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Home Remedies for Cellulite- How to Dry Brush Skin To Get Rid of Cellulite

In addition to the urinary tract and colon, skin is one of the other organs through which our body is able to expel unwanted waste. Dry skin brushing is one of the natural cellulite home remedies which actually work for cellulite removal. Anyone can give this cellulite home remedy a try from the comfort of their homes without consulting a skin specialist. It helps to exfoliate the dead skin, and any other toxin which the body is capable of expelling through the skin. In this presentation I am going to discuss about the basics of dry brushing for cellulite removal.

There are many home remedies for cellulite cure. However when done correctly this home remedy for cellulite removal is quite effective. Dry brushing basically helps to eliminate toxins. Therefore skin experts believe that it is effective for smoothing out cellulite accumulated in our body. So ladies and (gents too!) for those of you keen to know how to make use of dry brushing for cellulite here is how to go get started with it.

How dry brushing helps in cellulite removal? Dry skin brushing exfoliates and stimulates the skin. It also stimulates our lymph, circulatory and nervous system thereby resulting in

 Improved skin texture and regular cell renewal  Better lymph circulation which helps in detoxifying the whole body  Improved blood circulation which in-turn tightens the skin and reduces the visible cellulite  Improvement in overall muscle tone, elimination of fat deposits. This is a very good cellulite cure particularly if dry brushing is done in the initial stages itself as soon as the first visible signs of cellulite appear  One of the simplest cellulite home remedies, this can be easily used by anyone from the comfort of their homes without consulting a specialist  Tips for choosing a skin brush Skin brush is easily available in most health food stores, bath or body shop. Skin brush is a softer version of a horse brush.

While buying a skin brush ensure that the bristles of the brush are not made of synthetic material. It is advisable to go in for a brush which is organic (ie) vegetable-derived one so that it does not harm your skin in any way. The skin brush bristles should be slightly stiff in texture. There are many varieties of skin brush available- a brush with an attachable handle makes it easy to reach all spots in the body, both in the front and back. How to go about dry brushing the skin for cellulite removal? While making use of this home remedy for cellulite, you should start by brushing firmly but gently at the soles of your feet. When you make gentle, firm strokes with the brush, the skin should get stimulated but at the same time it should not become red. Move to our upper body parts and make sure that you always brush towards your heart. Make long, gentle sweeps with the brush and scrub in circular motion. Do not brush back and forth as this may cause rashes if the rubbing is vigorous or frequent. Brush your soles, legs, feet on both sides, arms, chest and stomach. Use the brush in circular motion – in the counter clockwise direction in the stomach and lower abdomen area. Avoid brushing sensitive body parts like the breast. Actual Skin Brushing If you are serious about dry skin brushing for cellulite removal brush daily, preferably twice a day. Before you brush make sure that your skin is completely dry. Brushing on wet skin will not serve any purpose and spoil the brush too.

Therefore it would be best to brush your skin in the shower just before you turn on the water or before you start working out in the gym. Follow up the skin scrub with the application of a natural body oil to soothe and smoothen the skin. You are bound to notice significant changes in the appearance of cellulite if you follow this cellulite care routine for a couple of weeks.

By staying away from foods that cause cellulite and making use of natural home remedies for cellulite like dry brushing one can get a perfectly toned body naturally.

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Home remedies for cellulite how to dry brush skin to get rid of cellulite