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Sustainable Car Park Solutions A Cost-Effective Approach to Environmental and Operational Efficiency.

Solar Car Park Canopy – Concept Animation

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The Challenge

Minimising energy and potable water usage, conserving resources and reducing operational costs makes both environmental and business sense. Altering or adding to the building fabric of your main assets, however, can be a complex and expensive option.

That is why we have identified public car parks as a real opportunity for energy generation and rainwater harvesting, particularly in the following sectors: §§ Shopping Centres §§ Hospital & Medical Facilities §§ Schools & Universities §§ Airports & Train Stations §§ Leisure Facilities & Sports Clubs

Sustainable Car Park Canopy Section

Boxed gutter to collect rainfall

Solar panels or roof below to form impermeable roof for stormwater collection

Solar equipment mounted to underside of structure

Structural layout subject to structural design dependent on carpark layout

Downpipe contained within column if possible for reduced visual impact

Underground modular rainwater storage tank

Inlet Outlet

Surface drainage pit and overflow to drainage outfall

Connection to other tanks

The Solution

Utilising our multi-disciplinary Planning & Engineering capabilities, we have developed a modular, cost-effective sustainable solution which can be scaled for any sized car park. The off-roof canopy system incorporates solar panels and rainwater harvesting for irrigation or other non-potable water demand, such as toilet flushing or cleaning.

The Benefits

You have the flexibility to specify a single solar or combined solar/water solution to suit your needs. We have teamed up with PPA Direct who provide Solar Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) to cover the upfront capital cost of the system with a fixed term contract to supply the solar at a heavily discounted price when compared to grid power.

Using water balanced modelling, rainfall and demand is measured in your specific region to optimise tank sizes for cost-effective storage and reliable water supply.

Alternatively, if you prefer, you can fund the project yourself.

§§ Modular solution minimises any potential operational disruption, as only a small number of parking bays need to be shut down at any one time §§ Provides shade and weather protection to vehicles which supports longer residence time §§ Architecturally aesthetic design

§§ Generates sustainable renewable energy §§ Offsets potable water usage §§ Allows owner to charge for premium under cover parking §§ It is quick and safe to build §§ We provide full-cycle support from inception to construction



Payback in 5-7 years (dependent on electricity tariff & location)

No upfront cost

You own the asset forever

Maintenance costs all covered

100% offset solar power costs

Real-time monitoring all included

Solar Car Park Canopy Layout Plan

Drainage pit draining carpark surface and outfall for tank Overflow pipe to drainage outfall

Downpipes concealed in structure

Tank access manhole with outfall non return valve

Underground roof drainage pipe

Underground rainwater storage tanks connected to each canopy and into supply

Power Requirements

Total Energy Cost Savings

Solar Other

Cost & Energy Savings


Cost & Water Savings


Solar typically meets up to 35% of your power requirements and will typically save you up to 15% in energy costs. The addition of Voltage Optimisation under a PPA can lead to total energy savings of up to 25% on a refrigerated site.

16 bay carpark canopy module could provide up to 100,000L of harvested stormwater in Melbourne per year. When these modules and tanks are linked together the potable water offset is only limited by the car park area. Potable water usage that is reduced will offset upfront costs over time.

$ Implementation Process

Meinhardt Planning Obtain relevant planning approvals

75-85% demand reliability of the potable water needed for irrigation, toilet usage and other non-potable uses.

PPA Direct Complete water balance model and size rainwater tank

Meinhardt Civil Complete electrical supply model to determine effective size

Meinhardt Structural Structural design of canopy and footings

Meinhardt & PPA Direct Construction documentation and supervision

PPA Direct PPA Funding Agreement and ongoing maintenance of system

Howlong Golf Club Solar Canopy – PPA Direct Installation

Case Study Howlong Golf Club

100 kW

320 x 310W 155,000 kWh 4 Modules

solar system

solar panels installed

produced annually

each covering 48 carparks

“This solar system will not only provide great savings on our electricity bill, it also provides great shade for our golfers and their general enjoyment of the Club. The weekend Rotary Market loves the shade for their stalls.”

– Club Manager, Chris Rebbechi


Scott Carne Senior Civil Engineer – Meinhardt e: p: +61 3 8676 1286 m: +61 403 245 827

Glenn Melton Director – PPA Direct e: p: +61 2 6059 5375 | +61 423 800 858 w: