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homeworks 1. Class Work 1. What is the difference between listen and hearing? Hearing is purely physical activity by which sound waves are sent to the brain for understanding, and listening refers to the psychological processes that allow us to attach meaning to the patterns of energy we “hear”. 2. Mention the three types of factors that complicate the listening process and pose potential barriers. Internal Elements Environmental elements Interactional elements 3. What two things can generate communication problems? Trying to hear in a noisy environment. Encountering people who speak too softly. 4. What does CAA stand for and what does it mean? Counter- attitudinal advocacy (CAA), it means to take the other person position, to advocate or express a point of view that runs counter to your own attitude. 5. The most important action tips for me: Be positive selling: Because if we love and we are happy in our worked we are going to sell more and had better comments about the company and us. Smile: with only a smile we can say a lot of things and I think that with a kind smile we win anything. Prepare to listen: Because we have to be prepared to anything that people are going to tell us, and focus on listening and try to not be interrupted so then the communication will be better. 6. Faking attention: faking attention is when a person is talking to us and us only response as “yes and uh-huh” and many others. Gatekeepers: refers to one who is before the important person we want to talk. Listening capacity: Is the capacity to understand and when we perfectly analyze what the other person is saying. Noise: Sounds that is like no important in the conversation. Wide asleep listener: is to be polite to someone during a conversation. Habit: a recurrent activity we always do.


Action tips for efficient use of the phone no15. When calling others, ask; “Is this a convenient time to talk?” This means that we have to be honest with the customer telling that and then arrange a callback. no16. Take messages cheerfully and accurately This means that we always had to write what the customer is telling us and read the message back to the caller to be sure it is accurate. no17. Make your greeting message efficient When we are not available to answer we had to live and answering machine or voice mail and it is necessary to live a greeting message current and not too long or too clever. no18. Lear to use your phone’s features Each year the technology is constantly changing and it is necessary to learn our telephone’s features and know more than the customer.

3. Points to keep in mind about using blogs Use blogs as a real-time online conversation. If there’s a conversation going on about your issue or organization, you need to be involved in the dialogue. On online conversation it is important to handle a nice conversation like if we are talking by phone and it is necessary to know a lot of the company.

Remember the 80/20 rule; 20 percent of the people in the world have great influence on how the other 80 percent think. The 20 percent are actively reading blogs. It is important to write good things or comments about the company we are working because bloggers are always reading that.

Understand that almost one-third of all U.S. Internet users read online forums (according to respected source Forrester Research), so the potential for communicating about customer service is high. It is important that all the companies have blogs and many social pages so it’s easy for the customers to interact with customer service and solve faster their doubts.

Reach out to bloggers who follow your issues. If possible, have conference calls with them. Engage them. It is important to solve all the problems that the customer have and make anything like conference calls or other thing and engage them soy they feel in confidence that their problem will be solve.

Submit posts/comments from your organization’s leaders on blogs. It establishes that you are willing and able to be part of the conversation. The customer always want to be sure that the company will solve their problems so if they saw comments from the leaders they will most interested in the blog.


Burger Supreme 1. What is Burger Supreme dedicated to? What do they sell? “We have great customer service providing fast, friendly service with an outstanding value. “Something for everyone’s Taste.” Whether you are in the mood for fish, chicken, steak, salads, sandwiches or, of course, a great burger, you won’t go away disappointed. Our family-oriented restaurant is known for our specialty burgers like the Pastrami Burger; a quarter pound cheese burger loaded with pastrami and special homemade sauce. People come from all around to eat the Gyro’s, Philly Cheese Steak sandwich and Teriyaki Chicken Kabobs. And don’t forget about the shakes and malt’s.” 2. How many items do they have in their menu?

3. Locate a link that mentions customer loyalty towards Burger Supreme. 4. Analyze the link mentioning important information. The owner explains how they worked and the treatment with the customers which is very nice, also that the restaurant is always clean and offers a really good service like how can people transport to the restaurant and many commodities. 5. Would you like to go to Burger Supreme or do you prefer going to fast food hamburger chain? Explain. Burger supreme sounds really interesting and delicious and I would like to taste some of their meals. And also if I become a special customer some days maybe I receive a free lunch.

6. Using the reading answer the following: Who are the owners of BS? Steve and Debby K. Are the owners active in the business? Yes Debby K. work in the restaurant reflecting good behaviors as an example for the employees. She taught and modeled behaviors so they attract more customers. Mention examples from the extract that help us understand that customers are loyal? They showed customer loyalty when they greeted customers by name, smiled, they are always cleaning the restaurant even when it is the busiest lunch time.


Homework Read the story of Garth´s call to the car dealership presented on page 56. Then, describe four telephone use problems that probably led to Garth´s irritation and his decision not do business with that dealer.

Problem 1: They don’t thanks people for calling.

Problem 2: He waited a long time on hold many times.

Problem 3: They used many unnecessary call screening.

Problem 4: Customer service didn’t know that much about their work and company.

Mention six telephone tips in this chapter that could avoid these issues from happening. Action tip no.3 (avoid unnecessary call screening) If there exists a lot of call screening it becomes annoying to the customers and then they prefer to hang up. Action tip no4. (answer with professionalism) For example in this passage the persons of customer service didn’t treat Garth with professionalism and it is like disrespect for him. Action tip 8 (Be sure the conversation is finished before you hang up) Is disrespectful if we hang up someone if they hasn’t finish talking or their

last sentence so that’s why that we hang up until the customer said their last word. Action tip 10 (Keep your conversation tactful and businesslike) At the time we are talking with the customer is necessary to handle a conversation in which the questions are businesslike, so the customer wont feel offended. Action tip 16 (Take messages cheerfully and accurately) If we confuse passing the message to the right person many times this will make that the customer became upset. Action tip 13 (Do not let “Dead air” to happen) It is important not to live the customer at the phone in pause or waiting for somebody to talk him this is always bored and sometimes the customers better hang up.


Disney Restaurant 1. Service or Product Description: It would be a restaurant inspired in Disney movies, it would be divided in different sections and every section represents a different movie, and the products in the section will be inspired in the movie. 2. Market Opportunities: Because everyone had seen a Disney movie and everyone love Disney movies not matter there are kids or adults they have a favorite Disney movie. 3. Unique Traits or Characteristics: In any part of the world there is a restaurant like this one, in which you can be part of the movie and eat food inspired in what you love about Disney. 4. Market Leader: Disneyland 5. Target Market: Anyone who wants to eat a delicious food and having a good time watching Disney. 6. Promotion and Advertising: Before, during, and after because first we need customers in our opening and then to announce our sales and promotions and new products. 7. Physical Location: The restaurant will be placed in Carretera al Salvador.

presentations Listening Habits


Hearing is purely physical activity by

which sound waves are sent to the brain for understanding, and listening refers to the psychological processes that allow us to attach meaning to the patterns of energy we “hear�. And it is important to avoid: Faking attention Gatekeepers Listening capacity Noise Wide asleep listener Habit

Use friendly web sites

communication Summary:

The Internet has become the perfect place

for buying and selling things because every day millions of people access to a worldwide communications system, the internet. This day’s most of the companies or businesses have a web site to be part of this type of commerce. Customers use knowledge bases like the frequently asked questions FAQs to solve their problems by themselves. Also business created other kind of web pages like structures and unstructured knowledge basis, forums and live chats to help their customers using the internet. When we use internet, as customers we expect to have a faster answer and a personalized service.

Web Pages and Electronic

Communication Summary: The internet has become the place for searching and shopping. We have to assume that all companies have a web presence. The Internet is: A perfect sales channel, an excellent channel for pre-sale, effective post-sale customer support.

Final summary of most important elements of Web communication and Internet The future of the internet 1. The customer would be more satisfied for the efficiency of the process and the company would have a greater income. 2. Customers might expect quicker and more efficient service to solve their needs online. 3. Hackers that might steal or change information that will complicate the efficiency of the process. Summary of web-base service The internet has become the place for searching and shopping. We have to assume that all companies have a web presence. The Internet is: A perfect sales channel, an excellent channel for pre-sale, effective post-sale customer support. Web Chat or live chat requires lie people available to the customer and this is experience. Self-serve personalized answers are the ideal technology-assisted service a company can offer. SNSs link friends and associates of all ages in easy-to-use contact networks. Customer Service Expectation: customization, scrutiny, integrity, collaboration, entertainment, speed, innovation. Email provides delayed answers to customer inquiries. Web analytical and benchmarking provide data for constant improvement of your webs site’s effectiveness. E-services can provide additional benefits such as improved customer relationships.

Pictionary Word Listen


Definition To concentrate on hearing something.

Sentence Picture It is important to listen the customer s and analyze what they are saying. To perceive I hear a a sound with strange the sense of sound hearing. when they were talking.


The person who has charge of a gate and controls who may pass through it.

The President has like 6 gatekeep ers before we want to talk him.


A problem designed to evaluate the performanc e of a computer system.

HTC Phones have made their ben chmark in the mobile industry.


A personal website or web page in which and individuals records opinions.

Click path

Is a list of all the pages viewed by a visitor.


Are listed questions and answers, all supposed to be commonly asked in some context. A store of information or data that is available to draw on.

Knowledge base

Many compani es have blogs so people can write their opinions that can help the company to improve. The click path of that boy is really large and interestin g. I think that blogs are tired of FAQs everyday .

I didn’t find the solution in the knowledg e base of my computer .

Live Chat

The exchange of messages in an internet or other network chartroom.

Online forum

Is a website that allows visitors to communica te with each other by posting messages



Live chat helps us to receive instant messages and fast.

Online forum help to interact with other people by posting interestin g opinions. Is the phrase SNSs are used to now describe revolution any website around that enables the world. users to create public profiles. Unsolicited Is email often annoying of a to commercial receive nature sent spam to multiple when I mailing lists. don’t want.

Web chat

Is a system that allows users to communica te in real time using easily accessible web interfaces.

Web chat is what everybod y actually uses because is fast and really efficient.

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