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What do you think is lasting happiness? Students say... Haowen: I think my lasting happiness is my parents allow me go out and play with my friends when I want, because In China my parents always do not give me a lot remediation, so I can go out when I want, this is my lasting happiness. Now, I am studying in Singapore, I cannot play with my friends when I want. I think I should study English well first. English is the most important language for me, if I can use English well, I could pass CSE2 and easier to

study for "O" level in the future. Playing with my friends when I want to is my lasting happiness, even though I cannot do this right now. If someone asks me why this is my lasting happiness, I will say that I think friends are very important for me. Feng Ke: Lasting happiness Is the first time I played a video game with my father. It happened when I was 8 years old. That day, my father did not

go to work and I was playing a video game. My father saw it and surprisingly played with me through the game we had a lot of fun. Because my parents are running a business, they did not have a lot of free time to spend with me. Liang Heng: I think my lasting happiness is I could play computer when I want to. When I was in China, I could play computer game at weekends or holidays, but now because I am

CSE MAGAZINE studying in Singapore. I could not play computer any more. I could only play it when I finish my homework. Playing computer when I want to is lasting happiness. Even though stopping myself from playing computer games is hard for me, I must study English first. People will ask why this is my lasting happiness. I will tell you because games are just one little part of my life. I think playing on computers are ok but do not be addicted to it. You should play computer game moderately.

don't love or hate it, because if not you'll be bored to do it. Doing what you love, loving what you do is simple: it means to do what you like, and you must love your job or work right now.

Yuhang: To me, lasting happiness is when my friends held a celebration to me for went to Singapore to study. We went to a restaurant and a KTV place. We chatted and played while having our dinner. After that we went to KTV. We did Gangnam Style and took a video. We also sang ZXMZF. We took a lot of Peidong: The lasting happiness pictures together. We had a thing for me is sleep. It is really cheerful night. That was my enjoyable. During sleep time. I lasting happiness. don't need to think anything. Sleep could let me relax. After a Zhi Qiu: What is lasting nice quality sleep, I am very happiness, it seems like a tricky happiness. I like to sleep, and question because there are many sometimes I could get a nice happy things which we have not dream. Although sleep too much done before. However, for me, it is bad thing said by some is not. It is because I have been scientist, I am like that. The thinking about this question a most happiness situation for year ago. 21st Dec, 2012, was a sleep is I can sleep on a soft, big special day for humans who lived bed. Additionally, if there is a on the Earth, many of us soft pillow, I would mind sleep believed that it was the last day there until some one throw me human could live on this planet. out. My record of sleep is I am People tried to write a last happy sleep 15 hours in one day. After thing which you wanted to do on sleep I can feel the energy full on Internet before the day comes. me. As me, I am sure that my lasting Therefore, I could feel happiness happiness is having dinner with from sleep. my relatives. I am not require many delicious meals but normal Afif: I am an ordinary boy who food an everybody have fun with always tries his best. For me each other. I felt warm when I lasting happiness is,"Do what was imaging the picture in my you love, love what you do." If mind and I could not imagine you do something without love, another one is more meaningful it may be very hard to do, but than this one. whenever you do something with love it could be very easy After the day past, I breathe a because you love or you like to sigh of relief and I knew what is do it. Moreover, don't force your the most important thing in my self to do something that you life.

Students Respond: What is your dream? Afif’s Dream I hope that I will be able to continue my studying in Australia, and I will learn science as my focus. This is because from young my dream has been to become a doctor; however, I would also like to become a businessman like my father. Therefore, I'd like to find a job that combines these two dreams. My father told me,”If you want to become a doctor, follow that, because a businessman is very easy to learn.” Then, when my father was saying that, I trying to follow my dream and catch it. For example, from I was a secondary 2 in Indonesia, I always became the first one in the class for science, and I almost won the competition in my city science, My team took 5th place in that competition, but I did not give up. I'm still young, and I still have more time to catch my dream. “Go make the best of everything you want to be, with an ambition pushing forward. It's now or never.”

Zixin’s Dream Everybody has a dream, my dream is to become a travel TV reporter ,because l like to watch travel programs. I think travel TV reporters can go to every place. They can look at lots of beautiful scenery, and eat all kinds of food. Being a travel TV reporter

in not a easy job, so I must study hard, especially for English.Because the reporter has to go to many countries. If the reporter can not speak English, I think she would not be a good reporter, In the premise of learning English well, I will train my courage and become more confident. So now I want to pursue my dream!

Liang Hang’s Dream What is my dream? My dream is to become a businessman. When i was a child, I saw somebody earn a lot of money. They spent money to buy a lot of things, but they did not use their money to help people. They were selfish, even though the poor need their help. Since then, I would wanted to become a businessman, I would have a lot of money, but I would not use my money selfishly, I would like to share my money and happiness with everybody. I would build some schools to help poor students, I would build hospitals to help patients. Even though it would need a lot of money, but I would still happy and passionate for it.

LiHui’s Dream From when I was born until now, I don't really know what is the real meaning of “life”. When I was 15 years old, I thought life is to enjoy, to spend all my money to play. I started smoking, drinking, drugs, and going to hotels with girls. The feeing was good, but it caused my body to be unhealthy, my lungs are black, and I got heart disease 2 years ago. I had aware I was spending my life to have fun, to go against my family, so now I know what I am going to be. I would like to be a doctor or a chef, doctor can save people's life and chef can give people food to keep their life go on. I wanted to be a doctor or a chef is not just for myself, but for all the people I can help.

CSE MAGAZINE Jillian’s Dream My dream is to one day graduate from university. The reasons are that I want to be a successful person and take care of my future children on their studies. As my sister who has put a lot of efforts on studying with her 8 years old son every night to encourage him to improve his study. I want to be a good mother the same as my sister. Also, I want to improve myself. For that reason, living in this developed country, the knowledge is really important as there so many nationalities with a huge of difference cultures. There are many reasons that push me to improve myself in this modern society. However, I am going to realize my dream in a few years to graduate from university.

Zhi Qiu’s Dream I will choose aerospace engineering after I finish my 'O' levels. The reason why I love it is because I love math and physics. I have researched a lot of information about aerospace from the Internet, and I have seen many tools in a special store room from a video which is provided to students to practice. That is attractive and I could not control my fingers to click more about it. Imagining the two huge engines of an airplane, which is about heat, air resistance and energy. Moreover, you

could find a lot about the sound of engines from my lap top. I stored them, and to me it seemed like thousands of horses running. This intrigued me. This course tailored for aerospace!

is specially me. I love

Pei Dong’s Dream My dream is to explore in the Pyramids, because it is very mystical. I like to do exploration, and I like to do dangerous things. Whatever, I don't like to waste my time on trifles, because human's life is very short. When I was a child, I lived in a village with my grandparents. There was a cave in our village, and my grandparents told me:" Dangerous! Keep away, there are some ghost." However, I was curious. I went to that cave with my cousin and a few other children. Finally, nothing happened and there was nothing in cave. After that, my grandparents scolded me, but I loved exploration already. I really like that feeling, because I don't know what will happen in next second. Moreover, I really want to explore the most mystical place, the pyramid.

Feng Ke’s Dream I'd like study A-math after my 'O' Levels. the reason why i choose is that compared with other subjects, i like

math much better, and my dream is to become a businessman so math is very important for me. The reason why i like business is because both my father and mother are business people. From young, they aways taught me how to be a businessman. In my own mind i think became a businessman is quite fun and will earn more money compare with doctor. A lot of the world's wealthiest people are from business. In the future i want be one of these people.

Haowen’s Dream I'd like to choose business because both my father and my mother are businesspeople. they always taught me something for business when I was young, so I like business.I think business is very interesting, so I want to study business after I finish my "O" levels, my parent hope me choose business too, they want me like them to be a businessman in the future.I should study hard for English and math, but neither my English nor math are not good, so I need hardwork for those two subjects, I hope I can succeed.

The Spooky and Weird: Ghost Stories from CSE The Girlfriend Last year, I met a girl on the street. She lost her wallet and she haven't got anywhere to stay. I leaded her to a hotel and I paid the rent for her. After that, she asked for my phone number, and she said:" This is my first time came to this province, I don't know anything about this place. So... Could you help me?" Although I felt very wild immediate, I gave my phone number to her. In that month, she always asked me to take her eat some local foods, I think that was ok. However, that wasn't enough. We gradually become friends. She never told me what job she did, but that was not important. We were always together. We went to park, fairground... She became my girlfriend eventually. Those were wonderful days.

Last week, we saw an old aunt was lying on the street. She stood beside me. We helped the aunt to go to the corner, and she gave that aunt some water. The aunt immediately wade up, and she said," I need to go home, I forgot to switch off our television. See you later." Obviously, that was an excuse. However, I didn't mind it. That aunt wanted to invite me to eat dinner in her house. I said," I need to go back to my house, because my girlfriend just went home." Old aunt,"I never saw any girl go back just now." What's going on? I immediately ran back to my home. I opened the door, but I saw only darkness in my house. I shouted her name, no response. I switched on the light, I saw a newspaper on my table. After read, I didn't know what to say.


Random Stories from CSE "Date 7/12/2008 XXX was in the accident..."

Written by Lihui.

She died already! Beside the newspaper and an envelope. I The Girl Who Sold opened the envelope and I took Drinks a slip of the paper out. She wrote," Thank you, see you later." On a Friday night, I finished my tuition, and it was already at I don't know what happen, but 11'o clock. When I was going next second I twisted off my home on the way, I saw a girl who sold the drinks. I thought I neck. could not close her at that moment,because no people were Written by Pei Dong on the road. Actually she found me and went to for me. She asked me," sir , would you like to The Ghostly Swing buy any drinks?" " Yes, I want to have a coke, please." then she Have you ever heard of ghostly gave me a coke. When I wanted swing? I don't think you have! Now I to give her money, she vanished am going to tell you a incident that from my sight. I was looking happen a last year. My friend and I was walking down a slope, to see if around for her but I couldn't see any paranormal thing would happen. her. I felt scared and ran to my Then, we came across a large tree, home at once. with a swing attach to its branch. My friend immediately rush to the swing and said:"I came first". She sat on the swing, and start to move her leg up and down and then something pushed her off the swing. I then took out my mirror and faced it to the swing and it began to swing rapidly.Suddenly, a old man shouted stop and the swing suddenly stop swinging. Then the old man told us that the swing was haunted with a girl. She died in a car accident when she is about to make her way to this swing. This is her favorite swing, so her spirit will be seen here often at night. Then I ask the old man what is he doing here and he told us that he is the only one that burn offerings to her. After the old man told us about this, we quickly went back home. The next day, we brought some snacks and offering near the swing, After we burn the offering, we went to a nearby stall to have our breakfast...

I was feeling tired and relaxed when I arrived the lift.When I went into the lift, I thought I made the wrong choice, because the lift stopped at second floor but nobody came in, I just heard the sound was made from wind. I was very scared. Then I close the lift's door fast. When the door was closing , the girl ran into the lift which who sold drinks to me just now. I was scared to death. Suddenly I found that coke which in my hand actually is a person's hand, I throw it on the floor and looked at her. Then I found the girl that did not have legs, ears, and eyes. I shouted out loud. She is a ghost!! Oh my god ! She even smiled on me. When the lift arrived eighth floor, the girl went out of the lift. Then nothing happened, but I couldn't stop scaring.

When I arrived my home, I didn't fall in sleep all the night. Written by Yuhang

How to make a Hydrogen bomb It is a very simple experiment in chemistry. You should prepare: 1) a plastic bottle 2) hydrogen 3) oxide 4) battery 5) long iron rope 6) switch Transport the Hydrogen and Oxide in the plastic bottle, make sure the bottle is tightness. Then off the bottle tap. After that, connect the iron rope on the positive of battery and negative of the battery. Make the switch on positive iron rope. Then insert iron rope in plastic bottle, keep away from the bottle. Switch on the switch.......... Written by Pei Dong

Predictions For The 12 March Barcelona Football Match The scored of FC Barcelona and AC Milan FC and preview for the 2nd leg On 20th of February , 2013.FC Barcelona was lost with AC Milan FC at the San Siro stadium and the scores was 0-2. However,

More from CSE... this match still have the 2nd leg the match on 12th of march on 12th of March,2013. FC 2013. Barcelona promise to all the Barcanista that they will be win on the 2nd leg later. Althought, the FC Barcelona dont changing About Xin Jiang the way they play. FC Barcelona formation are still 4-3-3. The 1st squad of FC Barcelon which is will be play is Victor Valdes(1), Jordi Alba Ramos(18), Gerard Pique(3), Carles Puyol(5), Daniel Alves(2), Andres Iniesta Lujan(8), Busquest(16), Xavie Hernandez Creus(6), Pedro Rodriguez Ledesma(17), Lionel Messi(10), Alexis Sanchez(9) with the Tito Vilanova as a coach.

China Xinjiang region is my hometown. Where the natural environment is very beautiful and there are four distinct seasons.

In the spring, people can see in Xinjiang to peach flowers and pear flowers. In the summer, people can eat authentic cantaloupe. Summer has mature fruit and Xinjiang’s melon and fruit are the most delicious and The top 3 predictions for that famous, so you can eat the most delicious sweet melon and fruit; match are: especially are grapes and melon. 3-0 win by Barca, 3-1 win by The summer is a great season. Barca, and 1-2 win by Milan. As Also you can come to my a result, FC Barcelona will win hometown to play skiing and


Join the basketball team! The City College Basketball Team was started on 22nd Feb by our principal, Mr Koh. WHERE: Bukit Merah community centre every Friday. WHEN: After school, it may be around 330pm WHAT: Warm up, do some simple practices, then play! HOPE TO SEE YOU THERE!




skating in winter, you will feel very happy. There are many characteristics in Xinjiang food. The most famous are saute spicy chicken and kebabs. If you are a food lover that you can come to here to eat a lot of you have ever seen and eaten food.


If you are interested in Xinjiang’s culture, then you can visit my hometown; Xinjiang will bring you many different beautiful scenery and special food!

PHONE: 6511-6833

Written by Zhou Zixin



CSE Magazine :: Issue 2  
CSE Magazine :: Issue 2  

The second issue of the CSE Class Magazine, produced by CSE2, class of January - June 2013.