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DRESS UPYOUR ADVENT WREATH, SPICE UPYOUR ADVENT HOUSEHOLD If you have an Advent wreath in your household;considerembellishingit, or perhapsa small table asan 'Advent altar" nearby,with small imagesof the saintsthe Church remembersduring thi5 5sx5qn-especiallythe oneswho arepatronsofthe people,occupations, and national origins of your household. Chocjsean activity or food tradition to shareon thesedays.

NOVEMBER 'O . SAINT ANDREW Apostle,martyr,'parronof Scotland. Symbolizedby an X-shapedcross.'Enjoy easyScottishshortbreadfor dessert! (300 degreeoven) Cream I C. butter withz/t C. sugar. At low speed,add 2y2 C. flour until iust blended.Chill 30 min. Pat into two 7-in. circles,place on baking sheetand mark generous DECEMBER 6- SAI NTIIICHOLAS DECEMBER I2 . OUR TADY OFGUADALUPE wedges.Bakefor 30 min. and cool for Bishop of Myra, patron of children, Patronessof Mexico. Celebratethis 10 min. Sprinklewith cinnamon,if pawnbrokers,and sailors.Remember vision of OurLady awaitingthe birth of desired. his generosityby baking a big batch of Jesuswith a small bouquet of roses(Our iced cookies.Sharewith othersat home, Lady of Guadalupe'ssign) on the dinner DECEMBER 3 . SAINT FRANCIS XAVIER school,or church. Or hand out candy table or in your Advent wreath.Toast Priest,missionaryto the Far East. canes(representinghis bishop'sstaff) her with Mexicanhot chocolatefavored A quick Xavier soup can be madefrom or tangerinesor foil-wrappedchocolate generouslywith cinnamon and vanilla. chickenbroth simmeredwith cherry coins(representing the gold he secretly tomatoes,bay leaf, freshparsley,and gavefor dowriesfor three gratefi.rlsisters). DECEMBER I3 . SAINT LUCY basil to taste.It'i deliciouspoured over Virgin, martyr, patroness of gondoliers. cheesegnocchi or anotherpastacooked DECEMBER 8. IMMACULA1E CONCEPTION Her name means "light" and one of accordingto directions.(Rememberto Patronessof the U.S. Celebrates her symbols, a wreath of candles worn removethe bay leaf beforeserving.) how God preservedMary from sin. on the head, reminds us of the Advent Thaditiondly,fragrantspicesare wreath. In Sweden, the eldest daughter DECEMBER 4. SAIIIT BARBARA associated with Mary. This simple sugar brings her parents coffee and cakes in Virgin, martyr, parronessof architects. and spicecookiewill makeyour kitchen bed before dawn on St. Lucy's day. Light 'J7henher paganfather learnedof smellheavenly!(Oven 275 degrees) lots of candles throughout the house! Barbarasbaptism,he beheadedher.An Cream 1 C. butter and 1 C. sugardll old practiceon St. Barbaratday is to fluffy. Blend in 1 eggyolk. Stir in Ilz t. cut branchesof witch hazeil,ashrub that nutmeg and2 C. four till combined. bloomsin December,and placethem Pat evenlyinto greased10 xl5 rimmed All materials @ J.S. Paluch Company: In accordance in a vaseof warm water to releasetheir, cookiesheet.Brush top with eggwhite. with c. 827, since this work has been found to conform to Church teaching, pernission to publish hm been fragrancc. (Or use another plant that Bake50 minutes. Cut into squares granted by the Very Rwerend John F. Canary, Mcar might be more readily available.) while warm. Generalofthe ArchdioceseofChicago, on June l, 2010.




(Nlatthew 1:18-25) An angelof the Lord appearcdtoJosephin a


dreamand said,'Joseph,

Nature3 seasons shape thewaysweinvestenergy, time,andresources fordailyliving.Sacred seasons likewise shape howweinvestenergy, time,andresources forourspilituallives.Advent istheseason of preparation, of beingattentive. Weremember Jesus' coming in histoly; weworkactively forhiscoming inourhearts; weeagerly ariticipate his coming attheendoftime.

son of David, do not be aftaid to take Mary as yout wife, for the child conceivedin her is from the Holy Spirit." Didya knowtherearefue dreams in Matthew'snlling of thebirthof Christ?(osepbbnfoua thenagi baue one.)Matthew'swholeGoEelis alsoinf.ueparts,k initan thefiue booksof theJewisblaw,orTorah. As wediyouerthroagballfue dreant,obejngGod's will takescourage, dedication, andrealkueforthe peopleandthemision Cod basplacedin 01ffcare. Mary andJoseph obeydGod'swill, andsomilstwe.

givesusanopportunityto Celebrating Advent invitethesacred into ourlives.lt3 a chance to maketime,makeanagenda, andmakespace inourlivesforadeepelmoreintimaterelationship withGod.ltb not aboutpilingmoredailytasksontoourChfstmas to-dolist.ltt about givingourselves andotherspermission to love Godina renewed way.

MAKE\IME . Wake upfifteenminutes earlielorgoto bedfifteenminutes later . Givetimenewpurpose; gift oftime askyourself, doI squander theprecious making unnecessarytrips inthecar? phoning, watching television, texting, surfing theWeb? reading non-essential things? . Spend yourextrafifteenminutes of newlyfoundtime inbriefmeditation at bedtime ol rising, a gentleentryintoorexit frombusy-ness, saying a prayer, doingspiritual reading, insome charitable wodgorperhaps visiting withsomeone who maybelonely.

MAKEAN AGENDA . Create a briefprayer listorchoose oneinspiring book. . Peruse theseasonal traditions inthesearticles fortheonesthatappeal to you. . Bedutifulin lightingyoulAdvent your wreathorusing Advent calendar.

MAKESPACE (liketheones Putshortprayers foundinthisbulletin) you'll where seethemthroughout theday . thebathroom mirol . thebackofyourcellphone . thevisorinyourcar . yourbedstand . yourpurse, pockets, backpack . yourcomputer screen saver

Jyll^Ivf ,u*@* J nEEn frnu One waytofocus attention onthecoming ofJesus during Advent istoassemb leaJ egg"fr"u. Jesse wasthefather ofKingDavid, fromwhom Jesus was descended. Thecustom comes fromaquote fromlsaiah: "Butashoot shallsprout fromthestump ofJesse andfrom hisroots, abudshallblossom"(lsaiah 11:1). "tree" The isornamented withsymbols representing the events ofsalvation history andtheancestors ofJesus. You canuse anundecorated artificial tree oralarge houseplant ordrawatreeonposter board sheet oralarge ofpaper.

SUN,I I/28,_CREAIION Genesis 1(sun/moon/stars; photos; hubble globe) telescope Moil,fl/2g-ADAM&EVE Genesis 2:15&3:19(Adam garden) andEve; TUE,II/iO_NOAH Genesis 6:11& 7:8(ark;rainbow; water; animals) WED.IAI_TOWER OFBABEL Genesis 11:1-9 (pyramid orziggurafRosetta Stone) -6 THU.| 2n - ABRAIIII{ (stars Genesis 15:t orsand; babyboy) FN.tAI-$AAC (father Genesis 22:1-19 andson;stone altar;sheep orram) SAf.l2/4-IACOB (ladder; Genesis 28:10-22 square stone; angel) SUN, IA5_IOSEPH f HEDNEAMER Genesis 37&4l-46:7(wheat; caftle;rainbow cloth/cloak) M0N,l2/6-M0SES Exodus 3:t-22(river;fiogs/flies/locusts; a bush) fUE,I2N_PASSOVER Exodus l2:1-36(lamb;matzoh bread; doorposts/doorways) With thefollowing scripture guide, readings asyour WED.I2/8_CROSSING THE REED SEA choose asymbol each daytodrawyourself, orcutoutfrom (seaorocean; Exodus 14:10-31 chariots; fire,clouds) fHU, I 2/9_TEN COMMANDMEN|S amagazine orcatalog. You canalsousethree-dimensional (stone Exodus l9:16-20:17 tablets; golden cloudy mountaintop; calf) items borrowed fromyourhousehold possessions tohang FRt.t2/t0-tosHUA Joshua 6:1-20(shofar; walledcity;ancient soldiers) SAT,lAlI-SAMUEL 1Sanuel 3:1-21, 8:10-22, 9:15-10:9(cotorbed;oil;crown) iultt2/t2-DAV\D ',,lli'ii,ii'il,,.,ir 1Samuel 16& 17(sling/stone; harp) i' MON.IAIs-ELUAH i ,riiii (prcphett 1 KingllT:1*16& 18:17-46 robe;stone altary chadot) .ii iri,,",,i TUE,NN4_$AIAH ,,!fiii lsaiah 5:l-13,9:1-7(hotcoals; scrolls) WED,12/I|-IEREMIAH i. Jeremiah 8:22-9:tl(tears; ancient ruins) fHU.I2N,-HABAKKUK Habakkuk I -2:1,3:16-19(fortress; hourglass) Fil,I2/\T-NEHEMIAH l{ehemiah l-2:& 6:15-16 ,13:10-22 (Jerusalem Temple; Tonhscroll; candles) SAf. |2/l }-ANNttlICtAIt0,V tuke1:26-tB(anget; tity;Mary)

sau,nflg-vtstrAfto[ (Mary/Elizabeth; Luke1:39-55 pregnant luggage; women) ll0{, nn|-ZElWAfflilll luket:57-80(wdtingtablet;thewod ,,John,,) -toilN THE EAPrIST 1a.:i w[ 1U2t ::::: Luke 3:l-20 7:18-30

ctothins; scallop shell wlwater) ,,..*,j:T1t,ti1i[il1rin wED,1222-Sf.nSEPH (caryenter 1:1$:-25 Matthew tools;walking staff) f HU.T2/23-T HEEPIPHANf Matthew 2:l-12(gold/fiankincense/myrrh; stars; camels)

FRl, tu24-tEsus tsB0iRN [uke2:l-15(stable; infantJesus; angels)

Blesing theManger

ventProyerc & Blessings

(Eachpray is said as thefgure it narnesisplaced in the mangerscene.7be Christ child isplaced with thefnal prayer.)

\fle welcomethe Christ child, \7e hold him in our hearts As did Mary his mother. Cometo us,Emrnanuel!

DailyPrayer Come to me, Jesusmy joy, As I prepareto celebrate Your birth at Bethlehem. Come to me, Jesusmy love, fu I hold you in my heart Throughout the day. Come to me, Jesusmy peace, As I look forward to the day I will live with you forever.Amen.

Household Toble Prayer Let the Lord enter,the King of Glory! Let theLord enter theKing of Glory! Enter this house,O Lord. Blessthis table and this time; Strengtheneveryoneto be your light. Let the Lord enter theKing of Glory! Enter all lives,O Lord. \7ith your reign ofjustice and peace, Sendus out aswitnessesto the hungry. Let the Lord enter,rheKing of Ghry! Enter all hearts,O Lord. Bring an end to selfishness, Hamed,divisions,and war, through your grace. Let the Lord enter theKing of Glory! \7e know you arenear,O Lord. Blessour meal,blesstheseAdvent days. Amen.

\7e welcomethe Christ child, 'We carefor his presencein the world As did SaintJoseph. Cometo us,Emmanuel! \7e welcomethe Christ child, In joy we sing his glory, fu did the angelsof Bethlehem Cometo us,Emmanuel! 'W'e welcomethe Christ child, 'We cometo adorehim, As did the humble shepherds. Cometo us,Emmanuel! 'We welcomethe Christ child, \)fh.ois our true light, Guiding us aswerethe magi by the star. Cometo us,Emmanuel! 'W'e welcome the Christ child, God'sown \7ord in human fesh, Through the power of the Holy Spirit God amongus foreverand ever.Amen.

Morning Proyer As the sun risesthis morning, May the light of your SonJesus Shineon me, God of love and mercy. As your Church watchesand waits, Keepme faithfirl in joyful hope For the comingof Christ, our Lord. Amen.

NighttimePrayer From heavenabove '\?'atch over me this night; Protectme asI sleep, Surroundedby your love And the songof the angelsand saints. Hear myAdvent prayer,O Lord. Amen.

The spirit of the Lord shall reston him, the spirit of wisdom and understanding, the spirit of counseland might, the spirit of knowledgeand the fear of the Lord. (Isaiahll:2, NRSV) For ref.ection:Do I hnow or recognizetheseas thegifu of the sacramentof Conf.rrrtation? Which of thesegifu is strongestin my W? Which do I needto be rnoreopento? Prayer: Spirit of tbe Lord" rest upon me today. Bless me, and renew in me the gifts tltat were bestowedon Christ, our Saaion Amen. . . .declaredto be Son of God with power accordingto the spirit of holinessby resurrectionfrom the dead,JesusChrist our Lord. (Romansl:4, NRSV) For reflection:Why is therea readingabout the resurrectionofJesusduring Aduent? Is this spirit of holinessmahing me morealiue toda!? Prayer: Spirit of holiness, descmd on our world, in need ofyour hope and neu ffi. Srtr ap tbe pown of the Risen Cbrist in yoar Churcb, Anen. Now the birth ofJesusthe Messiahtook placein this way.\Whenhis mother Mary had beenengagedto Joseph,but beforethey lived together,shewas found to be with child from the Holy Spirit. (Matthew l:18. NRSV) For reflection:\Vhat are the uariouswaysthat the Hofi Spirit still bringsnew life into the world? How am I calledto neasureand carefor the Spirh'sgifis of life? Prayer: Holy Spirit who made tbe Word of God incarnate in tbe Virgin Mary, dwell in ne and in our world today, In your grdce, tna! we teasure aII life you baoe giaen, Amm.

Lord, may the power of the Spirit, which sanctifiedMary the mother of your Son, make holy the gifts we placeupon this alrar. (Prayerover the gifts, Fourth SundayofAdvent)

For ref.eoion:How wastheHolySpirit actiuein mahingthebodyand bloodofJesus present? theSpirit'spowerstill mahetheBodyandBloodtrufi presentat Mass? In whatwaysd.oes Prayet San*ifirng Spirit, asyou mabetbegifu of brcad and uine into a holy sacrifue, maheeueryday a sacrifce ofpraise I offer to theglory of God"Amen,

ffis As the newliturgicalyearbeginsto unfoldwe aretoldbythe prophets to "take off your robe of mourning and misery" to "shout for joy" and "be glad and exult." This year especially,Advent reminds us of God'spromise that, with the sendingof the Messiah,things change. This Advent seasonhas the power to speak to each and every one of us, especially if we present ourselves honestly before God. It is true that our life situations may not necessarilychangeduring this Advent. What we are asked to do is to bring our joys and sorrows, our mourning and elation, into the celebration of the liturgy week after week, in order that God may work through these


situations to changeour hearts.


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