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We Believe , the idea of a holiday is to

be free from the bonds of that hectic daily routine and enjoy with loved ones and in those moments find yourself. These moments are priceless, and Taj provides you the perfect atmosphere you need.

Perception • Taj touches your heart by giving you an experience of lifetime and memories you make in the process are no less than Gold. • Staying at Taj is like being granted the Golden touch very much like King Midas. • But unlike him, you wont regret the moments spent here and the memories would be cherished forever……

The touch of


Family fiesta Page

RomanticLounging Page


LOADING IMAGE inspired by theTAJ symbol.

Futureprospects This idea can be extendable into ad and print campaigns. Innovative techniques can make this campaign more interesting and memorable. Example- Lenticular printed wiggle photos.



Pankti Somani (jain leader)

Priyal Patil (ms.tension)

Yogesh Desai (workman)

Bhumi Jinandra (aww cute!!!)

Jagruti Tambe (gauri kuthe aahe?)

Mansi Khanolkar (chicken)

Himgauri Pande (hemavari)

Aniruddha Palav (workman 2)

Sakharam Gawade (lost)


group l