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Traduction en anglais de Aphisith SOUPHAVONGTAY


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All student! Today I have a good news to tell you! Tomorrow we’ll go to excursion in some village. So you should prepare some thinks ok. Yes! Talk it all!! Get arrive ! Wouuu!! Stop now!! I’m so dizzy… All students, this is a hospital. It was built by people her. Why is the hospital bigger than any house? It was built to be comfortable for the village. That’s rights. Because our village is so far from hospital in city and safety for life. Now there are many fake-drugs, so we need to be careful.


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Jayheng noodle soup What do you want? One aspirine. Wait a minute please… How much? Oh! Doctor! Hi Mary! Who are you buying medicine for? My son.He’s been seek the past few days. May I get your drugs? How is it? Quality. It look like fake drugs. Maybe you should go to the hospital…you shouldn’t takee it. It ight be dangerous for your son. Really?! Thank you very much. So lucky to see you. You’re welcome. Do not forget to bring your child for a check up at the hospital.


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Boss, have according to a report from detective. Now, there is a transport to take the drugs into the car. How are they doing? They’re do, they move things. Come here quickly now! Quickly!! Maybe I have some person to come and see. It’s a good work! Ah Ah! So comfortable. Give it to.. Oh!!! There are police! Here! How the police can know about this? Stop! Lift your hand up!! Catch them. I’m arrested. You’d like to male other very poor people suffer? It’s impossible. It serves him right! You made to trick the other person so bad!!

(Aphisith SOUPHAVONGTAY-traduction  
(Aphisith SOUPHAVONGTAY-traduction  

Traduction en anglais de AphisithSOUPHAVONGTAY Ecole Pharmacie Police