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Bihun Goreng

medium 30 minutes 3 portions

boil water in kettle

add boiled water enough to cover all the noodles

close the pot, leave it for Âą4 minutes

Separate the chinese cabbage before cutting

Peel 3 pcs of carrots with a peller

drain the noodles

noodles can be cut smaller

carrots chinese cabbage


garlic chicken

spring onion

3 pcs 50gr


5 cloves 200gr

2 pcs

cut them into..

5-6 cm

thin slices

finely sliced 3 cm small blockes

remove the edges

prepare a wok pan and light medium fire

add 2 eggs, scramble until it cooked add the garlic, stir fry until it smells nice

add chicken, stir fry until brown, add carrots

add 100ml water and 1 pcs chicken block

heat 5 tbs olive oil add all the veggies and stir fry until it cooked

add the vermicelly

add 2 tbs oyster and 4 tbs soya sauce lower the flame

add salt and pepper as you like

it’s ready to serve! after it all mixed..


Bihun Goreng  

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