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About Us

When you come to Meinhardt you get new ideas that work. It is what we call ‘Practical Imagination’. Meinhardt is a multi-disciplinary engineering and professional technical services consulting firm. Formed in Australia in 1955, our Australian business operates throughout the country and internationally with offices in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, and Perth.

We are part of the Meinhardt Group of more than 30 offices in 5 continents across the globe. We place great emphasis on collaboration and share and transfer knowledge, expertise and resources between offices.

Practical Imagination Practical Imagination is our brand promise to you. It’s not just about what we do. But the way in which we do it. Our clients tell us that they appreciate dealing with our personable, approachable staff who provide them with clever, practical ideas and solutions which save time, money and provide better project outcomes. So that’s what you get when you come to Meinhardt.


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The Personal Touch When we speak to clients, they tell us that it is our people that make the difference. They tell us that they are personable and enjoyable to work with. That is why we ensure our teams always have the right mix for your project; people with the technical know-how and expertise; people with creativity and imagination; and people who are approachable, friendly and responsive.


Jackson Architecture worked closely with Meinhardt to meet the needs of the stakeholders. Their collaborative design approach enabled the project to be refined through changing budgetary and timeframe requirements, while ensuring the architectural integrity of the building remained. � Peter Savva, Architect, Jackson Architecture

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Our Services

Our Structural Capabilities The art of structural engineering requires an empathy with the creativity of the architect, an understanding of the pragmatism of construction, an appreciation of the economic imperatives of the client and the ability to work proactively and holistically in a design team. Current knowledge of construction materials and technology is an essential tool in the structural engineer’s kit. But clients tell us that they also place value on effective communications, the ability to look holistically at a project and a commitment to work in a team to achieve a defined outcome in a designated time; these they say are the hallmarks of a creative structural engineer.

Our full service includes:

We strive to deliver innovative, creative solutions that take into consideration all of your project’s performance parameters, such as cost and commercial viability, buildability and efficient use of construction resources, durability and functionality, long term operating flexibility and efficiency and environmental sustainability.

¡¡ Masterplanning

This includes detailed input into value management studies as well as life cycle and recurrent costing requirements.

¡¡ Assistance with Town Planning applications ¡¡ Façade Engineering ¡¡ Preparation of Design Briefs ¡¡ Certification services ¡¡ Peer Review ¡¡ Concept Design ¡¡ Proof Engineering ¡¡ Detail design and documentation ¡¡ Construction Phase services ¡¡ Building Information Modelling (BIM) ¡¡ Due Diligence Inspections


South Australia

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Our People

Hamish Bills Structural Manager (SA) P: +61 8 8227 1544 M: +61 403 340 993

Hamish’s experience is in the field of structural engineering, from the areas of concept to detailed design and through to construction of building structures. He has significant experience across the institutional, commercial and residential sectors and an interest in architectural structural engineering. He has a proven track record leading multi-disciplinary teams and providing a single point of contact for the client. This has worked effectively to build strong relationships between all parties and ultimately deliver successful projects, as listed below.

Shane Turner Senior Structural Engineer P: +61 8 8227

Shane has over 20 years’ experience in the field of structural engineering on building projects ranging from major hospitals to residential additions. He has significant experience in the education sector having designed and reviewed school buildings of all sizes for private and government clients over many years. Shane has provided reports on structural related building problems to government, loss adjustors and private clients. He is familiar with timber codes and the use of timber as the key structural element in buildings, civil and landscape structures. He enjoys working with clients to deliver efficient and aesthetically pleasing structures through a design process based upon collaboration, respect and openness.

South Australia


Our Projects – Hospitals

Mt Barker Maternity Refurbishment

Client: SA Health Architects: Russell & Yelland Services Provided: Structural & Civil Engineering

Mt Barker, South Australia REVIT Documents

The refurbishment project at the Mount Barker Hospital involved an extension to the main hospital with an upgrade to the maternity wing, as well as the construction of a new elevated Helipad with Ambulance access. The design team solved a number of challenges which included re-directing the existing stormwater system around the new development whilst minimizing disruptions to staff and patients. Excavation for the foundations found that uncontrolled filling on site exceeded that indicated by the original geotechnical investigation. A site inspection by the Geotechnical and Structural Engineer enabled


South Australia

Working Hospital

a quick assessment of the extent of the problem and recommendations were made which enabled construction to continue. The project was documented using REVIT(3D) which enabled improved co-ordination across the design team.

Mt Barker & Gawler Chemotherapy Unit Extensions Mt Barker & Gawler, South Australia

The key challenge on the Mount Barker and Gawler Chemo Unit Extension project was the very compact site containing many ‘live’ and discarded underground services within the proposed footprint of building extension. To overcome this the project was staged and specific live underground services were re-located to keep adjoining examination rooms operating.

Client: SA Health Architects: Russell & Yelland Services Provided: Structural, Civil & Building Services Engineering

Staged Construction

Deep Fill

enabled improved co-ordination across the design team.

At Gawler the major challenge was the large amount of highly reactive non-engineered fill on the site. This was overcome through the use of deep concrete bored piers and void former under the raft footing slab. Both projects were documented using REVIT(3D) which

South Australia


Our Projects – Hospitals

South Coast Hospital Emergency Department & Chemotherapy Unit Addition

Client: SA Health Architects: Russell & Yelland Services Provided: Structural, Civil and Building Services Engineering

Staged Construction

Large Column Free Spans

Victor Harbor, South Australia

The South Coast Hospital project involved the redevelopment of the emergency department and the addition of a new chemotherapy unit. The project was undertaken in carefully considered stages to ensure access to the Hospital was maintained and disruption to staff and patients minimised. In addition large fascia trusses were designed to support the accident and emergency department canopy to allow unimpeded access for ambulances, emergency patients and staff at the emergency entrance.


South Australia

The overall result was additions that were strikingly modern and functional, providing better patient care and improved work environments for hospital and ambulance staff. The project was documented using REVIT(3D) which enabled improved co-ordination across the design team.

SA Country Health State-wide, South Australia

Client: SA Countr y Health Architects: Various Services Provided: Structural, Civil & Building Services Engineering

Revit Documents


Meinhardt have provided multi-disciplinary engineering services for over 30 Country Hospitals across South Australia. Projects have included operating theatre upgrades, site infrastructure upgrades, new dialysis clinics and consulting rooms and other building upgrades. With many clients now seeing the benefits of BIM, we have delivered a number of these projects using Autodesk REVIT software to coordinate the building services, structural and architecture in 3D using a virtual model of the building. This approach to project delivery is especially valuable in a healthcare setting where coordination with additional specialist services such as medical gases is required.

South Australia


Our Projects – Aged Care

Hervey Bay Aged Care

Client: Premier Health Care Architects: Kirkbride Boyce Architects Services Provided: Building Services, Structural & Civil Engineering


Proposed Perspective 08

Job No: 13-006

Drawing No: SK28


Resort type features

Meinhardt were responsible for the structural, civil and engineering services design for a new 145 bed aged care complex in Hervey Bay Queensland for a local Adelaide client. The large floor plan two-storey development included three internal courtyards with large cantilever balconies, a feature skylight over a central dining area, a canopy covering the main entry and drop off area; a bowling green, sports bar, theatre, function and training rooms, barbeque areas, pergola’s and gazebo’s.


South Australia

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Date: 20/03/2014

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Checked By: AK

This drawing is copyright and the property of Kirkbride Boyce Architects and must not be used without written authorisation. C


cadd file: S:\PROJECTS\13_006 Padman Hervey Bay\05_DRAWINGS\05_1 _SK Drawing\13-006_Padman Harvey Bay_2014-01-15.pln

Collaboration across Australia

To improve aesthetics the plant platforms were recessed into the roof while still being readily accessible from an in-roof walkway. Close attention was given to the tiedown of the roof structure for the high wind conditions in this location, while both services and structure have considered the critical fire compartmentation of the building. The Adelaide and Brisbane offices of Meinhardt worked together closely to ensure co-ordination with the Adelaide client and Architect as well as the Local Council and contractors on site in Hervey Bay.



AD 67

Premier Health Care – Ridge Park

Client: Premier Health Care Architects: Kirkbride Boyce Services Provided: Building Services, Structural & Civil Engineering

TEL: (08) 8362 6633 FAX: (08) 8363 0211

e Boyce

Adelaide, South Australia Heritage restoration

The site was sloping, compact and surrounded by residential neighbours and a major arterial road. A mixture of steel framing, in-situ concrete, precast concrete and timber framing was used in the design of the structure to achieve the necessary fire ratings while keeping costs down. The design of the super structure focussed on creating column free spaces where possible to ‘future proof’ the design. The basement carpark design had to consider the effects of construction on the neighbouring buildings as well as the buildings remaining

Basement carpark

on site. The suspended slab over the ground floor back of house facilities was designed to accommodate a loading bay able to receive heavy vehicles directly from the street. The development included the sensitive restoration and upgrade of and 1840’s heritage building and heritage wall to become the major features and face of the complex to the community.

South Australia


Our Projects – Hotels

Blue Gums Hotel Refurbishment Adelaide, South Australia

Client: Blue Gums Hotel Architects: Folland Panozzo Services Provided: Structural, Civil and Building Services


beer garden to provide open, modern settings for patrons and improved back of house facilities. The refurbishment work was designed around the constraints of the existing building and required the redirection of existing underground services. Sitework engineering included a redesign of the existing car park to maximise its footprint and increase the number of parking spaces.


South Australia

Site work design

Waikerie Hotel Waikerie, South Australia

Client: Waikerie Hotel Architects: Folland Panozzo Services Provided: Structural, Civil and Building Services Engineering

Co-ordinated Design

The redevelopment of the Waikerie Hotel included a new gaming room, front bar, dining room, kitchen upgrade & accommodation areas. An underground storage areas was also provided along with a service lift. Meinhardt provided an integrated design between the Services & Structural Engineers so that there was a seamless outcome in terms of budget and programme on the project. A significant client change half way through the design and documentation phase presented the team with a challenging scenario. The undercroft basement was originally designed for storage only. However, the client requested that area be made a working car park. This required the entire team to re-design the layout of the

Country Site

supporting columns, primary and secondary composite beams to provide an efficient and cost-effective solution. During the basement excavation, the contractors encountered significantly more rock than anticipated, contrary to an extensive soil testing regime during the design process. We were able to modify the foundations during construction and ensured the project kept moving to programme. Indeed, the client was keen for a fast-tracked construction process. Due to the remote location of the site we arranged appropriate inspections between the Builder and Engineer that maximised construction deliverables without overlapping services.

South Australia


Our Projects – Hotels

Gilbert Street Hotel Refurbishment

Client: Gilbert Street Hotel Architects: Folland Panozzo Services Provided: Structural and Civil Engineering

Adelaide, South Australia Ongoing Operations

The refurbishment of the Gilbert Street Hotel included upgrade works to the kitchen, gaming areas and beer garden. Challenges on the site included close proximity to the underground basement of the adjoining property. Extensive investigation of existing infrastructure was undertaken to enable a cost effective footing system solution that could be constructed with minimal impact on the neighbours. The upgrade and extension of the existing kitchen was staged to ensure a seamless transition whilst continuing to serve the current patrons.


South Australia

Adjacent Basement

Brahma Lodge Refurbishment Adelaide, South Australia

Client: Brahma Lodge Architects: KP Architects Services Provided: Structural and Civil Engineering

Reuse of Structure

The refurbishment of the hotel included new gaming areas, wet areas, kitchen, dining, two bars and two beer gardens

Integrated Design

and on time.

Challenges included working within the constraints of the existing building and constructing a new beer garden at the front of the hotel. In addition, the design team had to find a solution for an open beer garden within the existing building footprint. This resulted in the design of specific connection details to utilize existing infrastructure where possible, thus keeping costs down. An integrated design between structural and building services provided a seamless outcome all within budget

South Australia


Our Projects – Pre-schools

Aldinga Primary School – Children’s Centre

Client: Department for Education and Child Development Architects: Kilpatrick Architects Services Provided: Structural and Civil Engineering

Aldinga, South Australia CEFPI Commendation

Reverse Masonry Veneer

The Aldinga Primary School Children’s Centre provides an integrated indoor and outdoor learning environment for pre-school children aged from 3 to 5 years with provision for an Inclusive Preschool Program for children with disabilities. The Centre is also community hub providing a wide range of community and allied health services.

large verandahs. The carpark design and layout included swales to minimize site surface discharge to the street.

The project utilised steel-framed construction with reverse masonry-veneer walls. The steel superstructure supported generous roof cantilevers. Beautifully detailed concrete plinths support angled timber columns to the

The building received a commendation award from CEFPI (Council of Educational Facility Planners International) in 2015.


South Australia

The whole project was designed and documented in Revit.

Mawson Lakes Preschool Extension

Client: DECD Architects: Williams Architects Services Provided: Structural and Civil Engineering

Adelaide, South Australia Feature Entrance

Steel Frame

This project involved the extension of the existing preschool and the creation of a striking new entrance Construction involved concrete raft footings with steel super structure tying back into existing structure, which was a significant challenged due to the limited site access and builder’s area.

South Australia


Our Projects – Education

Thebarton Senior College – Resource Centre Extension Adelaide, South Australia

The Thebarton Senior College project involved extensions to the existing resource centre and the enclosure of the undercroft of an existing three storey concrete framed structure to create new learning areas. A major challenge successfully solved by the team was the provision of the necessary supports for the framing under the existing 50-year old building within the constraints of a very limited space. The project was successful in utilising what was otherwise unused space and doing so very cost effectively to bring new life to the college.


South Australia

Client: Thebarton Senior College Architects: Swanbur y Penglase Architects Services Provided: Structural and Civil Engineering

Building Redevelopment

Limited Space

Gawler High School Redevelopment

Client: DTPI Architects: JPE Design Studio Services Provided: Structural, Civil & Building Services

Gawler, South Australia Staged Construction

This project involved the amalgamation of Gawler High School, Evanston Primary School and Evanston Preschool to form a Birth to year 12 facility at the Gawler High School Site. The redevelopment was built to accommodate an expansion of up to 1500 students across the 38 acre site. Major site works included stormwater detention, landscaping with play areas throughout and re-work of existing carparking and new car parking.

Major Siteworks

The existing campus remained operational throughout the works, including the pickup and drop off areas, always a busy part of any school. The project team developed a detailed, robust and flexible staging of works to safely and successfully avoid disruption to parents, students and the school

South Australia


Our Projects – Education

Brighton Secondary SchoolPerforming Arts Centre Adelaide, South Australia

The design brief for this project called for an iconic, high end performing arts facility to cater for the needs of Brighton High School, the wider community and local government. The project included tiered seating for 400 persons, a fully flexible lighting and curtain grid, biobox, administration offices, backstage area, foyer area and provision for future expansion. The structural design made efficient use of precast concrete, block work and in-situ concrete throughout the building while also helping to meet the acoustic requirements of the project


South Australia

Client: DTPI Architects: Kilpatrick Architects Services Provided: Structural, Civil & Building Services

Local Icon

Performing Arts

Meinhardt worked closely with the Architect in developing the dramatic entrance statement in the form of a large, visually striking cantilevered roof.

Our Projects – Institution

Para West Adult College TAFE Relocation

Client: Para West Adult College Architects: Swanbur y Penglase Architects Services Provided: Structural and Civil Engineering

Adelaide, South Australia Reuse Project

Rooftop Deck

The Para West TAFE project required the full internal refurbishment of an existing 4-storey building including a new lift, stair, basement upgrade and the creation of a new outdoor space on the rooftop.

stormwater drainage system. The upgrade of the rooftop included new paving, decking and steel framed verandah as well as new seating and balustrading to comply with current standards.

The key structural issues involved working with the existing structure to provide the Architects vision for a modern education space. The existing post tensioned concrete structure required specific detailing of new penetrations through the floor slabs. Structural support was provided for new operable walls, bifold doors and window openings.

The existing car park was redesigned to accommodate the new learning facility and increase in students on the site. A new children’s play area was designed adjacent to the building.

The existing rooftop deck was in poor condition and required significant upgrade of its waterproofing and

South Australia


Our Projects – Institution

Sir Samuel Way Building Adelaide, South Australia

Client: Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure Architects: DASH ARCHITECTS Services Provided: Structural & Civil Engineering

Circle Text Style

We have provided earthquake upgrade details and documentation for the existing dilapidated facade, nonstructural scrolls, pilasters, of this 100 year old law court building. Challenges included strengthening and replacing crumbling ornamental members. Many casts of existing ornaments were taken and new members were formed and pinned back to the existing structure. We encountered balustrades, external columns and pilasters that had internal reinforcement completely corroded. Resulting in removing and replacing significant portions of balusters, pilasters and columns. We had to wrap the large columns in a geo fabric and pin some columns back to the main building where possible.


South Australia

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Difficulties involved matching colour, determining internal construction of columns. During reconstruction works we found that there were no typically constructed columns. They had all been constructed in a different manner. Some of the columns that we had assumed to be concrete filled turned out to be full of concrete ash and slurry with no reinforcement. This meant that we had to change our rectification process to suit the material of the column. Involved meeting frequently with the builder and architect and agree on an alternative approach contrary to the Tender documentation. We have completed works to the Southern and Western elevations of the facade and the building looks good. The rectified columns, pilasters and balusters have come up well with minimal aesthetic differences.

Migrant Resource Centre Of South Australia Adelaide, South Australia

The client provided the team with a very ambitious budget for the construction of a new 5 storey building to replace an existing double-storey brick structure on an Adelaide city centre block measuring 26m x 10m. This was all the more challenging given problematic site access and the need for innovative staging.

Client: ??? Architects: Swanbur y Penglase Architects Services Provided: Structural & Civil Engineering

Circle Text Style

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Construction of the building, from site possession to handover, was just 53 weeks; almost 6 weeks ahead of schedule, including additional time from client-driven variations.

The construction of the building used ZEGO insulated concrete forms for walls together with precast, pretensioned concrete floor beams spanning the full width of building. This eliminated the need for a central row of supports and reduced costs

South Australia


Our Projects – Retail

Parabanks Shopping Centre Adelaide, South Australia

Client: Angaet Property Management Architects: Progetto Design Services Provided: Structural, Civil and Building Services

Staged Construction

Major Expansion

The $15M expansion and upgrade of the existing Parabanks Shopping Centre and carparking areas, including tenant fit-outs, will give local residents the best in modern shopping experiences.

across the site. Extensive new plant and equipment platforms were designed to accommodate services for the existing shopping centre and new tenancies with specific requirements for each.

The new structure comprised precast concrete wall panels and steel framed roof.

A major infrastructure upgrade has also been required, including new high voltage connection cables, stormwater diversion, vehicle access and parking configurations.

The site was challenging with poor soil conditions and varying surface grades that needed to be matched into


South Australia

Armidale Shopping Centre Armidale, New South Wales

Client: ?? Architects: Progetto Design Services Provided: Structural, Civil and Building Services

New Entry

New Loading Bay

The $6m extension and refurbishment of the existing shopping centre, including a new ramped loading bay. Challenges included working on highly reactive soils. This resulted in the team designing a hybrid footing system to tie into existing and provide efficiencies to the new design. In addition, stormwater collection and diversion was complicated by the sloping site and location of existing infrastructure. Structurally, the open plan design required a long span roof, supporting architecturally aesthetic parapets to tie into existing structure.

South Australia


Our Projects – Residential

4 Seymour Avenue Kings Park, South Australia

Client: (as private individual do not provide) Architects: William Burton Architects Services Provided: Structural & Civil Engineering

Cellar and Pool

The development in Kings Park comprised a substantial two storey extension to an existing house along with an underground cellar, tennis court, swimming pool, pool house, 4-car garage and 100,000L underground rainwater tank. The client and Architect demanded high specification finishes which included delicate cantilevered slab edges and fine steelwork detailing which we were able to provide. The result was a stunning executive residence .


South Australia

Premium Finishes

Treg House North Terrace, South Australia

Client: Buildwise Pty Ltd Architects: Living Choice / CED Building Design Services Provided: Structural & Civil Engineering

5 Storey Addition

This project involved a 5-storey addition to the rear of a mid-19th century, heritage-listed home on one of Adelaide’s premier city streets. The primary challenge was to provide substantial additions on a tight site within a very ambitious budget. We achieved this through collaborating with the whole consultant team.

Tight Budget

flooring. Technically, the challenges included waterproofing the rooftop recreational areas and four large balconies and the construction of a plunge pool in close proximity to the existing building foundations, cellar, new footings and adjacent basement garage.

The structural solution consisted of precast concrete wall panels, and light weight floor trusses supporting hebel

South Australia



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