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SALE SCHEDULE: Friday, November 2nd

9:00 am The 16th Annual Harvest of Excellence Sale offering will be on display. Cattle may also be viewed at the farm.

Saturday, November 3rd Brad, Melanie, Ashlie & Hannah Tyler, Natalie & Beckett State Route 309, Lima, Ohio Brad 419.303.3399 • Tyler 419.236.4375 Herdsman: Kurtis Klingaman 269.366.6195

11:00 am Lunch will be served compliments of the Winegardner family. 1:00pm The 16th Annual Harvest of Excellence Sale


Auctioneer Col. Kevin Wendt ............419.566.1599 or 614.789.1627 Ringmen Rob Chapman ............................................269.209.3944 Dick Carmichael .........................................615.584.0997 Delvin Heldermon .......................................405.205.1116 Mike Reindel ..............................................419.235.3607 Kent Jaeke .................................................405.408.2440 Consultants John Boddicker, AMAA ..............................816.431.9950 Tyler Humphrey, ACA ................................419.230.3450 John Jacobs...............................................260.273.8235 Ryan Dunklau ............................................402.369.2025 Lucas Regula .............................................419.236.2584


NOVEMBER 2, 2013 1:00PM EST

Allen County Fairgrounds · Lima, Ohio Located on State Route 309, one mile East of Interstate 75.

Brad Winegardner ....................................419.303.3399 Tyler Winegardner ....................................419.236.4375 Melanie Winegardner ...............................419.302.5531 Natalie Winegardner..................................765.238.0801 Kurtis Klingaman.......................................269.366.6195 Kevin Smalley............................................740.505.8528 Most sale consultants will be present sale day as well.

Dear Friends, It is with great excitement and enthusiasm that we welcome you to our 17th Annual Harvest of Excellence production sale! We feel extremely honored that you have taken the time to view our cattle either in person, online by picture or video or through this catalog. So far we have had a beautiful grain harvest and we believe the same can be said of our calf crop. We have all been working very diligently on this set of females and it is by no stretch that we can honestly say the quality runs deep. Again we have been very fortunate to be involved with Jerry Adamson and the Rockn J Ranch. Our part of the world is by no means considered “cow country” but Jerry and his crew have given us the opportunity to promote our genetics through our embryo program and place them out in the sand hills of Nebraska. We feel our genetics are superior when it comes to the show ring as well as producing great ones down the road. We are very proud of our donor cows and also the bulls that we have raised. We have some Who Da Man, Swag, Man Up and Man on a Mission daughters that we think speak for themselves. Our bulls are proving themselves in today’s very competitive industry. We are dedicated to producing the highest quality seedstock in the market today and in doing so bring forth excellence for our clients. Our family is very important to us and that is why we value you our customer and our relationship with you. We are here to help you as you purchase a calf and take them on down the road whether it be to the Junior Nationals, North American, State, Jackpot shows, your county fair or your pasture.

Our daughter Hannah has been very blessed to have had much show ring success. She will be exhibiting for the last time as a junior next month at the North American in Louisville. She loves working with youth. Her and our entire crew will be here to answer any and all of your questions from feeding to dressing for the show. As you succeed we do as well. As always there are many people we would like to thank. First and foremost we want to thank God for the blessings he has given us and to Him all of the praise and glory. We want to thank our family and close friends who have given us so much love and support. We would not be where we are today without them. So THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts (you know who you are)! We want you to consider this your official invitation to our 17th annual sale. We invite you to come have lunch with us starting at 11:00 am. Sale starts at 1:00 PM. Cattle will be on display at our farm all fall and at the fairgrounds beginning Thursday of sale week. We look forward to seeing you and working with you this next year! Blessings,

Brad, Melanie, Ashlie and Hannah Tyler, Natalie and Beckett


Holiday Inn ................................................419.879.4000 Hampton Inn .............................................419.225.8300 Howard Johnson .......................................419.222.0004

Harvest of Excellence Consignment Invitation Making a purchase in our sale creates the eligibility to consign in a future sale. Please contact Brad or Tyler Winegardner by April 1, 2014 to discuss your involvement in the 2014 Harvest of Excellence Sale.


Rocking J Ranch, Dr. John McCullough, Dunk Cattle Co., Reindel Family, Barker Family, Rogers Family, Tom Farms, Simpson Family and Bob Duis.



to retain two flushes on each lot at sellers expense. A minimum of eight transferable eggs unless otherwise noted.


Check-out page 6 for more information on our Junior incentive program.



Abby 421A Sire: Monopoly ▪ Dam: Abby DOB: 04-21-2013 ▪ Registered Chi 7.54%



Abby 311 A Sire: Swag ▪ Dam: Abby DOB: 03-11-2013 ▪ Registered Chi: 7.14%

The Abby

We are so excited about Swag’s first set of babies and this one is this cow’s natural calf. This female puts so many things together that are hard to combine. Her added mass and body volume is incredible when you consider one can be this perfect structured. And as you can tell by her picture she is awesome to look at too.


We are absolutely ecstatic to be starting this year’s catalog with this young donor’s progeny. Abby is truly something special. She is what we are striving for as an operation. Sound, functional, and easy fleshing with an awesome look. You will be able to tell just how good this cow is, and how excited we are when you see these four females up close.



1c 1d

Lots 1B -1D are 3 full sibs by Monopoly out of our Abby donor. These three females as well as their maternal sister combine so much in terms of shear quality. These three females all combine todays show ring look, with some added dimension and power. We like all three and are not sure which one is the best, come take a look and you decide.

Abby 426Z Sire: Monopoly ▪ Dam: Abby DOB: 04-26-2013 ▪ Registered Chi 7.54%

Abby 509Z Sire: Monopoly ▪ Dam: Abby DOB: 05-09-2013 ▪ Registered Chi 7.54%



Ashton 221A Sire: Man Up ▪ Dam: DSUL Ashton (Full of 602 x Heat Seeker x 6651) DOB: 02-21-2013 ▪ Registered Chi: 6.29% This powerful beast has been one of our very favorites since birth. Her look and presence are so commanding and when you combine that with all of her dimension, center body and power, she quickly becomes unique.


Blue Berry 216A Sire: Swag ▪ Dam: Rose (Brutus x Timeless Rose) DOB: 02-16-2013 ▪ Registered ShorthornPlus & Low Percent Chi 3.025% What a wonderful Shorthorn Plus this one is. It is hard to make them this angular and correct structurally while still putting this much look and body in one. This female’s potential is unlimited; she will run hard now or later. Let the fun begin.


Junior Incentive Program Juniors may receive credit awards for exhibiting registered heifers purchased at the Harvest of Excellence Sale. Terms are as follows: 1. Must be a certified Junior Association member; 2. Reward comes in credit form to be used at future Harvest of Excellence sales; 3. Heifers resold following purchase are not eligible; 4. Exhibitors must provide proof of entry, show placing and a professional grade photo of winning animal at said show.


NATIONAL JR. HEIFER SHOW $ 1,000 Grand Champion Heifer $ 750 Reserve Grand Champion Heifer $ 500 Division Winner $ 250 Reserve Division Winner $ 100 Class Winner

MAJOR STATE FAIRS (IL, IN, IA, KS, MO, NE, OH, OK, SD, TX) $ 250 Grand Champion Heifer $ 125 Reserve Grand Champion Heifer MAJOR JUNIOR HEIFER SHOWS (Denver, Fort Worth, Kansas City, Louisville, AK-SAR-BEN) $ 500 Grand Champion Heifer $ 250 Reserve Grand Champion Heifer $ 100 Division Winner


BEST PROGRAM $ 500 Champion of respective breed in points at the end of year. $250 Reserve Champion of respective breed in points at the end of year.

Four generations of Winegardner's Wally, Brad, Tyler, & Beckett

2014 Junior Nationals Chianina Junior Nationals June 21-27 2014 • Louisville, KY Maine-Anjou Junior Nationals June 21-27 2014 • Louisville, KY Shorthorn Junior Nationals June 21-27 2014 • Louisville, KY

Kurtis Klingaman. Herdsman



The Ace Daughters

I could absolutely talk about the Ace donor for days. She has quickly become the most influential cow in our program. This female works no matter what bull you mate her to. As you will be able to tell we will try her to a variety of bulls. This cow has already raised countless High seller and females that went on to win, not to mention the National Champion chi bull in 2012.

Rockn Ace 36U (Destiny's Ace x Laci) Dam of Lot 4's

Ace 316A Sire: Chopper ▪ Dam: Rockn Ace 36U DOB: 03-16-2013 ▪ Reg. 1/2 Blood Simmental and Chi: 9%

Ace 214A Sire: Who Da Man Dam: Rockn Ace 36U DOB: 02-14-2013 Registered Chi: 17.728%



These two Who da Man daughters are absolutely incredible. Even though they are a little different in their build they are both something to write home about. These females are so sound, functional and easy to look at and did I mention, anything you breed them to, you will still have a chi that is over 6.25%. Now that’s hard to find these days, quality and High percentage chis. Stay ahead of the curve with these two.



Ace 323A Sire: Man Up ▪ Dam: Rockn Ace 36U DOB: 03-23-2013 ▪ Registered Chi: 13.38%


Ace 360A Sire: Who Da Man Dam: Rockn Ace 36U DOB: 03-06-2013 Registered Chi: 17.728%

This beautiful stripe faced female is absolutely a genetic gem. Having one that dual registers as she does is so rare. Think about the endless opportunities you will have mating this one. Oh and did I mention she is way good too. This heifer is so well balanced, sound and powerful; it will make your head spin. She is the kind that hangs banners and raises the high sellers we all desire.


This Man up female is so fun to look at. When you think of that ideal looking one this may be her. 323A’s look and power is crazy, with all of the hair you would ever want in one. Give this one a little time and the banners could be endless.

Ace 418A Sire: Swag ▪ Dam: Rockn Ace 36U DOB: 04-18-2013 ▪ Registered Chi: 12.06% The Swag heifer is this youngest of the sisters but don’t hold that against her. This one is so broody and functional, and sound it’s hard to believe. We think this one is the kind to run all winter long and still make a killer junior national and state fair one.



Miley Two 122A


Sire: Who Da Man ▪ Dam: Black Impact x 2020 Vision

Sire: Swag ▪ Dam: Purebred Charolais DOB: 04-20-2013 ▪ Reg. Charolais Composite and Low Percent Chi: 3.025%

DOB: 01-22-2013 ▪ Reg. Chi: 8.69% & MaineTainer: 25%


Full Sib

When you think about a female being a big time contender at the majors this surely has to be one of them. Perfect structured and elegant with loads of volume and mass easily describe this January born female. As you can see she is a full sib to a Harvest of Excellence previous High seller that not only won a lot of banners but more importantly has been raising the kind that wins big and sell high. As a bonus this one is TH free by pedigree.


Maggie 421A Sire: Monopoly ▪ Dam: Maggie (Full Sib to Who Da Man) DOB: 04-21-2013 ▪ Registered Chi: 12.09%

Sunflower 316A


We are very fortunate to have owned Who Da Man and his line of genetics. This female is out of his full sister. When we think of making a perfect mating this could be it to make a show cow. Taking all of the mass and power of Monopoly and combining it with that wow look of her mother, the result was awesome and here she is.

Sunflower 419A Sire: I-80 ▪ Dam: FBF Sunflower DOB: 04-19-2013 ▪ Reg. Chi 18.74% and MaineTainer 50% First thing I can say about this one is, is wow. She is so good looking it is scary. Her added structural correctness and eye appeal make her truly a rare one to have. The other amazing thing is no matter what you mate this one to you will always have a Chi and a Maintainer.


The Sunflower Daughters

7a 7b

Venessa 1A Sire: I-80 ▪ Dam: Wisdom x Nurses Aid (Dr. Who) DOB: 02-02-2013 ▪ Registered High Maine: 75%

Sire: Swag ▪ Dam: FBF Sunflower DOB: 03-16-2013 ▪ Registered Chi 21.7% I know this is only Swag’s first calf crop but these cattle are good. This is Sunflowers natural and we were ecstatic with her at birth. This female has long term written all over her. She not only has the ability to go and play now but wait until she is a big one. Oh by the way take a look at the chi percentage this one offers.

This char composite female is made for the long haul. She is so good at the ground with that awesome show ring look and presence. This one will be a lot of fun no matter where you want to show her. Also think about how hot the smoky thing is right now, for raising them in the future.

This female is an absolute load. Moderate, sound and functional easily describe this one. The donor potential here is unlimited. It is hard to find High percent Maine’s with this much body, and fleshing ability.

Augusta Pride 411A Sire: CF Sonic ▪ Dam: Augusta Pride (Sonny x Double Vision) DOB: 04-11-2013 ▪ Purebred Shorthorn


This April female is one that gets us excited. She has all of the pieces to be a national level contending female. She is so sound, functional with an awesome look. Hannah showed this females mother and did a lot of winning, including division champion at Louisville and Denver. As a bonus this one is TH and PHA free by Pedigree.

Ms Rockn Candy (Eye Candy x Chiangus)

This young donor has been so influential in our program. Her first calf was a promotional bull purchased by Trausch Farms named Blue Print. In her second year she was the mother of the lot 1 Females that went on to be very successful for the Wisnefski family of Illinois. This cow seems to work in many different ways, but none better than to Man Up. As you will be able to see by these four females this was an awesome flush.

Glitter 324A Sire: Heat Wave ▪ Dam: Glitter Girl (Kadabra x Main Breake) DOB: 03-24-2013 ▪ Registered Chi: 6.29% and MaineTainer: 3/8




11d 11a Candy 424A

11b Candy 427A

Sire: Man Up ▪ Dam: Rockn Candy DOB: 04-24-2013 ▪ Registered Chi: 16.45%

Sire: Man Up ▪ Dam: Rockn Candy DOB: 04-27-2013 ▪ Registered Chi: 16.45%

11c Candy 504A

11d Candy 509A

Sire: Man Up ▪ Dam: Rockn Candy DOB: 05-04-2013 ▪ Registered Chi: 16.45%

Sire: Man Up ▪ Dam: Rockn Candy DOB: 05-09-2013 ▪ Registered Chi: 16.45%

We think all of these females are extremely good but different in type and kind. Honestly I think that is a good thing because quality comes in many different packages. With that being said all four still are so sound and great to look at with a huge rib cage. We are not sure which one is the best because each day we like a different one. Bid with confidence here, these are already proven genetics. 12



Full Sister

This double registered female is certainly one of our favorites. She has been a stand out all the way through. Her added femininity, structural soundness and profile make her extra special. If you have been to any of our previous sales you know the Glitter name has been so good to us over the years. This heifer calf is no different.

Believer 319A Sire: Believe In Me ▪ Dam: Tinman x Kryptonite DOB: 03-19-2013 ▪ Registered Chi: 7.57%


Believer is a female that is built for the long haul. This one is so flexible, flat built and functional. She has all of the pieces it takes to play hard at the jackpots and the majors.

Extravagant Sire: Xtra Good ▪ Dam: Harper (Sooner x Analyze This) (Who Da Man x Hotline) DOB: 02-10-2013 ▪ Registered Chi: 9.01% and MaineTainer


We have been lucky to be involved with Everett Thom over the years. The two females in this year’s sale are definitely some of the best he has ever raised. This February female is so massive and functional with all the brood cow look you would ever want in one. She has what it takes to not only compete at a high level but also to make a front pasture donor when it’s all said and done.



Miss Lucy F&G

Augusta Pride 327A

Sire: Fortune & Glory ▪ Dam: Lucy (Lutton x Dateline x Chillfactor) DOB: 02-26-2013 ▪ Registered MaineTainer

Sire: Exile (Double Vision x Man O War) ▪ Dam: Augusta Pride (Aviator)

This female obviously is a direct daughter of the famous Lucy cow for Dunk Cattle Co. We have been very fortunate to have a full sib and many maternal sibs to this female that have been very successful. This maintainer heifer has cow power written all over her with today’s show ring look. Her value will be incredible not only today but for many years to come.

What an eye appealing great structured purebred female this is. Her added quality and femininity make this one very special to us. Not to mention this female’s dam is the Mother to Man on a Mission and CF Upgrade the recent $36,000 bull sold at Cates Farms. Cow Power Here.

DOB: 03-27-2013 ▪ Purebred Shorthorn


Lucy Lot 15 in 2012 sale by the Acmoody Family Many time champion Mama's Boy x Lucy


Nevada 222A Sire: In Dew Time ▪ Dam: 6807 x Nevada Nights DOB: 02-22-2013 ▪ Registered Half Blood Simmental When we think about finding a female that has the ability to raise one this heifer would certainly come to the top of our list. It is hard to make one this sound and big bodied and still have a half blood be this attractive from the side.

Miss Lucy's Mission Sire: Man On A Mission ▪ Dam: Heat Wave x Lucy DOB: 02-23-2013 ▪ Registered Chi: 7.5% This is Man On A Missions first calf crop and we are very happy with him. This female is built like the rest of the Who Da Man line of cattle. Great structured and built to go the distance. We love this females extra femininity and soundness and as a bonus she is TH free by pedigree.



Rose 414A Sire: I-80 ▪ Dam: Habanero x Rose DOB: 04-14-2013 ▪ Registered Purebred Maine-Anjou

Magic 406A

Magic 410A

Sire: Eye Candy ▪ Dam: Denver Magic (Chiangus)

Sire: Eye Candy ▪ Dam: Denver Magic (Chiangus)

DOB: 04-06-2013 ▪ Registered Chi: Above 6.25%

DOB: 04-10-2013 ▪ Registered Chi: Above 6.25%

This high Maine female is what we are after. What a look she has with all of the bone and power you would ever need. She is a little green today but give this one a little time and she will be a big time player in the very near future. Did I mention that this female’s grandmother was National Champion Female.


Shedaisy 403A



These two females are from the Rockin J Ranch, and we love them both. Their mother is a famous Deiter Bros. cow that Jerry bought in there dispersal. The Denver Magic cow works to absolutely everything and especially Eye Candy. These two have the look and balance combined with the body and structural correctness to do big things. 14


Sire: Monopoly ▪ Dam: Shedaisy (Impulse) DOB: 04-03-2013 ▪ Registered Chi: 15.8% Over the years the Shedaisy cow of Rockn J’s has been not only good to him but good to us. This female may be the best one to date. What an incredible look she has with all of her added extension. This heifer not only has the power and structure of her mother but has that today show ring look of Monopoly.




Abby 421A Sire: Tobasco ▪ Dam: Who Da Man x Outrageous DOB: 04-02-2013 ▪ Registered ShorthornPlus

Glitter 521A

This solid red female is a gem. She is beautiful profiling, sound and functional. We think this one is a player no matter where you exhibit her.

Sire: Swag ▪ Dam: Private Stock x Glitter DOB: 05-21-2013 ▪ Registered MaineTainer


This is the youngest female in the sale but don’t hold that against her. There is lots of quality in this female from head to toe. Give this one a little time and she will be a player.

These two females are a Harvest of Excellence success story. Mcevoy Farms purchased their mother a few years back and she has made a wonderful cow for them. Both of these heifers are easy on the eyes. They are functional, sound, and cowy, with a killer look. Think about what all their grandmother has accomplished and the future these two have.

Candy Flower 227A Sire: Eye Candy ▪ Dam: Who Da Man x Sunflower DOB: 02-27-2013 ▪ Registered Chi: 18.3%

Candy Flower 304A Sire: Eye Candy ▪ Dam: Who Da Man x Sunflower DOB: 03-04-2013 ▪ Registered Chi: 18.3%


Bella 507A Sire: Ringer ▪ Dam: Monopoly DOB: 05-07-2013 ▪ Registered MaineTainer

23a 23b

This young heifer calf is out of Hannah’s show heifer from last year that she showed very successfully. This one has future written all over her. She is classy in her look and sound at the ground. This one will get better every day.


Blue Bell 323A

Xtra Fancy

Sire: Witchdoctor ▪ Dam: Commercial Shorthorn DOB: 03-23-2013

Sire: Xtra Good ▪ Dam: Franchise DOB: 05-05-2013 ▪ Registered MaineTainer: 62.5%

24 16


This is an extremely high quality maintainer female here. Even though she is young we feel this one has as much potential as any. We are in love with the look, balance and structural soundness this one has.


This is a wild colored maintainer that will definitely catch the judge’s eye. With that being said she is so well balanced, with great rib shape and structural correctness.



We would like to congratulate the following families... AcMoody Family Brooke Family Whisman Family Wisnefski Family Rogers Family Stutzman Family Heintz Family HARVEST OF EXCELLENCE SALE WINEGARDNER


8865 Harding Highway Lima, Ohio 45801

Winegardner's harvest of excellence 2013 catalog final  

Winegardner Show Cattle Harvest of Excellence 2013 Sale Catalog

Winegardner's harvest of excellence 2013 catalog final  

Winegardner Show Cattle Harvest of Excellence 2013 Sale Catalog