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elanie Sessa

volume of collected works: the college years

3D model, sections, floor plan

timeline: how to build a chair with 32 legs

think, sketch, model, render, slice, cut, sand, dye, dry, seal, dry, glue, sit

mapping space

(clockwise from top left)

movement, entrances/exits, sound, furniture, light, structure

product redesign: investigating the shower caddy

fixture design & retail sections

planning plans: so many squares

technical drawings: drawing in section

plans: a study in repetition, repetition, repetition

sliding showroom: rendering, detail, elevation

(left to right)

team room, work room

plan and detail drawings

drawing millwork: all in the details



The program included a banquet hall, classrooms, a retail store, offices, workshops, a museum, a courtyard and a cafe

looking into the workshop, and onto the museum; museum; logo; cafe (lclockwise from top left)

banquet hall: a room with a view


Interior Design Portfolio


Interior Design Portfolio