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How To Prevent your chickens from predators? How to prevent your chickens from predators? Mostly the garden chickens are in danger, because of the many creatures and if those chickens are not protected, then it will become the food for some other creature. The deadly birds which are called prey birds like Hawks, Specifically it will target for the small type of chickens and young birds. The bigger hawks can even take larger size hens, but it seems to have a little bit of difficulty with roosters. Raccoons are more dangerous in preying the chickens, Raccoons mostly get into the garden through trees that is present in the garden, they then come down from the tree when the chicken come out of their chicken cages. Therefore, it is advisable to implement the required safeguards to protect your chicken from the Raccoons. Many of our lovable hens are lost because of opossum or some other deadly creatures before installing the safety instruments like predator preventers. The creatures naturally prey chickens with their sharp teeth. In order to protect your chicken from these creatures you should install predator preventer instruments. When done, most of them will not even come near your garden. The next most dangerous predators to chicken are foxes, certainly they are claver creatures and we never oppose them from getting fat hen as their dinner. The solution again here is to accommodate your chicken in secured cages and install preventer machines to obstruct foxes from reaching your chickens. Normally, domestic cats as well as any categories of cat families, obviously wild cats like mountain lions, are most considerable threats for the safety and welfare of your chicken. Actually, cats are expert in hunting and attacking suddenly on their target, they can even attack their target in the open daylight. Even the large rooster or a trained dog will get scared by the small cats. Most of the animals are danger for your chickens like dogs, wild or domestic animals. Are dogs dangerous to your chicken? Sometimes, most of the domestic dogs will not be trouble for your chickens, but we can’t be sure in this without knowing them well. Several dogs are trained particularly to act as guard and to protect chickens even from the farm animals. Now a day there were some alternate solution available in markets to protect your farm and chicken from the predators Red Light Animal Repellent is one which solves these issues. is the best way to protect your chickens from the predators. To know more visit their website

How To Prevent your chickens from predators?