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Art Statement The hands of the creator have designed and created this world. He decorated the world with infinite colors. I love to take my camera with me to discover all the beautiful colors around us. Colors are also ways to express our feelings, moods, and personalities. Pablo Picasso once said, “Color, like features, follow the changes of the emotions.” In my photo book series The Trace of Colors, I chose four colors for each of the books, and then created images with the colors. Every color has its own meaning, and gives people personal emotional experience. Chairman Mao wrote a stunning color poem to express his feelings when he saw the beautiful view after rain.

赤橙黄绿青蓝紫, 谁持彩练当空舞; 雨后复斜阳, 关山阵阵苍。

There is a rainbow of seven colors in the bright sky Who dances with color ribbon in the serene sky? Newly over is the rain, there appears the sun setting again Now greener are passes and hills in view so plain.

What is your color? Which color are you feeling right now? I hope you enjoy the journey with The Trace of Colors, and start your own journey with the colors around you. Special thanks to Lisa J. Paker for all the color metaphor poems.

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Yell ow is su pol len nsh f ine r om hon th e bac y of the e pine k of tree the hive the bum Aut u b It’s spri mn mo lebee ngt on and i m w e and armth a in y hug our mo It’s the joy r’s a a nd Yell rms it’s ow l ove is but te smi rcups a ling nd d up em at m affodi bra ls cing e the an win tere d illum d ea inat rth ing


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e is u l B ess n t s Va ness n Ope tiness p Em k slate lan unity b A rt ies o p lit op It’s ossibi ices p It’s ite cho sky fin s the is n i It’s acros Blue ers ath w p s r an tars ea l t c h A rig ing s ey o N guid urn No tary jo view li in A so rizon edom o ho It’s fre r fears n h Wit you nown g cin unk e a f It’s g the a plung y cin p or rtaint a r b ea unce rage l m e a It’s aking ue is s cou T Bl lue i B

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Ora It’s nge is a a a w strenu hot su e Of a ll-earn ous hi mmer k day Ora rugge ed view e to d Of j nge is stone a u A su tting p twisti pinnac ng can le in a nset fr eaks yon o Ora rock w zen in a tim Fro nge is ll e, ms sati wea sfac The t t a a It’s we-in nd s ion e t Ora xhaus spiring rain t Pea nge is ion an result d r c And h juice enewe exulta d Ora the sc drippi zest tion e n It’s nge is nt of c g off t a t h i Mel n ephe he end trus pe e chin t The ing aw meral of a pe els s And fixed s ay bey unset rfect d o t ay the orang one ca nd u nva Of a nspok e is s not en p her bril romise lian t da y

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The Trace of Colors I  

Pablo Picasso once said, “Color, like features, follow the changes of the emotions.”In my photo book series The Trace of Colors, I chose fou...

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