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We Must Alleviate the Pain Sarah Jamal In Pakistan we were driving home from having dinner at a restaurant. On our way home we saw a kid with muddy and ripped clothes. He knocked on the window of our car pleading for us to pay for his school fees, with the hope, sadness, and innocence in his eyes. He is not alone. According to Unesco, 264 million children don’t attend to school for reasons like poverty and child labour. Clearly, this is unfair, all of their hopes, all of their dreams cannot be achieved and their dreams are thrown out into trash cans. A great variety of children don’t receive the opportunity to learn, education is compulsory in order to have a successful future. School not Labor Rather than going to school, tons of children are forced to work long hours in factories away from their families. Even today multiple countries are accused of child labor. Children are forced to work in carpet factories, the chocolate industry, the brick industry, and much more. According to Newsela, “168 million child laborers, 59 million out-of-school children.” 59 million children out of school is unacceptable. Just the fact that plenty of children would give an arm and a leg just to attend school, but yet they don’t receive the chance. Without a doubt, there is a similarity between children who attend school and children who don’t, they both have dreams and goals. Hence, everyone should be given the opportunity to have a successful future. ​Link

Marriage after Education An enormous amount of young girls are expected to marry people twice their age and expected to breed children rather than going to school. The parents of these girls believe that marriage is a way for their daughters to run away from violence and poverty. Newsela claims “most of those girls will never go into a classroom again.”This means that these girls will just be born to clean the house and breed children. As a result, these women don’t receive the chance to discover who they surely are. Certainly,

this is not fair for these young girls who wanted to earn themselves a successful future. These girls had goals. However, they did not achieve them. Why? Since they weren’t given the chance. They weren’t given an education.

It is the Rich Countries Duty to Donate The war that happened in Syria is causing children to withdraw from school.The Syrian war has broken the chance of education for young dreamers. As a result, tons of kids in Syria are quitting school thanks to poverty. Malala Yousafzai states “The of Syria are not lost. They are waiting. They need world leaders to adjust and keep bold commandments that match their own determination” This means that there is still hope of helping the Syrian children receive an education, however, rich countries and world leaders have to assist them and help them achieve their dreams which starts out with going to school. Without any doubt, it is important that children of Syria are given a school to attend, seeing that these children might be the key to shape the world into a better place. Although, this is not just happening in Syria a great deal of other countries are having to deal with almost losing a whole generation of uneducated children.

You Can Help to! We need to acknowledge that if we are not helping these uneducated children we are being indifferent. We must save these children from adversity. Without a doubt, giving the opportunity of education to all children is an affirmation. Above all, it is compulsory to fund the education of children. Without a doubt, people who are not dealing with poverty should donate money to these uneducated children. We must alleviate their adversity. We must be altruistic. Every child should be given the chance to lead on to a successful future and that starts out with a worthy education.

Sarah Jamal opinion piece  
Sarah Jamal opinion piece