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August 2013

Timeless Collection On trend,  chic  and  sure  to  turn  heads.  When  in  doubt...go  Timeless.

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a) Cinthia  MB1185  ,  b)  Lydia  (Tan)  MB1102,    c)  Lynn  MB1140,  d)  Vivian  (Mustard)  MB1113    e)  Reni  MB5161,  f)  Paige  MB5108,     g)  Selena  MB5147,  h)  Carolyn  MB5153

August 2013 Cinthia-­MB1185

---------------------------------------------------Gorgeous pewter grey metallic faux leather already makes this Shell a beauty, but a double diagonal tuxedo ruffle really elevates the “wow” factor on the Cinthia for Classic Bags. It’s a look that says, “let’s go out tonight, honey!” Need a glam Shell to add to your collection? Cinthia is perfect!


Lydia (Tan)-­MB1102

--------------------------------------------The tan colour of the Lydia Shell for your Classic Miche Base Bag along with the cord material is sure to add a splash of style to any outfit; whilst keeping practical with full ends, and double front popper pockets and a strap that fastens over the top with a neat Miche logo. Perfect for an everyday bag with a touch of fashionista!



---------------------------------------------------For those days when you’re feeling uptown and sophisticated, slip on the Lynn Classic Shell and you’re ready for whatever you have planned. Maybe it’s lunch with your favourite girlfriends. Perhaps it’s time for that most favourite of womanly pastimes: shoe shopping! Lynn’s metallic cream croc faux leather, black faux accents and ultra-feminine textile floral panel are as ready as you are to face the day with style and panache.


Vivian (Mustard)-­MB1113


This delightful Shell is as spicy as her name! The delicate pleating of the Vivian (mustard) for Classic Miche Bags adds instant elegance to your outfit, and the “wow” colour is perfect for any season.


August 2013 Selena-­MB5147

---------------------------------------------------The rich dark chocolate faux leather is only the first style trick the Selena Petite Shell has up her sleeve. Check out her vibrant magenta chevron detail on the front, cooled by a surprising touch of silver striping. Contrasting magenta stitching and end pockets bring the Signature look together. Selena is a sophisticated, yet sporty Petite—what a winning combination!


----------------------------------------The Carolyn for Petite Bags is a lovely little gem brimming with elegance and grace. This Shell makes the ideal accessory for a romantic candlelit dinner or an evening at the ballet. You’ll delight in her ultra-soft lightly-textured faux leather in a perfect shade of cream that goes with just about any outfit. Carolyn features a delicate woven accent piece on the front, soft pleating details, antique brass hardware and end pockets.



---------------------------------------------------Cream and mellow yellow colours add a light and modern twist to the classic plaid design of the Paige Petite Shell. It’s a Petite that oozes class and sophistication—just like you! Signature




The Reni for Petite Miche Bags is all about fun and joi de vivre! Bright cobalt blue pebble-grained faux leather demands attention—the bright gold zipper and tiny rivet accents are absolutely irresistible. She’s perfect for an evening of dancing at the club or for pairing with your favourite jeans.

August Release 2013  

The timeless collection of Miche for August 2013

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