chain can increase the average quality of healthy substances in fruit and vegetable products by three times. Breeding and cultivating methods play a significant role as well. Due to lack of consumer awareness, breeders and processors do not work together to ensure optimum levels of healthy compounds. ......................................................................................................................................................................................


(REPORTED NOVEMBER 3, 2005) Microsoft Coroporation is forming a strategic partnership with the British Library that will allow the software giant to scan about 25 million pages of content equivalent to 100,000 books and make them available on the internet. Once the process is complete the digitised books, journals, maps, and manuscripts would be made available on the library’s website and on a new MSN Book Search service sometime next year. The technology will be developed to scan the content, index it, and make the entire book searchable. It will also enable to assist companies looking to store huge paper archives digitally. Recently Google unveiled its first collection of digital books via deal with several libraries around the world. Microsoft’s deal with one of the world’s great libraries may be an attempt to compete with Google in this segment. .....................................................................................................................................................................................


Pierre Omidyar, the founder online auction leader Ebay, made the largest individual donation to fund a microfinance initiative in developing countries. The purpose is to stimulate economic growth through small business loans. The fund will be run for profit by endowment managers at Tufts University. This is part of a new trend among the philanthropic business leaders who are trying market-based solutions to minimize poverty rather than depending on charities. Microfinancing usually provides loans of up to $200 to individuals so that they may establish or expand small businesses in their region. "Microloans enable the poor to lift themselves out of poverty through entrepreneurship," said Mr Omidyar. Google Foundation already has a partnership with Acumen Fund, a nonprofit venture fund that invests in market-based solutions to global poverty. .......................................................................................................................................................................................


Believe it or not, this is true. Las Vegas Mayor Oscar Goodman suggested that people who deface the freeways with graffiti should have their thumbs cut off on TV. Mr. Goodman made these comments on the “Naveda Newsmakers” TV show. "You know, we have a beautiful highway landscaping redevelopment in our downtown.We have desert tortoises and beautiful paintings of flora and fauna. These punks come along and deface it. "I'm saying maybe you put them on TV and cut off a thumb," the mayor added. "That may be the right thing to do." Mayor Goodman also suggested to bring back whipping and corporal punishment to discipline children. .......................................................................................................................................................................................


(HELSINKI, FINLAND) A dog called Sonar has a keen nose for sniffing oout rotting corpses underwater. Recently this black labrador aided the Finnish rescuers by pinpointing her 95th body. The six year old dog is brought when conventional searches and normal sonar and cameras fail. She broke into her trademark bark when cruising over the surface and correctly pointed out the location of a drowned fisherman at the bottom of the lake Tarjanne. .......................................................................................................................................................................................

Suburbia Family November 15, 2005



TUMMY TROUBLES By Sara Ghazi The cramps, the diarrhoea, the constipation, and the heartburn—all part and parcel of our everyday lives. When we get the runs, most of us reach for the pink stuff which promises to relieve our stomachs, and then cross off the food we ate prior to all the agony from our list of edibles. Some 70 million Americans undergo digestive disorders such as those listed above1, and costs the economy $91 billion in health-care and missed workdays. It’s true most of these digestive troubles arise from the types of food we eat, but giving it all up is not a feasible option for most of us. We can, however, narrow down our problems and find out what types of food are associated with triggering heartburn, diarrhoea, constipation, and gas—the most common problems.

HEARTBURN: GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease) is a chronic disease whose symptoms include heartburn more than three times a week. Antacids or acid blockers may not be able to eliminate GERD, but most often people who have heartburn once in a while can relieve themselves with antacids such as TUMS or acid blockers such as Zantac. Acid blockers are more successful in blocking the secretion of acid in the stomach and have a more lasting affect than antacids. Acid reflux occurs when digestive juices from the stomach flow backward into the oesophagus causing a burning sensation. Heartburn or acid reflux can be aggravated by fatty or fried foods, citrus, chocolate, coffee, or alcohol.

GAS: Also known as flatulence, is one of the biggest nuisances for you and those around you. The healthful beans, veggies, milk (in those that are lactose intolerant) and onion or garlic- like foods are most often the cause. A preventative measure is making sure you are still active after you eat, in order to aide your body’s digestive process. Sleeping too soon after you eat isn’t a good idea, so try to have dinner atleast 3 hours prior to bedtime. If symptoms persist for more than a few days you may have IBS (irritable bowel syndrome). One in seven Americans have IBS, most commonly women2. The cause of IBS is not fully known but maybe caused by stress; in this case you should consult your physician.

DIARRHOEA: Can be caused by gastroenteritis or can be referred to as food poisoning, which are the most common culprits for the runs. Many times, medication can cause diarrhoea, and prolonged diarrhoea could be a sign of IBS, in both cases you need to consult your doctor. The best prevention for the stomach flu is making sure food has not been left out, is not expired, and does not have any bacteria

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growing on it. Always be sure to wash your hands and all washable foods before preparing a meal.

CONSTIPATION: Constipation is very preventable in most people. Some opt for laxatives as a treatment, but a more natural way is to simply consume more fiber (i.e. wholegrain foods, vegetables, fruits, beans). Those who travel frequently, or cut back on exercise are likely victims because of the adjustments the digestive system has to make. Again, prolonged constipation could be a sign of IBS or at worst, cancer, in which case you must consult your physician.

SOME WAYS TO PREVENT DIGESTIVE PROBLEMS INCLUDE: 7 Sleeping well at night in order for your digestive system to rejuvenate itself with new cells and enzymes for the following day. 7 Eating yogurt (which contains live bacteria that can help your colon). 7 Exercise has proved to be yet another preventive measure for your health. Exercise can help waste move through the system more efficiently. Waiting at least an hour after you eat to exercise is recommended to prevent heartburn. 7 Drinking water can prevent digestive problems as well (surprise, surprise!). Urine colour can be, in general, used to gauge the level of water you’re consuming: if it is dark yellow, you need to drink more water. If it’s pale, you are on the right track. 7 Head end of the bed should be higher up than the foot end to prevent heartburn. IMPORTANT:You MUST consult with your physician before starting any type of medical treatment.



MARKETING WITH A LOW BUDGET Part 1: Learning about your customers By Faruki & Company It has never been easier to run a business project out of your residence. Technological advancements have made it a lot easier to operate a company from the comfort of your home. In the United States people are running a wide variety of businesses from their houses. Especially women with children find it to be a better alternative to working outside. But a home-based company requires similar amount of discipline and planning as any other venture to market its product or services. Marketing your product or service is the key to boost sales. For a home-based or small business, a marketing budget is always an important issue.We have developed this multiple part series to help small businesses succeed. It is very possible to sell more by efficiently managing your marketing budget. The first step is to learn about your consumers.The more you learn about them, the better able you will be to fulfill their needs with your products. Based on this knowledge, you can design an effective advertising message. An example of customers is like a classroom. All the children in a classroom want the same thing, that is, to move on to the next grade. But for the teacher and parents it takes different types of strategies to help them. In every class room one will find children that need few reminders to keep up with their work. Others require a different tone. A good number of children need constant reminders and a combination of messages to get them through the class. If the teacher does not have the knowledge about each student, she will not be very successful in helping them with their studies. Remember, your customers are those same children that are now grown ups. To motivate them to buy your products, you will have to think like a teacher. Imagine putting an ad in Spanish in an English paper, or promoting Thansgiving specials during December! Business owners make similar mistakes by not learning enough about the customer.

Why is it important to know more about customers? Consumers have different feelings towards a product based on their gender, age, personality, need, income, environment, and education. Take the example of toothpaste and its relationship to the consumer mind. People buy toothpastes based on the packaging. A lot of the products are similar, but under different type of packaging in order to reach a larger number of customers. Consumers with bad breath problems are likely to pick up toothpaste with the “Mint Freshness” label. Smokers and coffee drinkers go for a “Bright Smile” label. The products might be similar, but the packaging is designed to appeal the maximum number of buyers. A toothpaste with the label of “Best toothpaste” will not sell much in the market since it does not relate to the needs of any group.

How to learn about your customers? Someone wise once said, “If you don’t ask, the answer is no.” To learn about the customers you as a business owner have to ask questions. Remember another wise person said,“It’s not important what you ask, it’s how you ask for it. ” This logic is valid for consumer surveys and questions. Design economical and creative ways to learn about the need in the market for your product. There are certain things that you will have to learn about your customers:  How much they spend on similar products per year  How often do they buy  Their income level  Gender / Education  And more The information obtained is extremely valuable since it reduces any wastage of marketing dollars. If you are armed with customer information, your advertising campaigns will be more effective and you can save a lot more money. Good luck and check out our next issue for Part 2 of this series. .................................................................................................................................................. Faruki & Company is a marketing, sales management, and publishing consultation firm based in Lynnwood,WA with focus on helping small to medium size businesses.

Suburbia Family November 15, 2005

BUSINESS FRIENDLY STATES DID WASHINGTON MAKE THE LIST? Following nine factors are considered to determine the most and least friendly states for small businesses. 1. Health-care costs 2. Taxes 3. Electricity costs 4. Workers’ compensation costs 5. Total crime rate 6. Right to work 7. Number of bureaucrats 8. State minimum wage 9. Legal and liability costs

10 MOST FRIENDLY STATES FOR SMALL BUSINESSES 1. South Dakota 2. Nevada 3.Wyoming 4. New Hampshire 5. Florida 6. Texas 7. Tennessee 8.Washington 9. Michigan 10. Mississippi

10 LEAST FRIENDLY STATES FOR SMALL BUSINESSES 1. District of Columbia 2. Hawaii 3. Minnesota 4. Maine 5. Rhode Island 6. California 7. New York 8.Vermont 9. New Mexico 10. Oregon (Source: ........................................................................................................... CHANCE TO WIN OFFICE SUPPLY STORE COUPON!! How would you rate WA State and Snohomish County in promoting and supporting small businesses? Any suggestions for our state and county? Email us at and include your business name, your name, and a daytime phone number. Submit by December 15, 2005. Winner will announced in February 2006.

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Suburbia Family November 15, 2005


THE SUBCULTURE of the Pacific Northwest By Michaela Corning, MBA Ever since the 2004 elections, there have been scrupulous discussions about the “Red vs. Blue states.” And what does that say about American culture? Are we divided? Many have come to that conclusion. But the reality of the high spun election really comes down to American Diversity. There’s more to who we back, in politics, than just the kind of government the politician represents. The values we as a group hold and we as individuals hold within our society differ not just from country to country, but also region to region. Red versus Blue is actually just a tiny description of how diverse our regional cultures are and the following is a look into a subregional culture within America… The following is a question people were asked about subcultures. Read on and discover some of their responses…

What does living in the Pacific Nor thwest mean to you personally? Or what does being from this region mean to you? Living in the Pacific Northwest as a child meant adventure. We are lucky to live in a place where desert, mountains, and water come together with a rich and diverse cultural history. Weekends were spent touring vast mountain spaces, fishing off the Cowlitz or Puyallup rivers, or camping. Snow, sleet, rain, or sun; we traveled. We hunted, camped, hiked, skied, fished, and toured the sights of this great state. Occasionally, we were even able to uncover a bit of the past when visiting old coal mines or sections of the river. Growing up a conservative in Puyallup, WA, I found that was on the extreme right; only to find myself polar opposite after leaving our military/rural area for Washington State University. As the sister of a kidnapped child in the Pacific Northwest, it also meant growing up in a very abusive home; where weekend travels were generally lent a reprieve to my secret environment. Today, the Pacific Northwest still means Mt. Rainier, which I honor every day in my home and at work. It means living by the water in a tree lined neighborhood with access to trails. Yet, as I changed from rural to the urban community of Seattle; living in the Pacific Northwest means much more. Yet, even as a progressive place, the Pacific Northwest looses its parks, trails, and solitude in outdoor life. Too many people abuse the natural resources as urban sprawl destroys our fertile valleys and fields. On the other side, the Pacific Northwest is now the area where I advocate for women’s rights and women in recovery. It is a place where I am proud to work to end Welfare and connect low income workers to economic development. I am proud to reside in a place where there is balance between the right and left. I am proud to be in a place where people have started to care about children’s rights and

work to better the lives of every person living in the Pacific Northwest. - JADE DUFFY, MBA I have lived in the Pacific Northwest all of my life with the exception of 28 years in the agricultural area of Eastern Washington. To appreciate the weather of the Northwest one should spend some seasons in the cold in winter and hot and dry in the summer especially in the basin of the Columbia River. - ELIZABETH CORNING WA Resident since 1922 Living here for me means a better education for my children. The school system here is great and it’s a safer environment. The surroundings and conditions in NewYork and or New jersey is horrible. The crime and drugs are on every corner where as here in Washington, it’s not so much in your face; I never see it. The one thing I hate about Washington is there’s NO WORK! The jobs here (the good Jobs) are few, so there’s NO MONEY…! - TYSYR ABDEL-HAMID Since we live in Bellingham, it means clean air, relatively mild traffic irritation, great outdoor recreation and metropolitan cities both north and south of us only one hour away. - LYNN HENIFIN For me, living in the Northwest means living in the most exotic place in America. The Northwest has the beauty that one can enjoy in all four seasons. In summer, hundreds of gorgeous lakes are surrounded by beautiful evergreen trees. There are thousands of creeks and hiking trails, and beautiful, gorgeous mountains. One can enjoy the saltscented breeze coming from the ocean; one can take part in everything from horseback riding to water skiing. Then comes the fall, with red and orange autumn leaves; it makes the whole region absolutely gorgeous. Lots of people go deer hunting in the fall; there are too many deer in the Northwest. When winter comes, a few miles’ drive from your residential area brings views of snowy mountains; you can enjoy skiing, tubing and snow-boarding all over. Also, it is not very cold like it is in the mid-west and the east coast. Winter here is bearable and livable, and you can enjoy it more. When it comes to spring, songbirds return and are flying everywhere; cherry blossoms, camellias and magnolias are in full bloom and give off intoxicating scents. Yes, we do have some rain; but Seattle is only about the 38th most rainy city in North America. In fact, there is very little rainfall in the summer. I just love living in the Northwest; I would not trade this place for any other region in the world. Then again, that is just my view. - RIZWAN SAMAD For me, the primary benefit of living in the Pacific NW at this time of my life is the variety of resources for my children. Living in the Seattle area, I can access just about anything my children might be interested in, from rural country life to the urban music scene. The educational institutions in this area are excellent and varied - my older teen will

have a wide choice of college options within driving distance of our house, saving us the expense of a dorm. On the other end of my life, when my mother became ill with Alzheimer’s, the social worker in Texas said the best thing we could do for her was move her back to Washington State! The resources for the elderly and their families can’t be beat. I have been enormously grateful for the services I have been able to access for her care and credit them with the quality of life my mother is able to have now in her “twilight” years. For me, while the rain can be daunting and the traffic is sometimes teeth grinding, the mild weather and the beautiful scenery make my life a little easier and more pleasant. Even if you are stuck in traffic on I-5, being able to look out over the waters of the Puget Sound and over at Mt. Rainier makes you grateful to be here! -CATHERINE ENGLAND I guess for me, living in the region where I was born means that my history is here. I remember swimming at Spirit

Lake as a child, and now my father’s ashes are scattered where the lake used to be on Mt. St. Helens. This is where I learned the taste of the ocean, this is where I met my husband, and this is where my first child will be born one day. Maybe I could have been as happy anywhere else, but to me, the trees and the mountains and the rain have influenced my passions in life as well as my spirituality. I find comfort here, and I hope that I will die here, too. - SARAH PULLIUM, MSW, MHP



Suburbia Family November 15, 2005

Mill Creek’s First Stream Bank Restoration Project By Marci Chew Stormwater Technician, City of Mill Creek

North Creek is one of the more productive streams in the suburban area of Seattle, supporting Chinook, Coho, Sockeye Salmon and Coastal Cutthroat Trout. Chinook spawner counts in North Creek are low in recent years and have been decreasing. North Creek is an important natural resource to the Mill Creek Community. Chinook Salmon are on the endangered list in the Puget Sound area and Coho Salmon are considered threatened according to the Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife’s list of species of concern. We are fortunate as a community to have a creek that is healthy enough for salmon to live in. North Creek is approximately 12.6 miles long. The headwaters of North Creek start near Everett Mall in Everett, flows through Mill Creek and continues south into the City of Bothell and the Canyon Park Commercial/ Industrial Park before entering into the Sammamish River. Streambanks throughout North Creek are subject to erosion and channel widening because of the high velocity caused by increased stormwater discharge throughout the watershed. Stormwater discharge is caused by all of the rain that hits pavement and flows through pipes before entering into the creek. Before the area was so developed the trees and vegetation would soak up all of the rain water. The City of Mill Creek is working with other local agencys that are in the Lake Washington/Cedar/Sammamish Watershed (WRIA 8) and have developed a Chinook Salmon Conservation Plan. The plan was developed to restore and protect the habitat that salmon need to survive. This plan recommends land use actions, restoration, and protection projects, and opportunities for public involvement and education. The plan can be viewed at http:// ias/8/ wria8_local_action_map.htm. As part of the Chinook Salmon Conservation Plan the City of Mill Creek’s Surface Water Utility hired the Watershed Company in 2004 to prepare a Design plan

for Restoration and Habitat Enhancement that could be done on property owned by the City along North Creek. The City noticed bank erosion along North Creek that was affecting North Creek Trail. The City owned property is located between the Imperial Gardens Shopping Center to the Huntron Building which is located just north of City Hall. The projects can be viewed by the public by walking along the North Creek Trail. The Watershed Company identified 13 sites along approximately 2,500 feet of North Creek. The City received two different grants in order to start construction in the summer of 2005. One grant by the Coastal Protection Fund through the Washington State Department of Ecology and the second grant by the Community Salmon Fund through the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation and King County. The city matched these grants using Surface Water Utility funds. The placement of long-lasting coniferous woody materials was installed along eight sites this year by Tastad Construction. The logs and woody debris were placed in a way in which to provide protective cover for fish and reduce stream bank erosion. Stream bank erosion causes fine sediments and particles to slough off into the creek and causes gill abrasion in fish. Fish also require protective cover from predators and also

provides a place for them to spawn. Part of the project also called for planting a diverse assemblage of native vegetation to provide a stream buffer along the restoration sites. The Cities goal is to have the other five sites completed in the next five years. The City will be looking for more grant opportunities to finish the rest of the proposed restoration sites. On October 29 th the City had a volunteer planting event and planted native vegetation behind City Hall. Twenty people showed up for the planting event. One hundred trees (which included Western Red Cedar, Sitka Spruce, Douglas Fir and Vine Maple), one hundred native shrubs and 400 live willow stakes were planted. The plants that were selected were best suited for a wetland environment. The Adopt A Stream Foundation, a private organization, helped with the planting event. They helped place all of the plants in areas that were best suited for their growing conditions as well as planted all of the live willow stakes. The City would like to thank all of the volunteers that participated. The planting event was a part of the North Creek Restoration and Habitat Enhancement CFP project. The City plans on having more planting events in the future.

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Suburbia Family November 15, 2005



THE IRRESISTIBLE HOUSE OF BREAD By Amin U. Farooqui If you ask me to name something that can bring people together, I will reply,“bread”. Seem a bit farfetched? But think about it. Every culture, religion, and generation has worked on perfecting their breads and take great pride in it. Meals are rarely complete and satisfying without the bread. Maybe that’s the reason we could not resist visiting the “House Of Bread” for our first issue of Suburbia Family. I visited the Mill Creek Town Center in late October looking for a perfect business to cover in our first issue. The golden wheat ambiance and the smell of freshly baked breads got my attention immediately. I sat down with Anita and Wayne Warren to learn more about their business. The couple is really passionate about their business.Wayne had been a computer programmer for about twenty six years. Anita was an Asst. Manager of the café at Nordstrom. About three years ago Wayne Warren started exploring new careers. As a result in 2004, the husband and wife team opened the House Of Bread in Mill Creek. Now with 12 employees, Anita manages the store operations, hires, and trains employees. Wayne focus his energies on marketing and accounting. House Of Bread products are now available at the Central Market and Lynwood’s Food Emporium. He is looking to expand to local sandwich shops and to grocers in the region. Anita and Wayne Warren love the friendly, safe, and clean environment in Mill Creek. They are eager to promote healthy eating habits through their store. Samples are always there to make it easy for you to pick up a bread of your choice.



WHAT’S UNIQUE? At House of Bread it’s not just talk about healthy eating habits... they practice it every day! 1. The wheat flour is milled in the bakery 2. Use honey rather than high fructose corn syrup 3. All natural ingredients and no trans-fats 4. Scratch baking 5. Certified chemical free VARIETY? 1. Great variety of breads for your taste buds. Plenty of choices for different occassions. 2. Breakfast, sandwiches, and dinner breads 3. Samples to try out!



CATERING & GIFT BASKETS? Available for home or business. Check the store for details. ADDRESS & CONTACT: 15224 Main St. # 105 Mill Creek, WA 98012 Ph: (425) 385-8553 Online:

Anita & Wayne Warren outside their store




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Not all breads are available every day. Contact the store directly for daily and weekly specials. House Of Bread’s business hours are 7 am - 7 pm Monday thru Friday and 8 am - 6 pm on Saturdays. Closed on Sundays.



Suburbia Family November 15, 2005

The Desert and Oceanic Wonders

of Los Cabos, Mexico Story and photos by Sonia Laflamme All I could see as my plane started to descend was dry desolate land. It didn’t get any better when we landed in the small desert airport of San José del Cabo, and I stepped onto a sizzling tarmac and into Mexico’s scorching heat. Even the landscape was remote and barren. This was Los Cabos – and even worse, I had willingly come here. With more than a little trepidation I hopped into an air-conditioned van and headed for the Villa La Estancia Hotel in Cabo San Lucas, one of two towns that make up the Los Cabos area. After a few miles on the highway I finally saw why many others choose this place as a vacation spot. There, laid out before me, was the clear blue green Sea of Cortez, its waves crashing up onto the shore. Cabo San Lucas is located at the southern tip of the Baja Peninsula in the State of Baja California Sur. It is also referred to as Land’s End and is home to the famous arch El Archo where the Sea of Cortez meets the Pacific Ocean. The Villa La Estancia Hotel is a beautiful all inclusive luxurious resort. It is Mexican owned and operated and from the moment you arrive you are welcomed by the warmth and charm of the Mexican staff. It’s no wonder it served as a temporary stay for Brad Pitt when he was in Los Cabos filming the movie Troy. The resort offers suites, ranging from one to three bedrooms; each come with a Jacuzzi tub, a full kitchen, dining room, living room, and a huge private balcony to relax. You can enjoy a day of pampering in a full service spa, a healthy breakfast buffet and fine dining fireside experiences at La Casona Restaurant, all right at the resort. Any seafood on the menu is fresh and delicious.While you are swimming in the pool, grab lunch at La Parilla Resturant, sip on a thirst quenching limonado, made from freshly squeezed limes, sparkling water and a touch of sugar. Pair your drink with a huge shrimp taco or fresh tuna salad. If you can pull yourself away from the resort, their friendly concierge will help you find activities for every age. Resort staff will even make the reservations. There are more than enough activities to keep everyone happy. There are seven golf courses, many water activities, like kayaking, snorkeling, and surfing, and

Todos Santos

eco nature tours, horseback riding, and plenty more. On my first day I decided to explore the town of Cabo San Lucas and do a little tourist shopping. From the hotel the town is only about 20 minutes away by foot. Considering the heat, I opted for a taxi, the fare costing me only 70 pesos or $7.00. I discovered that I had exchanged my US money for Pesos for nothing since everyone here will take American dollars, or of course your trusted credit card for a big shopping spree. Huge air conditioned shopping malls and small boutiques dot the main road. Seeking out the true local experience, I made my way to an outdoor market. It was difficult to decide what to buy, with table after table of silvery jewelry, local crafts, and colorful Mexican cotton clothing. I settled on two lovely cotton blouses with hand embroider flowers and two long cotton skirts. To get out of the heat, I hailed a cab and made my way back to the hotel for a cool shower. The next day I embarked on a more adventurous challenge, a full-day’s hike through the canyons of Sierra La Luguna with a friendly and knowledgeable guide from the tour company Baja Wild. Baja Wild offers a multitude of group activities; from kayaking, hiking, snorkeling, scuba diving, and surfing lessons. I was joined by guests from other hotels and we all scampered along behind the guide up and down the trail, sometimes climbing up and over rocks. I wondered if I was the only one whose heart was pounding in her ears! Luckily the guide was carrying plenty of water bottles for us all, or we would have all had to be carried for the rest of the trail. Beware, I do not recommend this hike for children under twelve since it does involve some slight rock climbing skills. We finally reached our goal, an oasis in this dessert, a natural spring and waterfall. One of the hikers, call him a fool or brave, decided to jump off the rocks, 35 feet into the spring below. The rest decided watching was exciting enough. That night, after the day’s workout, I slept soundly. The next day was another great adventure with Baja Wild.They arranged a kayaking trip on the Sea of Cortez out to Lover’s Beach at El Archo. It was great to be rocked by the waves and to see sea lions basking in the sun on the craggy rocks. Unfortunately the waves were too

Los Cabos

Villa La Estancia Hotel Resort

Villa La Estancia Hotel in Cabo San Lucas

big to allow for snorkeling, so that had to (pitahaya), all grow in this area. We sampled a pitahaya fruit, which tasted wait for another day. like a sweet mix of strawberry and kiwi. In the afternoon I enjoyed a guided tour of Todos Santos with Terramar, a tour Early on the last day of my sunny operator who specializes in arranging vacation, I went snorkeling with Baja outings and tours, corporate groups and Wild out in Santa Maria Bay, a short 10 even weddings in this paradise. Todos minute drive from the hotel. The gentle Santos is located one hour north of Los current rocked me as I floated on the Cabos off the Pacific Ocean on the surface staring in amazement into the western coast of the Baja Penisula. It is clear water that held corals and swarms home to Hotel California, a colorfully of different kinds of colorful fish. I even decorated boutique hotel, made popular saw a sting ray resting in the sand. I by the Eagle’s song of the same name. was amazed to see how many fish live Legend has it that the Eagles were so close to shore. Too bad I listened to inspired to write the song after my husband and didn’t bring along an vacationing at the hotel.Whether it’s true underwater camera! or not, it’s fun to believe it. Todos Santos also offers an opportunity to find Cabo San Lucas tucked away on tip of treasures in many boutiques and art the Baja Peninsula is a great getaway. galleries,which feature the works of local Selfishly, I hesitated to share this new discovery. It is pristine and life here is artists. slow and quiet. The beaches are clean The following day I got behind the wheel and uncrowded. Go to Cabo San Lucas, of a big yellow hummer for some off- to Land’s End to forget the world – and roading in the desert.The hummer owned don’t tell all of your friend’s. by Terramar’s “Baja Outback Hummer Tour” took me to Rancho La Verdad, a FOR MORE INFORMATION: working ranch, with goats, sheep, cows, La Estancia Hotel mango and papaya trees. Coming back 1-877-VillaGroup from the ranch, I drove on the plain near Baja Wild the cliffs where the battle scenes of the 011 - 52 ( 624) 142 - 5300 movie Troy were filmed. As we drove, Terramar - Los Cabos Destination Planner the guide pointed out the wide variety Services of flora here. Barrel cacti, prickly pear (nopal), cholla, and the organ pipe ......................................................................

Canyons of Sierra La Luguna

Suburbia Family November 15, 2005




I’m also known as the Queen of Chocolates. I’m made of ganache, a creamy mixture of liquids (such as heavy cream), chocolate, and flavorings. Then I get to roll around in cocoa powder or more chocolate. I have a fruity side to me as well.


CHOCOLATE BAR BREAKDOWN I’m made of milk, sugar, and cocoa butter. But if I’m dark, my milk is substituted with chocolate liquor. I come in three different types known as Milk Chocolate, White Chocolate, and Dark Chocolate. If I’m a high quality bar, I’ll definitely have fifty percent or more of chocolate solids. Most common favorites added to me are: almonds, wafers, caramel, and peanut butter


And then there were those who just couldn’t let go. Sometimes its just too irresistible, but where to draw the line? Well a chocoholic sees no line and sometimes even unaware of the extent to their passion for chocolate. Are you one of them? Rate your habits below and find out! NEVER RARELY OFTEN ALWAYS YOUR SCORE 1 2 3 4

Eating chocolate is part of my week When I’m hungry chocolate comes to mind After each meal I have chocolate In my home I have chocolate available When I eat a non-chocolate dessert I have chocolate with it If I see chocolate while shopping I buy it To finish my favorite chocolatebar it takes me doesn’t apply to me a few days or more 1 day 0 1 2

1 hour 3

a few minutes 4

While reading this article I have__________ chocolate not thought about eating thought about eating made the decision to eat 0 1 2 already attained already ate or am eating 3 4 Add all the scores together. Look below to see where you land  SCORES: 32 – 24: CHOCO-MANIC!




“Chocolate.What could be a simpler stress reliever? I love whoever that first person was who decided to take bitter coca and mix it with sugar to create this universal delight. Now THAT’S an invention! And I really don’t care if it melts in my mouth, not in my hand. I just say, gimme more!” - Robina Quadri-Khan “Chocolate is my friend in my time of need.” - Sara Ghazi, Living Well Editor “Chocolate is like the anti depressant; you eat chocolate it’s hard to be mad. My favorite is milk chocolate, but I also love truffles, mmmmm!” - Danish Ahmed, Mortgage Consultant Chocolate is devine. If chocolate was never invented or discovered there would be no gifts to share. I love Ferrero Rocher… it’s crunchy outside and creamy chocolate filling is the best! - Ershi, Student


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This recipe is spectacular and requires chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate… Chocolate Fudge Weekday - 1 cup or 2 sticks butter, softened - 3 eggs - 1 tsp vanilla extract - 2 cups sugar - 8 ounces unsweetened chocolate - 1 cup flour, sifted - 1/2 tsp salt - Half gallon of your favorite ice-cream (preferably chocolate!) - 1 bottle hot fudge - 1/2 cup sliced almonds 1. Grease bottom of a 13 x 9 inch pan. Preheat oven at 350 degrees. 2. Combine sugar and one stick of butter in a large mixing bowl, with hand mixer. 3. Beat eggs separately until light and fluffy. Add to sugar mix. Blend well. 4. Melt second butter stick. Add butter and vanilla extract to mix. 5. Beat continuously for 3 to 4 minutes or until creamy texture appears. 6. Add in flour, a 1/3 of a cup at a time, blending mixture after each. 7. Add salt, beat for another minute. 8. Pour batter into pan and place in oven for 45 minutes. 9. Cool for 5 minutes. Cut into 12 squares and place in separate serving plates. 10. Add a scoop of ice-cream on brownie. Pour hot fudge over. Sprinkle with almonds.

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5 STEPS TO POSITIVE PARENTING Some of the many things moms and dads say about parenting: We’re tired of yelling at the kids I’m sick of saying no to everything I don’t want to hear any more whining I end up feeling guilty about it Kids are too spoiled nowadays I feel like screaming at the top of my lungs… most of the time. Well no one said childrearing would be easy, but there are a few strategies here and there to help care for those little buggers in a more positive and loving way.

STEP ONE Take control of the situation and your kids. The word control always sounds so negative, but there is a positive gist to it.When you’re taking control, you’re making sure your kids are safe and have appropriate social skills. In other words, kids need to be taught what is right and wrong and what is acceptable and not acceptable.

STEP TWO Be warm, encouraging, and show your child you love them for who they are. Children seek the most acceptance and approval from a parent and this is a time to reinforce that acceptance and approval. Tell them how proud you are for their abilities and interact with them while they learn new things. When a child is going through a difficult time or having trouble at school talk about the situation first, try to understand where your child is coming from.

STEP THREE Be consistent no matter what you try to implement. When setting rules, limits, or handing out punishments

a parent must stand firm and apply their discipline in the same manner and degree, even though children may resist. For instance, a child would like to play outside, but does not want to wear his sweater and hat. He may complain and cry because he wants to go outside, but you should emphasize that he must wear the correct clothing in order to go outside and his clothing will also benefit his health because the weather is cold.

Suburbia Family November 15, 2005 Poem for your lil’ ones


STEP FOUR Whenever you enforce a rule, punishment, or belief, make sure to back it up with a valid reason. Think back to when you were a kid and your mom said no to you, you asked,“But why mom?” her reply? “Because I said so, and you aren’t allowed to ask why.” Did you always like that answer? Didn’t think so… so how do you answer the question when it comes up with your child? The situation is frustrating, but the best thing to do is give your child a solid and positive reason for why they should act in a certain way. An example is: You’re at a friend’s house and your child picks up a candy from the table without asking.You, being the positive parent you are, say, “No sweetie, we don’t take the candy, because it’s not ours. You must ask for the candy first so Nina will know how nice you are.”

STEP FIVE Be involved in your child’s life. Your child needs to appreciate your authority and love, so turn off the television and spend time with them. Help these young achievers get good grades by staying involved with the school system, looking over their homework, and letting them share their knowledge with you.“Time is Precious,” and a saying many of us have heard, use it to build a better future for your family. ..........................................................................

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It may be a gloomy day Yet, winter is not here for a long stay But in some special places, winter does include A frosty little friend to brighten our mood It’s frozen and frail But softer than hail Though it’s cold and wet On the ground it will set Unlike the rain And even smaller than a grain Once it creates big piles And can be seen for miles You will surely run out And play about Though your mother may scorn For not keeping warm Under a sled it’ll sit And you can make a __________ man out of it. Polar bears and penguins roll around Atop these specs of white that are on the ground

205 East Casino Rd., #B16 Everett, WA 98208

Now that you’ve read this, naming this flake Will surely be, a piece of cake!

Tel: 425.356.3276 Answer: Snow

Suburbia Family November 15, 2005



Mystique of Food Labels By Roohe Ahmed, MPH / RD For some folk, trying to read a food label ranks up there with understanding rocket science, or to a lesser degree, perhaps trying to figure out how to program a VCR. However, all it takes is a good simple manual to teach the inroads of something seemingly as complex as programming that pesky VCR: the same rule applies for food labels.The following discussion will provide some background and tips to decipher food labels, and allow them to serve their full function— to inform YOU, the consumer the nutrient details of what you are consuming. Food labels are regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of the Department of Health and Human Services, and constantly evolve as current information/research emerges. The current food label format was introduced in the 1990’s and provides the consumer nutritional values of the food being bought, ingredients, and amount of calories. Most importantly, food labels allow the consumer to make informed decisions. When looking at a food label, the first thing listed on the top of the column is the serving size; this lets you know the amount of the food you have to consume to get the nutrients listed. One must definitely look at this for many times the serving size may be even as small as a few tablespoons. For example, with snack foods such as crackers, a serving size may be just a mere four to five

crackers, yet that handful may provide quite a bit of unnecessary fat, and who can stop at just four to five crackers? After all is said and done, you may have eaten half a pack and had more than a day’s worth of undesired saturated fat. So if you eat three times the serving size, you must multiply all the nutrient values times three! Underneath the serving size is listed servings per container; this indicates how many servings are in the whole package. So for example, in a box of shredded wheat, if the total number of biscuits is 24, and the serving size is 2 that would make the servings per container 12. The manufacturer sets these values but bases them on the amount people generally eat. However, the set sizes may not be actual recommended sizes. Next comes the portion of the label that consumers usually glance at first: the calories and the calories from fat. The amount of calories an individual should intake depends on age, height, weight, gender, etc. and thus vary from individual to individual. However, the food labels are based on a diet of 2,000 calories a day. The calories from fat indicate the amount of calories that come from fat, and should generally be as low as possible. The percent daily values are again, based on a diet of 2,000 calories a day.

Food labels do have an asterisk (*) annotated by “percent daily value” that clearly states,“Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.Your daily values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs”. However on average, the 2,000 calorie diet is the one most people adhere to. The percent daily values are listed as percentages on the right hand side and indicate how much of a certain nutrient you will get if you eat one serving of the food. For example, if the amount of iron listed is 10%, then that item is providing 10% of your daily iron needs if you are on a 2,000 calorie diet. The goal is to eat 100% of certain nutrients in a day, BUT that does not have to necessarily come from one product. No matter how many chips you will snack on, rest assured you won’t reach your daily required values of nutrients! Percent daily values are provided for many of the main nutrients such as total fat, cholesterol, sodium, potassium, total carbohydrate, protein, and vitamins and minerals. Total fat, measured in grams, is important to look at as is the saturated fat amount; ideally it is good to have as least of this value as possible, especially saturated fat—the bad fat. Cholesterol and sodium levels are important to look at for those with health problems that require checking the amount of that nutrient; sodium amounts are important for those with high blood pressure.Total

carbohydrate listings are useful for diabetics to monitor. Other nutrients of interest are fiber, calcium, foliate, etc. It is ideal to look at the food label as a whole; if there are many 0%’s, maybe this is a product you ought to bypass. Another important portion of the food label to read is the ingredients.The first ingredient listed is usually the highest in quantity in that product. If the first ingredient is sugar or a component of sugar, such as high fructose corn syrup, again maybe this isn’t an item you really need in your cupboard. Food labels are jam packed with information that is useful in order to try to lead a healthy lifestyle. It may be confusing, but a few practice runs can help you become a pro. In order to help you, the consumer, ....................................................... The author is a Public Health Nutritionist.



Suburbia Family November 15, 2005

Mango-Avocado Salsa

Simply Guacamole

Ingredients 1 mango, peeled and diced 1 red pepper, diced 1 tomato, diced 2 avocados, peeled, pitted, and chopped 1/4 of a red onion, diced Dash of garlic salt, optional

Your friends are stopping by for a cup of tea, but end up staying to watch a movie, and its midafternoon! What to eat? How about a simple dip to go with that unopened, bag of tortilla chips that is stuffed in the back of the pantry. It takes just a few minutes and has a perfect casual tone, and friends to share it with, makes it all the more fun!

Utensils Medium bowl, mixing spoon Steps To Successful Cooking 1. Place all ingredients into a medium bowl. Mix well. 2. Cover and chill for 20 – 30 minutes. 3. Enjoy with tortilla chips or pita bread.

Ingredients 2 avocados, pitted and taken out of the skin 1/2 of a small onion, chopped finely 1/2 cup chopped jalapenos 2 tbsp lemon juice Salt, to taste Ground black pepper, to taste

Serving: 4 Cook Clock: 40 minutes

Utensils Fork, mixing bowl, serving bowl

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Steps To Successful Cooking 1. Mash avocados with the fork in mixing bowl, until texture is as creamy as possible. 2. Add all other ingredients to avocado and mix well. 3. Add more salt and pepper if needed. 4. Place in serving dish and serve with tortilla chips. Serving: 5 – 6 Cook Clock: 10 minutes



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