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Greetings! I hope this brochure finds you well and in good spirit! As a 42-year veteran in the field of architecture and design, I am glad to still be actively involved with the field I love. Mekus Tanager was founded in 1984, and I am proud of the projects we’ve completed and the people who have worked on them. Mekus Tanager specializes in architecture, planning, and interior design, and we have experience in a broad spectrum of projects. Our priority is to work with our clients as a business partner to create effective design solutions. By putting our clients first, our projects often exceed client expectations. We thank you, our clients, partners, colleagues, and friends for your support, and we hope to hear from you soon!

Christopher Mekus, Principal

Who we are Who we are

Since it was founded in 1984, Mekus Tanager has been a leader and expert in the architecture, planning, and interior design industry. We specialize in a broad spectrum of project types, however what sets Mekus Tanager apart is that we work with our clients as a business partner. Treating our clients as a business partner helps our clients negotiate the project process with greater ease, but more importantly ensures that the client’s needs are being met throughout the project. While a project may only be one component in our client’s larger business strategy, Mekus Tanager designs solutions that reflect each client’s unique brand identity and that seek to advance the business mission and strategy of our clients. Good design is not only aesthetically pleasing, it makes good business sense.

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Why design Why Design Matters

Businesses often invest capital in areas such as employee education and job training, employee benefits programs, new software and hardware, etc. An area that is often overlooked however is the design of space, and how an innovative approach to space planning and design can yield substantial benefits and increase a space’s return on investment. Beyond the aesthetic advantages, good design can produce efficiencies such as: reducing realestate space needs and thus costs, improving employee efficiency and productivity, attracting new talent and retaining valued employees, supporting brand and cultural identities, and improving overall employee behavior. Furthermore, consumers in today’s markets often choose services and brands based on image. For most consumers, the image a company presents is directly related to the value and quality of the product or service they sell. Positive environments have also been found to increase consumer loyalty and continued patronage. Because the three-dimensional environment in which people work and interact plays such a significant role for both employees and consumers, investing in good design is a necessary investment for any successful business.

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We specialize We specialize in

The employees of Mekus Tanager have experience in numerous types of projects, and have a diverse knowledge in all facets of the architecture, planning, and interior design industry. We feel that experienced, capable employees create better project designs and handle all phases of a project with greater ease. With their broad experience, our employees can also apply innovative techniques and designs learned from one area to another. Most importantly, by diversifying our project experiences, our clients’ end up with a superior product and are more satisfied with the project process as a whole. Mekus Tanager has experience in fields including: - Branding Environments - Cemeteries / Funeral Homes - Corporate Spaces - Educational Facilities - Exhibition Spaces - Government Offices - Healthcare Facilities - Master Planning - Places of Worship - Professional Service Offices - Private Residences - Retail Spaces - Sports & Recreational Facilities - Technological Company Spaces Opposite Page: Coopers & Lybrand LLP

Services we Services we offer

Mekus Tanager offers a broad array of services to help you with any need in the architecture, planning, and interior design industry. Whether it’s site planning a completely new or renovated building project, to helping you design your interior spaces to better support your mission, to conducting a feasibility study or implementing office standards, Mekus Tanager can work with you to make your goals a reality. Our services include but are not limited to: - Architecture (new buildings and renovations) - Interior Design - Strategic Visioning and Master Planning - Site Planning - Pre Lease Services / Feasibility Studies - Graphic Design - 3-D Branding - Corporate Standards Programs - Post Lease Services - Project Management - CAD Documentation - Construction Observation - Sustainable Design

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Sustainability Sustainability

The idea behind sustainable design is not only to create environmentally friendly spaces, but healthier, more productive environments. Using green building techniques also helps reduce energy costs, real-estate costs, life-cycle costs, all while improving the occupants image.

Mekus Tanager has been practicing sustainable design for over 28 years, and is a member of the US Green Building Council. Since our founding we have worked to develop strategies for the design of long lasting buildings and spaces, and with each project we take great care in researching and implementing sustainable design solutions while meeting our client’s budgets. Mekus Tanager was proud to work with the Archdiocese of Chicago to complete the All Saints Chapels and Administration Complex, which was certified LEED-NC Gold. Another project which was recently completed, a Global Headquarters and Design Center for Milestone AV Technologies, is expected to be certified LEED-CI Silver. Mekus Tanager has also been a long time consultant of the federal government, and the US Citizenship and Immigration Office and the Department of Education Office have been LEED certified. Mekus Tanager also designed the interiors for the FBI regional offices in Chicago which achieved a LEED-EB Platinum certification rating.

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Corporate & Professional Services Spaces

Opposite Page and Above: Motorola mobileZone.Chicago

Above: Motorola mobileZone.Chicago Right: Chamberlain Innovation and Design Center

Opposite Page and Above: Chamberlain Innovation and Design Center

Above and Opposite Page: Milestone AV Technologies - Global Headquarters and Design Center

“I just wanted to commend you and your team on the new building. It is absolutely beautiful!” -Milestone AV Technologies, Vice President of Marketing

“Everyone loves the building. We are finding that employees that work on the same floor are collaborating more frequently... We showcased the building to [The Duchossois Group’s] Board a couple of weeks ago. We have received very positive feedback from the Board members.” -Milestone AV Technologies, Vice President of Human Resources Previous Pages, Opposite Page, and Below: Milestone AV Technologies - Global Headquarters and Design Center

“I have high expectations for Mekus Tanager and they consistently meet or exceed them. The creative design options they provide take our requirements into account and bring them to a higher level than we could accomplish on our own.� - Public Buildings Service, Project Manager

Opposite Page, and Below: APCOA Standard Parking

“The workplace is beautifully constructed and is a model for how other campuses should be as well... I thought the furniture and the look of the 8th floor Chicago office was GREAT! It completely reflects the spirit of this company, and EVERY facility should be upgraded to this newer look and feel.� -Motorola Project Executive

Opposite Page and Below: Motorola Solutions Headquarters

Above: Motorola Solutions Headquarters Opposite Page: Baker & McKenzie LLP

Opposite Page and Below: Baker & McKenzie LLP

Left and Opposite Page: Coopers & Lybrand LLP

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Government Offices

Opposite Page: U.S. Small Business Administration

Above: U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission

Left: U.S. Health and Human Services Above and Opposite Page: U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services

Left and Above: US Department of Education Opposite Page: US General Services Administration - Public Building Services

“There are two or three people that I have worked with in my career that are able to really work with the government and understand their issues, needs and processes. Mekus Tanager’s GSA Project Manager is one of those people.” -Senior Vice President of Leasing Services, MB Real Estate

Opposite Page and Below: U.S. General Services Administration - Public Building Services

Sports & Recreation

Opposite Page and Above: University of Illinois at Chicago - Flames Athletic Center

All Photos: University of Illinois at Chicago - Flames Athletic Center

All Photos: Winnetka Community House

“I have really enjoyed working with Chris [Mekus]. He’s upbeat, honest, and a good communicator. Chris and the team have been easy to work with, flexible, and adaptable. They not only listen, but they really ‘hear’ our concerns. The master plan and schematic design were done very well. The plan makes sense and there is a good flow of spaces. It’s a good, solid beginning.” -Winnetka Community House Executive Director


Opposite Page and Above: University of Chicago - South Campus Residence Hall

“The Mekus Tanager team has been very responsive and attentive to our needs. Working with Mekus Tanager has been great overall. I’ve been hearing a lot of compliments from the end-users about the new space.” -University of Chicago Project Manager

Opposite Page: University of Illinois at Chicago - Polk St Residence Hall

Below: University of Illinois at Chicago - Edelstone Student Center

All Photos: University of Chicago - Ellen and Melvin Gordon Center for Integrated Sciences


Opposite Page and Above: The Henderson Residence

All Photos: Williamson Residence

“Mekus Tanager’s design team were delightful to work with because of their professionalism, responsiveness, insight and appreciation of the client’s needs and desires. The results have been enormously satisfying both at the time and on an ongoing basis.” -Client & Owner of Residence

Opposite Page: Henderson Residence

Below: Williamson Residence

Left: Williamson Residence Above and Opposite Page: Williams Residence

Opposite Page and Above: Arnett Residence Right: Sunset Lane Residence

Retail & Exhibits

Opposite Page: Zook’s Harley-Davidson

Above: Chicago Harley-Davidson

“Looking back, I think that was the best exhibition in the history of Hammerman Gallery, and we received many awards to recognize that. It had a huge impact of the field, and several art museums across the country created interactive exhibitions in its wake – it created a trend! … You had all these wonderful forward thinking ideas that transformed ideas about art into an accessible language for visitors of all ages.” -Art Institute of Chicago Exhibit Curator

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Opposite Page: St. Francis Hospital Outpatient Clinic

Above: Resurrection Hospital - Hope Cancer Center

Left and Above: Resurrection Hospital - Hope Cancer Center Opposite Page: Loyola University Medical Center

Places of Worship

Opposite Page and Above: Winnetka Presbyterian Church

Opposite Page and Above: Church of the Holy Spirit


Opposite Page: Holy Sepulchre Cemetery

Above: Hillside Memorial Park

Opposite Page and Above: All Saints Cemetery

Master Planning

Opposite Page: Holy Sepulchre Cemetery

Above: Rolling Hills Funeral Home

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Key: A - Relocated Office Trailers B - Committal Shelter C - Maintenance Building D - Lawn Crypts / Ground Burial E - Optional Entry Road & Gate F - Funeral Home G - Nature Walk H - Flag Pole I - Wash Area J - Retention Basin L - Utility Easement M - Building Setback Yard N - Future Road Connection O - Well P - Adjacent Parcel of Land Q - Public Parking (90 Spaces) P - Staff Parking / Service S - Mausoleum T - Wall Surrounded Lawn Crypts U - Baby Section V - Relocated Entry Gate W - Infill with Lawn Crypts

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