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Hello! Thank you for your interest in Rio Jean Photography. I am excited about the possibility of working with you. I love documenting this very special time for families. I believe one of the greatest adventures in life is when two people become parents. Babies this age grow and change so quickly, it is my goal to create portraits of

this stage that you will cherish for a lifetime.

Maternity sessions can be scheduled anytime between 32-36 weeks. These sessions can be anywhere, so pick a location that speaks to you. I prefer to photograph these sessions in early morning or early evening as the sun will provide a beautiful backlight for your pictures.

If you would like to bring props or a sonogram picture for your session, you are more than welcome to. Also if you have any ideas for your pictures, please let me know as I am always open to your ideas.

What to wear?

This is the time to show off your beautiful

curves! Pick outfits that are form fitting and have no logos. You can go with simple or bold colors. Don’t forget any jewelry or accessories that you may want to wear. Typically less clothing and more skin looks great for maternity sessions, but go with what you feel comfortable with.

For your spouse and other children who will be in the photoshoot, I recommend coordinating colors, no patterns or logos.

Newborn sessions can be done at your home or in studio. The best time for photographing your newborns is within 10 days from their birth. For these sessions I request that only the immediate family be present. Most of my newborn sessions are a mix of posed pictures and lifestyle pictures. If there is a specific pose, prop or outfit that you would like me to photograph your newborn in please let me know and have those items ready for the session. I will photograph your newborn in the room with the best light. Have the heat turned up in that room and also have wipes/towels handy for accidents. If you would like pictures of your newborn without a diaper, please make sure to have the tabs on the diaper off and the baby loosely wrapped in a blanket so when I arrive it will be easy to slip baby out of the diaper and blanket.

Please have your newborn fed prior to my arrival and if possible try to keep your baby awake until about 15 minutes prior to our scheduled time, so when I arrive, baby would have only been asleep for 15 minutes. Photographing newborns takes time and a lot of patients so plan on spending a good chunk of your day with me! I will also resend this information out to you a couple days before your session.

More Questions or want to book a session? Email: Phone: 253.230.7791

Maternity and Newborn Session  

Guide to your newborn session

Maternity and Newborn Session  

Guide to your newborn session