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My Run to Victory The sun dawned on the black asphalt. The air chilled to a crisp. Drops of dew formed on the deep green leaves, falling one by one. Not a sound could be heard in the still morning. Not an object moved. This was my canvas. My road to greatness that I would forever set foot on. The sky began to wake, calling each and every species to come out of slumber. The sky was in sync with the lofty sun beaming its rays of life down upon Mother Earth, beckoning me to bathe in the sunshine of this safe haven. Within my warm den that shelters me from all, I ready myself. I ready myself for the outdoor world, the Beast that would try and break me day in and day out. Try and rob me of what I had left. I was prepared to embark on this journey head on, knowing the final outcome would be worth everything that I strive for. The ramifications of my doing would in turn bring me to a taste of victory. I rose from the wake of my dreams. Seeing the same dark, black sky that I saw when I closed my eyes not too long ago. I get dressed in a soft plain white tee shirt, sleek black basketball shorts, white Nike socks, and gray nike free runs lighter than a feather. I plug my headphones into my musical gadget and spin a track, setting my mood for determination. I turn the volume up as if to cancel out any distractions, any temptations that would keep me from what I was striving to achieve. I eagerly jog down the stairs to the kitchen to end my morning routine. I scarf down one banana and a cup of water filling me with the needed energy. Now I was ready to head off into the outside world. Opening the wooden front door, I was met face to face by the brisk air, forcing each and every hair on my body to rise. Striding out the door onto the black, hard asphalt I looked in awe at the ominous rising sun, shedding enough rays of light for me

to see. Looking down the street, the beautiful trees line the road, their leaves dipped in the pallet of color. The awe inspiring nature surrounded me, as if it were trying to wrap me in its comeliness. Tuned out from the world, and not a car or person in sight I ran. I ran with a purpose, one goal in mind. My heart rate began to increase with each step hitting the ground. I picked up the pace, my blood coursing through my body, warming my core to a suitable level. I could see the fresh air releasing from my mouth with every breath. One foot after the other, heel to toe, I strode down the street. The dim lit environment around me shadowed my silhouette. I was merely a speck under the ubiquitous rays of the eternal light. I was driven by a force deep within me. A desire so strong that it powered me to wake up at dawn and set off with aspirations that I would conquer. I ran until I had to stop. Through many streets, up and down, long and short. Until I could not go another yard. I simply stopped and started to walk back, placing my hand above my head to regain the breath that had escaped my lungs. I had run to the point that I could not anymore, not a numerical value or a set route, but until my body forbid me to go. I concentrated on controlling my breathing and the rhythm of the music. Reaching a tranquil state, I broke into a light jog because I knew I had quite a ways to get back home and I continued to retrace my steps. My legs ached and told me to stop running, but I couldn’t. I would not stop; it was a mental game between my mind and my body. I could not, and I would not let my body stop moving. I was testing myself to my limit and pushing myself past my limit. After pushing myself through the treacherous journey home I arrived at my doorstep. I completed this long run and the sun is now in

the sky, illuminating the Earth. I walk through the front door to my house and my legs give out. I drop to floor and roll over onto my back, catching my breath. “Great job son, breakfast is waiting,� my dad greeted me. Out of breath I nodded. I had finished my run and broke my limits, not stopping once the whole time. I believed that I could do it and I knew inside that the end result was worth the pain. I remembered my cousin, a former marine saying pain is temporary, but victory is forever. I took this motto to heart and would use it to do all that I could in striving for my final ambition. I was now one step closer to my final goal, challenging the menacing marathon in the upcoming month. I had a small taste of victory and wanted more.

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