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The Connection Issue No. 1 An LAEAP Publication for Managers and Supervisors of the Los Angeles District February 2011

G L A D – The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language definition: of a cheerful

disposition. These adjectives mean in good spirits. GLAD often has reference to the strong feeling In order to cope that results from gratification of a wish or from satisfaction with immediate circumstances. with change seek to do the followG – GENTLENESS: A new born baby needs a gentle and tender care-a soft hug, a soothing ing: touch, a cozy blanket. A crying baby calms as his or her needs are met. I treat myself gently and tenderly. If I feel overwhelmed or anxious, I see myself as a tiny newborn or an innocent child, and I gently ask, “What do I need?” Perhaps I need a short break, something to eat or a catnap. I may need a walk outside to stretch my legs, a conversation with a friend, or a few moments in the silence where I can feel my High Power’s gentle presence enfolding me.

1. Limit your exposure to the news.

Taking time to be gentle with myself shows that I value myself.

2. Take regular breaks.

L – LIFE: Life is for living, and I live each moment in awareness and appreciation. I marvel at the simple gifts that bless me: the smell and taste of a hot cup of soup, a sweet smile, the sound of my favorite song, a soft sweater across my shoulders. I am grateful that my senses invite me to be fully present every moment.

3. Eat.

Relationships enhance my life as they grow and develop. I continually look for new ways to connect meaningfully with others. I recognize that every circumstance, from happy times to challenging situations, presents opportunity for me to grow. Life is filled with precious experiences and infinite promise. I live every moment of my life with joy and thanksgiving.

5. Separate work and home.

A – AWAKENING: I awaken today with appreciation. My intention is to behold the wonder in everyday experiences, in the view from my window and in the faces of those I love. I pause to notice my own breathing, to feel the inflow and outflow of air and marvel at how wonderfully I am made. Life is full of wonder, from spectacular vistas of grandeur to the tiniest cells of life. Attentive to and grateful fro the life all around me, I am uplifted in spirit. I am more aware of the essence of love, peace and joy that is my true nature. I go about my day with a feeling of lightness, easily sharing smiles and falling more deeply in love with my dear ones and life itself. D – DIVINE ORDER: Today is a Divine Order Day. Seeing the symmetry of the world around me, I am reminded of the symmetry of mind, idea and expression that allows me to co-create my world in wonderful ways. I affirm and give thanks for ideas that come to me. I build on these ideas to manifest abundance. Each idea, backed by action, brings fruit in its season-results that bless me and others. I am grateful for every blessing. Today is a Divine Order day! Wholeness and serenity are my nature, and I speak words and take actions that promote healing, harmony, goodwill and joy. I surrender any need for a specific outcome and celebrate this Divine Order day! By: Laura Harvey, Editor 2011, A Unity Publication.

4. Drink


The key to coping with change is to recognize it, understand its effects, and bring it-or your response to it – under control as much as possible.

*Limit your exposure to the news. Chances are that it will affect your mood, cause anxiety and unhappiness. Instead, newscasts can wait until workday is done.

*Take regular breaks. While working through breaks may seem like a good idea, you should know that the result of this habit is usually decreased work output and increased likelihood of mistakes.

*Eat. Skipping lunch is even more damaging than working through your breaks. No matter how active or stationary you are on your job, your body and more importantly, your brain needs fuel.

*Drink. Dehydration is sneaky. That drug-out feeling isn’t always from lack of sleep, too much activity or even a direct result of the stress we are talking about. Depleting the water in your system has a tremendously negative effect on your energy level.

*Separate work and home. You have heard it a million times: Leave your work at work. It is still very true and it works in the reverse, too. Dwelling on the problem at home is not conducive to a healthy work environment.

Follow the tips above and you will be on a good track to getting your ‘Lifestyle’ in order to cope.

We thank you “for all you do” in helping to make Los Angeles the best Postal District on the map. As managers and supervisors, you are setting the trend as leaders and mentors of the next generation in what is one of the most valid and reliable sources of communication on the globe, the U.S. Postal Service.

We Are You!

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