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Natural Home Remedy For Recurrent Bv Have you been suffering from recurring bacterial vaginosis bv which just does not go away? Do you know one of the main reasons why this condition keeps coming back again and again in women who make use of antibiotics for bv cure? Is there any natural home remedy for recurrent bv which will give permanent relief? Are there any natural home reeHere in this article I am going to share information on these two important questions which had bothered me personally for a very long time.

Bacterial vaginosis had become a part of my life a couple of years ago. There was a pattern which I got accustomed to- I used to get severe vaginal itching followed by fishy vagina odor which used to be unbearable. To get rid of these I used to take antibiotics prescribed by my doctor which used to give me relief in 4-5 days time. However within 4-5 weeks my bv used to reappear. To be honest I was fed up of dealing with repeated attacks of vaginosis.

After using antibiotics for bv treatment with no avail I started reading up on the subject of bacterial vaginosis. I started looking around for natural remedies for bacterial vaginosis. Specifically I wanted to identify cures to restore the natural flora of the vagina, an imbalance of which causes bv.

(Micrograph of bacterial vaginosis —squamous cells of the cervix covered with rod-shaped bacteria, Gardnerella vaginalis)

Finally I figured out and here is what I did

To begin with since I was prone to suffering from recurring bacterial vaginosis I started my natural treatment for bv by adopting certain basic lifestyle changes like •Abstaining from making use of vaginal douches

•Replacing IUD with other method of contraception •Sticking to one sexual partner only •Refrained from using vaginal sprays, deodorants etc which might contain chemicals capable of disturbing the natural vaginal pH balance.

It is a misconception that recurrent bacterial vaginosis is a sexually transmitted disease or STD. Repeated attack of vaginosis happens primarily because of some specific cause which disrupts the natural vaginal flora. Ph balance of a healthy vagina is acidic in nature. Whenever this balance is disturbed for any reason bad bacteria start multiplying in large numbers in the vagina resulting in bv The lactobacilli bacteria naturally present in our vagina produces hydrogen peroxide. This helps to maintain the acidic pH in a healthy vagina and also keeps a check on the count of other anaerobic microorganisms present in the vagina. Whenever the count of hydrogen peroxide-producing lactobacilli reduces considerably there is an increase in number of other anaerobes in the vagina. This causes an increase in the pH of the vagina and results in bacterial vaginosis. Here are some of the things you can do to prevent recurring bacterial vaginosis. 1. Bacteriotherapy This therapy makes use of harmless bacteria to replace the bacteria responsible for causing bv. Lactobacilli bacteria supplements are orally consumed or made use for vaginal application. Yogurt is rich in Lactobacilli and is natural remedy for BV cure.

2.Tea Tree Oil Tea tree oil has excellent anti bacterial and anti fungal properties. For getting rid of bv this oil must be used in diluted form. Take one third of tea tree oil and mix it with two thirds of vitamin E oil. Apply the mixture directly on the vagina with the help of a sanitary pad or tampon. Alternatively mix tea tree oil with water and use it.

Women suffering from bv frequently should also take a re-look at their washing habits. Over washing the vagina can upset the vaginal ph balance by stripping away the natural lubricants present in it. Hence it will suffice if you wash the vagina with plain water twice a day. Refrain from making use of soaps or bath gels particularly when you are suffering from bv.

3.Apple cider vinegar To restore the acidic nature of the vagina this is a very effective natural home remedy. When you make use of this natural home remedy for recurrent bv you it a) Makes it difficult for the bad bacteria responsible for bv to survive and b) Creates a conducive healthy environment for the good bacteria required in a vagina to survive and multiply

Make use of apple cider vinegar by soaking in a bathtub to which a cupful of it has been added. The exact reason for recurring bacterial vaginosis continues to remain a mystery. It is not yet proven whether a reduction in the count of beneficial bacteria in the vagina (ie) lactobacilli happens first, or an overgrowth of BV causing bacteria takes place first. Hence to get rid of this condition permanently remedies which will address both these issues simultaneously must be used. Do you want to get rid of recurring bacterial vaginosis BV permanently? Did you know that………………………… a) There is a proven all natural technique which will help you to get rid of bacterial vaginosis in matter of under 3 days b) This technique has effectively saved the sex life of thousands of women the world over including me. Having been developed by a chronic vaginosis sufferer, this scientifically proven method will permanently relieve embarrassing vaginal odor in just 3 days. To know more details on this please click - bacterial vaginosis BV

Natural Home Remedy For Recurrent Bv