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Task 1 – Design Documentation Langridge Logistics - User Requirements

Re-design the job form using HCI principles to:  Allow accurate data entry of new and completed jobs  Where possible, reduce the number of keystrokes to speed up data entry  Allow the user to navigate between jobs, save jobs and exit 

Be suitable for all users - background colour, font size, style & colour.

Sketch Design of Langridge Logistics Design of Langridge Logistics

Here I have used a

Here I have used Schneiderman’s golden rule which is to strive for consistency. This has been done by making sure that the buttons are in line with each other and consist of the same font, colour and size.

Here I have used a pattern, the pattern I have used is to By making every sections similar to one another.

Mental Maths Mania - User requirements 

Users: Junior school children

design a set of user interfaces to include:  Title, Level, Help and options to select Easy, Medium or Hard  The question  Place to type in the answer  Score 

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