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Purpose and Objective My name is María Edith Jordán Gómez. I am currently a fourth year English Education student at the University of Puerto Rico in Humacao. This last semester as BA student, which I anxiously and nervously await, will be my practice teaching experience. After three and a half years of studying everything from human growth and development; principles of language teaching and learning; language acquisition theories; British, American, Gothic and Young Adult Literature; phonology, morphology and syntax of the English language; and a variety of methodologies to facilitate secondary level learning, I can say that I am ready to transfer all of this knowledge into practice at a real school in a real classroom with real students. This blog, which will be my electronic reflective portfolio, will be a recollection of my experience as a practice teacher. It will serve as evidence of teaching and learning. This will include: a video of one of my lessons, student assessments, a sample student portfolio of work from a unit or theme, the assessment instruments that I will use to evaluate my students, original thematic units, a nucleus study of my school so I know the facilities my students have available to them, a group profile to get to know my students a little better, a case study to take action on an individual case that needs special attention, a special project to improve the school, classroom, and daily reflections in my life of as a practice teacher. This blog will also include a Teacher Work Sample (TWS), with its seven processes and it will be a reflection of my decisions, strengths, and areas I may need to improve as a teacher. Finally, it will also sample the manifestation of the four core values within the classroom (diversity, creativity, leadership, and social transformation).

Purpose and Objectives