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Issue One 2008 - Reorder No. C01


About Meili Erotix Thank you for taking the time to read through our first catalogue. The new range is now officially being launched with corsets, sleeping gowns, panties and more. We believe in creating a company with a difference and Erotix is just another initiative and example of how Meili Jewellery Pty Ltd is committed to its customers and consultants. The company and range was suggested through an idea by a consultant and look where the idea here is now. This is just the way we choose to operate our company. We choose to give our consultants an opinion in the company, this really coincides with them owning their own business because they are helping us make the company better for the future. Our new range is quality designed from both designers and lingerie companies. The material used in our range is quality designed for durability and comfortableness. All our products are tested and offered with a free compact guarantee, even on sale items!’ We use stretch-extra material for all our one size fit most garments. This material is strong, durable and suitable for a whole range of bodies. Refer to the sizing chart in this catalogue for more information. Our designer has years of experience in the industry. We also are sourcing new innovative products for our new clothing and sleepwear range, which will be launched in the coming months catalogue. Meili Erotix aims to: -Provide quality designed lingerie and suitable clothing -Provide clothing and garments with real value -- Provide customers with an affordable item which they can be rewarded with for free on a hostess plan. We hope you can join us in our new business venture either from deciding to purchase our garments or products, joining our sales team, sharing your thoughts and ideas or through hosting a party. I am sure you will enjoy our new range as much as I do. Yours faithfully,

Raymond Pasteur's Ray Pasteur's Product Development Manager

HOW TO ORDER Contact your friendly local consultant: CONSULTANT LABEL

If there is no consultant label in the contact area or you do not know your consultants details please email our customer service centre at or view 2 our website to search for your local consultant.



Spend over $70 on any one purchase with your local consultant and receive this new silver bikini set free. This item is a one size fit most item. This item is normally sold for $46.00 but is currently not available retail. This exclusive item is free with every order over $70.00 . Hurry its only while stocks last and they are limited. The purchase must be in total $70.00 for one order. Only one gift per $70.00 order. Gifts will not be awarded if items purchased totalling $70 are from clearance items only. We hope you enjoy this exclusive free gift offer. Another fabulous and glorious way we reward our customers. Happy Shopping!

Most of our products are made as one size fits most. We use high quality fabric which can be easily stretched. Please also refer to the following measurements restrictions: (Our product will not fit you if your measurements exceed the following restrictions). Measurements in inches.

BUST European Sizing Measure under your arms, around the fullest part of your bust. Please take all measurements in centimetres and then divide by 2.54 which will give you the equivalent in inches. WAIST An example would be a waist size of 78.74 centimetres Measure around your natural waistline, being the smallest part. divided by 2.54 would equal a 31 inch waist. LOW WAIST 3 Measure Approximately 2" below the natural waistline or 2 fingers below the navel. This measurement applies to all of our pants and shorts. It is also used for any skirt that sits below the navel. HIPS Measure around the fullest part of your hip.

All products including sale and clearance items are guaranteed by the compact guarantee. We guarantee the product will be made from quality material and that the one size fit most material will be stretchy as promised and comfortable. We also guarantee the products will be not damaged or discoloured or torn. If they are we promise to exchange the item with either the same product, a substitute or we will promise to offer you a free shopping voucher to the same value of that item or in some cases a higher value. Excludes product misuse. To claim a replacement or compact guarantee, contact your consultant or visit our website. Your claim will be registered and processed and then will be subject to approval according to the guarantee terms. Please remember to make the claim within 30 days from your purchase date or your claim will be rejected due to the guarantee terms. Feel free to contact us for information.

Please refer to the following size measurement chart before purchasing.


IMAGINE SHOPPING AROUND OUR CATALOGUE WITH NO WORRY ON HOW MUCH YOU SPEND? Spending as much as you like on quality products, wow what a dream but could it actually become real? Well with Meili Erotix it can with our new hostess shopping plan. Invite your friends and family or neighbours along to your own party with your consultant and you could win hundreds of dollars to spend for free in our catalogue plus no matter what sales your party makes you will receive one item for half price, any item in this months catalogue. What an offer. Sounds to good to be true? Than why not ask your local consultant for the facts and more information on holding your own lingerie showcase.

The best thing is you just sit back and relax, all you have to do is invite. - Host, Mary NSW 2008

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Extra Rewards: 1st For the first time no matter what your sales you will receive 50% off any catalogue item excluding sales or promotions. 2nd 50% off another item per booking made by your guests. 3rd Free bonus gift with every party order. 4th Free shop dollars as shown above.

Help us support Breast Cancer Research Breast Cancer Hope Necklace Have hope and bring hope to those who have breast cancer. $5 from every purchase will go to support the butterfly hope foundation in donating money to charities such as NBCF. (AD01) $29.99

GARTER SET & CORSET Romantic Rose Set Two pieces of red romantic sensual lingerie. Includes one bra and pantyhose set. (AD02) $49.00

Black Hose Hot silky smooth piece with pantyhose. (AD03) $35.70

Hot Rod Set Hot piece with see-thru like design bra piece, top shirt design with pantyhose set included. (ADO4) $49.00

Dreamt Black skirt and top set with corset. (AD05) $56.00





Hot Pink Meno Hot style pink bra lifter corset and panty-hose set. (AD06) $56.00

Dirty Bike Mind Set Top corset with bra uplift and stretchable material with tight cute panties and panty-hose cross netted stockings. (AD07) $49.00

White Heaven Blonde The new white heave blonde set is any women's dream with a hot designed top and bra straps. Cross see-thru top and pantyhose stockings for extra sex appeal. (AD08) $56.00



Hot Stripe Black Dance Set Silver Teddy Tight Retro Set This new set consists of a bangle and retro teddy garment or lingerie item. Get real sex appeal and fantasise with something a bit more generational.

Hot set with two stripe ends, plenty of space for the big and the small. Ideal for a sexy night or for some sex appeal. Raunch it up a notch! (AD10) $42.00

(AD09) Only $35.00

Pink Tie Brown Moveable Set This new set is ultra sexy and smooth. Move with style and Raunch it up with real style. This new set is ideal for the small, the short and the slim. Voted no.1 set by our consultants. (AD11) $49.00



ADULT PARTY COSTUMES Hospital Nurse Outfit New sexy nurse outfit allows you to experience real imagination in your sex fantasies. This new outfit comes with everything you need to add a bit of extra spice in your sex life. (AD12) $56.00

Super Sexy Costume This costume is like having two different accessory items. Its good enough for any evening and is ultra sexy and well designed but also is good to add some sex appeal in your own bedroom. Proudly designed exclusively for Meili Erotix. Limited stocks Available. (AD13) $58.00 (SET)

Bunny Pink Set Funky style, good material and add something extra to your fantasy. Great for adult parties or dress up events. Designed with accessories and furry like design. (AD14) $63.00

Hot Original Maid Outfit The new maid outfit comes with everything you need to enjoy that extra‌.. (AD15) $56.00




$42.00 (AD17) $35.00 (AD16)

(AD18) $42.00 FEATURED FRONT COVER 10 (AD19) $49.00



(AD20) $65.00

(AD22) $77.00

(AD21) $66.00


(AD23) $49.00



(AD24) $42.00

(AD25) $46.00

(AD27) $39.99


(AD26) $46



x Cross Netted Underwear

Men's Dangle See-thru

(AD29) $19.00 (STRETCH)

(AD28) $18.00 (ULTRA STRETCH)

Tiger Underwear (AD30) $22.00

NOTICE OF SIZES: Gift tie Underling (AD31) $21.00

All products in this months range are ultra-stretch material and are one size fits most. Bust: 82-102 cm Waist: 58-79cm Hips: 90-104cm If you exceed this size or limit you won’t 13 be able to fit into our current months products.


Is it time you enjoyed a real career? If your looking for a flexible partpart-time job or a new career choice than Meili Erotix may be just for you. Following the vision and mission of the MJ corporation, we believe in providing quality products through great customer service. Our customer service team are our consultants. Our consultants are trained through an ongoing compulsory course along with their Managers and State executive members support. At Erotix we will do everything we can do make your career and goals possible. Either it be just to earn an extra income, meet new people, increase bookings or even to receive a holiday. We are committed to working together but all we need is your devotion. Meili Erotix is looking for people with direct selling experience experience or people that are motivated or passionate about our opportunity, products or hostess benefits. Would you like to be apart of our great vision! -Meanwhile earn great income -Choose the hours you work -Enjoy a FLEXIBLE lifestyle

Enjoy Flexible Hours?

-Spend more time with your family and friends

Free Training?

-Enjoy the ‘enriched’ enriched’ side of life

Online Ordering?

-Helps other achieve their dreams

Paperless Catalogues?

-Enjoy sustainable and continuos income

Environmental focussed?

-Experience financial freedom and recognition

Your own website? Promotional Materials?

If any of the above matches you, consider a career with us. We provide you with free training, bonuses, recognition, fast start program, a product kit, stationary and more. Product kits now start from just $200!* *Excludes postage and combined kits.

Business Shirt & Badge? Team Building? Career Growth? Income Acceleration?

Now is the time to enjoy all the benefits in the industry and more. more. We listen to our consultants, that’ that’s what our company is revolved around.

Quality products?


Exciting Incentives?

Or email us at

The list goes on.

Compact Guarantee?


Meili Erotix Catalogue Issue 1 2008