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BoBo's Race to the Top Written by Diana Garcia Illustrated by Blake McBrier

BoBo's Race to the Top! Written by: Diana Garcia Illustrated by: Blake McBrier 11/30/12

It was a dark and wet night when Bobo’s parents heard his the first cry from BoBo the monkey. It was quiet all around the forest but not for long because as soon as BoBo screamed for the first time he didn’t stop.

After three minutes everyone was awake and wondering who woke them up. Then they realized that a new monkey had been born. The next day it was a bright, warm, and shiny day and everyone was talking about the new monkey. While walking through the jungle, people stopped Mrs. Banana and BoBo to say hello.

“Hi,” LuLu said. Then she asked, “why are you so small?” She turned and looked up at her mom “So what is your name?” she asked the new baby monkey. “My name is BoBo,” he said “Are you coming to school?” she asked. “No, we haven’t signed you up yet,” she replied. Bobo looked sadly at his mom, and she said “You can go tomorrow.” The next day arrived, and Mrs. Banana took BoBo to school. When he got there everyone was climbing a tree! The teacher, Mrs. Split said, “Pick a tree and start climbing.”

Mrs. Split said, “Don't cry just keep trying and you will get the hang of it.” But BoBo didn’t think that the teacher was telling the truth, and with tears dripping down his face he said, “But I have tried over and over again and I still can't climb the tree.” Mrs. Split said, “Please BoBo try again, and don't give up. Soon you will be able to climb any tree you want.”

But after three weeks of school and trying as hard as he could he would still come crashing to the ground as soon as he would get a little bit up.

After those weeks of school the teacher Mrs. Split realize the he wasn’t moving forward like the other kids. So she decided to call Mrs. Banana.

When Mrs. Banana got a call from the teacher she got worried she went to the school to talk to Mrs. Split about her son. When she got there Mrs. Split told her that because of how small he was born the he might have more trouble learning how to climb and keep his self up without falling out of tree.

Mrs. Split told Mrs. Banana that if they wanted BoBo to learn how to climbed that her and Mr. Banana were going to go school and help him and she said the she would do whatever needed to be done to help her darling little kid and then ask if BoBo’s friend LuLu could come along to help him

The next week came and BoBos mom and dad came every after school and helped him with everything. Everything was starting to look up for BoBo because in those days the teacher and his parents started to see the progress the BoBo had been making the week.

After two week of BoBo working with Mrs. Split and LuLu and his parents BoBo was able to climbed the trees he wanted and after those weeks of working so hard with everyone and just the will of working BoBo went back to school being able to do whatever everyone one doing so he was really happy.

The teacher saw how BoBo was working so hard and she wanted the class to see what he had accomplish with a little bit of work and motivation from people who love him and care for him that anything is possible.She asked BoBo “Would you talk about what you did to accomplished what you wanted.� BoBo stood informant of everyone to tell them what he went through so they would see if you try hard you will get what you want even if at times it looks impossible.

BoBo's Race to the Top  

A little monkey named BoBo wants to climb trees like all the other monkeys in his class. Will he stick with it long enough to succeed?