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We’re the ones with the new ideas. The ones who aren’t afraid to be different. Having a vision means seeking beyond the ordinary, even if you have to break the rules. No one has ever changed the world by being the same as everybody else.... We are Black Sheep Advertising.

executive summarY Take a look around. You might become discouraged, disgruntled or dismayed at the state of the world. Both at home and abroad, we face financial struggles, constant conflict and a general lack of hope for what lies ahead. For many, the future is scary, but the here and now is what really keeps them up at night. To Multicultural Millennials, the now is all there is. They are excited for what lies ahead, but live for today. How are they able to live in the now when life can be so daunting? They live in their world. This is a world filled with family and friends, ups and downs, simple pleasures and complex problems. This is a world that is unique to each person, as no one has the same make-up of people, places or things surrounding them. That being said, each world carries similar themes of hope, passion, individuality and inspiration. Like the world at large, a Multicultural Millennial’s world isn’t simple. It is a controlled chaos filled with many influences from all directions, but ultimately nothing and no one can define them. Every interaction and object must fit that world by becoming an extension of the person at the center. How can Nissan fit into the world of a multicultural millennial? By being what they need them to be. No car and, certainly, no brand will define this generation. Serving basic functions in extraordinary ways is the key into the world of a Multicultural Millennial. Letting them know that Nissan can and will be a part of their lives on their terms is what matters most. This is an angle Nissan can truly own because each model is packed with personality and unique innovations that make their world a little bit better. Competitors often focus on becoming the vehicle for life’s big moments, or make the mistake of offering one-size-fits-all models that aren’t compatible with each individual millennial. By shifting focus back to living for today on their terms, Nissan can and will become the vehicle of this generation.


RESEARCh OBJECTIVES Black Sheep Advertising set out with four objectives to guide our primary research methods, allowing us to dig deeper into the lives of African American, Chinese American, and Hispanic millennials aged 1829. • To understand how multicultural millennials view themselves, both as people and consumers • To determine what makes these consumers different from the general population in their car buying approaches • To develop a clear understanding of where Nissan currently stands in the mind of Multicultural Millennials • To analyze how Multicultural Millennials make big purchasing decisions

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primary research





Once we fully explored each objective, we were able to pull key insights that would serve as the foundation for our campaign. Within such a diverse community of consumers, we first had to find what, if anything, was tying them all together. We did this using four research methods. The distribution of 700 surveys allowed us inside not only the minds of our primary and secondary audiences, but allowed us to understand what the parents of these people are thinking as well. Conducting and analyzing 524 on-thestreet interviews provided us with an idea of how car-buying purchases are made and who Multicultural Millennials turn to for advice when making such significant decisions. Seven focus groups and three undercover dealership interviews further displayed the distinctly unique nature of this generation.

Key Insights • They consider family to be the most important part of their lives; while they may not flaunt this fact, family is the first aspect factored into each and every major decision they make. • Approval is everything; though this audience openly rejects conformity and celebrates individuality, they seek approval from their friends and family in all that they do, and gain that approval by being themselves. • They structure their own worlds. They embrace the influences around them, but are not defined by them. • They want a car that will be an extension of who they are to the rest of their world. • They live in the now; the future is important, but the only way to get there is to live for today.




People aren’t dartboards Black Sheep Advertising firmly believes that companies should no longer operate under the idea that messages are sent to “target audiences”. This would imply that people are static and unresponsive when, in reality, they make up an active and participatory community both on and offline. The only way for a company to make an impact on people is to become part of the community by starting a conversation.

PRIMARY COMMUNITY: GENERATION NOw Multicultural Millennials aren’t defined by any one thing. Their ethnicity is not an allencompassing factor. They look to the future but aren’t daunted by it. They’re excited. Enticed. But more importantly, they understand that it’s just that — the future. They plan for the future and work towards it, but are focused on enjoying and succeeding today. Multicultural Millennials are defined by the now and everything it entails: the people the people they surround themselves with, the passions they pursue, the places they journey to, and the experiences they encounter.

6 5

The Inspirational

The aspirational

Is ready to purchase a car, whether it be their first or next vehicle. They have done research and have the resources needed for the purchase. They knows what kind of car will best fit their needs, and look for the nod of approval from family and friends.

Is excited to be in the market for what is probably their first car. They do not yet have the ability to finance the car entirely on their own, and will be relying at least partially on another (frequently a family member), for some monetary support. The Aspirational seeks approval not only because they need financial support, but also because they trust the thoughts and opinions of their family above all others. They are looking for a car that expresses who they are, and that will fit into the life they lead.

Secondary Community: Generation now at Large Generation Now can be expanded to encompass all millennials within the 18-29 age group. Through extensive research, we found that the mindsets of Multicultural Millennials did not differ significantly from the general millennial population. The inherent uniqueness and need for approval spans across the entire generation’s mindsets.

tertiary Community: The facilitators Because buying a car is such a large commitment, Generation Now frequently turns to their parents for both advice as well as financial support. When helping to facilitate an automobile purchase, parents will want to have a say in what their children are driving. Because of this heavily influential factor, they must be connected as well.

They’re saying it wrong Toyota, Honda, and Hyundai have all been cited as some of Nissan’s top competition. Their sales and brand recognition amongst Generation Now are some of the best in the game. Why is that? In their worlds, Generation Now’s parents always drove a Honda Civic or a Toyota Camry, so those brands are familiar — from another’s world. They haven’t found a car that fits their worlds yet. As these brands shift their focuses to Generation Now, they have positioned their cars as the vehicles of the future and what they think Gen Now needs to accomplish before life’s big moments occur. They say we need to make ‘leap lists’ as we are ‘moving forward’ in the ‘game of life’.

For Generation Now, It’s Never Too Late... The future will always be there, but the here and now is exciting and fleeting. There is no time stamp and certainly no deadline on Gen Now’s pivotal occasions. Sometimes, the best moments are the ones you can’t plan for. Nissan can be different. By showcasing unique innovations and how they relate to Generation Now today and everyday, Nissan can become a part of their world.

7 6

one size does not fit all Generation Now is 50% more likely than any other community to seek a car that they believe accurately expresses who they are. Brands like Ford and Chevy only offer one style of vehicle—strong and simple. Gen Now has a broad mindset and a variety of needs which simply aren’t met within a one-size-fits-all car brand. This community likes to make choices, and the only way to make a smart choice is to consider options.

By offering an unmatched variety of models that include a host of unique innovations, Nissan can appeal to Generation Now in a way no other brand can. Generation Now sees themselves as having a strong foundation of core values, but are still able to express their unique personalities through their passions, interests, clothing, and so much more. After connecting with Nissan, Generation Now will have met its match. …And that’s a good thing.

8 7

Get in their circle internships older brother To many, Generation Now is a mystery. 50% think their car should represent their personality. 45% want their car to catch people’s attention*. They reject conformity, but constantly seek approval from family, friends and even strangers. How can they be such individuals while seeking ego boosts from Facebook ‘likes’ and re-tweets? The only way they get this approval is by being themselves. Whether it be volunteering, playing the guitar or starting a career, Generation Now follows their passions. They seek to create a unique identity, but also want to be supported and encouraged along the way. To others these influences may seem conflicting, but together the people they surround themselves with and the passions they pursue shape their world. Understanding the complex make-up of Gen Now will allow Nissan to fit right in.



dance teacher

in / out of state




thrifting food service


fashion blogs


VALUES perseverence

nights out

high school sweethearts communication


RELATIONSHIPS long-distance




strong work ethic

proud parents

urban clubs



greek life


baby-sitting obama


campus size



*Simmons Market Research Bureau







genre indie

spotify self made


whales pranks






nights in

inside jokes



new girl

30 rock


electro dubstep



The Big Idea Generation Now respects authenticity. They don’t want to be mislead or coerced into being someone they are not. Nissan’s message will give Generation Now the opportunity to connect with them by featuring relatable characters with personality, depth, and an element of truth. This campaign will not only resonate with Gen Now, but show them that their Nissan can become more than a part of their life. By showcasing a variety of unique innovations in relevant ways, this message will show that a Nissan can become an extension of its driver to the world around them.


for your world

1 1 10

Connection strategy As technology charges forward, it has become increasingly difficult to capture the attention of Generation Now. The goal is to reach them with more than a traditional advertising relationship and connect with them on their terms. By combining traditional approaches with innovative mediums that allow for selfexpression and interaction both on and offline, Nissan can seamlessly fit into Gen Now’s world. Approaching them as a community to connect with instead of a target to aim at allows Nissan to start a truly meaningful conversation.


Purchased to share, not to show. The purpose of this media is to spread Nissan’s message to the greatest number of people.


Media used to engage potential and existing Nissan users through a strong digital focus. This media is the most critical because it connects consumers to the brand and opens up the conversation.

Influence 1 2 11

Messaging that allows consumers to interact with Nissan will ultimately change opinions of the brand that seamlessly fits into their lives.

PUt it in motion Invest

Television allows its viewers to spend hours absorbing different personalities and lifestyles. Nissan will place messages on various shows that Gen Now tunes into on a regular basis as well as product placement in their favorite premium programs.

Programs African Americans: VH1, BET, Spike TV, Comedy Central, ABC Family Channel

Chinese Americans: CNBC, Travel Channel Hispanic: Galavision, MTVTr3s Overlapping: ESPN, Food Network, TNT, Discovery Channel, A&E, CNN, MTV, TBS

ProDuct Placement HBO’s True Blood and Showtime’s Dexter

FACTS • • •

About 20% of multiculturals watch 46+ hours of television a week. 57% of multicultural households are subscribed to cable television. 25% of HBO and Showtime watchers are ages 18-29

TIMING: March 2013 - April 2014

TV spots Two 30-second television commercials will be produced. Both feature Generation Now-er’s capturing and building their own worlds on a bulletin board. Above is a storyboard for the spot revolving around the life of a college student and a bump along the way.

1 3 12

Simple & Effective Generation Now is always looking for the latest styles, sports news, and celebrity gossip to keep themselves in the know. Nissan will be placing full-page ads in the highest rated magazines among these trendsetters.

Magazines African Americans: Ebony, Essence, Jet, Brides, O the Oprah Magazine Chinese: Time

Hispanics: Latina, Cosmo Latina

Overlapping: Cosmopolitan, People, Vogue, ESPN the Magazine

FACTS • 23% of Multiculturals read 13 or more magazines a month • 25% of millennials read 13 or more magazines a month • Multiculturals make up 35% of all heavy magazine users

1 4 13

TIMING: April 2013 – March 2014

Through the airwaves Having the newest music and latest news is very important to Generation Now. Both on and offline, radio is a medium they often tune into as they maintain their social, trendsetter statuses.

phone rings Terry answers Chris what’s up?


Chris Hey what’re you doing? Terry Just got off work, heading home. Chris No you’re not. I finally got a gig tonight and you’re going to be there Terry Oh no way, congrats man! Where’s it at? Chris Downtown at Nelli’s. I go on at 7. late.



:60 Morning Spots in top 50 Markets Pandora Spotify All Westwood One Networks (Vh1, MTV, BET, ET, Acces Hollywood, Marketwatch

Don’t be

Terry You got it. See you there. hangs up



Terry heard hitting voice command button Places: Nelli’s Pub Voiceover The exciting part of life is you never know what’s coming next. Nissan — For Your World

FACTS • 43% of millennials listen to 11+ hours of radio per week • About 20% of multiculturals listen to 22+ hours of radio per week • Of those who listen to 22+ hours per week, 28.2% are multicultural

TIMING: April 2013 - March 2014

1 5 14

on the road Billboards Billboards spice up any dull highway trip with eyecatching visuals and creative brand communication. The unique messaging on Nissan billboards will reach millions of travelers - especially older generations who are the main influencers in car buying decisions.

Cities Los Angeles, CA San Francisco, CA Sacramento, CA Washington, D.C. Miami, FL Atlanta, GA

FACTS • • • •

1 6 15

Chicago, IL New York City, NY Philadelphia, PA Dallas, TX Houston, TX

TIMING: April 2013 - September 2013

38% of millennials drive 200+ miles per week 16% of multiculturals drive 300+ miles per week 33% of multiculturals drive 200+ miles per week 45% of the parents of millennials drive 200+ miles per week

there and back Digital TRANSIT

The younger members of Generation Now rely heavily on public transportation for the majority of their travel needs. Placing bus shelter displays, external bus covers, rail station posters, and displays inside rail cars will allow Nissan to reach a high percentage of those who are exposed to transit systems on a daily basis.

Cities Los Angeles, CA San Francisco, CA Sacramento, CA Washington, D.C. Miami, FL Atlanta, GA

Chicago, IL New York City, NY Philadelphia, PA Dallas, TX Houston, TX



April 2013 - March 2014

• Over 3.1 million people use Rail transportation each month • With these 11 cities, we are reaching more than 24 million multiculturals daily • Over 48% of Generation Now says they notice the ads on trains

1 7 16

Your world wide web Generation Now thrives on the constant access they have to the Internet. Whether they are e-mailing, streaming videos, or checking the weather, their huge presence online gives Nissan the perfect opportunity to increase visits to the “Your World” microsite.

Websites African Americans: See All Chinese: Windows Live Hotmail,, Yahoo! Sports,,

Hispanic: All:, Yahoo! Mail,

Yahoo! News,,, Amazon. com, To the right is an example of a page takeover of Yahoo! Mail’s landing page, an e-mail service heavily used amongst Generation Now


1 8 17

April 2013 - March 2014

shift the way you connect Today’s world is a crowded landscape of brand messaging. As Generation Now is bombarded with these messages, they have become increasingly selective in the brands they choose to interact with. In order to truly become part of Generation Now-er’s worlds, Nissan must complement the people and passions that are most important to them.


The ‘For Your World’ campaign allows Nissan to shift the way they interact with Gen Now by offering a space that allows each individual to share their life passions online, and in the process, earn real rewards.

1 9 18 Whether it be music playlists, trendy clothing, or community involvement, Generation Now defines themselves by their passions and what they do. The thing that really sets Gen Now apart from older generations is that they share experiences with the world as they happen.

The ‘Your World’ campaign microsite will act as a hub for Gen Now to post, share, and connect with others all over the country. The landing page includes portals that cover Gen Now’s most common passions: food, style, technology, music, and art. Additionally, a ‘My Nissan’ section will allow users to engage with the brand and the campaign and show why Nissan is truly ‘For Your World.’ By nature, Generation Now must feel motivated to interact with a brand in order to actually do so. The ‘Your World’ microsite will appeal to potential and current Nissan drivers - enticing them to join the community as each post, share, and interaction will result in Nissan Points. These points can be spent towards real life rewards such as maintenance and accessories for current Nissan drivers and used for incentives for future buyers.

2 0 19 Here is an example of the ‘music’ portal of the ‘Your World’ microsite. For Nissan to seamlessly become a part of Gen Now’s world, it must be easy for participants to integrate activity from other mediums into their Nissan profile. For example, music users will earn Nissan Points for creating a playlist on partner sites such as or Pandora that will be integrated into the music section of their world.


As the most connected generation ever, Generation Now has become a community in which social ‘clout’ is the true currency. The ‘Your World’ site interface allows for quick and easy interactions between participants with common tastes. The more people participants bring into their world, the more prominently featured they will be on that page. In the case of music, participants whose playlists get the most listens will be featured in the music feed.

2 1 20

THEIR WORLD IN THEIR HANDS Nissan currently has an outstanding app that is easy to navigate and relevant to consumers. The best way to strengthen Nissan’s relationship with Generation Now is to give them an outlet of expression through the brand.

Your World App By nature, Generation Now is all about living for, well, now. Nissan can allow participants to update their ‘Your World’ profiles with real-time activity straight from their mobile devices. Similar to Facebook Mobile’s infinite scroll statuses, the ‘Your World’ mobile app allows users to receive updates from others wherever and whenever. Users can also filter the most popular and recent posts in each category and follow what other participants are doing.

2 2 21

and at their fingertips Facebook Gates

Just like Nissan, Facebook continues to be innovative with the way company pages are presented. To incorporate the ‘Your World’ microsite on the Nissan Facebook page, we recommend placing a tab on the timeline that is dedicated to the microsite for followers to gain entry to in more than one location.


Additionally, the winners of various promotional events and frequent microsite users will be featured on Nissan’s timeline to show what they have won, what they have posted, and where to find more information about the posts. This will lead to an increase in microsite participants for Nissan to connect with.


Nissan currently lacks a solid brand presence on the location-based social networking site and mobile application, Foursquare. Foursquare enables participants to “check-in” at locations and share with friends. Upon check-in at a Nissan dealership, users will be able to access more points and codes, get discounts from the dealership, or receive coupons for auto maintenance. We recommend placing check-in reminders at the entrances and waiting rooms of the dealerships.

2 3 22

Tour Your World For Your Education As Gen Now becomes more educated, they are also falling into debt. To help with this uphill battle, Nissan will partner with the Gates Millennium College Fund. This sponsorship will be a contest in which an adult and friend submit a video recommending a Gen Now candidate for a scholarship. The video will highlight how the student has creatively impacted his or her community through innovation, hard work, and leadership. Nissan will then choose 50 winners nationwide and award them with $5,000 to be used for their student loans and $5,000 to be used in their communities.



Nissan has the chance to help exceptional individuals attain their educational goals. Parents and millennials alike will appreciate Nissan’s effort to make higher education feasible for Generation Now.

TIMING: May 1 - May 31, 2013

For Your Tastebuds From the terrible-twos to the never-ending carpools, parents never seem to receive that quality time they crave with their kids. Nissan can restore some of that time through a contest allowing Gen Now and their parents to co-create a video showcasing their favorite family recipe and what it means to them. After submitting the video to the Your World microsite contest, the top three finalists will get their family recipes sold out of Nissan food trucks at the Taste of LA. The winner will get the opportunity to co-host an episode of Not My Mama’s Meal on the Cooking Channel.

TIMING: early September 2013

2 4 23

Cooking has forever been one of the purest forms of self-expression. Gen Now has the ability to work with their family on something they love, and the chance to showcase their creation to their friends and networks – their world.

For Your Tunes From the Beatles to Bieber, bridging a musical gap is never easy. “For Your Tunes”gets parents to call into radio stations on behalf of their children (18-29). Once enrolled, the team of two competes in a musical battle involving trivia spanning both generations. The three winning teams will receive a pair of tickets to music festivals in the sponsored cities as well as access into Nissan’s “For Your World” VIP lounge. Using music apps second only to games, Gen Now is more likely than ever to express themselves through what they listen to and share. Competing in the promotion bonds parent and child while making Gen Now participants the envy of their friends. Music Festivals include: Coachella in Indio, CA; Lollapalooza in Chicago, IL & ULTRA Music in Miami, FL

TIMING: mid-April 2013, mid-June 2013, early August 2013

For Your points

Much of Generation Now is brand new to the car buying process. Many have never even been to a dealership, and those who have often leave feeling cheated. Nissan plans to change this by offering the “For Your Points” promotional event. This allows users of the “Your World” microsite to double their Nissan Points by visiting a dealership during the last 7 days of each month from March-May and August-October. Running this promotion nationwide will encourage Generation Now to go to a Nissan dealership, often bringing along a parent. The opportunity to double their points allows Gen Now to obtain the rewards they want—whether that be a car, maintenance or something unexpected. Most importantly, they leave with a positive dealership experience.

TIMING: March - May, August - October 2013

2 5 24

Best kind of Buzz Influence

cover the Cab in Tweets Of the 13,000 taxicabs Nissan will launch in New York City in 2013, 100 will become specialized “Twitter” cabs that allow Generation Now to tweet about their rides on a touch screen once they hop in. Their tweet will be displayed on a ticker on top of the taxicab until they reach their destination. Most importantly, from 2 a.m. to 4 a.m. these special twitter cabs will become ‘safe rides’ that will take each passenger home safely, free of charge. At the end of the promotion, each taxi will be wrapped in the tweets sent from it throughout the holiday season. This will be the first taxicab that allows its passengers to make their rides as unique as they are.

What would you do with that money?

2 6 25

From its Twitter and Facebook accounts, Nissan would share: “The Nissan Leaf saves you $2,400/year by not having to pay for gas. What would YOU do with that money?” From those who respond, Nissan would fund a randomly chosen winner’s request while creating a viral video to share on the microsite. On top of fulfilling the winner’s wishes, Nissan will also give $2,400 to his or her family to use for any needed expenses. This allows Generation Now to showcase their personal interests while also sharing their success with their families.


Dealership Experience Generation Now knows what they want, and they do their homework. With instant access to the Internet, the number of inquiry-to-purchase visits have been cut in half. Even armed with research, they still have a deep fear of being duped by dealers. They want answers and are eager to learn, but they are concerned they’ll be treated not as a person, but simply as a paycheck. Nissan can capitalize on their already excellent dealer protocol by continuing to treat Gen Now like any other buyer. This begins with retiring the term ‘salesperson’. Instead, Nissan will employ ‘Advisors’ who will guide and assist Gen Now as they find the right car for their world. With promotions that bring Gen Now and their parents into dealerships, Nissan will build an awareness of the conversations they create in place of yesterday’s hard sell.

“As a young person, I always assume they are going to jip me off” –Lisa, 21, Latina

Most Generation Now-er’s are bringing family members along as they search for their cars, both for moral and financial support. Because of this familial influence, we looked to their parents and what they had to say.


Negative Experience “I feel like the sales person, as knowledgeable as they are, or can be, are biased towards pushing sales, and therefore, are not the best source of information” –Richard, 24, Chinese


Have helped or expect to help their child financially with their car purchases

car dealership preference is influenced most by: “I don’t know much about cars. They are probably trying to give you the worst deal” -Brittany, 21, African American

Reputation/Word of Mouth Lack of Pushy Salespeople

2 7 26

Media Map

2 8 27

Media distribution

2 9 28

Campaign Evaluation Quantitative • Track unique visitors to throughout campaign • Track page views on each campaign microsite page through deep linking • Increase online advertising direct response through increasing conversion rate of impressions to new members on com • Measure increase in consumer involvement with the Nissan brand through Facebook participation and Foursquare check-ins • Track number of downloads and usage of “Your World” mobile app • Analyze increase in Nissan keyword searches within search engines throughout duration of campaign • Conversion rate of unique visitors to and resulting new members • Decrease in bounce rate for and during new campaign • Increase in SEO effectiveness from raising Nissan’s rank in a search engine’s organic listings

Key performance Insights

3 0 29

• Increase market share of multicultural market by 1% within fiscal year of new campaign with benchmark of .5% after six months • Increase total market share by .5% within fiscal year of new campaign with benchmark of .25% after six months • Increase share of voice of each individual ethnic group by 3% within fiscal year of new campaign with benchmark of 1.5% after six months

Qualitative • Redistribute survey six months after the new campaign is launched to compare previous and current attitudes of Generation Now toward Nissan • Conduct focus groups throughout campaign to observe changes in Gen Now’s perception of Nissan as a brand • In-depth interviews with Generation Now purchasers of Nissan vehicles in 2012 for better understanding of influencing factors in their car buying experience • Observe increase in Gen Now dealership visitors from revamped dealership experience

Feedback Once the “For Your World” campaign was complete, we got feedback from various Generation Now focus groups to see how it resonated with the community. All participants were encouraged to give their honest opinions towards the campaign, and they had a lot to talk about. Good news was over 82% of it was positive. Here’s what got them talking:

Fit Their Worlds

Didn’t Match Up

“I can definitely see where Nissan is going with this. I think it’s an interesting route for a car company to take.”

“This is some awesome stuff but we’ve always been a Toyota family and I’m sticking to that.”

“I really like this campaign. Nissan sounds like they’ve got a great car for anyone.”

“I just don’t think this would stop me from car pooling with my brother.”

“The microsite sounds pretty cool. I’d go check it out and post if I could get stuff out of it.”

“This is cool, but I just don’t have the money for a car right now. Besides, I live in the city and mostly use public transportation.”

“This campaign is very refreshing coming from a car company, it has a very different approach to it.” “I feel like I could see myself in this campaign. That was really cool..” “My friends and I love going to music festivals, so winning VIP passes is definitely something I would enter a contest to win.” “I think the ads are really cool. They bring back a lot of old memories.”

3 1 30

That’s a wrap cost Distribution Print: 8.9% Television: 21.9% Traditional Radio: 1.4% digital Radio: 4.9% Internet: 14.6% Outdoor: 31.5% Buzz & Promotions: 1.8% Production & Agency Fees: 15%

3 2 31

Summary While Nissan is widely seen as the most innovative car brand around, the real task is making these innovations matter to Generation Now. Gen Now seeks real, authentic connections before making major purchasing decisions. They also want to make choices that make sense for them as well as the world around them. By showcasing these unique innovations in relevant ways that fit their world, Nissan will become the go-to car for Generation Now.

Thank you


Account Directors John Buysse Jeffrey Etter Kelsey Grandi Colleen Baisa

Junior Chairs Monica Behrmann Hannah Ryan

Promotions Michael Bojda Andrea Campos Sarah Clausius Danielle Dancu Monica Dobrowolski

Digital Elizabeth Dunne Nathan Hsieh Thomas Hinkamp Jennifer Kim Christina Minju

Olivia Hoving Melanie Kuta Christina Lee Debbie Wong

Media Natalie Borzeka Ali Georgelos Lisa Ivy Linnea Fox Marissa Jaeckal

Christina Minju Jen Moss Christina Rhee Kate Swanberg Debbie Wong

Creative & Production

Sarah Lohr Chloe Micek Rachel Perzek Joe Saplic Haley Sandroff

12-Point SignWorks American Public Transportation Association Arbitron Blue Line Media Clear Channel Media CMI: Center for Marketing Intelligence Coachella Electronic Displays, Inc Lollapalooza Mintel MRI/Mediamark Nielsen Pew Research Center RADAR Ratings and Impressions Simmons Market Research Bureau SQAD SRDS Starcom Magazine Investment Group Tube Mogul Ultra Music Festival

Abby Batis Lauren LaDuke Brian Doroba Joanna Mirowska Ashley Gear Abbie Welsch Nicole Hammonds Tom Yadron Margaret Johnson

Research Colleen Budd Kristen Gray Hannah Hammer

Faculty Advisor Steve Hall And special thanks to AAF Illinois, Brittany Duff, Patrick Vargas, & Peter Sheldon

3 3 32

3 4


Nissan Plansbook  

NSAC competition

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