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Introduction Taj holidays is an experience of a world where the pursuit of luxury has been honed to a fine art. The aura of a holiday at Taj is so mesmerizing that time as well as tides begin to wait.. The aura of Taj seeps so deep into ones soul and lingers around on the mind forever. No matter what place you go after this holiday there something that stays with you. The soul after visiting the Taj holiday is so drenched in memories that it tends to have an illusion of being in Taj.

Home page Our web page is basically very simple yet interactive keeping the class luxury feel of Taj Holidays we have used the black and gold color. The wallpaper is used in the backdrop of the web page to show the royal Indian feel in the carving of the Taj architecture The web page is kept simple to keep the excitement going on with no words and no photos. We want the target audience to get all curious when they have a look at our web page.


E-mailer Our e-mailer is based on the theme package called culture carnivals. It revolves around the main theme “It stays with you� and hence shown in pop-up visual that remains constant on the email. It also gives out notifications of the special offers of that season.

Media Innovative media : •Graphics on the pick-up-car •Reflection of the Taj environment in the water •Face cut out •Lift buttons Other media : •Hoardings •Magazines •Newspaper ads

Merchandising • • • • •

Cups Tags Candles Perfumes Bookmarks


(Group members with Roles) • • • • • • • • • •

Bhikaji Parab Jasleen Gill Nivedita Agarwal Omkar Chavan Radhika Damle Rahul Pai Rajiv Puppalwad Rucha Vakhariya Shweni Sheth Swapna Krishnan

- Illustration - Layout designing, PPT - Copywriting, Presentation - Layout execution - Video and Photography - Illustration - Illustration - Photography and Layout designing - Visual, PPT and Typography - Layout designing, PPT

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