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How to Get Started with a Low Cost Home Business

By Melanie Bremner

Disclaimer The information within this book is based on my own experiences, and research performed while checking into various programs for work at home ideas. I do not offer any guarantee of a set income using anything you may try here as income is solely based on the effort of you yourself and how you spend your time. I am just letting you know that these programs have worked to generate money for either myself or some of my colleagues and team mates. I have been a work at home mom for the last 8 years and I know with today's economy more and more people are looking for a way to stay home with their families and create their own financial freedom. In this book, I will cover programs that are popular for 2014 and how they work to generate you an income. It is also recommended that you do not rely on one specific program for an income in case anything were to happen to that income source. Having multiple streams of income is one of the only ways to guarantee your success online and from home. You are free to pass this report along to anyone you know who may benefit from it providing you do not change anything in it. That being said, let's jump right in and see how you can change your life and get on your way to being your own boss and creating the income and life you deserve!

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Affiliate Marketing Business E-Commerce Selling with eBay and Amazon Direct Sales Business Referral Marketing Business Service Based Business Ideas

Affiliate Marketing Affiliate marketing is one of the ways many new beginners look to get started online. It does not require any start up costs, and the multitude of products you can promote and niches you can get into are plentiful. For those of you who are new to the term, Affiliate Marketing is when you pick a product from a company and promote it for them. You use a variety of marketing methods, tools and tricks and when a sale is made through your special affiliate link, you receive a commission. More and more companies are getting into the idea of setting up affiliate programs for their products. They know that even though they will have to be paying out money, the opportunity to get more sales pouring in will be that much greater. There are many types of affiliate programs available to sign up for. There are Cost Per Action offers, One Time Payout commissions, or monthly residual payments. In the following section we will run over the basis for each method and show you when they would be the best offer to work with. Cost Per Action Offers These are the latest new thing to start to promote. A cost per action is when a company is willing to pay you for information. If someone goes to your website and clicks on a banner from the company, they either sign up and give an email address or agree to a free offer. Once the company has this information, they pay you anywhere from $1-$25 depending on the information acquired and the company you choose to work with. Many people find these types of programs are the easiest to make money with because you do not have to make a sale. A lot more people are willing to give out certain details for a free trial or more information on something they are interested in, than having to outright purchase something. One Time Pay Products These are the most common found online today. These programs offer a commission anywhere from 10% to 75% of the asking sale price. While you have the potential to earn more per sale, you also may not get as many sales in a given time. These types of products often require a different marketing method in order to be successful. Most businesses will create tools that you can use such as banners, email ads, text ads and classified ads for you to use around the web to get potential customers coming in.

Residual Income Products These types of products are often geared for membership sites, hosting packages or other products where there is a monthly fee paid out to the customer every month. Then every month, you get a percentage of that sale for as long as the customer remains a member or continues to pay the monthly fee. This is a great income opportunity for the affiliate marketer because once you have made the effort to get the sale the first time, you can still see benefits from your work for months or years to come without any additional work involved. Where do you find affiliate programs? While it is best to only promote those products and services that you yourself have experience with, many marketers do well promoting other things that are in high demand. You will need to learn about keywords and research in order to find out what it is that people are looking for when they go online. Affiliate programs can be found in a multitude of places. You can go directly to a company website and look for the affiliate sign up form, or you can join an Affiliate program network such as Linkshare, Commission Junction, Shareasale, and others. Max Bounty is a great CPA(cost per action) affiliate network. This form of affiliate marketing does not pay as much per transaction but usually it requires getting people to sign up to an email list or try out a free low cost trial offer. These kinds of offers are usually easier to get people to optin for because there is no sales pitch on your part or money out of pocket for them but it just means that you have to sign up more people so having a high traffic blog or knowing where to find the right target market is key to your success.

It has been proven that a visitor or potential customer needs to be subjected to an offer five to seven times before they make the decision to purchase it. Many affiliate marketers make the mistake of sending their visitor right over to the company site. Once this happens, they have lost that person forever if they do not decide on an impulse buy. In order to have the opportunity to offer more information to a potential customer regarding a product or service they could benefit from, you need to build a list of email subscribers.

What is an email list and how do I build one? An email list is a group of people who have filled out an opt in form that you created that gives you permission to send them more information or free offers. You need to get an autoresponder service set up which will cost you $20 a month but this will enable you to make hundreds to thousands dollars a month in the long run. There are many autoresponder companies available online but Aweber is one of the best and most affordable and easy to use services. There are videos you can watch which will walk you through the set up of your account, adding messages and everything you need to do to be able to get the most from the service. Creating a Squeeze Page and Opt in Form One of the things you may need to create if you do not have a blog or website of your own is a Squeeze page. A Squeeze page is just a simple page that tells your visitor what you are offering them if they agree to sign up to your list. Most people find a free ebook or write one of their own that will give their subscribers more information about the product or service in the area they are interested. If you are in the cooking niche, you could offer a free book about “50 Favorite Recipes My Mother Taught Me� or something like that. Once your subscriber signs up on your opt in form which you have included on your Squeeze page, and you have their email address, they are able to receive the free ebook by a link you have set up in your autoresponder service. If you are not a techie and would like some help building a Squeeze page, you can go to Instant Squeeze Page Generator and sign up for a free account. The online form is easy to fill out, and you can even pick an extra free product to send to your subscribers if you like one of the ones that are available. Building a List It normally takes a bit of time to build a fair sized list that will make you money and buys from you when you recommend a product. You need to build up a relationship with your subscribers. This means giving them emails with more free information or links to online resources, sharing a bit of your life with them instead of just sending pre-written affiliate emails. Then when you do recommend a product or service, tell them you have used it or someone else you know, as well as why you thought to bring it to their attention. It has been stated that each subscriber is worth $1 to you. And once your subscribers get to trust you and purchase something based on your recommendation, they will more than likely purchase something else in the future.

You can find free courses or ebooks online that will teach you strategies and the best way to go about building a list as you go on. Marketing, Marketing, Marketing The thing you spend most of your time doing when you are an affiliate marketer is marketing. With all of the new ways that are available to you online that are free, it is just a matter of spending the time to set up some solid campaigns and test to see which places are sending you the most traffic. Social Media Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, and other popular social media sites are great ways to build a list and let others know about products you like. There are many Facebook Groups geared for selling or promoting most any product or program you may decide on. Google+ also has new groups being created every day. There are also social bookmarking sites such as Digg, Delicious, Stumble Upon, Redditt, Yahoo buzz and others that will help you get your links out there for others to see when you write articles, or post a review on your blog. Article Marketing Article marketing is when you write an article of about 300-500 words on the topic of what you are trying to sell. For example, if you would like to promote dog collars, you would write articles on various things having to do with dogs. You can not include any affiliate links in your articles that will be submitted to article directories, but you are given an area where you write a bio. In this area you put something down about if they are interested in getting the best toys and accessories for their little one, they should visit your site, blog, or squeeze page for more information or a free gift. Those who are interested will click the link and visit you, hopefully signing up to your email list. Guest Blogging This is a fun thing to do when you want to get more links coming in to your blog, website or squeeze page. How this works is you find other blogs that talk about something in your niche. Let's go back to the example with the dog collars. If you write an article similar to those you would submit to the directories along with the same bio section attached, you then post that on the relating website. You will need to approach the owner of the website to see if they would be interested. Many people go to forums where they can find other people in their niche, then they can just post a thread asking anyone to comment if they would be interested in a guest blog post. Most people will say yes because it means that is one article they do not have to think up themselves.

Pay Per Click Advertising This can be a very expensive form of marketing if you do not know what you are doing. A lot of people shy away from this method simply because it takes a lot of trial and error and a long time to come up with winning campaigns. The idea is that you use Google Adwords or Bidvertiser and create an ad that uses the best keywords for attracting the targeted audience you want. They will then either sign up on your opt in form or something if you need money fast, you can use this method to send them right to the product or company website with your affiliate link.

Niche Blogging Niche blogging is when you set up a website or blog on blogger or Wordpress and write about one specific niche. Using the dog collar example again, you would set up a blog titled something like “best dog products�. You would then post reviews on the various dog products that you found and think would be good products that dog owners would be interested in. You mix up the reviews with interesting dog facts, games you can play with your dog, or anything else a dog lover might like reading. People come to your site every day and when they learn to trust you they will start taking your advice and click on your affiliate links that are within your posts. These are just the basics of affiliate marketing and the many ways you can earn through this business model. If you would like more information and a complete step by step course on affiliate marketing, you can join High for free.

E-Commerce Selling with eBay and Amazon EBay: Everyone knows what eBay is. But not everyone has tried to Buy or Sell on eBay. 724000 AMERICANS RELY ON EBAY SALES FOR INCOME. Last Year EBay's Total Sales Exceeded $60 Billion! It can no longer be denied: EBay is one of your best bets to making a serious living online. First, a little info about eBay: eBay is worth 45.39 billion dollars!!!! (I wouldn’t even know what to do with that kind of money, would you?) Founded in 1995, eBay Inc. connects hundreds of millions of people around the world every day, empowering them to explore new opportunities and innovate together. eBay Inc. does this by providing the Internet platforms of choice for global commerce, payments and communications. Since it first began, eBay Inc. has expanded to include some of the strongest brands in the world, including eBay, PayPal, Skype,, and others. eBay Inc. is headquartered in San Jose, California. Although in recent news they did admit they may have paid too much for Skype, eBay is one of the leading businesses in the world. I first started on eBay about 7 years ago. My brother had been selling online for approximately two years and had acquired Power Seller status (awarded to those who sell $1000. a week consistently for a certain length of time while maintaining a positive feedback rating of 99%). My brother sold laptops, computer accessories, and ipods. I started off with old clothes (name brand, good condition), some comic books, novels, records, dvds, and other miscellaneous stuff I didn’t want, or need. Then I ran out of stuff to sell. Six months online selling, grand total sales of $1500. Doesn’t really classify as a “job” now does it? But I gained a lot of knowledge, joined the online forum discussions, heard about using a drop-shipper and my curiosity peaked. I tried finding a good dropshipper but I couldn't seem to find one that didn't cost a lot of money to join their membership. I had no additional money nor a credit card so I just decided to give it a rest for the time being. Fast forward a few more years. Last year while I was checking out some videos on youtube, I came across a video that blew me away! It was talking about DS Domination. The woman was talking about how she had only started 6 weeks before and had already made $3k in her first month!! And to top it off? She did that working only 1 hour a day!!

So what exactly is DS Domination and what does it have to do with dropshipping? DS Domination is an awesome membership site created by one of the top Power Sellers in the world today. Roger has taken the time to create dozens of step by step videos showing the average Joe/Jane how to sell on eBay without any inventory of their own.

Their are 2 membership levels you can join. The first one is Pro and it is $19.95 a month. There are also tools that help you find hot products, find the best keywords to use for making titles that bring in more sales, and a few other goodies. If you follow their instructions, you can make anywhere from $5 to $50 profit on each item you sell. Now this can be a nice income but many people want to be able to make more than that. So, the next level is called the Elite. This is $100 a month. But you will learn even more tricks, tips and resources to go from an average of $20 profits to hundreds! There are some people in our group who average $10k or more a month with this amazing program! $700 a week is a normal average for many members and that is only working on average about 7-10 hours a week. There is also another way you can earn income with this program and it is the way that I now focus most of my time. You can become an affiliate for the program. It costs $10 a month to be an affiliate and you make 50% commissions on every level you pay into.

That means if you are just a Pro member, then you make $10 on every referral you bring in. If you have the Elite, you earn $50 a month. This is known as residual income. That means, you do the work once(recruit the person) and get paid every month for as long as they stay a member! There are also a couple other one time products you can buy in the membership. They cost a few hundred dollars but show you how to make thousands of dollars in profit. If you go all in and purchase all the items you can, you could make some serious monthly cash as an affiliate! My own sponsor no longer sells on ebay anymore and is working on making $10k a month just through the affiliate program. But the great thing about this program really is the fact that anyone can do it regardless of your technical abilities. The videos are so thorough and leave nothing out that even a child could follow them and make money. Some members have actually shown their teenagers how to do it and they are now making money online. Now you do need to have a Paypal account but that is free to set up. You will also need a credit card or VISA/Mastercard debit card. Most people have those nowadays in this modern day of online shopping. There are so many things you can sell online today if you just find out where to get them and the best ways to do it to bring in the most money for your time. Find out what it is like to be able to stay at home and go to everyone of your child's school events or attend PTA meetings, become a lunchroom lady, or even just have time to go out and get a massage or manicure. All while knowing that you are still bringing in money!! If you are feeling like this may be the opportunity you have been searching for, I urge you to go watch the video to see how you can get started. I must warn you though. This is a very addictive business model. Once you realize just how well the training works, you will want to spend more time listing items just to hear the cha ching of the money rolling in. Remember though, if you do not feel like promoting and being an affiliate for this program, you can still make a full time income following the steps as they are taught to you. Pretty soon you will find yourself in the running for being a Power Seller yourself and all the while loving what you do! Isn't that truly the best kind of “job� to have?

Direct Sales Business Jewelry in Candles is a cool little ecommerce business for those of you who like jewelry and scented candles. When I saw this idea I thought it was the cutest idea for gifts I had ever seen. I just had to go and get myself a shop. Especially for the price too! All you need to do is sign up and pay $29.95 for your business starter kit. This gives you a 25 pack scent sampler kit to start showing around and introducing it to the community you live in. When I was in Avon, I did ok but I had no car and with 2 children, it was often hard to get out and do what I wanted to do to drum up sales. I also do not wear makeup very often, do may nails about 2x a year, don't wear dress shoes or dabble in facial creams so I felt like a fraud selling items that I couldn't properly represent. Also in Canada, as an Avon rep you did not have access to your own ecommerce site where you could have people from all over order on. I love to market online. I love ecommerce stores. Not being able to have one, cut out a lot of fun and profit potential for me. With Jewelry in Candles though it was different. The candles smell divine and I am a candle lover!! And jewelry? Come on, what girl doesn't love jewelery? Once you make your initial purchase, you get your ecommerce store with everything all set up for you. All you need to do is go into your back office, fill out your profile information including your address and paypal information and upload your photo. In the back office you will have all the marketing tools you need to promote for both online and offline. As a rep you earn 40% commissions on all sales as well as the sales from your downline recruits. You also receive discounts for any products you buy yourself for personal use or selling at home parties or even on eBay. There are webinars that will show you how to make the most of your business and other training tools for those who have never tried running a direct marketing business before. There are also groups you can join for mentoring purposes.

For more information or to sign up for your own store, visit my store at:

Referral Marketing Business Instant Pay Day Network is a free marketing system/membership site that was created by a man named Jeff Buchanan. He set up this system so that he could offer a way for his team members to be able to easily manage their business all in one place. In this system, you can receive a free autoresponder for emailing messages to your sign ups. He has even pre-loaded 7 messages into it to get you on your way. You do not need to worry about figuring out how to approach or talk to your signups. He has done it all for you! He also offers a tracking system, marketing tools, training videos, and other resources that you will need to show you just how and where to find your referrals. So...what exactly is the business then? When you sign up, you will go to a site called My Cash Freebies. There you will see many offers by the Fortune 500 companies. Depending on what country you are in(right now it is just available for the U.S.A, Canada, and the U.K. Although Jeff is working on an upgrade that will include global offers!!!) you will see offers ranging from a free trial to ones that may cost up to $20 or $40. UPDATE! UPDATE! As of March 18th, 2014, My Cash Freebies has now added 181 countries to their list of countries who can complete offers and get started making money by recruiting their own referrals. This is huge! You now can market to the whole globe and more people world-wide are going to be given the opportunity to build their own businesses from home promoting these offers for the Fortune 500 companies. All you do is sign up for trial offers on two sites called Express Cash Freebies and Double Cash Freebies. You need to work it out so that it equals out to 1 credit earned. Once you have become qualified for the 1 credit, you will be able to earn $20-$50 for each referral you bring into the company that completes offers as well. They in turn can then start their own referral business and make money from they people they bring in. They have also just started a new residual income stream for you in this business as well. Now, you can earn on 2 levels down for your referrals. What this means is that when your referrals bring in someone new, you earn $6 from them, and when their referrals bring in someone new, you can earn $4 from them. This could mean a lot more money for you with no extra effort on your part!! This too is a network marketing business model. But you do not have a team that you work with and make money with. If you do not recruit, you do not make money. But this business can be done both online and offline so there is ample opportunity for you to share these offers with people and build your business.

You will be building a list as well, so you could contact these people with other business opportunities if you so desired. Perhaps they signed up to your list but need help getting going, or perhaps they just weren't sure this was for them. You can reach out to them, offer as much assistance as possible and let them know that this is really an affordable and honest business you can run without having to have a college education or technical skills.

Jeff made sure to include everything you will need to get going and run your business. The hardest part of the job is going in and completing those initial offers to become qualified (and trust me, it's not hard at all!!) For those who live in the U.S.A, you could start this business without even paying one red cent!! How many businesses do you know where you can do that? Not many, I know, I looked!! Most businesses take work. This one does too. You need to be recruiting every day. There may be days when you don't get any signups. You need to just keep doing what you are doing anyways. This is a numbers game. Have you ever had a telemarketing job or phone sales job? You had to constantly be on the phone, call after call after call. This was the job. That is because the owner knew that the more people that could be reached, the better chance for making sales. The only difference with this is that THIS IS YOUR OWN BUSINESS. You get to decide on where to advertise, what words to use. If you don't like the ads that you will find from Jeff in the back office, then change them. The better you get to know the system and how to advertise, the easier it will be for you to make up creative ads that will attract more referrals to you.

I truly enjoy making my own banners. I have found a free online banner maker that is so awesome. I am not graphically or even artistically inclined. My sister has always used Photoshop to help me with my ebook covers and banners and logos in the passed 8 years I have been working online. But ever since I found this program I have SOOO much fun! In case you want to check it out: I was a ghostwriter and Virtual Assistant for some internet marketers for about 6 years. During that time I made up text ads, email messages, articles and sales pages for them. I learned a lot, had some serious failures but also some great successes. When you are running your own business, these successes mean so much more to you than if you were just an employee for someone else. Regardless of the type of business you choose to try out, you need to have faith in yourself. You need to find the fun in the business, the tasks, the learning, because this is your future, your legacy. The emotional rewards will be worth more than any income you bring in. Once you adapt this mindset, you will never want to work for anyone else again! Once you have found a business that offers you all of the marketing tools and training you could ever need to run your business and become successful, it is up to you to make it work. Then do your best. There is no limit to the amount of money you can make if you treat the business seriously, re-invest a portion of your earnings back into your business so that you can keep taking your business to the next level. Another thing you will receive when you start this business is access to the private team groups on Facebook. While we are not a team in the sense that all of our income is joined, we are still all a team because we signed each other up and want to see each other succeed. So, that is why these groups were created. There are videos, discussions, files, and more available for helping you find the freedom and success you are looking for. I don't know if I would have lasted more than a month without the help and encouragment from the members of these great groups. Everone needs motivation and hugs now and again(even if they are virtual). So, if this business sounds like one that you could enjoy, you should watch the video and sign up. I think this is the best kind of business for those who like a challenge. I make it a game sometimes. I make up little prizes for myself if I can get so many signups/conversions per day or week. Then the next week, I make it even harder with a bigger reward. It keeps me on my toes and keeps the boredom away that can sometimes come from working alone at home.

Service Based Business Ideas Start Your Own Virtual Assistance Business I first started my online money making journey back in 2003. I didn't know much about making money but I did some research and found some sites where you could get paid pennies for reading ads and emails. So, I signed up. I spent some time doing that and learned how to advertise to get referrals underneath me since that was the only way to make any real money with that business model. My mother introduced me to blogging around that time so I started a blog for other stay at home folks and shared my experience and used the blog to get more referrals. But eventually I grew bored of only making a couple hundred dollars a month. It was during this time that I found some forums for work at home resources. This is where I learned about ghostwriting and service businesses. I got started with the freelance writing first because it seemed easier than all of the techie stuff involved with starting my own virtual assitance business. I did ghostwriting for several years but the more clients I found, the more they started asking me if I knew how to do other things. When they asked me if I knew how to do something, I would immediately go research it and master it. I realized that I was quite good at learning new programs and some of them were really fun to experiment with. Over time, I honed my skills and started a website to offer my services to other internet marketers. But this took years of doing and I had to do it all on my own since I had no more money for going back to school or taking any courses. I had gone back to college and my 2 year degree had cost me $22,000 which I was still paying back 7 years after graduating. A couple years ago when talking to some other virtual assistants on a forum, I heard about an awesome program that one of them had taken. She had even been certified as a virtual assistant. I didn't even know there was such a course!! That intrigued me. I did some research on the woman who ran the course. Her name is Tawnya Sutherland. She had even gone on Dragon's Den to discuss one of her money making ideas(for those of you who may not not the show, it is the Canadian version of Shark Tank). She really knows her stuff!

I checked into her course and was blown away with what she was offering for the price. When I researched similar courses, I found that not only did she offer more but her price was about 1/3rd of the competition. Her course is called “Virtual Business Start Up System (VBSS)� and goes for $997.00. Here's the basics of what you get when you buy it. Created by the Founder of the largest social network online today for Virtual Assistants, Tawnya Sutherland, it includes everything one needs to startup a thriving Virtual Assistant business. Includes many resources like a business website including domain registration and hosting for one year, over 100 business templates, step by step workbook, resource books, ebooks, VAdala, VAinsider Club membership valued at $333 to name just a few resources. This is mailed out to you and you can go through it at your own pace although it is set up for you to complete and be opening up your virtual doors in just 30 days. You will learn how to look at your skills, decide on which niche you want to be in, find out where to get your best clients and convince them to stay with you month after month, and so much more. I only wish that I had had access to this program years ago when I first started. I could have saved myself years of long hours, failures, headaches, and the little money I did manage to spend to learn something I thought was going to help. Being a virtual assistant is an awesome and rewarding business if you start out the right way knowing exactly what you want to offer in regards to your services. I did not do that. I ended up learning the hard way by offering services I hated just so I could make some money. When I first started writing, I wrote for a penny a word. It also took me 2 or more hours to write a 500 word article. I could spend an entire day writing 2 or 3 articles and only earn $15. It was humiliating and mentally draining. It eventually got to the point where I had a burn out and totally quit for almost a year before I dared to venture back. Over time though, I realized that having a mentor, an accountability partner and a mastermind group to brainstorm with really helps to keep you focused. I found those people through some of my virtual assistant clients believe it or not.

I realized too that what I thought was no big acheivement actually was. I had skills that I didn't even know about and there were clients who wanted them. But I had to learn this all the hard way. If you would like to make $25-$50 an hour by offering your skills as a Virtual Assistant, this course will really help you to narrow in on what those skills could be, who your clients would be and where to find them, and all the fundamentals for setting up your own website and getting started marketing online and off. In this course, Tawnya also shows you how you can create multiple streams of income so you can earn even more per hour without even having to do extra work. Many times when you are working with a client, they need things such as hosting, an autoresponder, marketing tools, and more. As you are working with your client, you can recommend where they can get these items and give them a link, your affiliate link. This means, when your client goes through your link and makes a purchase, you make a commission. Tawnya will share with you all the things you need to know to get started with your own virtual assistance business. She throws in tons of bonuses that will save you even more money and time. And when you finish her course, you will become a certified Virtual Assistant. Not bad for a 30 day course!! There is so much involved with her course offer that I couldn't possibly write it all down here so I am just going to give you the link to her sales page and you can read it and find out yourself! Http://

Not sure you can afford $1000 right now but still like the idea of being a Virtual Assistant? Well, there is also another great course I found where you can become a General Transcriptionist. If you can type at least 45wpm, are good at Microsoft Office or at least Word, and you have a headset to listen to audio, then this could be the field for you. Here is more information regarding the General Transcription Bootcamp course offered by Alicia Jay. Learn the Skills to Earn Income with Transcription in this Course Are you a VA who has been thinking about adding another service to your list of skills to increase your income? Or, are you thinking about starting a service-based business but you’re not sure where to start? What about general transcription? Don’t have the skills needed for that but you’re willing to learn? Then the General Transcription Bootcamp is right for you! This self-study course will take you through the ins and outs of general transcription and teach you exactly how to transcribe in a way that your clients will love! The Bootcamp was designed by Alicia Jay who makes her living as a virtual assistant specializing in transcription. She has perfected her transcription method over the last several years and continues to work with happy customers who constantly refer her. She has now packaged her training and experience in order to teach you to do the same. Start the Transcription course now! Here are just a few of the ways that this Bootcamp will benefit you: • Use what you learned and immediately add transcription to your services. • Market this valuable skill to your customers proving that you are a one-stop shop for them. • Increase your income by adding transcription to your skillset. • Start making money as a transcriptionist without months or a full semester of school training. Start the Transcription course now! So, what exactly is in the course? You will receive: • Clear explanation of the concept of general transcription • Tools and software needed for transcription • Guidelines and instruction on how to create transcripts your clients will love • Practice audio files • All wrapped up in a power-packed ebook so that you can work on your time frame in the comfort of your own home

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Make Your Living Being a Writer! One of the first professions I found myself in when I first started making money online was being a freelance writer. I had joined a group of work at home moms and dads over at and they had folders and folders of different kinds of jobs you could do from home. There are freelance sites like, and just to name a few and that can sometimes be an okay way to break into the market depending on where you live in the world. If you have experience writing for the internet, then this is one quick way to get started making money right away without any extra costs (although elance does charge a monthly membership price to allow you to bid on more jobs). The competition is fierce and you can often find yourself spending hours and days bidding on jobs to end up not getting a single one of them. After about 6 months to a year of this, I had had enough, so I went looking somewhere else. I found out that there are content mills where you can sign up as a writer, do a test and if you pass for grammar and simple English quizzing, you can start making money writing articles for them. This is a nice concept because you don't have to hunt around and try to convince people you are the best everyday. You can just log into the dashboard of the site, see what articles they have available and take whichever ones you want. You then have a set time of usually about 24-48 hours to complete these articles and upload them back to the site again.

If you end up having to do any re-writes for grammar or what-not, this is also included in the original price you will earn for the article. This I found could end up making my hourly wage way lower than expected. These sites usually start you off earning anywhere from 2/3rds of a penny to a penny per word. Then you can work your way up to making 0.03 or 0.04 a word although by the time you do, there are hardly any of these articles to grab and write. One of the benefits of this type of site though is the fact that you can grab as many articles as you can finish in one day. This means that you could end up making $15$30 an hour depending on how quickly you can write an article. When I first started out, I had no training whatsoever so it took me a long time to research and re-write what I learned. Over time I got better and learned some tricks but for the first little while, it took me 2 hours to write a 500 word article in which I was paid $5! That is $2.50hr!!! I almost quit but I knew that if I pressed on, I would get better. This is when I decided to learn as much as I could about formatting, researching, and re-writing. One of the best places to learn what you need and to prepare you for being able to make more money per word is through a membership site called The Writer's Den.

Here are some of the bootcamps and e-courses available:

There really is everything you need here to get started being either a freelance writer, or starting your own business doing various writing for your own clients. Carol Tice who opened the Writer's Den and created all of these excellent courses makes 6 figures as a Freelance writer and knows that it can be done! If you love writing I urge you to go and sign up and check it out! You won't regret it. Why work for peanuts when you can learn how to get what you are worth?

Coaching or Consulting Business Another popular niche these days is the consulting business. There are many people who have excelled in certain areas of their business who are now ready to take things to another level and teach what they know. There are many businesses in the offline world that are starting to realize the potential for growth by getting online. Most of these companies do not know how to begin setting up a website, finding resources or how to go about marketing online. If you have been doing these things online successfully, you can market to these businesses as a consultant and help them get online while making quite a lot of money. Since many of these companies do not know the extent of what is involved, most of them do not think twice about paying $50-$250 an hour for you to get them all set up. You can find these businesses by joining your local Chamber of Commerce, or going to workshops and events where these people will be. Always carry business cards or even a portfolio of your services in case someone wants a brief overview of what you can do for them. You may want to speak at some workshops yourself for various topics to other businesses. In this way, you can introduce yourself, give some idea of your expertise, explain more why it would benefit them, and then at the end of the presentation be available for anyone who would like to get started with you. While you may not be paid for these workshops or your time, it is one of the best ways to get to know your target market and make them aware that you are out there to help them. If you are unsure of how much you know or if you would be qualified to be a consultant, you should start by writing up a list of what you know and detailing everything you know about it. You will be surprised with the amount of information you find you do know and be impressed with your skills and qualifications. You can also earn through affiliate income when you become a consultant. When you recommend certain products to your clients, always have a link that they can click on to sign up for what they need such as hosting, domain names, an affiliate management program or software, etc. Even if you charged a base rate of only $50 an hour to start, you could easily find a way to incorporate several hundred dollars more into the income by your earnings with the affiliate programs. Did you know that in 1997, businesses spent a whopping 1.2 billion dollars on consulting in the U.S. alone? And the demand for consultants has grown even more as the internet builds up and more countries are getting involved.

There are many fields you can get into to become a consultant. You can be a business consultant, a computer consultant, a fund raising consultant, marketing consultant, public relations consultant or even a sales consultant. If you are an expert in a specific field, chances are there are businesses out there that are looking for your help. You may need to provide certification and a degree to prove your background and training for some of the fields but others, as long as you can pitch well, and can show what you do well and how it can benefit them, than that may be all you need. You will need to make sure that no matter the field you are working in, you will need to make sure that you know the most up to date software or programs associated with that market. You will need to show how these systems help your clients with their day to day business and help them grow. You will need to be excellent at organization and time management. You will need to not only organize your day but help your clients get organized with the things they need to set up to get going doing whatever they are attempting to accomplish. Some other things you can offer as services within your consulting business are: -help set up their website -set up a Facebook fan page -show how to create LinkedIn twitter, and MySpace profiles or any of the other popular social media sites that help when it comes to networking -teach SEO -teach about need for an autoresponder-set up and add messages -teach about setting up an affiliate program If you do not know how to do all of these things or don't care to do them, you should have a number or contact information for a reliable Virtual Assistant who can help them out at their own rates. Networking is a major part of being in the consulting business. You must be able to mingle, meet and greet and deal with people both socially and professionally wherever you go. While not pushing your business onto others, you still need to allow them to know what you do, discuss a little bit of what you do to help others, and always have a business card handy in case someone wants it.

You must find and learn the best places to network with your target market both online and offline. When you meet people, take their business cards as well so that if you ever find yourself doing some consulting work for someone who is in need of their services, you will have someone you can recommend even if you have not done work for them in the past. If you refer other people, you never know when someone else will return the favor and refer you. That is the way the network business is supposed to work. Before you begin, you need to sit down and take stock of your situation. Building a successful consulting business requires a ton of time and commitment for networking and learning. If you are in need of paying your bills every week and do not have any savings or means to do so, you may want to consider getting a part time job that will take care of that while you try to build your business on the side. If you have a spouse whose income will carry you as long as you cut back on a few expenses, than do some restructuring to see how you can make it all work out. Depending on the type of consultant you plan to be, you may be able to find resources and jobs quicker than others. For example, if you wanted to be a computer consultant, you could look for clients in both the private field or in places like the educational districts. Anywhere there are a lot of people and computers needing to be networked or maintained will offer you the ability to share you expertise. Big companies who are expanding or who want to upgrade to a new system but don't know what to pick or how to set it up may need your help. Knowing the areas you can network in for the best results is vital to how much business you can end up getting. If you are interested in a Coaching Business, you can find more useful tools, templates and business training at Everyone is different and we all have our own likes, skills and dreams. But if you have been thinking it is time to take control of your financial future and give your family more than perhaps it is time to check out one of these simple low cost business opportunites today. I know that ever since I have had the taste of working for myself in my own home and on my own schedule, I could never go back to working for someone else again. Even if I ended up only making $11 an hour working for myself which is minimum wage where I live, I would still choose this over working for someone else's company at $30hr.

I know that whatever I do for my business is my success and benefit alone. I don't have to share my profits, I don't have to work long hours doing something for someone else the way they want it done and in the time they want it done with barely an acknowledgement or thank you. I can leave at 10am to go to swim class, I can go out again at 5pm to watch my son play soccer. Or I can work at 1am because I feel like it. I can do all these things because this is my business. I set the rules, I work my butt off for this chance to be home with my family. And it is all WORTH it. I hope this report has been helpful to you and you have gotten a better understanding of how having your own business and working from home can truly change your life. But you really are the Master of your own Destiny. If you choose to work at home with your own business, you MUST be serious about it. You must be dedicated. You must have self control and discipline. Working from home and running a business is not for everyone. Good luck on your new venture! I look forward to seeing you on one of my teams! I will keep my eyes out for you so I can be there to help you along. Also if you would like to read more helpful tips and advice for running a home business as a mom with children running around, be sure to drop by my blog at

Š Melanie Bremner 2014

How to Get Started with a Low Cost Home Business  
How to Get Started with a Low Cost Home Business  

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